Quando Rondo didn't come looking for trouble when his crew got into a violent altercation with King Von that ended in a fatal shooting ... at least according to Quando's camp.

Sources close to Quando Rondo tell TMZ ... the rapper wasn't seeking out a fight with King Von the night Von was shot dead outside an Atlanta hookah lounge, and they say Von was acting as the aggressor in the brawl that preceded gunfire.

Our sources say Quando was napping in a car outside the club and when he woke up, Von's crew was there, and things suddenly got tense. We're told Von approached Quando and his crew with anger, which led to the brawl.


New footage from outside the club appears to show King Von throwing punches at Quando Rondo's crew, and our sources claim Quando's camp was just defending itself. We're told Quando didn't know what was going on and believed his life was in danger.


As we reported ... police also opened fire while confronting the gunmen, but cops say King Von was shot during the initial shootout with Quando Rondo's group.

One of Quando Rondo's crew members was arrested for felony murder, and our law enforcement sources tell us QR is NOT under investigation and cops consider the case closed.

Sources close to Quando Rondo tell us he feels extremely bad about the situation and how it unfolded ... though we're told both sides have not spoken to each other since the incident.

Rapper Mo3 Killed In Dallas Shooting

Rapper Mo3 is dead after being gunned down on a Texas interstate ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Mo3 was shot just before noon Wednesday on I-35 in Dallas and was transported to a hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Our sources say the fatal shooting went down like this ... the gunman and Mo3 were both traveling northbound on I-35 when the trigger man got out of his car and approached Mo3's. The rapper got out of his car and started running, with the gunman giving chase, firing multiple rounds and hitting Mo3 in the back of the head.

We're told the gunman also shot an innocent bystander who was sitting in his vehicle, and the second gunshot victim was transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The Dallas-based rapper claimed he'd survived a shooting last year. He was also arrested back in 2017 in connection with a Dallas-Fort Worth nightclub shooting that left one person dead.

Mo3 is most famous for his 2019 collab with Boosie Badazz, "Errybody (Remix)." He released a couple new songs earlier this year and has recorded 3 albums.

He was 28 years old.


Las Vegas 3 Wounded in Shooting at Circus Circus

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@tutulocc3 / Snapchat

Shots rang out in Vegas Saturday night in the middle of a massive brawl ... and 3 people ended up with bullet wounds.

It went down at 7:30 PM at the Adventure Dome in the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

The video begins with a fight. You hear screaming, people falling to the ground and running. Then, at the end of the video, you hear gunshots. It appears the fight started with 2 juveniles but then grew.

It's unclear what started the fight and, so far, cops haven't ID'd a shooter. Police do, however, say they have a person of interest in custody.

A police spokesperson said, "We do believe this is an isolated incident involving a fight between two different groups of individuals inside the Adventure Dome. This is not an active shooter, and we do believe that there is no further threat at this time to anyone else in the public."

We do not know the condition of the 3 gunshot victims.

Ex-NFL RB Trent Richardson Gun Pulled On Him at Furniture Shop ... Video Shows


Scary moment for ex-NFL running back Trent Richardson -- when a gun was pulled on him during a dispute at a furniture store, and the incident was captured on video.

... but the store owner claims Trent was the aggressor -- and they only pulled out the gun to defend the shop.

Here's what we know ... the former Alabama star hit up the Furniture Plug store in Birmingham on Oct. 28 to deal with a complaint about a problem with a recent order. During the visit, the owner's wife whipped out a firearm.

Surveillance video shows Trent and his manager leaving in a hurry -- clearly concerned for their safety.

We spoke to the store manager who claims Trent was the aggressor -- but the football player says that's just not true.

Here's Trent's side as told by his manager ...

Brandon Bowers tells TMZ Sports ... Trent had ordered thousands of dollars worth of new furniture earlier in the year to be delivered to his home.

But, when it arrived, he says most of the items had significant damage -- from tears in a couch, to a cracked bed frame ... even a dresser that was missing handles and mirrors.

So, Bowers says Trent gave the store owner an ultimatum -- either refund the money or replace the furniture with acceptable pieces.

We're told Trent felt the store owners were giving him the runaround -- so he went to the store on Oct. 28 with his manager to talk things out in person.

Bowers says the store owner got aggressive and at one point challenged the former #3 overall NFL Draft pick to a fight.

