DeAndre Hopkins Oprah Should Play My Mom In Movie ... She'd Be Perfect!!!


DeAndre Hopkins' mom is getting a movie made about her inspirational life ... and now, the Houston Texans superstar is giving TMZ Sports his perfect fit for her role -- Oprah!

If ya missed it ... Sabrina Greenlee is set to be the subject of a new Hollywood picture -- 'cause her story is amazing.

Back in 2002, she was ambushed by a woman who threw a dangerous mixture of drain cleaner and Clorox bleach at her face ... which blinded her immediately.

The attack nearly killed her -- and sent her into deep depression afterward -- but she battled back to be an awesome mother and an active community leader.

So, when we got her famous son, DeAndre, out in Bev Hills this past weekend ... we had to ask, who should play Momma in the flick??

DeAndre first threw out Issa Rae ... but then said Oprah would be a GREAT fit, telling us, "My mom's older, so Oprah would be dope."

Of course, the decision won't be up to the football star ... he tells us BRON Studios will be the ones making the call there.

But, DeAndre is stoked for the new movie and his mom regardless, telling us, "Man, it's awesome."

Arian Foster Security Cam Catches Amazing 'GoT' Reaction!!

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Okay. This is pretty amazing ... Arian Foster's home security cams were rolling while he was watching "Game of Thrones" on Sunday ... and his reaction to the ending is AMAZING!!!!

Second warning ... here comes a spoiler!!!

The ex-NFL star was watching the Battle of Winterfell on his couch with some friends -- when he jumped up for Bran's final showdown with the Night King.

Third and final warning ... big spoiler coming your way!!!!

So, when Arya came out of nowhere LIKE A BOSS to stab that bitch-ass, ice-faced demon, Foster went crazy!!!!

You gotta watch the video ... Foster lets a scream you can hear -- even though the video has no sound!!!

Arian's buddy starts to dance on the couch ... even the dog gets fired up!

But now, everyone's gotta chill ... Jon Snow, Daenerys, Tyrion, Sansa and the rest of the gang have another battle on their hands next week ...

Cersei is waiting!!!!!

RIP Lyanna Mormont.

Demaryius Thomas Crash Scene Photos ... Show Gnarly Wreckage

Demaryius Thomas is lucky to be alive today -- let alone healthy and ready to play in the NFL -- 'cause TMZ Sports has obtained pics of his car crash ... and the scene is gnarly.

Thomas was doing 70 MPH in a 30 MPH zone in Denver at around 12:20 AM on Feb. 16 when he lost control of his SUV and crashed it into a curb.


One witness tells us the car flipped several times before coming to a stop right-side-up ... dozens of yards from where it took off from.

Thomas and his two passengers somehow escaped from the crash okay -- which seems like a miracle when you see the damage that was done.

The pics show a mangled car ... the back is completely smashed in while the engine is in pieces, falling out of the front.

Thomas was hit with a felony charge of vehicular assault for the incident, but he reached a deal with prosecutors this week to avoid jail time.

The former Broncos star pled guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge of careless driving resulting in injury in exchange for having the felony charge dropped.

DT's punishment? One year probation and 50 hours of community service, plus fines and restitution.

Thomas is currently a free agent after being cut by the Houston Texans earlier this offseason.

Demaryius Thomas Flips Car in Denver Crash ... Suffers Minor Injuries

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Demaryius Thomas -- who was just cut days ago by the Houston Texans following his Achilles injury -- has been hospitalized with minor injuries after a single-car crash in which he was the driver.

According to the Denver PD ... the NFL wide receiver lost control of the vehicle in the downtown area a little after midnight, causing it to roll and come to a stop in the grassy median.

Cops say, 2 men, including Thomas, and a woman were found inside the vehicle and all 3 were transported to the hospital. Demaryius was ID'd as the driver.

Thomas and the other guy suffered minor injuries and are expected to be treated and released, but the woman's injuries are possibly more serious. They do not appear to be life-threatening, though.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Demaryius is a 5-time Pro Bowler who spent his entire career in Denver until he was traded to Houston in the middle of last season. The Texans released him earlier this week, so he's now a free agent.

Deshaun Watson Goes 'SICKO MODE' ... At Travis Scott Concert!!

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Deshaun Watson danced his face off and moshed with a sea of people Wednesday night ... and it's all 'cause of Travis Scott!!!

