Kanye West Check Out My First Campaign Ad ... Just in Time???


Kanye West has a lot of ground to make up, if he's serious about running for President -- so, his first political ad for the job, is either right on time or way too late.

Ye's campaign just debuted the ad on social media, and it features Kanye looking as Presidential as possible -- at a podium with an American flag behind him -- sending a message about faith, religion and prayer.

Kanye's sharing his vision of America's destiny ... talking a lot about the importance of family. There are even some old photos of a younger Ye with his fam.

As we reported ... Kanye is telling folks in California he's still gunning for President, not VP, and he's urging voters to write him in on their ballots.

The spot is easily candidate West's most serious foray into Presidential politics, but coming just 3 weeks before Election Day, it could be too little, too late ... or perfectly timed.

Donald Trump Fauci Shades Prez Over Campaign Ad You Took My Words and Twisted Them

Dr. Anthony Fauci is pushing back on Donald Trump in a big way, calling shenanigans on a new campaign ad that makes it look like the good Doc is endorsing the Prez.

The Trump campaign just released a new ad called "Carefully," in which they describe POTUS recovering from the virus, like so many other Americans are also doing and have already done.

The spot lists Trump's alleged achievements and the screen flashes to a soundbite from a Fauci interview, in which he says "I can't imagine that ... anybody could be doing more." This makes it seem like AF was talking about DT, but that's not the case.

Fauci came out and said the Trump administration used this segment without his permission -- but, more importantly, they took his words out of context. He adds, "In my nearly five decades of public service, I have never publicly endorsed any political candidate."

These comments are actually from an interview he did with FOX News' Mark Levin, in which he praised federal health officials and the Trump administration's coronavirus task force on how they were responding to the pandemic -- which he characterized as "impressive" and "all hands on deck." So, not a Trump compliment ... tangential at best.

Still, Trump trying to twist it and make directly about him specifically is a stretch, and Fauci's setting the record straight.

Eric Trump on NYT Reports My Dad's 'Lost a Fortune' in Office Doesn't Need This Job!!!


Eric Trump says the presidency has cost his dad an arm and a leg combating the forces out to get him -- and that he doesn't really need the headache ... music to many people's ears.

The President's son -- who helps heads up at the Trump Organization -- was on ABC Sunday morning and asked about a new NYT report suggesting Trump engaged in several alleged pay-for-play deals with private companies, special interest groups and even foreign governments who patronized his hotels and resorts in exchange for lucrative contracts granted by Uncle Sam -- supposedly, to return the favor on Trump's behalf.

Rather than respond to the allegations, Eric went on an off-topic tirade ... repeating talking points from his father and accusing ABC, the Dems and the NYT of sabotaging DT. But, he also revealed Trump's apparently been bleeding money over these 4 years in office.

Eric said something else noteworthy ... "the last thing ... Donald Trump needs in the world is this job," going on to say that he sticks it out because it's the "right" thing to do for America.

When pressed on the actual story he was supposed to be responding to, ET eventually offered an answer ... saying millions of people stay at their hotels and properties each year, and that the NYT is "fake news." The interview was cut short quickly afterward.

On the issue of Trump not needing this gig ... a lot of folks might simply reply, "Good, GTFO." The door's always open!

Halloween 'Fly Costume' Flies Off Shelves ... Sells Out After VP Debate


8:16 AM PT -- "Saturday Night Live" told the story behind the fly.

Anyone hoping to be an extraordinary housefly for Halloween this year after tuning into the VP debate is s*** outta luck ... because the costume is sold out!!!

Sorry, seems lots of folks already decided to be the infamous housefly that landed on Mike Pence's head during the debate ... honchos at HalloweenCostumes.com tell us their "adult fly costume" is out of stock and their supplier is sold out too.

The Halloween costume retailer tells us they carried a normal amount of stock for this particular costume -- about 50 -- but they saw a huge demand right after the debate, causing the costume to fly off the shelf.

