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Tim Brown Raiders Players Are Under Control ... Vegas Won't Be An Issue

3/28/2017 4:03 PM PDT

NFL Hall of Famer Tim Brown is completely confident the Raiders will be able to keep their players out of trouble ... despite the team's relocation to Las Vegas.

Brown -- who was initially worried about the move -- admits he's changed his mind and now thinks the team will control their personnel ... even if it means camping outside their homes!!

As for the 180 -- Brown says he realized the guys have the money to get in trouble wherever they are ... and Vegas is no different.

Fair point ... but we gotta say, trouble is a LOT more fun in Sin City.

Raiders Owner Mark Davis Knows Vegas Can Be Trouble ... We'll Protect Our Players

3/27/2017 12:01 PM PDT
Breaking News

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis says he's already had talks with team officials about the dangers of Sin City and plans to work with players to keep them out of trouble in their new home. 

Moments after the Raiders got team owner approval to move from Oakland to Vegas, Mark spoke with reporters, including FOX 11's Liz Habib ... and was asked about Brandon Marshall's concerns with an NFL team in Vegas. 

The NY Giants WR previously told TMZ Sports the idea of young guys with lots of money in Vegas sounds like a bad idea. 

Davis says he's talked about it with other Raiders honchos and said, "There are things that we'll be doing" to help protect his guys. 

Davis was also asked if his legendary father, Al Davis, liked Las Vegas and why -- his answer is pretty funny. 

Marshawn Lynch 'Over the Hill' and Bad Fit ... Says Ex-Raiders Star

3/17/2017 11:34 AM PDT

Ex-Raiders star Lincoln Kennedy says bringing Marshawn Lynch to Oakland is a bad idea.

Kennedy was a 3-time Pro Bowler with the Silver and Black -- and he's currently a broadcaster for the Raiders organization.

Lincoln says he likes and respects what Lynch has done in his career -- but says Beast Mode is an "Over the hill running back who hasn't played in a couple years."

Bringing him back now would be a huge mistake, Kennedy says ... especially with guys like Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles still available. 

Tim Brown Aldon Smith Could Still Be Great ... But He Needs Help

3/16/2017 3:44 PM PDT

Tim Brown says he still believes Aldon Smith can be one of the most dominant football players in the NFL -- but he needs serious help from his family, teammates and friends to get his life straight.

Smith has been battling substance abuse for years -- and was recently detained by police for being intoxicated after a car he was a passenger in slammed into an undercover cop car. 

Brown says he and his old Raiders teammates used to hold intervention-style meetings with players like Smith in the hopes of getting them back on the straight and narrow ... and suggests more people in Smith's life follow suit.

Bottom line -- Brown wants to see Smith back in the Silver and Black ... but only if he can get healthy.

We recently spoke with Smith's Raiders teammate, Donald Penn, who says he also wants Smith back with the squad because football can be good for his recovery.

Raiders' Donald Penn Raiders Can Save Aldon Smith

3/11/2017 12:45 AM PST

Oakland Raiders star lineman Donald Penn says the best thing for Aldon Smith is to be around his teammates -- so they can serve as a support system for the guy as he battles substance abuse. 

Penn says he truly believes his teammate is a "good guy" and wants the best for him -- despite the bizarre situation involving Smith and the police in San Francisco this week. 

As we previously reported, Smith -- who's serving a suspension for a previous violation of the league's substance abuse policy -- was detained for public intoxication after a car he was a passenger in crashed into a cop car

It's obvious Penn cares about Smith ... and believes the structure and camaraderie a pro team can provide will be best for the former All-Pro. 

There's more ... Penn also weighs in on the Raiders running back situation -- and tells us what he really thinks about the possibility of Adrian Peterson joining the backfield. 

Aldon Smith Denies Wrongdoing 'I'm Not a Badass Criminal, I'm a Good Person'

3/9/2017 2:59 PM PST
Breaking News

Aldon Smith insists he did nothing wrong -- was not detained -- and was only inside a San Francisco jail to visit a friend who was locked up inside.

As Smith left an S.F. jail following a car crash in which he was allegedly a passenger, he told a pack of reporters that he was doing great .... "nothing happened."

"I had to go handle something and talk to somebody" Smith said ... "I was talking to a friend who is locked up in there. That’s what I went to go do. If I did something I’d be in jail right now. Like I didn’t do anything."

He added, "So we need to, if you guys want to talk about me, let’s make these stories a little bit better. Let’s put me in a better spotlight and stop making me seem like I’m some badass criminal."

"Because that’s not who I am. I’m a good person. I’ve never done anything, I’ve never hurt anybody. I’m not that type of person. Let’s start replacing these stories. That’s your story alright? Get out of my face now please."

As we previously reported, Smith was detained for public intoxication early Thursday morning after a car he was a passenger in smashed into a cop car. 

We were told by law enforcement he was being held until he sobered up. 

Aldon Smith Detained By Cops Drunk Passenger In Cop Car Crash

3/9/2017 12:51 PM PST
Breaking News


More trouble for Aldon Smith ... who was detained by police in San Francisco around 8 AM Thursday after a car he was riding in smashed into a cop car and the officer says Smith was drunk at the time. 