The Texans superstar hit up the Toyota Center in Houston for La Flame's latest Astroworld stop ... and the QB went OFF when "SICKO MODE" started to play.

Watson -- who ditched box seats to enjoy the show on the floor with his fellow ragers -- bounced up and down ... and went crazy to Scott's biggest hit!!!

Deshaun even wore a tie-dye Travis Scott shirt for the concert ... saying, "On another planet ..."

Of course, it is the offseason ... but Bill O'Brien had to be just a LITTLE BIT uneasy seeing his QB get banged around like that, right?!

DeAndre Hopkins Donating NFL Playoff Check To Help Murdered Girl's Family

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11:30 AM PT-- Hopkins just spoke with reporters about the decision to help Jazmine's family ... saying, "The city of Houston is always supportive of me, of this team, so I felt in my heart it's only right that I give back to those who are down."

"It's a tough situation for that to happen."

Houston Texans

Houston Texans superstar wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins says every penny from his NFL Wild Card round playoff paycheck will go to the family of a 7-year-old girl who was gunned down this weekend on a Texas highway.

Jazmine Barnes was killed around 7 AM on Sunday morning when a man in a red pickup truck pulled up next to the family car and opened fire for no apparent reason. The family was going on an early morning coffee run at the time of the incident.

Jazmine's mother, LaPorsha Washington, was also struck in the attack -- but she survived. Jazmine's 3 sisters were also in the car during the shooting and suffered cuts from shattered glass.

A manhunt is now underway in Texas -- the suspect has been described as a white man with a beard who appears to be in his 40s.

Officials say it doesn't appear the family did anything to provoke the driver.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said, "There was nothing to indicate that the family did anything wrong in any way ... They were simply just driving along the service road when this happened to them."

Clearly, the story has resonated with Hopkins -- who said, "When I see Jazmine Barnes' face, I see my own daughter."

"I'm pledging my playoff check this week to help her family with funeral costs and to support @shaunking @SherriffED_HCSO @SylvesterTurner in bringing this man to justice. On Saturday, I will be playing in your honor, Jazmine."

Social activist Shaun King has announced a $100,000 reward is being offered for info that leads to the arrest of the killer.

Hopkins and the Texans take on the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday.

NFL's Alex Smith Battling Infection After Gruesome Injury ... Career In Jeopardy

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Alex Smith's NFL career could be over ... 'cause the Washington Redskins QB is now fighting off a serious infection after suffering a gruesome broken leg last month.

The injury was gnarly ... Alex had his right leg snapped in half by Texans star J.J. Watt on Nov. 18 -- breaking both his fibula and tibia to the point where bone poked through the skin.

Now ... multiple reports say the QB is fighting off an infection that could put his football career in jeopardy.

According to Burgundy Blog ... Smith is still in the hospital and could face more serious surgeries to fight off the infection, including "partial reconstruction."

The Redskins released a statement Thursday morning asking for privacy for their superstar quarterback.

"On behalf of Alex Smith, we appreciate all of the concerns and prayers over the injury he incurred on November 18th against the Houston Texans."

"Although this is a serious injury, Alex and his family remain strong. We would ask that everyone please honor the Smith family's request for privacy at this time."

DeAndre Hopkins Bob McNair Tribute Was 'Very Special' ... Despite Rocky Past

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DeAndre Hopkins had nothing but love for late Houston Texans owner Bob McNair on Monday ... despite the fact the two clashed hard after McNair's infamous "inmates run the prison" comment.

Remember, while NFL owners held a meeting to find a way to stop the kneeling protests last year ... McNair was quoted as saying, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

Hopkins was reportedly VERY offended by McNair's comment and sat out a full practice in protest.

But, after torching the Tennessee Titans on "Monday Night Football", DeAndre couldn't have been more respectful when talking about McNair in the locker room.

In fact, when asked about the team's decision to give the game ball to Bob's son, Cal McNair, DeAndre explained ..."That was very special. Cal and their family deserve it with everything they've done for this city."

"Everything they've been through ... Bob was at practice. Bob was active, and Cal is the same way. So you got to love those guys."

In addition to giving Cal the game ball after the victory ... the Texans honored Bob with helmet decals and a pregame video tribute.

McNair was 81 years old.

