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Ronnie from 'Jersey Shore' Video Shows Explosive Fight with Baby Mama

4/30/2018 11:47 AM PDT

Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" allegedly got into a physical confrontation with his baby mama ... and it was caught on video.

Ronnie's baby mama, Jen Harley, took to Instagram Live on Monday and posted this video showing Ronnie in a heated argument with Jen in the upstairs part of someone's house. A second woman is seen downstairs trying to get Ron to chill out before all hell breaks loose.

The video shows Ron and Jen, who is holding the phone, getting into a scuffle ... with Ron telling her to get off of him. The video cuts out for a few seconds as a struggle ensues. The fight stems from a series of Instagram story posts by Ron over the weekend ... blasting Jen of being a "natural born HOE." Our friends at TooFab meticulously broke it all down.

Seems like the social media war reached a tipping point after Jen's video went live -- Ronnie and Jen reportedly broke up following the physical confrontation.

Pauly D to Khloe: Give Tristan a 2nd Chance!

4/11/2018 6:08 AM PDT

Pauly D is calling for MERCY for Tristan Thompson ... saying Khloe Kardashian should give the dude a second chance after getting caught cheating on her during her pregnancy. 

"OHHHHH," Pauly told us while outside 1 OAK in Hollywood ... "He got caught up there!" 

He certainly did ... footage of Tristan motorboating, kissing and messin' around with other women (not named Khloe) surfaced this week as Khloe is getting ready to give birth to their kid. 

Still, Pauly says he hopes Tristan gets another shot to be the faithful baby daddy Khloe wants. 

Yeah, don't hold your breath ... 

JWoww on 'Jersey Shore' Reunion Sammi's Sex Doll Was Fun But, She Should've Come Back!!!

4/5/2018 1:44 PM PDT

JWoww says Sammi Sweetheart's sex doll stand-in offered some good times for the 'Jersey Shore' cast ... but it sounds like she misses the real McCoy.

We spoke to Jenni 'JWoww' Farley Thursday ahead of the premiere of their reunion season on MTV, and she tells us Sammi REALLY should have joined her fellow guidos and guidettes for their comeback ... rather than be recast with plastic. 

We broke the story ... 'Jersey Shore' producers replaced Sammi with a sex doll version of herself, which J says was done all in good fun ... maybe too much fun, actually. Sounds like that doll's been through some things. We'll let her explain.

Either way, JWoww says Sammi missed a huge opportunity to cash in on her "Jersey Shore" fame, even if she's in a "different place" now ... post Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, whom she dated during the OG run.

J seems to think folks should finish what they started, and that goes for Sammi, too -- who, btw, was apparently made aware of the sex doll gimmick. Maybe she'll reconsider for Season 2 ... which JWoww says is greenlit.


'Jersey Shore' Reunion Sammi Sweetheart Returns ... As Sex Doll

4/5/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola won't be on the "Jersey Shore" reunion, at least not in the flesh, but the crew won't be a woman down since she's being replaced by a sex doll.

Doug Weldon is the owner of and tells TMZ that someone from production approached him in early January about making a replica of Sammi for the reunion since she wouldn't be returning. 

Sammi, who dated Ronnie Ortiz-Magro during the original six-season run of the show, said she opted out because she's in a different place in her life than she was during the first run of the show. 

Enter Doug, who says he was told the doll would be a huge part of the show, but making a carbon copy of Sammi's face was a no-go since it would've taken 6 weeks, and there wasn't enough time before filming started.

Production bought a standard 5' 5'' doll from the website that Doug reduced to C cups. He also provided them with two female heads and made them look like Sammi ... using the right shade of makeup along with 4 wigs, so production could match her hairstyle. Total cost ... $1,840.

Doug says he shipped the goods to Miami in a box that the crew can be seen opening in the trailer. We're told it makes its official debut in the first episode. 

Snooki's reaction is priceless ...

TMZ's Super Sneaky Easter Egg Hunt!

3/31/2018 12:01 AM PDT

Don't let this egg-stravagent photo of Jenny McCarthy and the cast of "Jersey Shore" scramble you up ... look on the sunny side of this image and you may just find a few Easter egg surprises. 

**HINT -- There are THREE Easter eggs in the above photographs!**

Mike 'The Situation' My Lawyer Wants to Delay Sentencing ... Tax Season Is Taxing!

3/30/2018 3:58 PM PDT

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino got burned for not paying taxes, but now it might be tax season that buys him more time as a free man. 

Mike's facing up to 5 years in prison for tax evasion charges after pleading guilty in January. Sentencing's set for April 25, but his lawyer, Henry Klingeman, is asking the judge to push that back because Mike's accountant is buried in tax returns through the middle of the month. 'Tis the season.

As part of Mike's plea deal, he had to resubmit his 2010 to 2012 returns, and his accountant has to review 1,500 pages of financial info to finish them up.

It's not all on the accountant ... Klingeman says he's on another case that will run through Memorial Day, so he'd also appreciate delaying sentencing until June.

Mike 'The Situation' Exotic Car Flexin' After Tax Evasion Case

2/6/2018 9:39 AM PST

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's in a dancing mood checking out luxury whips ... probably because he doesn't have to stress about dropping cash on one of them.