If you wanna settle for a housefly costume that's just headgear, you're gonna have to wait ... the site tells us their other fly costume is also sold out -- all 150 in stock were snatched up after the debate -- but they hope to get it back in stock by Friday.

FOX News

Seems the only people who don't want to be a debate housefly are those too young to vote ... you can still find a fly costume for toddlers.

Originally Published -- 12:50 AM PT

Kanye West Write Me in for Prez, Cali ... I Don't Wanna Be VP!!!

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Kanye West just confirmed he is definitely NOT down to be second banana in this election -- he says he wants the whole enchilada or nothing at all.

Ye's campaign just sent out a note letting voters in Cali know he's gunning for President, not Vice Prez ... and although he's a VP candidate for the American Independent Party on California ballots, he'd actually prefer folks to write him in as the main guy.

He says, "I am campaigning to be the next President of our great country -- not Vice President. The political party in California that listed my name as its VP candidate has done so without my knowledge." Ye adds a direct plea to the good people of the Golden State.

His remarks end with, "Californians, I ask for your vote for President and urge you to write in 'Kanye West.'" Kanye's request comes on the heels of what a buddy of his recently did ... namely, writing him in and snapping a photo of their ballot to prove they voted Ye.

Mail-in ballots have started to be sent out to folks here on the West Coast -- and the moment of truth is upon us ... even a few weeks before actual election day. The pic Kanye posted got tons of people riled up on Twitter this week ... who couldn't believe someone had actually cast their ballot for the rapper/producer.

Wild as it may seem, there might be a decent amount of people who end up voting for Kanye, actually. However, it's beyond a long shot for him to play spoiler to Biden in Cali, a solid blue state ... whose 55 electoral college votes are a lock for Biden/Harris.

Donald Trump How 'Bout Another White House Event ... For Black/Brown People?!?


Donald Trump went back to the scene of the crime -- AKA a public event at The White House -- to host Black and brown people ... while he's still recovering from COVID-19.

Our COVID-riddled POTUS threw a campaign event Saturday along the South Lawn of the White House, which was meant to cater to supporters of his who are POC ... a group that, statistically speaking, has been unequally infected by the virus -- and often worse.

Trump came out to a terrace-like area with a waiting podium to address the crowd that had formed below -- almost like Mussolini from the balcony ... it seriously had that type of vibe.

Anyway, his remarks were brief -- but it was definitely in the spirit of a traditional Trump rally ... which was an odd scene, considering Trump is usually pretty polished whenever he does White House gigs. Here, it was about as unhinged and off-the-cuff as he might get at a stadium somewhere, except the backdrop of the White House was front and center.

Trump rambled about how his administration had done more for Black and Latino people in this country than probably any president in history -- stuff we've heard him say before -- and he also threw some lines out jabbing at Joe Biden and the "socialist" Democrats. He told his audience -- which were decked out in light blue shirts and red hats -- that they needed to vote the other party to oblivion come Election Day ... which drew cheers from everyone.

He also said he felt great health-wise, and again referred to COVID as the "China virus." Trump went on to promise to eradicate coronavirus all over the world once a vaccine was developed here at home ... something he assured them was right around the corner.

While it's unclear exactly how many people were in attendance -- it's fair to say it was around a few hundred or so. Almost similar to the Amy Coney Barrett event which became a super-spreader event 2 weeks ago to the day. The White House is now riddled with 'rona.

Frankly, today's event was reckless ... even if Trump was far enough from the crowd. No one will be tested, there will be no mandatory mask-wearing and, based on history, there's not likely to be social distancing. Trump did call this a "protest" ... but it's one that could potentially leave people sick or dead -- the White House is a hazard area these days.

The event was organized by ultra-conservative Candace Owens, who launched a "Blexit" campaign urging Black voters to leave the Dems. The theme -- "Remarks to Peaceful Protesters for Law & Order."

Trump will speak from the Truman Balcony. It's unclear if he'll have a face-to-face reception before or after, like he did with the Amy Coney Barrett event.

