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Dave Matthews Band Rocked the Pier at Pre-Super Bowl Party (VIDEO)

2/5/2016 11:02 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Dave Matthews Band rocked San Fran Thursday night at a killer pre-Super Bowl party.

DIRECTV & Pepsi sponsored the concert on Pier 70 to kickoff the 50th Super Bowl weekend. 

The party was aptly titled "Super Thursday Night" and it will continue through Sunday featuring Pharrell Williams and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

As if free booze wasn't kind enough, the party was catered by celeb hotspot steakhouse STK offering sweet corn pudding cups, candied bacon cones, and Captain Crunch Cookies. Captain Crunch Cookies!  


NFL's Le'Veon Bell If I Was Healthy Steelers Would Be In Super Bowl

2/5/2016 7:37 AM PST

They says it's better to be lucky then good ... and that's exactly what the Broncos are according to Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell ... who says it'd be his team in San Fran if he'd never gotten hurt.

Bell's been out with a knee injury since November and when we saw him at the Madden party at Super Bowl 50 we had to know ... would things have been different if he was 100%? 

Check out the clip -- Bell seems confident that had he and other Steelers been able to give it a go,  it would have been them trying to stop Cam and the gang ... and NOT the Broncos. 

Next year guys ... next year.  

Mark Cuban My Super Bowl 50 Party ... Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bacon Cones

2/5/2016 12:40 AM PST

0204_Mark-Cuban_super-bowl_tmzMark Cuban's record for throwing the most expensive Super Bowl party is like the '72 Miami Dolphins ... undefeated, and in 2016 you don't need to look beyond the menu to realize Cuban's still on top.

Mark's shindig goes down Saturday night in SFO, and here's a taste of how much it's gonna cost ... 2014's SB halftime act Red Hot Chili Peppers are headlining the bash. STK is on kitchen duty and its menu blows the seven-layer dip out of the water.

For hor d'oeuvres ... citrus Old Bay poached shrimp, candied bacon cones, tuna tartare in a soy honey emulsion and taro chips, sweet corn pudding cups and mini lump crab salads.

Chicken wings and the old fashioned burger still make appearances but in new form ... crispy buffalo chicken bites with a blue cheese mousse and sliders with caramelized onions. 

Best of all ... party's free, if you can get on the list.


Archie Manning The Gamblers Are Right Broncos Are Underdogs

2/4/2016 12:45 AM PST

Motivation or realism?  

Peyton Manning's dad -- legendary QB Archie Manning -- says Las Vegas is DEAD ON with its Super Bowl line ... agreeing that the Denver Broncos are DEFINITELY underdogs on Sunday.

We got Archie arriving into San Francisco to cheer his son on ... and asked his thoughts on Peyton's crew being 5 point dogs going into the big game. 

If you're expecting some fatherly sugarcoating ... you ain't gonna get it here. Archie says that line "sounds about right" but reminds everyone it'll be 0-0 when the ball is kicked off.

Tough love ... it works even if your son is damn near 40. 

Beyonce BET ON CLEAVAGE ... Says Ex-NFL Star

2/3/2016 3:11 PM PST

Osi Umenyiora cares about you ... he wants you to make some money off the Super Bowl ... and that's why he says you MUST bet on Beyonce showing cleavage during the halftime show. 

As we previously reported, Beyonce's boob situation is now a prop bet on online gambling sites -- just like the Katy Perry situation last year -- and Osi says the smart money's on YES. 

There's more ... the ex-NY Giants star goes through some rapid fire on some other popular prop bets -- so if you're itching to throw some money down on the big game, you might wanna check out the clip. 

SB Safety Roman Harper Watch The Game At My Place ... For A Cool $5k

2/3/2016 1:32 PM PST

0203_roman_harper_pad_launchCarolina Panthers safety Roman Harper is saying mi casa es su casa to anyone who can afford it ... renting out his OWN HOME to watch Super Bowl 50 ... the game he'll be playing in.

Harper listed the 1 bedroom 2 bath Charlotte apartment on Airbnb calling it a "Panthers fan's dream den" ... and saying anyone with his $5k asking price can bunk at his crib on game night.

Amenities include

-- 24 hour concierge staff providing "excellent service"

-- Multi-purpose basketball and tennis courts

-- A 70 inch HDTV to watch the game on

-- And a signed football from Harper himself

Not so fast party animals -- there are some pretty strict house rules ... no smoking, no indoor football, a maximum of 2 guests and sorry pup lovers ... absolutely NO pets.

Still though ... the whole thing is pretty freakin' awesome ... check out the pics.

Lil Wayne's SB Commercial Nothing Racist About Me Grilling for George Washington

2/3/2016 9:25 AM PST
Exclusive Details

020316_lil_wayne_primaryLil Wayne and George Washington co-star in a Super Bowl commercial this year -- but some people are taking issue, since it shows Wayne cooking for George ... who famously owned slaves.

The ad for features Jeff Goldblum and a gospel choir singing 'Jeffersons' theme "Moving On Up." Eventually you see George and Weezy (get the reference?) all chummy next to a rooftop barbecue grill.