Houston Texans Owner Bob McNair Dead at 81

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Houston Texans owner Bob McNair -- who made a fortune in energy plants and brought the NFL back to Houston after the Oilers bolted for Tennessee in 1997 -- has died.

McNair died peacefully in Houston Friday surrounded by his wife, Janice, and family by his side, the team announced. McNair had reportedly been battling skin cancer for several years now. McNair's son, Cal, is expected to continue to run the team.

McNair was awarded the 32nd NFL team in 1999 and paid a whopping $700 million for the expansion team that would ultimately become the Texans, which joined the league in 2002. He was the team's owner since the franchise's inception.

While McNair was one of the most powerful owners in the NFL, he was no stranger to controversy. McNair drew tons of backlash in October 2017 when he said, "you can't have the inmates running the prison" when it came to players kneeling in the NFL.

McNair apologized but his players still let him have it -- star WR DeAndre Hopkins skipped practice in the wake of the comments and tons of players took a knee during the anthem a couple days later.

Texans president Jamey Rootes released a statement saying McNair "was an amazing champion for Houston and worked hard to make sure our city received maximum value from the presence of the Texans and the NFL ... We will all miss him dearly."

McNair is survived by his wife, four children and 15 grandchildren. He was 81.

NFL's Andre Johnson Confronts Heckler Over Trash Talk In Bar


Talk about staying cool under pressure ... NFL legend Andre Johnson kept his composure and didn't beat a dude's ass in a Houston bar Sunday after the guy called him a "bitch" in front of everyone.

Here's the deal ... multiple witnesses tell us the Texans great walked into the Belle Station club in Houston to watch the games around 5:45 PM when a "fan" approached him and started hounding him for photographs.

We're told Andre had just walked in the club and told the guy he'd do it after he got settled in. Problem is, the "fan" wasn't in the mood to be patient and started talking trash to the WR in front of a crowd of people.

Andre confronted the guy -- and you can see in the video, obtained by TMZ Sports, he wasn't happy. At one point the guy called Andre a bitch and several people we spoke with thought Johnson was just gonna end it right there.

We spoke with Johnson's rep, Kennard McGuire who says security stepped in and Johnson walked away without ever laying a finger on the guy.

Props to him for that because, as everyone knows, AJ's a freak of an athlete and woulda probably wrecked the dude.

Terrell Owens Demaryius Trade Is HUGE For Texans ... Here's Why


Terrell Owens says the Houston Texans just got WAY better after trading for Demaryius Thomas ... telling TMZ Sports the whole city should be jacked up about the move!!!

We got T.O. out at LAX earlier this week and actually broke the trade news to the Hall of Famer ... who says the Texans getting D.T. from the Broncos for a 4th-round pick is HUGE.

"That's a big blockbuster trade right there," Owens tells says.

So, why is he so fired up about the deal for Houston??

"What that does is it really rejuvenates, it brings life to that locker room."

"It brings some excitement, obviously, to the city of Houston, and I'm sure Deshaun Watson is obviously excited to have someone of that caliber."

The wideout's first game with his new squad is Sunday against his old team ... and, if you're listening to T.O. -- might as well do what he used to say ... getcha popcorn ready!!!

Von Miller Crushed By Demaryius Trade ... 'I Love You Bro!'

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Von Miller says he's HURT by the Demaryius Thomas trade from the Broncos to the Texans ... saying in a lengthy goodbye letter, "I can’t believe this is real!"

Denver shipped D.T. and a 7th-round pick to Houston on Tuesday for 4th and 7th-round picks in return ... and Miller was so sad about it, he took to his social media page to vent.

"These last 8 years have been incredible," Von wrote ... "I love you bro. I’m hurt, no doubt. I can’t be too hurt because every chance I got to tell you I love you, did just that."

"From our time together off the field, to our time on it. You are a brother to me, and 'Blood couldn’t make us any closer' LOVE ETERNALLY!"

Of course ... Demaryius and Miller were back-to-back Broncos 1st-round picks in 2010 and 2011 -- and helped lead the team to a Super Bowl title in 2016 over the Panthers.

For their part ... the Broncos issued a goodbye to the wideout as well, saying, "Demaryius will always be a part of the Denver Broncos family."

The hugs and kisses will have to end pretty soon ... Thomas' first game as a Texan is Sunday against Denver. Stay tuned.

