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Brandon Marshall Wake Up Raiders Vegas Is Dangerous for NFL Players

4/30/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandon Marshall thinks moving the Raiders to Sin City is a commitment to disaster ... saying Vegas will DESTROY young players who won't be able to resist unhealthy temptations. 

We got the NY Jets WR on Capitol Hill -- dude was doing more great work on mental health -- and asked what he thought of the Raiders possibly bolting NorCal for the desert of desire in Las Vegas.

Raiders owner Mark Davis has been vocal about his plans -- and some think it's just a matter of time before it really goes down.

Check out the clip -- Marshall says he doesn't think Vegas is a bad place ... but it's just too much for young people "fresh out of school with a lot of money."

Think about it ... how long would YOU last as a 21-year-old in Vegas with $20 mil in your bank account? 

Yeah, thought so. 

Raiders Legend Jim Plunkett Las Vegas? BAD IDEA

2/6/2016 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NFL legend Jim Plunkett knows what SHOULDN'T happen in Vegas ... the Raiders playing there ... saying the silver & black moving to Sin City is a no-no.

Plunkett is a GOD in Raiders lore ... having won two Super Bowls with the team back in the day. So when we got him out in San Fran we needed to know his thoughts on rumors Vegas could be the team's new home.

Long story short ... he ain't with it.

Check out the clip. 

Raiders Owner Mark Davis Yep, I Own ... Here's Why

2/2/2016 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0202_mark-davis-raiders_vegas-gettyThe owner of the Oakland Raiders tells TMZ Sports ... he does in fact own the domain -- and has for years -- "just in case" the Silver and Black move to Sin City.

We spoke with Mark Davis who confirmed he personally bought the domain back in the '90s "in case the team ever wound up in Vegas."

"I think it's only $8 per year ... so, it's worth it in case we end up there."

When asked why he liked Vegas as a possible destination, Davis said -- "It's close to where we are now. It would be a close trip for our fans and there are a lot of sports fans who visit Vegas."

One other interesting thing ... Davis told us he believes the Raiders are the only NFL team that could "exist" out in Vegas. 

So far, it seems Vegas could still be in the cards for the team -- especially with Las Vegas Sands honcho Sheldon Adelson gunning to build a $1 billion stadium on the UNLV campus.

Good luck! 

Eric Davis Chill, Raiders Fans You're Not Losing Your Team!

1/7/2016 9:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Raiders, Rams and Chargers fans up in arms about their teams trying to bolt to Los Angeles are looking at this the wrong way ... according to former NFL star Eric Davis.

Davis won a Super Bowl with the 49ers, so he's up on Bay Area fans -- and we asked if Oakland's Raider Nation might jump to the other team in town if the Silver and Black head south again. It's the question millions of fans in St. Louis (who've also been through this before) and San Diego are asking themselves right now.

Well, check out ED's answer ... it might calm nerves in all 3 cities. In a nutshell -- rep your team, not your city.

You buying that? 

NFL in L.A. Raiders, Rams & Chargers ... OH MY!!

1/4/2016 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News


3 NFL teams are suddenly like waiters on the Sunset Strip ... trying to get a break in Hollywood -- the Chargers, Rams and Raiders all filed docs with the league to move to Los Angeles.

The Greater L.A. area's been without pro football since the Rams bolted in 1994, and as expected they're now one of the teams trying to return. Oakland and San Diego's teams also lived up to longtime rumors and filed the same application to play in L.A. ... starting this coming season.

The next step is a league vote -- three quarters of the 32 teams must vote yes to gain approval. No city has 3 franchises, so it's a safe bet at least one wannabe will get denied.

It never rains in Southern California, but now it's pouring NFL squads.

NFL's Aldon Smith Pleads Not Guilty In DUI Hit & Run

10/6/2015 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1006-aldon-smith-getty-01Oakland Raiders superstar Aldon Smith is fighting the charges in his DUI case -- pleading not guilty to allegations he smashed his SUV door into another car and then drunkenly drove from the scene. 

Aldon was arrested on August 6th -- after cops say he tried to get out of his car in a lot about a mile from Levi's Stadium when he swung the door open into the car next to him, causing roughly $500 in damage. 

Cops say Smith got back in his car and left ... only to return to the scene on foot, where cops were waiting. Aldon then bombed a sobriety test and was arrested for DUI, hit and run and vandalism. 

If convicted, Smith -- who has been arrested for DUI twice -- faces up to 2-and-a-half years behind bars. 

He's due back in court in November. 