The troubled Oakland Raiders star was NOT driving the car at the time of the crash, however cops did arrest the driver for DUI. 

The bigger issue for Smith ... the alcohol allegations. 

The 27-year-old has struggled with substance abuse and is currently serving an NFL suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. 

According to reports, he's still in the league's substance abuse program -- we're making calls to figure out his status. 

Smith is still in jail and cops say he'll be released when he sobers up. 

NFL's Aldon Smith Under Investigation for Domestic Incident

2/13/2017 2:24 PM PST

0213-aldon-smith-getty-2Oakland Raiders star Aldon Smith is being investigated for what we're told is a domestic incident ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Sources tell us cops in San Francisco were called early Saturday morning and responded to a home in the city. Smith owns a house in San Francisco.

Police interviewed Smith and the alleged victim and took a report. The case is under "active investigation."

Smith has not been arrested. 

An arrest would be catastrophic for Smith's career -- he's currently suspended by the NFL for multiple violations of the league's substance abuse policy. 

Smith was expected to be reinstated in March, on the assumption he stayed out of trouble. An arrest could undo his prospects.

Smith has had several run-ins with police since he was drafted by the 49ers back in 2011. 

Smith showed extreme potential when he was on the field -- he was the NFC Defensive Player of the Year back in 2012. 

A rep for Smith had no comment.

Raiders Punter Marquette King Kicks 3-Point Shot ... From DEEP!!

1/27/2017 10:49 AM PST
Breaking News

Raiders punter Marquette King should suit up for the Magic while he's in Orlando for the Pro Bowl ... 'cause the dude's got range!

Check out this video of King punting a football into a basketball hoop from 20 yards out!!

Steph Curry with the shot! 

Raiders Players Pumped for Nevada Tax Cuts ... Says Malcolm Smith

1/21/2017 12:15 AM PST

How do the Oakland Raiders players feel about the possible (likely) move to Vegas?

They're stoked about the FORTUNE they'll save on state income tax!!

We spoke with Raiders linebacker Malcom Smith (the MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII) who says a bunch of players are already talking about financial implications of a move to Nevada. 

FYI, California has the highest state income tax ... Nevada has the lowest! 

Plus, as Smith points out ... cost of living is WAYYYY cheaper in Vegas than in the Bay Area. 

As for concerns about Vegas temptations, Smith says it ain't a problem for the home team ... it's the visitors who should be worried. 

Tim Brown 'Concerned' About Vegas Temptations ... for Raiders Players

1/19/2017 3:40 PM PST

Raiders legend Tim Brown says he's pumped for the team to move to Las Vegas ... but admits he's concerned about some of the players getting too caught up in the Sin City lifestyle.

The Hall of Famer joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs Thursday night on FS1) and said he voiced his concerns to Raiders management ... but ultimately realized there's temptation in EVERY city.

"When we were in L.A., we found ways to get into trouble, right? And when you're in Oakland, you find ways to get in trouble. So I think [the Raiders] whole thing is, 'Hey, look, if guys are looking for trouble, no matter what city they're in, they're gonna find the trouble.'"

Tim says the situation might require hiring people to "babysit" some of the players but "hopefully this team will be mature enough to handle the situation."

By the way, that IS Pierre Garcon in the shot -- he's co-hosting the show tonight and he's awesome!

Oakland Raiders 'Officially File Paperwork' to Move to Vegas

1/19/2017 9:24 AM PST
Breaking News

0119-oakland-raiders-vegas-getty-01The Raiders have officially filed their paperwork to move the team from Oakland to Las Vegas ... the NFL has confirmed. 

So, what does it mean? The move will go to a vote of NFL owners -- and the team needs at least 24 affirmative votes to make it happen. The vote is expected to go down in March. 

Don't expect a Chargers-style lightning move -- the Raiders would likely play the next two seasons in Oakland -- before relocating for the 2020 season. 

Owner Mark Davis has had his eye on Vegas for years -- and even snatched up back in the '90s. 

Oakland Raiders 1st Round Pick Buys House for Mom

1/17/2017 10:46 AM PST
Exclusive Details

0117_karl-joseph-new-house-for-mom_instagramMother's Day came in January for Karl Joseph's mom ... the Oakland Raiders rookie safety just bought her a brand new house in Florida ... TMZ Sports has confirmed. 

The 14th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft was laser-focused on hookin' up his mom with something nice after he signed a 4-year $12 million deal ... and pulled the trigger when he found her dream home.

We spoke with Karl's agent, Chafie Fields, who tells us the home is in central Florida where he grew up after the family moved to the U.S. from Haiti. 

"He comes from very humble beginnings," Fields says ... "Ultimately, his goal was being able to provide for his mom."

"He didn't want to buy himself a car. Didn't want to buy himself a house. He wanted to get his mom a house."

Fields says his team helped with the house hunt but ultimately Karl made the final call -- "He wanted to see the house for himself, so that's why we waited until after the season."

"He has brothers and sisters that still live at home. He wanted to do this for all of them."


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