Trent declined -- saying he wasn't going to brawl with the man in front of his wife ... and that's when Bowers says the wife pulled out a pistol and began waving it around.

Bowers says he immediately grabbed Trent and bolted for the door -- fearing for their lives. Now, Richardson is taking action -- he intends to file a report with local police.

We also spoke with Furniture Plug owner Clint Catlin -- who tells us, "We were protecting our store. Trent came in aggressive. My wife being her, she was protecting her space."

"Trent's a big guy, came in aggressive. He made her pull out the pistol. This is a family business. We were protecting our brand."

We also spoke with Clint's wife, Mariah, who says "I felt Clint's life, my life and our 7-year-old's life were threatened."

As the furniture in question, Clint says the items were sent to Trent's home in good condition and the photos are not a true reflection of what really happened.

He adds, "Trent received everything he paid for."

Mass Shooting Threat Man Claims He's Targeting Dems if Biden Wins ... Feds Put Him on 5150 Hold

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If Joe Biden wins the Presidency, a man in L.A. says he'll take out Democrats in a mass shooting -- but federal agents reacted swiftly to get the man in custody ... TMZ has learned.

The threat was made in a short video posted Friday on social media -- the man says, "at this point, like if Biden gets in, I'm just gonna do like a school shooter; just take out these Democrats and a few pedophiles on the way out. If I go to hell, I'm taking these motherf**kers with me."

Law enforcement sources tell us a federal task force was aware of the posting and immediately contacted the man in the video. We're told he was taken into custody and placed on a psychiatric hold ... also known as a 5150.

Agents reportedly searched the man's home to see if he had any weapons to follow through on the threat. We're told he has not yet been charged with any crime.

There is a demonstration planned in downtown L.A. Friday ... so, obviously, there was concern he was targeting that event.

Story developing ...

LeBron James Mourns King Von Death My Family Loved His Music

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1:53 PM PT -- LeBron James is speaking out on the death of King Von -- saying his whole family respected him as an artist.

"Damn Rest Easy Von," Bron said on Twitter.

"Bronny, Bryce and I rocked with his music and story telling! The kid had a damn good future ahead of him. My prayers and blessings to his family."

LeBron also added the hashtag #Levon James -- a nod to Von's 2020 album titled, "Levon James."

King Von's death is hitting the sports world hard -- with NBA stars like Montrezl Harrell, Stephen Jackson, Evan Turner and more mourning the loss of a rising star gone too soon.

The rapper was shot and killed after a violent altercation outside a nightclub in Atlanta on Friday. He was only 26 years old.

Harrell shared his condolences to Von's family shortly after the news broke ... saying, "Damn it’s sad we lost another young brother to soon ... What is going on in the world."

"This the true sad part, three young blessings won’t see their dad come home again."

Jackson posted a video on Instagram ... calling for an end to senseless violence.

"Your brothers are not the enemy," Jackson said. "The ones got u thinking that are the real enemy. Wake up. Love for all who have love for all."


Turner also reacted on social media, saying, "This killing each other s**t gotta stop... Rest In Peace, King Von"

Other tributes came from athletes like Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Kenjon Barner, who said, "Damn I really just started listening to King Von and became a fan and he gone smh wow 2020 you got it we understand! RIPKingVon."

2016 NCAA champ Kris Jenkins spoke out in shock ... tweeting, "That king Von s**t wild smh RIP."

Ex-NFL first-round pick George Foster also recently came across Von's music, adding, "Man, I just really heard the King Von fella for the first time like last week, and thought 'jit ain’t bad.'"

"Now lil buddy gone smh."

The New England Patriots also honored the late rapper at practice on Friday ... playing his breakout hit, "Crazy Story," over the speakers.


Originally Published -- 11:46 AM PT

'Surface' Actor Eddie Hassell Alleged Shooter in His Death Busted

Exclusive Details

The person suspected of shooting and killing "Surface" actor Eddie Hassell has been arrested in Texas ... TMZ has learned.

The Grand Prairie Police Department tells TMZ ... its department and the U.S. Marshal Service North Texas Fugitive Task Force arrested D'Jon Antone on Wednesday for capital murder. The 18-year-old suspect is currently being held in the Grand Prairie Detention Center with bond set at $500k.

Cops say Antone allegedly shot and killed the actor in a random robbery. The case is now being handed off to the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office.

