Blackhawks Player In Sex. Assault Probe Speaks ... In Tearful Interview

3:58 PM PT -- 10/27 -- Kyle Beach -- who was "John Doe" in the Blackhawks' sexual assault investigation -- is speaking out on the team's findings ... saying, "I cried, I smiled, I laughed, I cried some more."

Beach gave a tearful interview to TSN on Wednesday ... opening up on the challenges he faced when higher-ups failed to punish Aldrich after he reported the allegations.

"It made me feel like he was right, and I was wrong," he said.

"The only way to describe it, was I felt sick, sick to my stomach. Nothing happened. His life was the same as it was the day before. To see him with the team, with the Stanley Cup. It made me feel like nothing. Like I didn't exist. It made me feel like I wasn't important."

Now that the Blackhawks have revealed the findings of the independent investigation, Beach says he feels "great feeling of relief, and vindication."

"I really felt like there were lies told. And it was important and special to have the truth come out."

The Chicago Blackhawks were just slapped with a massive $2,000,000 fine ... after the NHL said the organization failed to adequately investigate an alleged sexual assault involving a team coach and a young player back in 2010.

The NHL announced the financial penalty on Tuesday ... and it all dates back over a decade ago, when word got back to Hawks team brass that a player on their team -- who hasn't been identified publicly -- claimed he was sexually assaulted by the team's video coach.

The player -- identified as "John Doe" in a civil suit he filed in May 2021 -- claimed the coach, Brad Aldrich, said he wouldn't play in the NHL if he were to turn down the coaches sexual advances ... so, fearing losing his career, the player says he had a sexual encounter with Aldrich.

It's important to note ... Aldrich hasn't denied having a relationship with Doe, however, he's steadfastly said the encounter was consensual.

After the team found out, they assembled all of the bigwigs, including the president, senior VP, general manager, and head coach, among others, to discuss how to handle the situation.

Shockingly, despite the serious allegation, team officials decided to focus their attention on the team's play on the ice ... as they'd just advanced to the Stanley Cup finals.

The "investigation" was kicked to human resources ... though the NHL says it doesn't appear enough was ever done to address it.

FYI, the Blackhawks ended up winning the Stanley Cup that season.

Fast forward to June 2021 ... a Chicago area law firm was hired to look into the organizations handling of the situation, and their investigation determined the organization screwed up, essentially failing to investigate, despite the extremely troubling allegation.

Enter the NHL ... who as a result, levied the multi-million fine against the Blackhawks.

"Today’s fine represents a direct and necessary response to the failure of the Club to follow-up and address the 2010 incident in a timely and appropriate manner,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement.

“And, this response should send a clear message to all NHL Clubs and all NHL personnel that inappropriate acts must be addressed in a timely fashion."

Bettman says the organization knows they screwed up, and they've taken a number of steps to ensure they're better in the future.

“We acknowledge that the Blackhawks have taken responsibility and ownership for what transpired, and have already implemented new preventative measures."

Those changes include hiring outside counsel to dig into the 2010 incident, overhauling the club's policies, and educating staff on how to properly handle similar allegations.

The commissioner also noted that should any of the senior-level staff wish to return to the league (none of them are currently in the NHL), they will require approval directly from Bettman prior to their hiring.

The Blackhawks also released a statement accepting responsibility for the screwup, writing, "It is clear the organization and its executives at that time did not live up to our own standards or values in handling these disturbing incidents."

"We deeply regret the harm caused to John Doe and the other individuals who were affected and the failure to promptly respond. As an organization, we extend our profound apologies to the individuals who suffered from these experiences. We must -- and will -- do better."

As for the alleged victim ... Doe's civil lawsuit remains open.

Originally Published -- 10/26 1:45 PM PT

Ex-NHL Player Ray Emery Arrested for Assault W/ Weapon ... On Ex-BET Host

Ex-NHL player Ray Emery was arrested last month for allegedly getting violent and threatening his then-fiancee Keshia Chante during a 2016 incident ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Emery was arrested Sept. 18 in Hamilton, Ontario, a rep for the John Sopinka Courthouse confirmed to us.

We're told Chante -- a singer and former host of BET's "106 & Park" -- had initially gone to authorities seeking a restraining order against Emery, claiming he had abused her several times from July '16 to Sept. '16.

Sources say Chante presented what she believed to be "hard proof" -- and cops determined there was enough evidence to warrant an arrest for assault.

Ultimately, Emery was taken into custody on Sept. 18 for assault with a weapon and uttering a threat. He was released on bail. He's due back in court later this month.

