Tom Brady Heading to 10th Super Bowl ... No Belichick In Sight

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The G.O.A.T. of football has silenced critics who said he couldn't do it without Bill Belichick ... because Tom Brady's heading to another Super Bowl, now with a whole new team.

The star QB led his new squad, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to Super Bowl LV Sunday with a hard-fought win over Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game ... the first time they've been to the big show since 2002, and only the second time ever in their franchise history.

The Bucs ended up squeaking out a victory at 31-26, despite Brady throwing several interceptions in the second half ... giving Rodgers and co. multiple opportunities to gain the lead. That didn't happen though, and Tom was able to string together enough touchdown passes early on to give him and his teammates a big enough cushion to fend off AR.

Rodgers was 10 yards and a 2-point conversion away from tying it late in the 4th quarter, but he and his head coach made a pair of head-scratching decisions that ended up costing them the game. First, on 3rd and goal ... Rodgers broke out of the pocket during a scramble and ended up throwing the ball away, when he had a fairly clear path to the goal line.

Then, on 4th down ... Packers head coach Matt LaFleur opted for a 3-point field goal instead of just going for it and trying to get a touchdown, as it was the last realistic opportunity before the game was sealed. The screw-ups played in favor of Brady ... who held on long enough.

It's his first season with the Bucs ... and already, he's taking them to greatness. This will mark his 10th Super Bowl appearance -- alongside none other than Rob Gronkowski, another Patriots castoff -- and he did it without the assistance of his former head coach and partner in gridiron crime, Belichick.

There's long been a debate over whether Brady's success and greatness was exclusively tied to Belichick's play-calling, or if it was the other way around ... and if TB12 was the one carrying Bill all along. We're sure that's still debatable, but one thing's clear ... Tom doesn't need Bill to get to a Super Bowl, not after this.

The Buccaneers will face off against either the Buffalo Bills or the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 7. Right now, the Bills are ahead -- but there's still a lot of game to play. In any case, congrats to the greatest quarterback to ever do it. Quite an achievement, we must say!

Antonio Brown Ordered To Pay Rape Accuser $100K ... NFL Star Fighting Ruling


More legal drama for Antonio Brown ... the Buccaneers star has been ordered to pay his rape accuser $100,000 after he allegedly violated a confidentiality agreement.

But, AB has already responded to the decision in new legal docs ... calling it all BS and asking for the ruling to be thrown out.

Here's the deal ... Brown was sued by Britney Taylor back in 2019 after she alleged he sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions, including a violent rape in 2018.

After the lawsuit was filed, court docs showed Brown and Taylor had entered into a confidentiality agreement -- hoping it would help both sides in the process of settlement talks.

But, in new legal docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Taylor alleges Brown violated the agreement multiple times over the past year and half -- and she asked an independent arbitrator to award her some serious cash over it all.

In the docs, an arbitrator found Brown DID violate the agreement one time ... saying when the 32-year-old posted a screenshot of a direct message from a person talking to him about the case in 2019, it breached the agreement.

The arbitrator ordered Brown to pay Taylor $100K for the violation.

But, in the docs, Brown says he should NOT have to pay it ... claiming the arbitrator ignored the law in issuing the award. The docs show he's now asking for the ruling to be vacated.

As for the bigger picture of the rape case ... court records show the dispute between the two parties is still very much ongoing.

Antonio Brown Out For NFC Championship Game ... Bucs Announce

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If Tom Brady is going to beat Aaron Rodgers, he's gonna have to do it without Antonio Brown.

The Tampa Bay Bucs confirmed the superstar WR is OUT for Sunday's NFC Championship game against the Packers in Green Bay.

The 32-year-old has been nursing a knee injury he suffered in the 1st half of last week's playoff game against the New Orleans Saints.

AB barely played in the 2nd half of that game -- and sat out of practice on Thursday. In other words, it was a long shot he was going to play anyway.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Now, Tom will have to rely on his other weapons -- which include Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, Scotty Miller, Leonard Fournette, Ronald Jones and more.