Arian Foster Beto O'Rourke's Deeper Than NFL Video ... I Would Know!


Ex-NFL star Arian Foster says Beto O'Rourke isn't some flash in the pan viral video star -- he's WAY more impressive than that NFL kneeling video shows ... and that's saying A LOT.

O'Rourke is running for senator in Texas against Ted Cruz -- and his popularity exploded last week after footage surfaced showing him explaining why he supports the NFL kneelers.

Foster -- who played for the Houston Texans and still lives there -- went out and met with O'Rourke last week because they had a mutual friend and he wanted to see what Beto was all about.

Important to note that Foster doesn't identify himself with ANY political party -- but says he's decided to throw his support behind Beto after hearing his policy ideas ... ideas that are specifically beneficial to the black community.

"He's for criminal justice reform. He's for accountability for police officers ... even deeper than that, some of the things he wants to do with education, he wants to fund inner city schools."

Foster noted, "He's extremely to the point. He answers your questions and it's substantive."

Arian also says he's 100% in agreement with Beto when it comes to his stance on the NFL kneelers -- agreeing that players trying to shine a spotlight on injustice are acting in a patriotic fashion.

As Beto said in his viral speech -- "I can think of nothing more American than to peacefully stand up, or take a knee, for your rights, anytime, anywhere, any place."

Tons of athletes besides Arian are also supporting Beto after seeing that video -- including LeBron James and Reggie Bush.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz has attacked Beto over the speech -- saying Beto's views are disrespectful to U.S. military personnel and are not in sync with the majority of Texans.

Arian acknowledges that is was risky for Beto to take such a strong stand on the anthem issue -- but says he respects O'Rourke even more for doing so.

"Really it's like a make or break for him honestly. Because this is a red state, Texas, and you have some people who love that, and some people who hate that."

The election is Nov. 6 -- and some reports say Beto is quickly closing the gap on Cruz.

DeAndre Hopkins Throws Punches ... In Niners-Texans Brawl

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DeAndre Hopkins had to dodge punches like they were Iggy Azalea dating rumors Wednesday ... 'cause 49ers cornerback Jimmie Ward tried to mess up his face during practice!!

It all went down in Houston -- where the Niners are in town for a joint workout with the Texans -- when Hopkins didn't like that Ward ripped off his helmet during a 1-on-1 rep.

The superstar wide receiver shoved the DB ... took a swing -- and then had to FIGHT FOR HIS LIFE as the whole 49ers squad swarmed.

D-Hop was eventually taken to the ground and a pig pile formed ... but when it all unfolded, everyone was alive and practice carried on.

We're sure Iggy's relieved ... maybe.

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Bikini Barbecue ... Part 2!!

Exclusive Details

Who's hungry?!!

It's that time of year again -- the Houston Texans cheer team just threw their annual bikini BBQ (awesome) ... and TMZ Sports has all of the amazing photos and video.

You're welcome.

Every year (starting last year), the cheer team gather for some bonding, barbecue and bikinis before the NFL season kicks off.

It's a better tradition than the Masters.

This year, the ladies kicked things off with a special group strawberry-eating session (awesome) -- followed by some bubble blowing, model poses and mimosas.

As for the main course, the ladies threw some turkey burgers on the grill -- and gave us a breakdown about why they axed red meat from the menu.

So, where were the Texans players during the party? Not invited -- this shindig was "cheerleaders only" and to prevent any unwanted party-crashers ... it all went down at a "secret location."

Thank god for cameras.

Tyrann Mathieu Unloading AZ Mansion ... After Cut By Cardinals

The Cardinals cut ties with Tyrann Mathieu ... so he's cutting ties with Arizona -- putting his million dollar desert mansion on the market for $1.4 mil ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Honey Badger bought the 5,700 square foot pad back in April 2017 -- when he was in the middle of a five-year, $62.5 million deal. But he got the chop from the Cards in March and signed with the Houston Texans ... so his loss can be your gain!

The place is dope -- 6 beds, 6.5 baths, big backyard with a pool and a hot tub ... and a MOVIE THEATER!!

It also has a misting system -- which is nice ... since Arizona is hot as hell right now!! (It's 109 degrees in Phoenix!!!!)

But ... Honey Badger don't care anymore -- so now you can own his lair (if you got the cash).