The Sitch was with his 'Jersey Shore' pals Ronnie, Vinny and Pauly D Monday in Miami filming for their reunion show, and visited an exotic car dealership to take a couple badass rides for a spin.

Ronnie took the wheel of a Lambo, with Mike riding shotgun -- while Pauly D and Vin hopped in a Bentley.

The sad situation is ... Sitch ain't getting any closer than a test drive. As we reported, he recently pled guilty to tax evasion, and owes a big check to the IRS. He's also looking at up to 5 years in prison and a hefty fine.

Window shopping ain't a crime though.

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino It's Red Bull Time No Booze on 1st Night Out

1/24/2018 6:49 AM PST

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino went booze-less during the "Jersey Shore" cast's first official night out.

Paps got Mike out Tuesday night with the rest of his GTL crew at a South Beach club, and he was clutching a Red Bull can the entire time.

Meanwhile, Pauly D and co. definitely partied it up and had bottle service at their table -- but the Sitch went dry throughout the night.

In case you're wondering, Mike's no-booze policy doesn't appear to be tied to his tax evasion case -- in which he just pled guilty last week, and is set to be sentenced later this spring.

On the contrary, Mike's said he's been "100 percent" sober since 2015 after battling a Rx drug addiction.

Looks like he's still on the wagon.

'Jersey Shore' Reunites in Miami

1/19/2018 4:30 PM PST

The cast of "Jersey Shore" has finally reunited in Miami ... and the drinks are already flowin'.

We got pics of Ronnie, Pauly D, Snooki, JWoww and Deena toasting to what's sure to be a fun next few days. Missing are Vinny, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino -- who was in court in New Jersey Friday -- and Sammi Sweetheart who took a pass on the reunion to avoid a run-in with ex Ronnie. 

While it's still unclear just how crazy the upcoming reunion special will get, one thing's for sure ... there's gonna be plenty of GTL.  

'The Situation' Prosecutors Urge Judge Go Easy on da Guy!

1/19/2018 1:40 PM PST
Exclusive Details

More good news for Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino -- prosecutors in his tax evasion case are pushing for the judge to give him a lighter sentence.

As we reported ... Mike entered a guilty plea as expected Friday, and the judge okay'd him to travel to Florida to shoot a "Jersey Shore" reunion.

Still, the Sitch's looking at up to 5 years in prison. According to new docs, prosecutors believe he played a minor role in the tax evasion, and point out he's accepted responsibility for his actions. They're making a case for leniency when the judge issues his sentence in April. 

On the money front, the docs say Mike has to fork out $123,913 in restitution to the IRS. The judge could also tack on a hefty fine at sentencing. 

Mike 'The Situation' Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud ... 'Jersey Shore' Trip OK'd

1/19/2018 8:50 AM PST
Breaking News

10:10 AM PT -- Situation's attorneys, Henry E. Klingeman and Kristen M. Santillo, released a statement making a push for leniency in sentencing, saying, "The plea terms call for a balance between punishing the wrong committed and conditions that facilitate Mike living a productive, law-abiding life moving forward. Following through on this plea agreement, Michael intends to pay restitution before sentencing."  

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino just entered a guilty plea in his tax evasion case ... but his situation Friday morning in court ain't ALL bad news.

The "Jersey Shore" star walked into the Newark court with his girlfriend, Lauren Pesce, and entered his guilty plea as expected. During the hearing, the judge approved Sitch to travel to Florida to shoot a "Jersey Shore" reunion.

Situation, however, faces up to 5 years in prison and up to a $250k fine. He'll be sentenced April 25. He initially entered a not guilty plea and faced up to 15 years in prison. But as we reported ... the U.S. Attorney's Office filed docs informing the judge it had struck plea agreements with Mike and his brother.

We broke the story ... Mike allegedly failed to pay his full tax bill on nearly $9 million in earnings made between 2010 and 2012.

Mike 'The Situation' Agrees to Plead Guilty in Tax Evasion Case

1/17/2018 8:43 AM PST
Breaking News

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is coming clean with Uncle Sam -- he's agreed to plead guilty in his tax evasion case in New Jersey.

The Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney's Office in New Jersey filed docs, obtained by TMZ, informing the judge about the "Jersey Shore" star's plea. It's unclear which charges Mike pled guilty to, and if he struck a deal ... though all signs point to a plea deal.

Mike's brother, Marc, also faced criminal charges and also agreed to plead guilty.

We broke the story ... Mike allegedly failed to pay his full tax bill on $8.9 million in earnings made between 2010 and 2012. Prosecutors had said he intentionally filed fraudulent returns to make it look like he was all good with the IRS.

JWoww Buy My NJ Crib ... You Can GTL, While I Bank Nearly $1 Mil

12/12/2017 11:25 AM PST
Exclusive Details

JWoww's massive 7,000 square foot New Jersey home isn't right on the Jersey shore but it's close and, HUGE BONUS ... the buyer won't have to go far for all their GTL needs.

JWoww just listed her 6 bedroom, 5 bath home in Toms River for $1.59 million. And while it's got a big kitchen with 2 islands, lagoon pool and slide, the pad is a true "Jersey Shore" fan's dream because there's a gym, tanning bed and laundry room inside the pad. 

JWoww bought the home in 2011 for only $685k, so she's looking to make off with $905k. No word where she's moving to or if the tanning bed is actually included in the sale. Might be hard for her to part with it.

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