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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie The Great Snack Debate

3/2/2014 7:54 AM PST

Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile were given the ultimate "Sophie's Choice" Saturday night in Hollywood -- don't worry, their kids are fine -- but the couple's taste buds may NEVER BE THE SAME!

Brangelina were leaving the Independent Spirit Awards last night and our photog blew Brad Pitt's mind with a simple question.

If he had to choose one snack to eat for the rest of his life -- between Jell-O or pudding -- which would it be?

Angelina Jolie got another toughie from our photog -- Cheez-Its or Goldfish?  Like a true fembot, she's stumped.

So, we gotta ask ...


Maddox Jolie-Pitt iPads Jacked Alleged Thief BUSTED

7/25/2013 12:45 PM PDT
Exclusive Details
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's son fell victim to everyone's biggest fear -- the dreaded iPad heist -- after a man allegedly broke into the family's SUV and jacked not one, but TWO of the high-priced Apple tablets.

Sources on the scene tell TMZ, 11-year-old Maddox Jolie-Pitt, some friends, and a family bodyguard went to Hollywood Sports Paintball Park in Bellflower, CA, last weekend ... and while Maddox was playing inside, some jackass jimmied their SUV door and snatched the iPads and a cell phone.

But before the guy could make a clean getaway ... we're told someone spotted him in the act, and alerted security guards -- who nabbed him and then called police.

Our sources say the man was arrested, and the stolen items were returned.

A rep for the paintball park tells us, he felt so bad about the whole thing ... he hooked Maddox and his bodyguard up with a bunch of free food and other stuff.

Angelina Jolie First Appearance Since Mastectomy Announcement

6/2/2013 10:48 AM PDT
In her first red carpet appearance since announcing she underwent a double mastectomy, Angelina Jolie posed for pics with Brad Pitt today at the London premiere of his movie "World War Z."

In an op-ed piece for the New York Times last month, Jolie revealed she underwent a preventative double mastectomy back in February because "doctors estimated that I had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer."

Since making the announcement, Jolie has been recovering at home in Los Angeles before taking on her next project -- directing a film called "Unbroken."

Angelina Jolie I Had a Double Mastectomy

5/14/2013 5:58 AM PDT
Breaking News
Angelina Jolie underwent a double mastectomy procedure -- the removal of both of her breasts -- in order to minimize her risk of breast cancer ... the actress revealed.

Jolie penned an op-ed published in the New York Times, in which she reveals, "Doctors estimated that I had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer."

She continues, "Once I knew that this was my reality, I decided to be proactive."

37-year-old Jolie says she completed the 3 months of medical procedures on April 27. She will continue to document her experience on the website for the Pink Lotus Breast Center, where she was (and still is being) treated.

The PLBC has treated stars like Sheryl Crow and Shannon Tweed.

"I am fortunate to have a partner, Brad Pitt, who is so loving and supportive," Jolie writes.

"For any woman reading this, I hope it helps you to know you have options."

Angelina Jolie & Lady Gaga FINANCES EXPOSED By Celebrity Hackers

4/2/2013 6:15 PM PDT

Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga are the two newest victims of the celebrity hackers who had already exposed the financial secrets of Michelle Obama and Beyonce ... TMZ has learned.

The hackers returned to the Internet after a brief hiatus ... and immediately hit six more A-list victims, including Angelina, Gaga, NRA advocate Wayne LaPierre, Dennis Rodman, Michael Vick, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson and Robert De Niro.

The hackers have posted what they claim to be the social security numbers, mortgage amounts, credit card info, car loans, banking and other info for the celebs listed on their site.

The hackers' previous website was shut down by its host -- but it's now back up and running with a new domain extension (.re) that suggests it's based out of the French island of Réunion located off the coast of Madagascar.

Along with Beyonce and Michelle, the hackers previously hit names like Mel Gibson, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kanye West, Mitt Romney, and Tiger Woods. 

As we reported, the FBI has been investigating the hackers from the beginning ... no arrests have been made.

Angelina Jolie We're Not Married

3/27/2013 7:05 PM PDT

Angelina Jolie has just made it crystal clear ... she and Brad Pitt did NOT secretly get married.

You'll recall, Angelina swapped out her $500,000 diamond engagement ring for a simple gold band during a recent humanitarian trip to the Congo ... probably so it wouldn't get lost or stolen ... but that didn't stop everyone from speculating that she and Brad had wed on the DL.

Nevertheless, Angelina put those rumors to rest once and for all today. Check out the video for her answer.