TMZ broke the story ... Eddie was killed last Sunday morning after he was shot in the stomach while outside his girlfriend's apartment. Cops say they got a call about a shooting at 1:50 AM and when they arrived they saw Eddie had suffered from apparent gunshot wounds.

Cops rendered first aid and he was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was best known for playing Phil Nance in the NBC show "Surface." He also starred as Eddie Suarez in "Devious Maids" for a bit.

He was 30.

Troy Aikman Pleads For Justice For SMU Student Shot And Killed On Halloween

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Troy Aikman is demanding justice for an SMU student who was shot and killed on Halloween ... with the Hall of Famer pleading with the public to come forward if they have any information on the case.

Dallas police in Texas say at around 3 AM on Saturday ... 19-year-old Robert “Jaden” Urrea was pronounced dead with a gunshot wound near bars in downtown.

Cops say in surveillance video of the incident ... they could see Urrea interacted with a white, 4-door car -- when suddenly the vehicle sped off and Urrea crumpled to the ground.

Dallas Police Department

Urrea's family members said in a statement Jaden was "maliciously shot in the chest at close range" ... and they claim the violent act was completely unprovoked.

"We strongly believe this was a drive-by shooting, unprovoked, committed by complete strangers," Urrea's family said.

Now, Aikman is urging anyone with information on the case to contact the Dallas Police Department ... posting a flier to his social media page Thursday and adding the hashtag "#JusticeforJaden."

A $25,000 reward has been set up for the capture of the suspects ... with Urrea's family saying, "Our family is working with Crime Stoppers to offer a substantial reward for information that leads to the indictment of the responsible individuals."

Cops say they're knee-deep in an investigation into the incident ... and add the car they're seeking information on is "possibly a Ford with a sunroof and custom wheels."

Dallas detectives are asking for people with information to call detectives at 214-422-9275.

Election Unrest Beverly Hills Police Show of Massive Force ... Nearby Police Officials Say City's Inviting Violence

The Beverly Hills Police Dept. is mobilizing its entire force, and a lot more, and they've been out showing what they got every day since Saturday ... much to the dismay of surrounding law enforcement agencies ... that think Beverly Hills is essentially inviting violence this week.

The Beverly Hills City Council voted to pour $4.8 million into security around the election. They have hired SWAT members from Santa Paula, armed private security companies, and additional equipment to protect the city and its 35,000 residence from violence.

There is lots of equipment too, including armored SWAT vehicles, guns and plenty of them.

The City Council authorized the police to initiate "the full deployment of sworn and non-sworn staff to work rotating 12-hour shifts" beginning last Saturday and the Police Chief and the Mayor have said the show of force will continue through this week. The idea, presumably, is to make sure everyone sees Bev Hills means business, so people gunning for violence should stay clear of the City. As TMZ reported, there was a massive presence on the streets this weekend, with armored vehicles and armed cops everywhere.

The scene was repeated Monday with a similar show of force.

Here's the problem. High up sources from LAPD and other law enforcement agencies tell TMZ they are shocked BHPD is out on the streets with a show of force ahead of the election. As one very high up law enforcement source told us, "This is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. The City is essentially challenging people to come to the City to confront authority." That source said the City Council may have had good intentions, but the show of force will actually make the City unsafe if looting or rioting occurs.

There were big, dueling anti-fascist and pro-Trump rallies in Bev Hills over the weekend, and it got so tense cops declared the protests unlawful assembly. Police came out in riot gear to break things up.

A Bad Omen

There have been a number of demonstrations in Beverly Hills over the last 5 months, so there's reason for the BHPD to be on high alert, but law enforcement officials from other agencies say it's one thing to be ready, and another to show the world the scope of police presence with armored vehicles and cops in riot gear.

A Beverly Hills spokesperson tells TMZ, "The City of Beverly Hills has been a specific target for demonstrations and protests. The City is taking steps to ensure it remains safe."

Fingers crossed.

Kyle Rittenhouse Father of Victim Says Son is a Hero ... Slams Trump

Kenosha County Court Commissioner Keating

The father of one of Kyle Rittenhouse's alleged victims during the Jacob Blake protests says his son heroically tried to stop Rittenhouse ... no matter what people like President Trump may think.

John Huber -- father of Anthony Huber -- appeared during a bond hearing for 17-year-old Rittenhouse Monday, and told the judge his son and others who confronted Rittenhouse that August 25 night were heroic in their actions.