Yeah, TB12 has a ton of weapons -- but worth noting Brown was Tom's top target in the final 5 games of the regular season.

Green Bay was a 3.5 favorite before the Antonio Brown news. This will likely only widen the spread.

Julian Edelman Admits It's 'Weird' Watching TB12 on Bucs ... 'It Is What It Is'

Pardon My Take

They played 11 seasons together -- so what's it like for Julian Edelman to watch his former Patriots QB Tom Brady ballin' out for the Tampa Bay Bucs??

"It's obviously, definitely weird."

The MVP of Super Bowl LIII opened up about his current relationship with TB12 on Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take" podcast ... comparing it to a marriage.

"It’s kind of like a relationship, or a marriage, where you grew apart but you still love each other," Edelman says.

"You still may have a couple kids [read: championships]. We have 3 kids. So there’s still communication of what you guys are going through and how you’re doing but you both got your own lives that you have to keep on going towards and that's kind of how it's like."

Edelman says he still roots for Tom and his other former Patriots teammate Rob Gronkowski -- "I wanna see those guys do well. It's awesome seeing Gronk and Tommy doing well and playing and making big plays ... it's obviously, definitely weird, but it is what it is."

Edelman was also asked when he thinks 43-year-old Tom will hang up his cleats for good -- and spoiler alert, don't hold your breath.

"I don't know what his plan is, but knowing him -- it's all in [when] that little fire turns off in his little chest and I don’t think that things gonna be turning off here soon."

Edelman began his career with Tom Brady when he was selected by the Patriots in the 7th round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

The big question -- will they reunite in Canton one day??

Stephanie McMahon WWE Plans To Have Fans In Attendance At WrestleMania 37 In April


WWE hasn't had a live audience since March ... but that's about to change, 'cause Stephanie McMahon tells TMZ Sports WWE plans to have fans in attendance at WrestleMania 37!!

McMahon joined the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs nightly on FS1) ... where she announced WWE's gunning to have an audience at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa at WM on April 10 and 11.

“I’m thrilled and excited because, hopefully, this will be the first opportunity for us to have our fans back in attendance," McMahon says.

"That’s the current plan. Of course, ticket information is not available yet cause we’re still trying to figure out all the machinations.”

McMahon tells us WWE is keeping an eye on the Super Bowl (Feb. 7, also at RJS in Tampa) ... for tips on how to make sure the massive event goes off without a hitch.

"We're going to learn a lot from [the NFL] logistically, etc., and really best practices, what works, what doesn't work. But man, we can't wait to come in and for 2 nights, really rock that pirate ship."

FYI, it's been 316 days (March 9th's Monday Night Raw) since the wrestling organization had live fans in the building.

Still, plans can change ... and McMahon stressed WWE's top priority is the health of everyone involved.

"Working with the local organizing committee, all of the health officials, health and safety is first and foremost, of course," Stephanie says.

"For our fans, for our performers, for the employees, for the staff working the building, there's a lot of different logistics that need to determined, but hopefully, it'll all work out, and this will be the first WWE event where we actually bring the WWE Universe back together in person, and I cannot wait."

As far as the exact number of fans they plan to admit ... Stephanie says WWE has a plan, but isn't ready to reveal the figure at this time.

For comparison's sake, WWE had around 100K fans at WM 33 at AT&T Stadium in 2016 (WWE's going back to Texas for WM 38).

Obviously, the number will be way smaller this April. But, bottom line ... humans will be there!

There's more ... we also talked to Stephanie about Rob Gronkowski AND Tom Brady.

Gronk is the former 24/7 Champ -- and host of last year's Mania -- so we asked McMahon if a cameo from Rob and his G.O.A.T. QB teammate was in the cards.

The full interview with Stephanie McMahon airs tonight on FS1!!

