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'Jersey Shore' Vinny Guadagnino Calling All Haters ... Come Buy My 'Washed Up' Lambo

10/5/2015 1:49 PM PDT

"Jersey Shore" alum Vinny Guadagnino doesn't care if people think he's a washed-up reality star desperate for cash ... he's unloading his white 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo on eBay.

Vinny posted a pic of the whip with the message, "Attention rich people! I'm selling my car ... I know I know what you haters want to comment, 'reality star, washed up, broke, need money, etc..' Feel free to!"

It's unclear if he's really strapped for cash or just cleverly wording his post to generate buzz ... like a good used car salesman would.

Starting bid is $169k and so far ... no takers, but there's still a week to go. If Vinny's pitch doesn't net a buyer, perhaps the mileage will -- he's only logged 1,190 miles!

DJ Pauly D Puts Up Half A Mil For D. Bilz Lambo

3/17/2015 11:01 AM PDT

DJ Pauly D just dropped nearly half a million bucks on a ride to Vegas ... he snagged Dan Bilzerian's sick Lambo and hit the high desert.

Things are going EXTREMELY well for Pauly … our car sources say he helped Instagram's Most Interesting Man lighten his crazy load of exotic cars by nabbing the Lambo DB posted on Ebay, for only $450k, then blazed his way to Sin City. 

Bilzerian was asking $500k for the 2013 Aventador Roadster ... and nobody bit, but Pauly took it for a spin Monday, Dan dropped his price, and they sealed the deal.

Pauly -- who's doing a residency at the Vegas Hard Rock -- tells TMZ ... the car's a monster and he's always wanted it ... he even bought his daughter one -- think PowerWheels.

Only thing it needs is a fresh coat of bronzer.

The Situation I Can't Tan Anymore 'Cause I Just Lost My Salon

2/16/2015 12:30 AM PST

3:25 PM PT -- A rep for Mike tells TMZ ... "He currently holds no interest in the salon and had nothing to do with the unpaid bills."

The Situation's gonna turn fifty shades of white, because we've learned he's losing his tanning salon for good.

We're told Sitch fell behind on his rent for his Jersey skin bakery. His landlord went to court and they struck a deal where Mike would pay around $32K to the landlord ... the first $5,500 installment was due on January 15.

The date came and went, and the Sitch couldn't fork up the cash, so now there's a notice on the salon from the marshal ordering that all the stuff inside be moved STAT, because in 3 days the landlord's coming in, like it or not.

As you know, Mike is facing criminal tax fraud charges.

So now it's just gym and laundry.

The Situation I'm So Broke I'm Selling My Car Tires

12/3/2014 10:41 AM PST
Breaking News
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino -- who was once rolling in cash -- is now so desperate for money he's literally selling the tires off his car.

Sitch is auctioning off the custom wheels on his Ferrari on eBay. There's a good reason he needs the money ... he owes millions in taxes and is being criminally prosecuted for tax fraud.

Under the category "every little bit counts," there have been 67 bids at the time of this post and the frontrunner is willing to shell out $4,050.

He wants more than that before he parts with the rubber, but unclear how much.

It has not been a very Goodyear.

Snooki's Hubby I Spent My Honeymoon in DUI Court

12/2/2014 9:38 AM PST

If Snooki and new hubby Jionni LaValle left their wedding reception in a car with tin cans attached, it's a safe bet he didn't drive ... because we found he was on the heels of a drunk driving arrest.

Jionni spent the first weekday as a married man in court, where he copped a plea in his criminal case. He was arrested August 7 on Interstate 80 in Totowa, NJ at 3:30 AM after cops noticed him driving erratically.

Jionni pled guilty to DUI on Monday and had 2 other charges -- unsafe lane change and careless driving -- dismissed. His license was revoked for 3 months and he has to attend a drug and alcohol education class.

Snooki can relate ... she was arrested in 2010 for public drunkenness on the Jersey Shore.


Snooki Prenup with Jionni?? FUGGEDABOUTIT!

12/1/2014 12:45 AM PST

 laid down a huge bet when she tied the knot WITHOUT a prenup -- essentially leaving her sizable earnings in the hands of a judge ... IF things don't work out. 

Of course, Snooks married baby daddy Jionni LaValle in New Jersey this weekend, and sources close to the couple tell us they did NOT sign a prenuptial agreement because Snooki didn't want one. We're told Nicole was advised it would be safer to put something in writing ... but the "Jersey Shore" star was adamant about her decision.

Here's the thing ... Snooki's worth several million -- based on reality show cash, and her popular lines of apparel and tanning products. Jionni's got a bunch of gigs (ATM owner, wrestling coach, T-shirt line) ... but we're told she's still the bread winner.

In NJ, if you don't have a prenup ... you're gambling on a divorce court judge -- who will decide a "fair" though not necessarily equal split of assets. So, it could work in her benefit or not.

Best advice, Snook -- don't get divorced ... on account of love and stuff ... but mostly because it could cost a fortune.

The Situation My Rent's Paid in Full ... But I'm Movin' Out

11/10/2014 2:30 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's gonna need a new place to GTL -- fast ... he's hightailing it out of his NJ house ... ending his war with the landlord.