Although Trump says he feels "perfect" ... there are lots of deep concerns. He clearly still has a cough -- you could hear it when he spoke with Hannity -- and no one at the White House will say if Trump's still testing positive for the virus.  He's also on steroids, which mask symptoms.

Trump is doing everything most doctors say a COVID-positive patient should not be doing. He is not self-isolating, he is exposing himself to an untold number of staff, he is not wearing a mask, he is not resting.

In fairness ... the White House has "instructed" guests to wear masks, but ultimately it seems like it's optional, because the invite goes on to say attendees are "strongly encouraged" to follow CDC guidelines ... including wearing masks and socially distancing. They won't be tested ... just temperature checked.

Although the number of guests are expected to be in the hundreds, 2,000 invitations went out.

Trump will be hitting the road ... making various campaign stops in battleground states.

Donald Trump I'm Fine and ... No Apologies for My Covid Conduct

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FOX News

Donald Trump says he feels great and he received special treatment at Walter Reed Hospital ... as he put it -- "It's good to be President."

The President was interviewed on Fox News Channel by Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News contributor who is not part of Trump's medical team.

Trump said he went to the hospital last Friday because he didn't feel strong. He said he didn't have a problem breathing, but failed to mention he got supplemental oxygen twice and had a fever. His own Chief of Staff said Trump's condition was "very concerning."

Trump says he's not taking meds now, but credits what he says is his bounce-back to an experimental drug he got in the hospital ... a drug he says will somehow be available to everyone for free.

FOX News

He says he listened to his doctors, so incredibly, that seems to suggest the doctors thought it was ok for him to take a drive with 2 members of the Secret Service in a sealed SUV. Trump said he felt it was his obligation to take the ride to see his supporters who hung around for 3 days.

And, wow ... Trump says one thing he learned is that COVID is highly contagious. He didn't know that until now?

Trump did say he got a CT scan to test his lungs. All he said was that there was a little congestion.

Dr. Siegel did not ask if there was lung damage, he did not ask when the last time was that Trump tested negative, he did not ask Trump about coming back to The White House and gasping for air after climbing a flight of stairs, and he did not challenge Trump when he said he didn't have trouble breathing the day he went to Walter Reed. He also didn't ask if Trump is still COVID positive -- HIGHLY RELEVANT because he's hosting an event at The White House Saturday as well as attending campaign rallies.

Trump vs. Biden 2nd Prez Debate Officially Nixed!!! Blame it on the 'Rona

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President Trump will not square off -- face-to-face, anyway -- as the second debate has been canceled, which could be a win for your eyes and ears ... if it was gonna be anything like the first one.

The Commission on Presidential Debates pulled the plug Friday on the showdown scheduled for Oct. 15 ... after the President complained about the new virtual format, and said he wouldn't go. Of course, the CPD moved to a virtual debate due to Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis.

His reaction to the change was, "I'm not gonna waste my time on a virtual debate. That's not what debating's all about."

Fox News

POTUS was also ticked off about possibly getting muted by the moderator ... a feature the CPD said it was considering in light of the constant interruptions and name-calling at the first debate.

For what it's worth, Biden's team initially agreed to the new safety protocols but after Trump dug in his heels ... Biden also pulled out. Instead, his team says he'll hold a town hall in Philly, moderated by ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

Remember ... the second debate had been in doubt since Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus ... along with more than a dozen White House staffers. As of right now ... a third and final debate's slated for October 22 ... just 12 days before the election.

Shaquille O'Neal 'I Just Voted For the First Time Ever' ... Seriously!

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The Big Podcast with Shaq

"I'm honest, I've never voted in my life. This is my first time voting."

That's Shaquille O'Neal dropping a Shaq-sized bombshell -- confessing he's NEVER voted in an election!


"I've never voted before, America," Shaq said this week on Wednesday on The Big Podcast ... "But, now I'm doing all these voting campaigns and ya know one thing I never like to do, is be a hypocrite."