Huber suggests people like Trump might disagree, and are trying to make this case about something it's not ... and it's pretty clear he's disgusted and fed up.

As you may know ... Anthony was killed when he pursued Rittenhouse after the teenager from Illinois had already allegedly shot and killed another man nearby.

Anthony's dad points out his son was only armed with a skateboard and was trying to stop a killer on the loose. He also slams the people responsible for giving Kyle a gun, along with those who claim he acted in self-defense.

Trump is arguably one of those people, as he told reporters days after the shooting -- without evidence -- that it looked to him like Rittenhouse was in trouble and "probably would have been killed."

As for the hearing ... the judge set a $2 million cash bond for Rittenhouse. He hasn't paid it yet, but there have been supporters raising money for his cause.

If he does post bond, he's ordered to stay away from Gaige Grosskreutz -- a survivor of the Kenosha shooting -- and several family members of the people killed during the incident. Rittenhouse also can't have any weapons.

Rittenhouse was extradited Friday from Illinois to Wisconsin to stand trial. He's now facing 5 felony charges, including first-degree reckless homicide, first-degree intentional homicide, and first-degree recklessly endangering safety.

Jon Jones Video of Attempted Burglary Chases Perp with a Shotgun!!!


Jon Jones' fists are as good a weapon as any, but when it comes to someone allegedly trying to steal his crap at home ... nothing gets the job done like a 12-gauge!

The UFC superstar posted security footage that he says was captured at his home -- presumably, in Albuquerque, where he lives -- that shows what appears to be a man sneaking around his driveway at night, peering into cars ... and trying to make a clean getaway.

Check it out ... as the alleged burglar hears the garage open, he makes a run for it. Little does he know that JJ is a professional athlete. Not only that, he was locked and loaded!

You can see Jon give chase with what he says is a shotgun he owns, and he was catching up to the dude pretty quickly on foot. Both men run off camera, and you don't get to see what happened after ... but Jon broke it down in detail in a follow-up IG caption.

He says he ended up tapping on the driver-side window of this guy's vehicle with the muzzle of his firearm -- to us, that means he caught the dude and held him up at gunpoint and presumably waited for cops to arrive. Jon adds, "Next time you try to rob someone, make sure you’re fast enough to out run them."

Jon went on to say he's smart enough not to gun someone down who's retreating, while also warning young people that material possessions aren't always worth your own life.

Walmart Restocks Guns, Ammo in Stores

12:48 PM PT -- The guns are back in stores. A spokesperson for Walmart says the civil unrest from earlier this week "remained geographically isolated" so the retail giant has made the decision "to begin returning these products to the sales floor today."

Walmart's anticipating civil unrest ahead of the presidential election ... and that's triggered the retail giant to stop pull guns and ammo from shelves.

The nation's biggest retailer has pulled the items from its stores in an effort to keep firearms and ammo from being stolen in the event there's civil unrest. A spokesperson for Walmart said, "We have seen some isolated civil unrest, and as we have done on several occasions over the last few years, we have moved our firearms and ammunition off the sales floor as a precaution for the safety of our associates and customers."

It's important to note ... customers can still buy guns and ammo in half of the 4,700 stores where they're available, they just have to request it. The firearms just aren't on display for now.

Walmart made a similar move back in June following George Floyd's death. It's unclear how long the store will keep guns and ammo out of store displays.

Originally published -- 7:32 AM PT

Breonna Taylor's Boyfriend Sued by Cop He Shot Claims Severe Trauma and Distress

Jonathan Mattingly -- one of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor -- is suing her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, for shooting him in the leg during the raid.

The Louisville officer claims Walker's actions were "outrageous, intolerable, and offends all accepted standards of decency and morality." Mattingly says since March 13 -- the night he and 2 other officers busted into Taylor's apartment and killed her -- he has experienced "severe trauma, mental anguish, and emotional distress" due to what Walker did to him.

As we've reported ... Walker claims he fired a shot because the cops didn't ID themselves and he thought they were home intruders. Mattingly says they did announce themselves several times as cops. He says when they broke in, he was shot with a 9mm.


The cops were at Taylor's home as part of a failed narcotics raid. No drugs were found, and Breonna had no criminal history.

Walker was initially arrested for attempted murder, but those charges were later dropped. Walker sued the Louisville Metro PD for misconduct, and also sought immunity based on Kentucky's "Stand Your Ground" law.