NFL's Chase Young Cops Huge Team Logo Chain ... Worth $85k!!!


The Washington Football Team may have come up short against the Buccaneers, but superstar Chase Young still got a "W" ... courtesy of his brand new diamond chain!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 2020 #2 overall pick loves his new NFL home so much, he decided to pay tribute with his newest piece of jewelry.

We're told Young hit up Gabriel The Jeweler -- go-to guy for huge names like Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown and more -- for the job ... and the finished product is a one-of-a-kind replica of the WFT's "W" logo in diamond form!!

Gabriel tells us the piece is made of 30 carats of emerald-shaped VVS diamonds ... and another 9 carats of round VVS diamonds.

No word on how much dough the rookie dropped on the piece, but we're told it's valued at $85k.

FWIW -- Young's rookie deal is worth $35 million ... so yeah, the dude can definitely treat himself.

Not a bad way to cap off a stellar first season, rook!!


Tom Brady I'm On License Plates Now ... In Florida!!!

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Tom Brady license plates are about to be a real thing in Florida -- and it's all for a great cause!!!

Florida officials have confirmed ... a license plate featuring Tom's image will go into production in the next few days/weeks as soon as 3,000 people commit to driving with it on their rides.

So, why??

State officials say it's part of an awesome idea by Tom's favorite charity organization, Best Buddies -- a nonprofit that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Best Buddies reps say purchases of the specialty plate will lead to cash for the org ... explaining out of the $35 that it costs drivers to buy the plate ... $25 will go straight to the foundation.

And, because Tom has had such lengthy ties to the cause ... they say it's all the perfect win-win-win for all parties now that he's Tampa Bay's starting QB!

"With his recent move to Florida, we are incredibly excited to team up with long-time Global Ambassador Tom Brady for the new Best Buddies specialty license plate," the founder and CEO of Best Buddies International, Anthony K. Shriver, said.

"Since 2003, Tom has proven himself to be a committed advocate for individuals with disabilities, and we’re grateful that his commitment to our mission-driven initiatives will continue to create friendships, jobs, leadership development training, and inclusive living opportunities for people with special abilities here in the sunshine state."

Who woulda thunk Tom Brady would get a special license plate in FLORIDA before FL legends like Dan Marino, Tim Tebow or Deion Sanders!?!

Tom Brady GOAT BUYS A BOAT Drops Millions On Slick Vessel


Tom Brady dominates on land, air ... and now by sea -- 'cause the QB just bought a multi-million dollar boat and we've got the pics!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the Tampa Bay Bucs star ordered up a custom 40-plus-foot, state-of-the-art watercraft to enjoy during his time in Florida.

The boat was delivered on Thursday at his local marina in St. Petersburg -- and Tom was as excited as a kid on Christmas!

You can see how happy he looks in the photo -- smiling from ear to ear as the ship was handed over.

It's a beautiful blue boat named "Viva a Vida" -- which happens to be the name of Gisele's environmental conservation initiative.

The Brazilian supermodel recently announced a program to help plant over 200,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest -- something she's been very passionate about for a while.

As for the price of Tom's boat, we're told it usually costs around a couple million dollars -- but no word on exactly how much Tom paid.

He can definitely afford it though -- Tom is in the middle of a 2-year, $50 million deal with the Bucs and he's made more than $200 million in his NFL contracts alone.

And, that's not even including the Ugg money!

You know who else has a boat? Bill Belichick ... but Tom's looks way cooler!

Antonio Brown Praised By Bucs Coach ... 'He's Been A Model Citizen' So Far

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The latest camera-smashing allegations involving Antonio Brown do NOT have the Bucs concerned ... head coach Bruce Arians says he knew of the incident and insists AB's behaved since his signing.

"He's been a model citizen," Arians said.

Don't get it twisted, though ... BA says if that changes -- he'll have no issues sending Brown packing, adding, "If and when he's not [a model citizen], we'll move on."