Yep, the 48-year-old NBA legend says he felt weird pushing voting initiatives like his #MyStartingFive challenge -- which helps people register to vote for Election Day 2020 -- while sitting on the sidelines.

So, he decided to actually vote this year -- by absentee ballot!

"In other words America, I voted for the first time and it feels good."

Shaq's co-hosts were in complete shock -- especially after Shaq was virtually sitting next to his buddy President Barack Obama, at Game 1 of the NBA Finals -- who obviously didn't get Shaq's vote back in the day!

Election Day is Nov. 3 -- make sure you get out there!!!

Kanye West Forget the Campaign ... Buy My Campaign Merch!!!

Kanye West is in the home stretch of his Presidential campaign, and he's laser-focused ... on making money off a pricey line of 2020 Vision merch.

Ye unveiled a collection that included $60 hats and $160 hoodies Wednesday night while the legit VP candidates were debating. The items included messages like, "Vote Kanye" and "God Save America."

Now, he's not completely ignoring his actual campaign -- Ye also listed a brief summary of his Presidential Platform.

Among other things, Kanye says he wants to restore prayer in classrooms, reduce household and student loan debt, work on equality in the criminal justice system and take care of the environment.

He does not go into detail about how he'd accomplish those goals ... but that's typical for politicians.

What's odd is the guy who claims he's really running for President hasn't made a single public campaign appearance since South Carolina back in July, when he cried while talking about abortion.

On the other hand, Kanye introduced a section on his website for supporters to donate in margins of as little as $20 to the maximum of $2800.

VP Debate Oh, to Be a Fly on...

FOX News

Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris seemed to avoid answering nearly every question during their debate, but one of 'em couldn't dodge a fly ... for an uncomfortably long time.

Much of the buzz about the debate is focused on what looks like a common housefly that set up shop on the head of President Trump's Veep. While Harris and Pence danced around direct responses to moderator Susan Page's questions about COVID, the Supreme Court and the election ... the fly would not be deterred.

It landed on Pence's head during one of his remarks about systemic racism and police reform ... and remained there quietly, not moving an inch, even after he stopped talking. Talk about patience -- the fly even hung out during much of Harris' rebuttal, before taking off. Total photobomb time? 2 minutes!!!

As you'd imagine ... the little bugger is trending on social media -- and even Joe Biden couldn't help but fire off a Twitter jab.

Not exactly what the American people were tuning in for, especially after last week's disastrous debate between Trump and Biden.

No word if the fly is registered to vote. We've got a call in to Jeff Goldblum.

On a more serious note, Pence's left eye also caught the eye of many debate viewers, because it at least looked like a case of conjunctivitis ... aka pink eye.

Pink eye is a possible symptom of COVID-19, but pretty rarely ... according to doctors and scientists. Still, with more than a dozen people around the President already testing positive for the coronavirus ... the bloodshot eye made people wonder.

The White House says Pence's test results have been negative since the outbreak, and that includes one he took Wednesday in Salt Lake City ahead of the debate.

President Trump It's a Blessing From God I got COVID!!! White House Official Reportedly Gravely Ill


6:00 PM PT -- Crede Bailey, a top White House security official, is gravely ill with the virus and has been hospitalized since last month, according to a report from Bloomberg News.

President Trump says his COVID diagnosis was a blessing from God in disguise ... and he wants the American people to get the same treatment he did -- for free.

Trump just released another video update on his health, and he says he's feeling great after getting treated with Regeneron. Trump promised to give the therapeutic to Americans who come down with COVID, and it's all gonna be free.

Ok ... lots of issues. First, Trump was speaking at The White House with NO MASK, despite the fact he has COVID, is contagious, and a hundred people who work in the residence quarters may be compromised.

What's even more ridiculous ... Trump says he's the one who decided he should take Regeneron. So, with all the doctors at Walter Reed, Trump decided he knows best so he's self-medicating.

