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Amanda Bynes Rihanna-Bashing Tweets Were Fake!

5/27/2013 1:13 PM PDT
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Amanda Bynes is now claiming the tweets bashing Rihanna (pardon the pun) did not come from her and were actually mocked up by someone else ... then she went on to say some other crazy stuff.

Bynes went on another rambling Twitter run this afternoon, in which she says, "I saw a bunch of mocked up tweets about me bashing Rihanna in my mentions. I'm followed by so many people that someone is always mocking up fake tweets so I feel the need to address them!"

From there she goes on to say ... well, your guess is as good as ours:

"That's one of the mocked up images, they took photos of me from outside and morphed them onto someone else's body. I am allergic to marijuana and alcohol but I smoke tobacco. Why does Rihanna smoke weed and not get in trouble for it but I smoke tobacco and people think I'm on drugs? I refuse to be treated like someone I'm not, which is why I fought for myself and am suing everyone involved. I don't need to go to rehab. There is never a drug or alcohol in my system! I'm sick of all the lies! What would you do if someone accused you of things you didn't do and yet you still had to be in jail at all over it! I'm so offended but I am so educated that I know cops cannot illegally enter my apartment, sexually harass me, arrest me, take me to a MENTAL HOSPITAL, then lock me up for a crime I didn't commit. I'm suing them all for this upsetting nightmare. My lawyer knows I'm a model citizen who doesn't partake in drugs. He's going to court this week to set the record straight again on my behalf. Thankfully I'm an educated multi-millionaire who knows better than to speak to perverted unjust cops without my lawyer."

Amanda Bynes I'm Suing EVERYBODY

5/27/2013 9:14 AM PDT
Amanda Bynes says she is planning to unleash a hailstorm of lawsuits against the NYPD and her apartment complex ... all over her arrest earlier last week ... or as she puts it, her "mistaken arrest."

Bynes just went on another glorious Twitter rampage, saying she plans to file a lawsuit against the NYPD for:

-- "Illegally entering my apartment"
-- "Lying about drugs on me"
-- "Lying about me tampering with non existent drug paraphernalia"
-- "Being put into a mental hospital against my will"
-- "Then locked up overnight for coming home after a facial and working out with my trainer like the good girl that I am."

Bynes also claims she's allergic to drugs and alcohol and is "proud to not be a drug or alcohol user."

She concluded by saying, "I'm free forever! You can't lock up an innocent person! Thanks for caring! Look forward to seeing me in music videos! I'm getting in shape and getting a nose job! I'm looking forward to a long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper!"

Amanda Bynes to Rihanna 'Chris Brown Beat You Because You're Not Pretty Enough'

5/26/2013 3:56 PM PDT

Amanda Bynes
just inexplicably railed on Rihanna on Twitter, saying Chris Brown beat her because she's ugly ... but RiRi got the last word and it was AWESOME.

Bynes tweeted -- and quickly deleted -- "@rihanna Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough."

She followed that up with another insult -- about wanting to name her dog Rihanna. It's unclear what set her off.

RiRi clearly got wind of the deleted tweets, because she just posted the BEST COMEBACK EVER:

Don't mess with RiRi.

UPDATE 11:03 AM PT -- Amanda has already responded (and already deleted):

"@rihanna unlike ur fugly faced self I don't do drugs! U need the intervention dog! I met ur ugly face in person! U aren't pretty u know it!"

Rihanna vs. Amanda Bynes Who'd You Rather?

5/26/2013 12:40 PM PDT
Before she called her ugly on Twitter, Amanda Bynes posed with Rihanna at the CFDA Awards in New York City ... way back on June 5, 2006. 

The question is ...

Amanda Bynes Claims Arresting Officer Sexually Harassed Her 'He Slapped My Vagina'

5/25/2013 1:20 PM PDT
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Amanda Bynes is now accusing the cop who arrested her Thursday night of sexual harassment ... saying on Twitter today, "He slapped my vagina."

Bynes just posted a long, rambling tweet trying to explain her version of the events that led to her arrest.

First off, she claims she only opened the window "for fresh air" and the cop was lying when he said she threw a bong out the window. She then explains, "He slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment. Big deal. I then called the cops on him."

Bynes' attorney did mention yesterday that Bynes was seeking to file a complaint against the NYPD for "inappropriate actions" by the department, but made no specific claims.

Back to the tweet ... Bynes claims she resisted before eventually being hauled off: "Then I was sent to a mental hospital. Offensive. I kept asking for my lawyer but they wouldn't let me."

She concludes, "The cop sexually harassed me, they found no pot on me or bong outside my window. That's why the judge let me go. Don't believe any reports."

Here's her tweet in its entirety, for your reading pleasure: 

Don't believe the reports about me being arrested. It's all lies. I was sexually harassed by one of the cops the night before last which is who then arrested me. He lied and said I threw a bong out the window when I opened the window for fresh air. Hilarious. He slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment. Big deal. I then called the cops on him. He handcuffed me, which I resisted, quite unlike any of the reports stated. Then I was sent to a mental hospital. Offensive. I kept asking for my lawyer but they wouldn't let me. The cops were creepy. The cop sexually harassed me, they found no pot on me or bong outside my window. That's why the judge let me go. Don't believe any reports.

Amanda Bynes Begs Drake to 'MURDER' Her Lady Parts

3/22/2013 6:30 AM PDT
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If you've ever wondered what an Amanda Bynes mating call sounds like ... wonder no more -- because she is begging Drake to slay her genitals ... to put it delicately.

What Amanda said in a tweet last night was ... "I want Drake to murder my vagina."

Let that soak in.

Amanda has been exhibiting strange behavior since last year when she was charged in a couple of hit-and-run accidents, had her driver's license suspended, and fled Hollywood for NYC.

Drake has yet to respond to Amanda's offer, but he's not the violent type.

Unless you're Chris Brown.

Amanda Bynes Is Looking a Little ...

3/10/2013 3:20 PM PDT
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