Aldon Smith Welcome to the Raiders ... Charged with DUI, Hit & Run

9/11/2015 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News


Ex 49ers star Aldon Smith got a new team Friday ... signing with the Oakland Raiders -- but he also got charged with DUI, hit & run, and vandalism. A real good news/bad news kinda day.

As we previously reported ... Smith was busted last month after allegedly smashing his car into his neighbor's parked car. Aldon fled according to cops ... only to return, where he was arrested for DUI.

Talk about coincidence -- the Santa Clara D.A. decided to charge Smith today, and the D.A.'s Office tells us ... he's facing up to 2 1/2 years in county jail, if convicted.

The old school Raiders wouldn't flinch at this kinda thing. No word on how the current regime feels about the charges.

Oakland Raiders Star DRILLS CAMERA GUY ... During QB Workout

6/24/2015 10:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This has gotta hurt ... 

Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr -- a guy who has a rocket for an arm -- was running passing drills with some friends yesterday when he asked a friend to post up with a camera for a cool, action shot. 

The plan was ... the photog stands roughly 15 yards downfield and Carr fires a football right at his face -- with a wide receiver set to race in front at the last second to make the grab. 

Very cool, artsy, action shot. 

Problem was ... something went wrong during the first take and the camera guy got ROCKED. 

Don't worry, the guy couldn't have been hurt too bad ... 'cause they did a second take -- this time, it worked like a charm. 

Check out the clip ... and try not to flinch. 

Warren G Raiders, Come Back to L.A. All Is Forgiven!

5/21/2015 8:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Raiders or Rams ... Rams and Rams -- Los Angeles football fans are dying to find out which team returns -- and Warren G is already making a silver and black pledge in the pigskin civil war.

Warren was leaving Boulevard3 in Hollywood Wednesday night when we asked how excited he was about the possibility of the Oakland Raiders coming back.

The "Regulate" rapper admitted he did dabble in the Rams, in his foolish youth, while they played in L.A. -- but says he remained loyal to the Raiders even after they pulled up stakes ... and even though they've sucked hard for a while now.

As for his cousin Snoop Dogg's Steelers allegiance? Warren and our photog have some questions.

NFL Lineman Fights Off Home Intruder ... Gets Restraining Order

2/14/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0213-donald-penn-getty-01A frightening moment for Oakland Raiders lineman Donald Penn -- who fought off a home intruder who kicked in his front door and threatened his family earlier this month ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

According to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Penn -- who's 6'4", 340 lbs. and a former Pro Bowler -- was at his L.A. home with his wife and kids when a large man hopped over his security gate, busted in his front door and began going crazy inside the home. 

That's when Penn -- who was with his wife and 2 young children at the time -- sprung into action ... physically restraining the man (who's 6'1", 220 lbs.) ... until cops showed up. 

Sources tell us ... Penn is adamant he has no connection to the man -- and doesn't know why he was targeted. 

Penn eventually filed for a restraining order against the guy, which was granted -- and now the suspect has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Penn and his family. 

The case is scheduled to go before a judge later this month -- when Penn will ask for a more permanent protection order. 

Raiders QB Derek Carr The Perks of Going 3-13

1/12/2015 8:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Who needs playoffs ... when you can have Cabo? 

Here's Oakland Raiders rookie quarterback Derek Carr enjoying the perks of a 3-13 season ... relaxing on a beach Mexico with his smokin' hot wife Heather. 

The couple -- along with their 1-year-old son Dallas -- celebrated Heather's bday with a week of oceanfront relaxing.  

Nothing wrong with a little vaca after the season ends ... but we're guessing Raiders fans are hoping he'll have other plans this time next year.

49ers Antoine Bethea We LOVED Seeing Kaepernick Confront Raiders LB

12/9/2014 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

San Francisco 49ers safety Antoine Bethea tells TMZ Sports the team was PUMPED to see Colin Kaepernick get in Sio Moore's face at halftime last week ... saying, "It fired the guys up."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Kaepernick got into a heated spat with Moore in the tunnel at last week's game ... with Moore calling the QB a "bitch ass motherf**ker."

"Kap is a grown man and he won't let ANYBODY disrespect him like that," Bethea says.

"The guys in the locker room love seeing when your leader steps up like that. It makes us all rally behind him and get ready for these last few weeks and fight to get in (the playoffs)."

Bethea chalks the whole thing up to the local rivalry and says the 49ers are already moving on from the incident.

"Trust me, we are not worried about Sio and what the Raiders are doing. They got the victory and we look forward to getting our team ready for next week."


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