The criticism? The ad is low-key racist due to Washington's history as a slaver, but Wayne's camp doesn't see it that way ... at all. A source very close to him says the commercial is "meant to be funny and silly and not the least bit offensive."

The source added it's supposed to be comedy, and "people need to calm down." 

We've also reached out to, but no word back yet. Either way, their ad's getting way more attention now.

Broncos Owner's Son Hey Judge ... Can I Go to the Super Bowl?

2/3/2016 7:58 AM PST

0203-john-bowlen-getty-01Good news for the son of Denver Broncos owner John Bowlen -- a judge has agreed to let him go to the Super Bowl ... despite the fact he's facing criminal charges stemming from an alleged dom. violence incident. 

As we previously reported, 30-year-old John Bowlen Jr. was arrested back in June '15 after allegedly shoving his girlfriend in his Denver-area apartment during a domestic dispute. 

John's GF called 911 -- but the call was cut short (the last thing the operator heard was a woman screaming) ... and when the operator called back, Bowlen went on a bizarre rant and referred to himself as the "blood of the city."

He's facing charges for harassment and telephone obstruction and has been ordered to stay away from the woman. 

But TMZ Sports has learned ... Bowlen has filed a motion with the court asking for permission to travel to California from 2/4 to 2/7 ... presumably to watch his family's team play in SB50. 

According to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, the motion was granted without objection. 

Bowlen's trial is set to begin in April -- if convicted, he's facing up to 6 months behind bars for each charge. 

Snoop Dogg Says Gear Is Safe & Sound ... Burglary Victim Disagrees

2/2/2016 5:49 PM PST
Breaking News

Snoop Dogg's on his way to his Tuesday night gig in San Francisco, and says all his concert gear is safe with him at this moment.

Snoop posted a vid that looks like it was shot in the back of his limo ... saying our story about laptops and other equipment for his show getting stolen wasn't true.

However, our law enforcement sources confirm the driver of the jacked SUV told police the stuff that was swiped was SPECIFICALLY for Snoop's show at the Regency.

Bottom line: It appears Snoop has no idea who the burglary victim was, but at least he's still performing tonight. 

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!

Beyonce's Boobs Cleavage Or Nah? Super Bowl Prop Bet

2/2/2016 3:53 PM PST

0202_beyonce_superbowl_gettyBeyonce's boobs could get you seriously paid -- because they've just become the focal points of a new Super Bowl prop bet ... TMZ Sports has learned.  

The cyber-gambling site is offering up a bet -- where you can place money on whether you think Bey will release her two single ladies during her halftime performance with Coldplay.

Right now ... the odds are heavily in favor of Bey's girls showing up.

Yes -350
No +260

(Translation -- you have to bet $350 on "yes" just to win $100).

If boobs aren't your thing ... there are some other prop bets.

-- Does Osweiler play?

-- Color of the Gatorade bath.

-- And of course ... the coin toss.

By the way, there was controversy over last year's boob bet -- with Katy Perry wearing an outfit that ignited a "Is it or isn't it cleavage?" debate with gamblers. The final decision was to PAY EVERYBODY ... so there were no losers. 

Make-A-Wish We're Taking 13 Kids to the Super Bowl!

2/2/2016 7:26 AM PST

0202-wish-super-bowl-02The NFL has teamed up with the Make-A-Wish foundation to bring 13 kids -- and their families -- to Super Bowl 50 ... for a pretty awesome 4-day football weekend. 

The M.A.W. foundation says the kids are traveling from all over the country -- and even Canada -- to San Francisco on Thursday ... where they will all get the full V.I.P. experience. 

"They will enjoy a welcome reception and a weekend of visiting the NFL Experience, a stadium tour, visits by former NFL stars, and more before the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers face off at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday, Feb. 7."

By the way, this wish ain't cheap -- tickets to SB50 start at $2,900 on StubHub ... which makes it that much cooler that M.A.W. is bringing 13 kids and their families.

Snoop Dogg Someone Jacked My Concert Gear ... For Super Bowl Gigs

2/2/2016 7:34 AM PST

0202-snoop-dogg-tmz-01Snoop Dogg's Super Bowl week just went to pot, and not in the good way -- someone made off with equipment for a bunch of shows he's doing in San Francisco.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ an SUV parked on a city street Monday night had a bunch of laptops, luggage, and concert gear -- and someone busted a window and cleaned out the vehicle.

Snoop is scheduled to play Tuesday night at The Regency Ballroom. We're told the equipment that was taken was essential for that gig. He's also playing a few other events related to the Super Bowl in coming days.

The only good news -- no weed was reported stolen. Snoop keeps that stuff close.

Darren Sproles I Liked Playing For Chip Kelly

2/2/2016 6:11 AM PST

Don't count Darren Sproles among the Chip Kelly haters -- the Eagles running back tells TMZ Sports he enjoyed his time with the coach ... and says the 49ers will too! 

Kelly obviously has a lot of critics -- including former Eagles LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson ... who ripped Chip after they were shipped out of Philly. 

But Sproles -- who just returned from the Pro Bowl -- vouched for the guy. 

We also asked Darren who he's rooting for in the Super Bowl. Check out the clip ... gotta give the credit for being honest! 

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