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Tyron Woodley Ronda Rousey to WWE Is Happening ... Here's Why

1/12/2018 3:15 PM PST

You're gonna see Ronda Rousey in the ring sooner rather than later -- so says Tyron Woodley, who's got a strong hunch when the UFC megastar's making her WWE debut. 

Tyron broke down why the timing's perfect for Rousey to cross over to pro wrestling in this week's episode of "The Hollywood Beatdown" ... days after TMZ Sports spotted her out with Triple H

As for the when ... the welterweight champ says it'll be at one of WWE's biggest annual events, which is only weeks away -- and explains why Ronda's "kicking some ass" right out the gates.

Also on the 'Beatdown,' Tyron says Oprah's got his vote for president ... and lays out how we can officially settle the O.J. Simpson/Khloe Kardashian biological father debate.

Tyron Woodley Khabib Is Terrifying ... Hell No I Won't Fight Him!!

1/5/2018 3:48 PM PST

Tyron Woodley says UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov scares the living hell outta him ... and he ain't too happy his TMZ co-host's trying to play matchmaker with 'em.

On this week's episode of "The Hollywood Beatdown" -- the UFC welterweight champ reveals his very real fear of Khabib ... who absolutely mauled Edson Barboza at UFC 219. 

So once Tyron found out we asked Khabib about a potential throw-down, his reaction was pretty much what you'd expect.

"Why you gonna stick this maniac on me?! Don't try to throw me in there with a dude who's fighting bears!!!"

That's not a joke. A young Khabib REALLY WRESTLED BEARS.

Also on the Beatdown, Woodley reveals a huge NFL star he's bringing to the big screen ... and explains why Logan Paul should get smacked.

Tyron Woodley I Challenged Dana White to a Fight ... While Drugged Up

12/22/2017 2:55 PM PST

Ever challenge your boss to a fist fight while hopped up on painkillers?

That's exactly what Tyron Woodley did earlier this week ... when he texted Dana White in a post-surgery haze.

No, we're not kidding.

Tyron told us all about it on "The Hollywood Beatdown" -- saying he called out the UFC honcho after a shoulder surgery ... after some "ooey-gooey goodness" got the better of him.

FYI, Woodley told us his surgery was a success ... and you won't believe how fast he's expecting to come back and fight.

Also on the Beatdown, the welterweight champ ethers George Zimmerman for threatening Jay-Z over his Trayvon Martin docuseries ... and shows love to Floyd Mayweather and Diddy for considering big career moves.

Tyron Woodley To Keaton Jones: Parents Are Trash, Get Away from 'Em!

12/15/2017 6:08 PM PST
Breaking News

UFC champ Tyron Woodley dropped bombs on Keaton Jones' parents in the newest episode of "The Hollywood Beatdown" -- explaining why they're even worse for him than his bullies at school. 

Woodley says Keaton's dad needs to "get the hell slapped outta him" for being a white supremacist ... and his mom should take a seat after allegedly trying to parlay Keaton's fame into a cash grab.

"Why do you need money to fight bullying? You need mentors ... you don't need money."

The champ says he's still got Keaton's back -- but advises him to cut out his folks, so he can become a better person. 

Tyron also drops a huge career update, breaks down a CRAZY street fight and a whole lot more. 

UFC's Tyron Woodley Set for Surgery ... Kicking GSP's Ass Once I'm Back!

12/13/2017 3:08 PM PST

UFC champ Tyron Woodley says he's still dead set on murking Georges St-Pierre -- but it's gonna have to wait 'cause he's going under the knife. 

Tyron broke the injury news on this week's episode of "The Hollywood Beatdown" (full episode drops on Friday) -- saying it makes sense to fix his jacked up shoulder now since his fight with Nate Diaz is officially dead

But, the welterweight king says the surgery ain't gonna knock him out for too long ... and once he's ready to throw hands, there's only one dude he wants to scrap with -- even if he's running scared.

"I wanna fight Georges, man. I offered to go up and fight him at middleweight ... faked some backside injury, now he vacating the belt," Woodley said.

Catch the full Beatdown episode when it drops on Friday (and subscribe on TMZ Sports' YouTube page).

Tyron Woodley Nate Diaz Fight is Dead 'He's Scared, Homie'

11/29/2017 12:45 AM PST

Coulda been fun ... but Tyron Woodley says the potential fight with Nate Diaz at UFC 219 is officially dead.

"Nate Diaz is obviously scared, homie," Tyron said on the "The Hollywood Beatdown" show (subscribe on the TMZ Sports YouTube page).

Woodley previously said the UFC offered him the fight and he accepted -- and it was up to Nate to sign on the dotted line. But it didn't happen. 

Woodley says Nate was asking for WAYYYYYY too much cash -- $15 mil -- and he ain't a $15 million fighter. 

So, what's next? Tyron says he's got shoulder surgery on the horizon -- followed by a stint in a movie with some pretty big Hollywood stars ... which you'll hear all about when the full 'Beatdown' episode drops Friday morning. 

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