As we first reported ... Sorrentino's landlord, Pat Giganti, took Sitch to court ... to try and force him out of a $700K rental home in Manchester, NJ. Giganti claims Situation is a lousy tenant who's trashed 2 different homes.

Both sides were in court Monday, but the case was dismissed because Sitch was up to date on his rent. Rather than continuing to fight Giganti though ... Situation's decided to get the hell outta Dodge. We're told he'll be moving out within 2 days, and moving trucks are already at the house.

As for any alleged damages -- Giganti tells us he will have to file separate lawsuits to collect any $$$.
Situation is also threatening a lawsuit ... if Giganti doesn't give him back his security deposit.

The Situation Landlord Says WORST TENANT EVER

11/9/2014 12:35 AM PST

The Situation
has both the civil and criminal courts covered in New Jersey ... because his landlord will ask a judge on Monday to boot Sitch from his home.

Pat Giganti is a tolerant if foolish man ... he rented to The Situation once before and got burned -- the "Jersey Shore" star trashed his $750,000 home 2 years ago.

But Giganti -- clearly a glutton for punishment -- rented Sitch another home worth around $700K in Manchester, NJ ... and apparently history has repeated itself.

The landlord claims there are bottles at the bottom of the pool, rips in the pool liner, holes in the wall and a ton of other problems that go with big, drunken parties.

And there's this ... the landlord says Sitch is a deadbeat who's behind on rent.

In the greater scheme of things it's small potatoes ... the reality star faces hard time if he's convicted of tax fraud.

Fame ... sometimes it really is a bitch.

The Situation Tells The Judge: My Anger's All Gone

10/27/2014 12:26 PM PDT
Breaking News

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's anger problems are under control ... so says a judge who just cut him a big break in his criminal case for physically attacking his brother.
Sorrentino showed up in a New Jersey courtroom Monday with proof he completed a 12-week anger management program -- this for the tanning salon attack. In return, the judge allowed Sitch to cop a plea to a petty offense -- disorderly conduct. After paying a $506 fine, he walked out a free man.

Well, not exactly free. He's being prosecuted for tax fraud ... a felony.

The Situation Burned Employee Claims Tanning Salon Is a Broke Joke

10/4/2014 12:10 AM PDT

The Situation's tanning salon is on the verge of shutting down for good -- according to an ex-employee who says her paychecks have been bouncing so hard ... she has to sue just to get some scratch.

The accuser says every check she got from the Boca Tanning Club during her 3 months of employment bounced ... according to court docs obtained by TMZ. 

The woman tells us she reported Sitch to cops in Middletown, NJ every week ... and every week he would quickly cough up cash to cover the bad check. She says she quit in June, and of course ... the final paycheck also came up lame.

When she went to the bank ... she claims she was told the salon's account had been closed -- so she believes Sitch's days are numbered in the tanning biz. 

She says she still hasn't gotten her final check, and cops told her filing a lawsuit was the only way she'd see a single bronzed cent.

The Situation Sorry, Judge, Can't Go To Court I Got A Reality TV Show!

10/2/2014 11:15 AM PDT
Turns out the judge likes reality TV … because he granted The Sitch's request and pushed the arraignment back to the 23rd.
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is asking a judge to put his federal tax fraud case on ice so he can tend to important business ... his new reality show.

The Situation's lawyers begged a judge in a letter -- obtained by TMZ  -- to postpone his arraignment because it conflicts with his shooting schedule for "Marriage Boot Camp."

The Sitch was scheduled to be arraigned October 6 in NJ  federal court ... but his lawyers say Sorrentino and his fiancee had already signed a contract to do the TV show in L.A. from Oct. 5th to Oct. 19th.

We've learned ... the production company got nervous ... fearing Sorrentino would bail in the wake of his indictment ... which would force them to either re-cast or delay production. 

The judge has yet to rule.


The Situation Bounces Out Of Court ... Like A Bad Check

10/1/2014 3:00 PM PDT
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino scored a victory in court -- for a change -- getting his bouncy paycheck case dropped. 

We broke the story ... workers at his NJ tanning salon went to cops in June claiming their paychecks bounced. Sitch blamed it on a clerical error, but one woman pressed charges anyway.

Situation's lawyer tells us ... as soon as Mike found out he made good on the woman's check -- which was less than $250 -- and she went on her way.

As a formality, he had to show up in court on Monday ... and the judge officially dropped the charge and dismissed the case.

If only federal tax fraud indictments went away that easily.

The Situation Taxes, Schmaxes ... I Gotta See Snooki's Baby!

9/26/2014 3:00 PM PDT

The Situation is so confident he'll beat the federal tax fraud rap he's facing ... he'd rather talk about more important things -- like Snooki popping out another kid. 

Sitch was leaving a vitamin store in NJ Friday morning when a photog tried to grill him about the tax charges, but when he found out Snooki had delivered ... he was all about the baby.

Interesting that Situation didn't know already -- apparently he and his 'Jersey Shore' co-star don't stay in touch that much anymore.

His excuse for missing the news though was classic GTL.
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