Emery played in the NHL for 11 years and won a Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2013. We're told he and Chante dated for 7 years. They were engaged until this summer when Chante publicly announced the wedding was off.

We've made several attempts to reach Emery for comment but they were unsuccessful.

Blackhawks Sued Drunk Fan + Goal = Disaster

Question: How drunk is too drunk at a hockey game?

Answer: When you sloppily fall out of your seat and crush the guy in front of you ... this according to a new lawsuit.

A guy named John Cooke is suing the Chicago Blackhawks claiming he was enjoying the game at the United Center on May 23rd ... until some drunk jerk sitting behind him got so hammered, he couldn't stand up straight.

The fan says people complained about the drunkard to security and arena staff -- but no one did anything.

Problem is ... when the Blackhawks scored a goal in the 1st period, the drunk fan lost his balance and fell down 2 rows, allegedly crushing Cooke in the process.

Cooke says he suffered injuries in the drunken disaster -- and he's suing the team and the United Center claiming the guy should have been kicked out long before he had a chance to fall on people.

Cooke is suing for unspecified damages. So far no comment from the Blackhawks or the United Center.

Blackhawks Prodigy Suspended Indefinitely After 'Revenge Porn' Allegations

The Chicago Blackhawks have announced they've suspended Garret Ross -- after learning he's being prosecuted in an alleged revenge porn case.

Chicago Blackhawks Prospect Charged In Revenge Porn Case

A hockey player drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks is being prosecuted over revenge porn -- after officials say he shared a sex photo of a woman he should have known was not meant for other eyes.

President Obama Trolls Canadian Prime Minister 'Where's the Stanley Cup!?'



President Barack Obama stuck it to Canada this morning ... hitting the Prime Minister over the subject that hurts the most -- HOCKEY!!!!

Obama was with P.M. Justin Trudeau at the White House talking about things the two countries will never agree on. One of those things ... who's better at hockey.

When Trudeau sniped, "Don't get me started" ... Obama replied, "Where's the Stanley Cup right now?"

"I'm sorry, is it in my hometown with the Chicago Blackhawks?!"



NHL's Patrick Kane Gets Cut from EA Sports

Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane will no longer be on the cover of EA's "NHL16" due to the criminal investigation he's now facing.

Kane was slated to be on the cover of the game for the second time but EA just released a statement saying they're pulling the plug.The company said he won't be on the cover and he also will not be involved in any promos for the game.

As we've reported ... Kane is under investigation for an alleged incident that went down with a woman in an Upstate NY bar.

No charges have been filed.

Chicago Blackhawks Still Partying It Up ... We're the Kings of Chi-Town!


The Chicago Blackhawks might be a little late to Thursday's victory parade ... because they were out on the town until the wee hours of the morning last night ... raging with champagne and TONS of chicks.

Kris Versteeg, Jonathan Toews and Stanley Cup Finals MVP Duncan Keith were among the players who hit up Studio Paris, a nightclub in downtown Chicago.

In the video, Versteeg can be seen spraying champagne all over the crowd ... and the people couldn't have been more thrilled to be doused.

But the best part might be on the way out when Toews walks out the door ... followed by roughly TEN CHICKS!

Hail to the champs.

Chicago Blackhawks Topless Turn Up w/ Stanley Cup ... And World Famous DJ

The Chicago Blackhawks brought a 6-pack to the Stanley Cup celebration -- with defenseman Johnny Oduya ripping his shirt off in the middle of a nightclub ... in a crazy celebrity turn up!

Oduya -- along with teammates Corey Crawford, Brandon Saad, Kris Versteeg and Scott Darling -- hit up The Mid nightclub in Chicago ... where they used Lord Stanley's favorite piece of silverware to sip expensive bubbly, like so many have before.

And who was supplying the beats? World famous DJ ($32 millon a year famous) Tiesto -- who pumped the club full of EDM and hip-hop hits while the crowd went insane!

At some point in the night Oduya's shirt came off ... dude's got some championship abs.

Check out the pics.

Pic: Twitter Video:Matthew Schneider

Chicago Blackhawks Kid Smacked with Bottle ... In Stanley Cup Melee

A small child was struck in the face with a bottle ... and appeared to be bleeding ... during the crazy Stanley Cup celebrations in Chicago last night.

The child -- unclear how old he is -- was carried to paramedics near Wrigley Field to be treated ... this according to the Washington Post.

So far, the kid's condition is unclear ... but it was just one part of the madness that took over the Windy City when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.

People swarmed the streets ... climbed traffic lights ... ripped down street signs ... and set off fireworks.


At least 5 people were arrested, according to the Chicago Tribune.