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt Huge Payday for 1st Movie Role

2/12/2013 12:50 AM PST
4-year-old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt has already scored her first paying gig ... and TMZ has learned she's raking in a helluva lot more than you made on your paper route back in the day.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's daughter is set to co-star with her mom in a movie called "Maleficent" -- and according to a minor's contract filed with the court, little Viv commands $3,000/week!

On top of that ... she gets a per diem of $60/day. That's a lot of juice boxes.

FUN FACT -- Vivienne plays the role of "Young Aurora" -- but another little actress, India Eisley, scored the role of young Maleficent ... Angelina's character in the movie.

Brad & Angelina Cop Cars, Helicopter Race to Hollywood Hills Mansion

1/5/2013 7:10 AM PST
DON'T PUSH THAT BUTTON ... a lesson learned the hard way by one of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids ... who accidentally pushed a "panic alarm" inside their house last night that attracted a police FRENZY ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops were called Friday night to casa de Pitt around 9:00 PM after an alarm went off at their Hollywood Hills home.

Our sources say police arrived to the scene -- via both car AND helicopter -- only to be told it was all a big mistake. We're told they spoke to a nanny (Brad and Angie weren't there) who informed them about the child's mishap.


Billy Bob Thornton I'd Go to Angelina's Wedding ... If I'm Invited

12/5/2012 7:00 AM PST

Billy Bob Thornton tells TMZ ... he'd be "more than happy" to attend Angelina Jolie's wedding (whenever she and Brad Pitt decide to tie the knot) ... if he's actually invited.

Several reports have surfaced that Angie already made the decision to invite her ex-husband to the eventual Jolie-Pitt wedding-palooza. But when we spoke to Billy at the Sunset Marquis last night, it was clear he hasn't received an official invite ... yet.

Pap: "I hear that Brad and Angie invited you to their wedding ... are you gonna go, do you think?
BBT: "I don't go out of town much ... but yeah, you never know, I'd be happy to ... I'd be more than happy to, absolutely."

So what would BBT get for the couple that has it all? Check out the footage and see what Billy thinks would be the "easiest" wedding gift he could give to his ex.

Angelia Jolie Not-So-Happy Halloween

10/28/2012 1:30 PM PDT
With two members of her brood looking completely miserable, Angelina Jolie did a little shopping today at a Halloween store in Sherman Oaks.

Better step up your candy game if the Jolie-Pitt clan comes knockin'.

Brad Pitt Talks About His Druggie Past

10/13/2012 4:13 AM PDT
Brad Pitt is pretty confident -- even though his days of drug use are LONG GONE, he thinks could land in any city, at anytime and score some dope ... just give him 24 hrs.

Pitt is promoting a new film he executive produced called "The House I Live In," a documentary that takes a hard look at the war on drugs, which Pitt believes is floundering.

According to The Huffington Post, Pitt introduced a screening of the film by telling the crowd, "My drug days are long since passed but it's certainly true that I could probably land in any city in any state and get you whatever you wanted ... Give me 24 hours or so."

Pitt believe the fact that drugs being so accessible -- even for someone long out of the game like himself -- is why the so-called drug war isn't working.

He continues, "We have spent a trillion dollars. It's lasted for over 40 years. A lot of people have lost their lives for it. And yet we still talk about it like it's this success."

Giovanni Ribisi I Dropped $3 Mil To Live Near Brad & Angelina

10/5/2012 11:30 AM PDT
Giovanni Ribisi KNOWS one house in L.A. just ain't enough -- the actor dropped $3 million on a sweet new pad in the Hollywood Hills ... just 5 miles down the road from his OTHER sweet, new pad.

Ribisi's recent purchase is 3,756 square-feet of awesomeness -- it boasts 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, a library, lagoon style pool, cascading waterfall ... AND sits right next door to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (awesome?).

All in all, the crib set Ribisi back a cool $2.95 million.

It's house numero dos for the "Ted" actor ... 3 months ago he dropped $1.4 million on a sick new 2-bedroom, 2.5-bath house in Atwater Village complete with an artist's studio -- only a few miles away.

Thanks to our friends at Trulia for the heads up.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Post-Engagement Family Vacay

4/21/2012 12:45 PM PDT

For the first time since the engagement news broke, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted together ... seen here being driven to a private plane at an airport on the Galapagos Islands. 

The couple has reportedly been there for most of this week on a post-engagement trip with their entire brood.  

Though the couple has finally decided to tie the knot after years of dating, there has been no word yet on when the wedding of the millennium might go down.
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