Brown, just days before his Bucs signing, was accused of throwing a temper tantrum at a guard at the security gate of the fancy Hollywood Oaks private community in the Miami area back on Oct. 15.

In the police report, cops say witnesses told them Brown flipped out when a guard made him come down to let a guest in ... getting so mad, he smashed a security camera.

Cops in the police report also say witnesses told them Brown called the guard a "racist b*tch" and even threw his bicycle at the arm of the guard gate.

AB was NOT arrested over the incident ... cops say in the police report the president of the homeowners association did not want to press charges, allegedly saying she feared Brown "may retaliate against her employees."

The HOA prez has since downplayed the incident, telling the Miami Herald that Brown appeared to simply have "just kind of an emotional reaction."

Arians was asked Wednesday night if he believed the whole thing signals more problems could be on the way soon ... and the coach said he did not feel that way currently.

"I don't really think we're going to have any problems," Arians said. "We haven't had any so far and I really would not anticipate any."

Brown, who inked a 1-year deal with Tampa on Oct. 27, has 10 receptions for 100 yards in his 2 games since he joined the team.

Tom Brady Lost Dock, 2 Jet Skis ... In Tropical Storm Eta

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is new to Florida ... so how'd the G.O.A.T. handle his first huge storm?! Here's a hint ... he didn't secure his jet skis, and they floated hundreds of yards away.

Brady met with the media Thursday afternoon ... and he was asked how he dealt with Tropical Storm Eta -- which slammed into Tampa early this morning -- wreaking havoc.

"The hurricane, that was a trip last night for me," Brady said.

"I had a dock and it broke, floated away. I had these jet skis on, I saw those things sitting in the middle of the bay and I was going, 'Wow, that's pretty surreal' and I was kinda laughing. 'Well, you'll get the jet skis back.'"

"A lot of people are dealing with a lot worst than that, but just waking up and seeing kinda what happened to the yard, it got pretty messed up. Be really nervous if a big one hit!"

Of course, Eta caused flooding and lots of property damage ... and was even responsible for 1 death, according to reports.

Tom -- who was raised in California and spent his entire professional career in New England -- says he is NOT looking forward to the next one ... but has learned a valuable lesson on storm preparation.

"It happened pretty quick, I thought you had time to prepare for these things but apparently you don't, They're just kinda on you and then you just gotta deal with it so we pushed the schedule back today."

"Fortunate everyone made it safe and sound. Good lesson learned for someone who's been in the northeast for a long time."

So, did Brady get his jet skis back?

"They got fixed. We dragged 'em back. They were about 300 yards away at someone else's house and I got a bunch of messages from people that were like, 'Hey man, are your jet skis...?' Ya know, they floated down and found their way into someone else's dock. They got lodged, so I was very lucky."

Lesson learned ... tie down the jet skis!!

Sean Payton Coach Dances His Face Off ... After Saints Dismantle Tom Brady's Bucs

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The Saints' blowout win over Tom Brady's Buccaneers was so massive even Sean Payton had to get in on the post-game dance party ... and the vid of coach cutting a rug is epic!!

Just minutes after New Orleans finished off drubbing Tampa Bay, 38-3 ... the guys put on some music in the locker room and began a celebration.

The dudes were HYPED -- Jameis Winston was eating W's and Saints players all over the room were getting in on the dance train.

FYI -- if you're unfamiliar, the Winston dance is a throwback to his Bucs days ... remember when he tried to get his Tampa teammates to "eat a W" before one of their games against the Saints? What a throwback move!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

But, just a few seconds into the fiesta ... Payton decided to join in -- and the 56-year-old didn't seem outta place!!!

Check out the footage wide receiver Tre'Quan Smith posted ... Payton bopped around with his players and even got in a little footwork with star tackle Terron Armstead!!

Of course, Payton is no stranger to post-game dancing after big Ws ... remember when his 2018 locker room celebrations were so epic, they were immortalized in a hip-hop song??