There's more ... in keeping with tradition, a bunch of fans toilet papered the home of Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville to celebrate.


Blackhawks to Bieber We Forgive U For Being a Logo-Desecrating Dumbass

The Chicago Blackhawks aren't holding a grudge against Justin Bieber for trampling their beloved logo yesterday -- a crime punishable by death in some fan circles -- telling TMZ, Bieber didn't realize he was violating intergalactic hockey law.

In case you didn't know, Bieber -- who is supposed to be Canadian -- was taking pictures of the Stanley Cup in the Blackhawks locker room when he stood squarely on the team's hallowed Native American head logo.

FYI, not only is it a HUGE Blackhawks superstition not to step on the logo ... it's also an unwritten rule on any hockey team: never tread on the team logo.

But a rep for the Blackhawks says it's water under the bridge -- telling us, Bieber "did accidentally step on the logo but was immediately asked to step off and was extremely sorry as soon as he realized what he did."

Unfortunately, he's still not sorry for pissing in that mop bucket.

Bieber with Stanley Cup 'Hawks Fans PISSED Because It's the Cup

Justin Bieber is bringing sports fans together ... IN OUTRAGE -- because he dared to pose with Lord Stanley's trophy in the Chicago Blackhawks locker room!!!

A 'Hawks exec tweeted the pic last night of JB touching the Stanley Cup -- arguably the most revered trophy in sports -- with a customized Bieber jersey in the background.

The response was immediate ... and angry:
- If I see one more picture of bieber touching the cup I might just cut my own jugular #embarrassing

- And this is why I will kick the crap out of Justin Bieber! You do not touch the cup! You don't deserve to touch it!

- Bieber takin a pic w the cup and gettin a personalized blackhawks jersey is complete garbage. Where did your bruins flat brim go?

That last one refers to the night we spotted Bieber in a Boston Bruins cap ... right before they started playing the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Listen, Chicago ... just be glad he didn't pee in it.

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Celebration Was Carnivore Heaven

The Chicago Blackhawks partied hard after their dramatic Stanley Cup victory over the Boston Bruins, and lived by that old adage -- to the victor goes lots and lots of meats!!!

Stanley Cup MVP Patrick Kane and the rest of the team headed straight to the famous Harry Caray's Steakhouse once they arrived back in Chi-town early Tuesday morning -- and our 'hawks sources gave up all the deets on their feast:

- Crab cakes
- Lamb chops
- Mini "holy cow" burgers
- Chicken vesuvio (the house special)

Remember, they were eating all this at ... 4:30 AM!!

No word on how much the celebration meal cost -- but the team picked up the tab. We're told this is the exact same menu the Blackhawks had when they last won the cup in 2010.

Superstition ... it's delicious!

Chicago Hockey Legend BURNS Jay Cutler Jersey [VIDEO]

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler might officially be the most hated man in the Windy City -- because last night, one of Chicago's most storied sports legends turned his back on the guy ... TORCHING Cutler's jersey inside a bar.

The video was shot inside Stanley's Kitchen and Tap in Downtown Chicago -- showing Chicago Blackhawks legend Chris Chelios lighting Jay's jersey on fire while some hot chick dangles it from her fingers.

One source inside the bar tells us Chris lit the jersey then said, Cutler's "nothing but a bitch."

FYI -- Cutler has been under heavy fire in Chicago from Bears fans who think he's not just a terrible QB ... but a cancer in the locker room who's bringing down the team.

Cutler's performance on Sunday didn't do much to win over his critics -- Jay had a very underwhelming performance in the Bears victory over the Rams ... throwing an interception and ZERO touchdowns.

We reached out to Chelios for comment -- so far, no word back.

Hockey Star Arrested Over 20 Cent Fight

Fighting over money is common -- but does $0.20 even count as money?

Two dimes (or four nickels) was allegedly the cause of a fight between NHL star Patrick Kane and a cab driver in Buffalo, NY. According to the Buffalo News, Kane (along with his cousin) were arrested after they allegedly roughed up a cab driver who couldn't give them the required change.

According to a police report obtained by the paper, the Kane boys paid $15 for a $13.80 cab ride -- but became incensed when the cabbie had the dollar bill, but not the coinage, to make change. The cab driver told police he was punched in the face and head, grabbed by the throat and had his glasses broken during the incident.

Both men were charged with second-degree robbery, a Class C felony, as well as fourth-degree criminal mischief and theft of services, both Class A misdemeanors. WIVB-TV says Kane has pled not guilty.

Kane plays for the Chicago Blackhawks but grew up in Buffalo and was in town to announce the funding of a local hockey rink.

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