Mattingly's now countersuing, which Walker's lawyer calls a "baseless attempt to further victimize and harass Kenny" and insists he was acting in self-defense.

Mattingly is suing Walker for emotional distress and assault and battery.

Walter Wallace Shooting 'White Racist Cops Got My Dad' ... Son, Family Call For Justice

FOX 29

Walter Wallace Jr.'s family is speaking out over his fatal shooting at the hands of police in West Philadelphia ... and one of his sons is blaming it on racism.

Walter's mother and children just broke their silence after a night of violence in that city in the wake of Monday's fatal shooting. Speaking to reporters, his oldest son choked back tears trying to explain what his father meant to him.

Then he claimed it all boiled down to race -- accusing "white racist cops" of shooting his father, and raising his fist to declare "Black lives matter."


As we reported ... Walter was shot by cops at least 10 times, according to Walter's father. Police say Walter was wielding a knife, which seems evident in graphic video of the incident.


Walter's mother denounced the looting going on in the city and called for justice. She also claimed police were aware of Walter's mental health issues, and ignored her pleas not to shoot.

Philadelphia Protests Violence Over Fatal Police Shooting ... 30 Cops Injured, 1 Hit by Truck

The police killing of a 27-year-old black man wielding a knife in West Philadelphia set off severe unrest in the city ... and escalated to extreme violence and chaos.

At least 30 Philly police officers were injured overnight and 33 people were arrested for rioting, vandalism and looting. A 56-year-old female sergeant suffered a broken leg and other injuries when she was struck by a pickup truck.


Philadelphia PD says she's hospitalized in stable condition, and the other 29 officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries from being hit by bricks or rocks thrown at them. Cops say multiple businesses were looted and damaged, and 5 police vehicles -- along with one fire vehicle -- were vandalized.

Protesters first clashed with cops outside a police precinct as tensions rose over the fatal shooting of Walter Wallace. Around 2:45 PM Monday, cops responded to a call of a man with a weapon.

The officers discovered Wallace brandishing a knife and acting erratically, according to Philadelphia Police Chief Eric Gripp. Footage of the incident shows Wallace walking around a parked car as the officers back away with their guns pointed at him.


Wallace appeared to move toward them and they opened fire, taking him down instantly. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

Gripp says the officers ordered Wallace to drop his weapon multiple times to no avail ... which you can hear on the video. One witness, Maurice Holoway, says several people were yelling for him to drop the knife, but Holoway told reporters he also thinks cops could have shot him in the leg instead of shooting to kill.

Wallace's father, Walter Wallace Sr., says his son was shot at least 10 times. He told reporters his son had mental health issues and was on medication, and questioned why he had to be gunned down instead of police using non-lethal force.

Both the mayor and the police commissioner say an investigation will address what happened.

Trump Supporter Pulls Gun, Points It at Protesters ... After Liquid's Dumped on Him

Exclusive Details
TMX News

A Trump supporter was caught on camera pulling a gun on a group of protesters after getting splashed with some gunk -- and now, cops are on the hunt for the gunk-hurler ... seriously.

Check out this video that was posted this weekend from out in Woodinville, WA -- just north of Kirkland. In the clip, you see a man -- who was reportedly wearing a pro-Trump cap -- waving a gun at a group of what appear to be mostly young, female demonstrators.

As soon as the pistol comes out, the person filming immediately notices and calls it out ... while at the same time demanding to get his name, as well as the names of the people he seemed to be rolling with, who also looked like Trump supporters from their getups.

Eventually, he's walked back by one of his friends ... and the gun goes back to wherever he pulled it from. The woman berates him for threatening violence, and his excuse is ... you guys dumped something on me. The lady claims it's just water and calls him a snowflake.

Cops were called, and after interviewing witnesses, we're told it was relayed like this ... 2 groups were protesting -- pro-Trumpers and anti-Trumpers -- and at some point, this fella gets liquid tossed on him with a 5-gallon bucket by an unknown assailant, who fled by foot.

Unclear what the liquid was -- the dude claims it was a mix of spit and piss ... but officers haven't determined exactly what was inside. In any case, when they arrived, the gun-puller remained on the scene and cooperated with authorities. He was NOT arrested or cited.

Here's the kicker ... cops tell us they're still looking for the alleged bucket bandit, whose act appears not to have been captured on tape. Brave new world, ain't it?

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