Keep on getting down with your bad self, Coach ... ya definitely earned these moments!!

Antonio Brown Praises 'Close Friend' Tom Brady Making Me Better Person

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Antonio Brown is opening up on his bromance with Tom Brady ... praising the QB for not only helping him be great on the field -- but off it as well.

AB made his official return to the practice field with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Wednesday ... and spoke at length with reporters about his relationship with TB12.

"Tom is my boy," Brown -- sporting a TB12 hat -- said after practice. "One of the greatest leaders to be around. He’s encouraging, always inspiring. He brings out the best out of people around him. He wants the best for everyone around him."

As we previously reported ... Brady invited AB to live with him in Derek Jeter's mansion after inking his one-year deal earlier this week ... and even got him in touch with Tony Robbins.

While Brady inviting AB to live with him could be considered questionable to some -- given his rape and sexual misconduct allegations (which Brown denies) -- the receiver makes it clear the mansion is a judgment-free zone.

"Nothing that I’ve done in the past matters," AB added. "He’s always getting better, day in and day out. And I just learn a lot from him -- how he trains, how he takes care of himself professionally, his discipline, his work ethic, his approach."

"He’s been a great guy in my corner, and one of my close friends."

NFL's Golden Tate Wife Goes Ballistic On NY Giants 'FEED HIM THE BALL!!!'

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NY Giants receiver Golden Tate's wife just went NUCLEAR on the G-Men ... saying it's "excruciating" to watch him go without targets this season.

Elise Tate -- who has been married to the NFL vet for 3 years -- unleashed an all-time Instagram rant after the Giants' 25-23 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ... saying the team sucks because they're not throwing Tate the ball.

"Getting so many texts throughout the game GT WIDE OPEN WIDE OPEN WIDE OPEN. I KNOWWWWW," Tate posted to her 55k followers.

"I mean yeah given ONE chance in the fourth quarter of course he comes down with the ball! He's @showtimetate !!"

FYI -- Tate had 2 receptions for 31 yards and a TD in the loss ... and reportedly shouted "throw me the ball" into the camera after the late-game score.

Elise clearly wanted to see GT get more opportunities, saying, "SO UNDER UTILIZED. AS HIS WIFE I CANNOT EVEN WATCH WITH ONE EYE OPEN!!!!

"Same exact thing last game, one target in the first quarter -- of course -- an epic TD. HE NEEDS TO BW (sic) FED THE BALL. Period. Watch the film. He always comes down with the ball."

She didn't stop there.

"I'm lit. 11yrs in the NFL I've never said something like this online. but its excruciating to watch and killing his stats this year but you cant have yards on a few to no targets."

"Hes CRAZY making the most of what comes his way that's for sure though. Every time."

Elise went on to admit GT will "kill me" for speaking out and will make her delete the rant ... but as of the time this post was published, it's still live on her page.

Tate has 22 receptions for 226 yards and 2 TDs this season ... and Elise thinks QB Daniel Jones needs to look his way more often.

"HES HEALTHY! and every damn time he gets an opportunity it's a big play," Elise added. "Ain't no way this BS gonna hurt his stats this yr bc he doesn't get targets. FEED HIM THE BALL/"

The rant comes hours before the NFL's trade deadline ... and there are talks the Giants are trying to shop Tate.

Maybe Elise's prayers will be answered??

Tom Brady Helmet-Smashing Tantrum On Sideline ... Beats Giants Anyway

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Tom Brady beat the hell out of his helmet, smashing the thing as hard as he could into his team's bench Monday ... and then he made the Giants pay for it!

The G.O.A.T. had a classic TB12 meltdown on "Monday Night Football" ... getting so upset over a sack in the 1st half, he tried to end his helmet's life in a sideline tantrum.

The good news for the Bucs ... it clearly woke Brady up -- 'cause he went on to take down New York, 25-23.