And, there's this ... people with COVID can take a dramatically bad turn 5 to 7 days in, even if they feel good. In other words, he's not out of the woods. And, he's on steroids, which mask the symptoms.

Watch the video ... one minute in, you see Trump, and as he says "A short 24 hours later," spittle shoots out of his mouth. We point this out to show the dangers of the President being around people while he's still recovering from the virus.

BTW ... Trump's medical treatment for COVID would have cost more than $100,000 in our health care system, according to The New York Times.

Trump claims there are huge amounts of Regeneron just waiting to get sent to hospitals all over the country. He's also strangely calling it a cure and saying there are vaccines right around the corner.

Socialist Trump ... who saw this coming?!?

Originally Published -- 3:35 PM PT

Get out the Vote 2020 Celebs Strip Down ... To Encourage Mail-In Ballot Process


If nudity and democracy don't seem like 2 things that go hand in hand -- welcome to 2020, where celebs are seamlessly pairing booties and ballots.

A bunch of A-listers stripped down to their birthday suits to warn voters this year about "naked" ballots -- that's when your voter card isn't properly filled out or placed in the right number of envelopes (in certain states). Those don't get counted, and that's no bueno.

To avoid that ... folks like Sarah Silverman, Mark Ruffalo, Chelsea Handler, Naomi Campbell, Josh Gad, Chris Rock and others disrobed to emphasize the point. They might be naked, but that doesn't mean your absentee ballot has to follow (birthday)suit.

The PSA was put together by an org called RepresentUs, and their whole purpose seems to be spreading awareness about voting from home this election cycle -- something that's been hotly debated, and incorrectly described as corrupt by the Trump administration.

You can check out what the stars have to say about mail-in ballots yourself -- but the gist is ... follow directions, and make sure you know your state's protocol for mailing in your vote.

Oh, and most important -- get your paperwork in the system early and often, otherwise, it might not be counted.

Dr. Robert Wachter Trump 'Roid Rage' Concerns Legit ... Scary Combo with COVID


Americans should absolutely be concerned the man with our nuclear codes is on steroids, because the reality is President Trump's judgment could be impaired ... according to Dr. Robert Wachter.

Dr. Wachter, considered the father of the hospitalist field, joined us on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and told us older COVID patients sick enough to be hospitalized have a decent chance of experiencing cognitive problems.

He added ... coupling that with steroids increases the odds POTUS might not be thinking straight.

Dr. Wachter, who's the chair of UC San Francisco's Dept. of Medicine, says Trump could be experiencing euphoria or sometimes even mania due to the steroids ... which might explain some of the President's recent tweetstorms. Let's be honest, its hard to tell.

Just to give you an idea how impairing steroids can be ... Dr. Wachter says the FAA wouldn't allow the Prez to fly a plane -- if he were a pilot -- due to his steroid dosage.

The hard part for President Trump's doctors has everything to do with the patient himself ... and this good doc told us what they're up against.

CNN's Joe Johns Get Outta Here, Raccoon!!! Wildlife Disrupts White House Report

@AlisynCamerota / Twitter

Frickin' raccoons, man ... they're feisty little beasts -- especially the ones in DC -- as CNN reporter Joe Johns learned while trying to report on President Trump's schedule.

The hilarious moment of levity went down early Wednesday morning on one of the White House lawns as a pesky raccoon interrupted Joe setting up for a live shot.

Joe stood his ground and yelled, "Get!!! AHHHHHH!!!!" ... trying to scare off the furry photobomber. He even threw a large object in its direction, but the raccoon kept coming.

JJ inched closer to losing his cool, and had some harsh words ... but we'll give him credit for not cursing while wearing a hot mic.

Apparently, this is an ongoing problem at 1600 Pennsylvania -- Joe later tweeted it's the second time in 2 weeks a raccoon's shown up during his morning show shift. He also dropped an important fact ... "No animals were harmed. I threw something to scare it off."

The White House these days -- if COVID doesn't get ya, the raccoons will!

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