Here's the deal ... Tom and Tampa really struggled to put away the lousy Giants in NY, trailing for most of the game -- and, at one point, things got so ugly ... Tom was visibly furious.

Brady took a sack in the 2nd quarter ... and then went to the sideline and slammed his helmet twice into the bench.

But, in true Brady fashion, he pulled the rabbit out of the hat, and scored 10 4th-quarter points to help put away the G-men.

The win was big for Tom's Bucs ... it moved them to an impressive 6-2 this year, and now, most have them as the Super Bowl favorite in the NFC.

Shout-out to Tom's helmet for surviving and advancing.

Antonio Brown Moved In With Tom Brady After Signing with Tampa Bay Bucs

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Tom Brady has a new celebrity roommate -- and it's Antonio Brown.

The Bucs QB invited AB to live with him at Derek Jeter's mansion in Tampa after the WR signed a 1-year deal with the team, according to NFL on FOX's Jay Glazer ... and Antonio accepted Tom's offer.

"He's actually been staying at Tom Brady's house," Glazer reports.

"And Tom has actually been helping him off the field as well -- lining him up with people to help him including people like Tony Robbins."

Remember, Tom had invited Antonio to live with him and Gisele during AB's short stint with the New England Patriots back in 2019 ... but it's unclear if he ever moved in before the Pats fired him.

And, while Brown was furious with New England for sending him packing -- he blasted owner Robert Kraft on the way out -- AB maintained a solid friendship with Brady.

Brown is about to finish up his 8-week NFL suspension stemming from a litany of allegations against him ... from rape to sexual misconduct, assaulting a moving truck driver, berating police officers, shaming the mother of his child, throwing furniture off a balcony and more.

For his part, Brown has denied the rape allegations and the sexual misconduct -- and told us earlier this year he was trying to turn his life around.


Even though Brady is living in a mansion the size of a hotel -- would you let someone facing those kind of allegations stay in your home?

Brown will NOT play in the Bucs vs. Giants game on "Monday Night Football" ... but the 32-year-old is expected to suit up with Brady next weekend when Tampa Bay takes on the Saints.

We'll see if the living situation translates to chemistry on the field.

Bucs Coach Bruce Arians on Antonio Brown ... 'I Believe in Second Chances'

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"I think he's matured, and I believe in second chances,"

That's Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians explaining why he approved of the team signing Antonio Brown ... despite his problematic history.

As we previously reported, the Bucs locked up AB in a 1-year contract -- reportedly worth up to $2.5 million if he hits all of his incentives.

Brown is suspended through Week 8 for a variety of reasons -- including an off-season arrest for attacking a moving truck driver, allegations of rape and sending menacing text messages to a woman who accused him of sexual misconduct.

Arians had previously said the Bucs were not interested in Brown -- but clearly had a change of heart. Many people speculated Tom Brady played a role since they appeared to get along during AB's short stint in New England last season.

But, on Sunday, Arians said that just isn't true.

"Everybody wants to say that Tom picked him. Tom didn't have anything to do with it," Arians told the media.

"This was something [general manager Jason Licht] and I had been talking [about] for a couple weeks, ever since the injuries to our other guys."

"When the time was right, would we see if we could pull the trigger and fit him in to what we want to get done? And we'll see. If Antonio does what I think he's gonna do, I think he's gonna be fine."

Arians was also asked what he would say to female fans about the move to sign Brown.

"I think you just let the court system do its job. Allegations -- I've been around a lot of players that have had allegations that weren't true, some were -- so let the court system handle it. If it's found out to be true, he won't be with us."

Tom Brady also weighed in on the signing ...

"He's a tremendous football player ... I played with him for a brief period of time. Looking forward to working with him again, to see what role he can come in [and play]. He's a very hardworking guy."

"We're all gonna go out there on the practice field and do the best we can do. And we're gonna see how it all fits together."

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