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Teyana Taylor Highjacks Jeremih's Tour I Run This S*** Now!!

8/16/2018 11:08 AM PDT

Teyana Taylor's war of words with Jeremih has reached a whole new level -- the tour Jeremih was headlining has just been rebranded and Teyana's now running the show.

Teyana announced Thursday morning on Twitter that the Later That Night tour will now be the KTSE on Alse VII tour. She also said DaniLeigh will join her and all tour dates will go on as scheduled ... save for Toronto, which will be rescheduled later this week.

The move comes on the heels of Teyana putting Jeremih on blast Wednesday ... calling him every name in the book. She later tweeted she was done with him because she'd been extremely mistreated on the tour. She added, "I will NO longer continue to stay on the #LaterThatNightTour because if I do ima end up knocking this n**** out. I'm sorry to all who has already purchased tickets to see me. I will make sure everyone gets refunded."

Turns out it might not even come to that ... 'cause there's 15 dates left on the tour and Teyana's pushing forward. We've reached out to tour organizers, so far no word back.

Aretha Franklin Outpouring of Emotions by Celebs

8/16/2018 7:27 AM PDT

It's no surprise ... there has been a cascade of grief, sympathy and tributes from celebrities around the world in the wake of Aretha Franklin's passing.

Best voice ever. Miss you already.

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Travis Scott Sends Cash to Fan ... To Help with Mom's Funeral

8/16/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Travis Scott's surprise cash handout isn't just a fun thing for his fans ... it's touching lives and helping people in need too.

Case in point ... Peter Valdriz, who replied to Travis' $100k Twitter giveaway announcement Tuesday -- in which fans were encouraged to tweet their Cash App tag with lyrics from "Astroworld" for a chance to get money. Peter pleaded his case by saying the dough would help with his mom's funeral cost.

Minutes later ... the rapper sent him $800 with a personal message saying he hopes it helps.

Peter tells TMZ ... his mother passed away last week after a battle with a brain virus and complications that followed. He says the gift from Travis came on what would have been her 52nd birthday and will go toward the expenses for her funeral next week.

He tells us Scott's donation really means a lot to him and his entire family, saying ... "Knowing that someone is out there trying to help us during this difficult time means the world to us."

He adds ... "I personally want to thank Travis Scott for really making a tough day for my family into a day we can cherish."

There's more -- Peter tells us Travis' gift has inspired other "generous and kindhearted" strangers to chip in to help with his mom's funeral as well.

Pretty amazing what a tweet can do.

Thomas Markle No Ace Up His Sleeve ... Clothing Line News is Phony

8/16/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Thomas Markle certainly has his own style, but the idea of him starting his own clothing line is "ridiculous" ... so say sources close to Meghan's dad.

Rumors of Tom M. trying to become the next Tom Ford began Wednesday when the Duchess of Sussex's half-sister, Samantha Markle, tweeted it out ... saying she was excited about her dad's new clothing line for men.

We're told this is absolutely untrue and the only credible part of Samantha's additional claim that Thomas is focusing on a line of hoodies for older dudes ... is that he does indeed like to wear hoodies.

When we last talked to Thomas, he made it clear he was not going away until he had some contact with his daughter and the Royal Fam ... but our sources insist launching his own hoodie collection is not part of the plan.

Safaree Nicki Minaj Cut Me with a Knife ... She Tried to Kill Me

8/14/2018 9:51 AM PDT

Safaree claims Nicki Minaj went after him with a knife, stabbing him so severely he went to the hospital by ambulance ... but she says he's a liar.

Safaree, who broke up with Nicki in 2014, just tweeted, "Remember the night you cut me and i almost died the police and ambulance had to take me out the crib on a stretcher and I had to lie and tell them I was trying to kill myself so they wouldn't take you to jail."

Nicki fired back, "U stole my card & told me you thought it was an account with 'free money' that I didn't know about. On God. God will strike you down & more for lying."

We've actually seen a video back in 2014 that shows Nicki chasing Safaree with a knife. 

NFL's Cam Jordan Rips Donald Trump What a Goober!!

8/10/2018 8:26 AM PDT
Breaking News

Donald Trump's most recent rant on the NFL's anthem controversy has Cam Jordan PISSED OFF ... with the superstar calling POTUS an "overly insecure prepubescent child."

Trump lashed out at NFL players who continued to take a knee during the "Star-Spangled Banner" this morning ... calling for them to either stand or face suspension.

The Saints Pro Bowler went to his own Twitter to tee off on Trump on Friday ... saying, "Only way to say it. What a Goober. He is who I thought he was."

"Guy is 70+ yr old acting out in what was once the highest respected political position, as a overly insecure prepubescent child..."

FYI -- Jordan was one of the several Saints players to sit during the anthem last season ...  and had talks with Drew Brees about promoting social justice while respecting the flag at the same time.

But, clearly, we still know where Cam stands.

"He won’t govern himself, give him a mentor? Right, members of his cabinet left on their own accord or were dismissed accordingly... But what do I know I’m just a guy who should stick to football."

Donald Trump Furious After More NFL Players Take a Knee

8/10/2018 5:56 AM PDT
Breaking News

Donald Trump is pissed off at two Miami Dolphins receivers who continued the "take a knee" demonstration into the 2018 NFL season ... and now he's calling for them to be suspended. 

Both Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson took a knee during the national anthem at the Miami Dolphins pre-season opener versus the Tampa Bay Bucs on Thursday. Other players raised their fists.

Enter Trump ... who tweeted first thing Friday morning -- calling for swift action against the players.

"The NFL players are at it again - taking a knee when they should be standing proudly for the National Anthem," Trump said.

"Numerous players, from different teams, wanted to show their 'outrage' at something that most of them are unable to define."

"They make a fortune doing what they love. Be happy, be cool! A football game, that fans are paying soooo much money to watch and enjoy, is no place to protest."

"Most of that money goes to the players anyway. Find another way to protest. Stand proudly for your National Anthem or be Suspended Without Pay!"

On the other hand, the players were praised by Colin Kaepernick -- who started the demonstration. He offered the following message to the players -- "Stay strong brothers."

NFL Network Fires Back at Heath Evans Ya Can't Send Wiener Pics, Bro!

8/9/2018 10:00 AM PDT

The NFL Network is responding to Heath Evans -- who claims he should NOT have lost his job for sending sexual pics to a wardrobe lady because she sent sexy pictures back. 

But, the NFL Network ain't buyin' what Heath's sellin' -- essentially saying the fact it was mutual doesn't mean it wasn't "misconduct" in the first place. 

"Heath’s employment was terminated as a result of his own misconduct – which he freely admitted to on Twitter today," network spokesperson Alex Riethmiller tells TMZ Sports

"Before severing its relationship with Heath, the NFL carefully considered all of the circumstances, including the information that Heath provided. In the end, the NFL concluded that his conduct was not acceptable in our workplace and we stand by our decision to terminate his employment."

Bottom line -- don't send naked photos to coworkers, period. 

NFL Network's Heath Evans Unleashes On Sex Harassment Case ... She Sexted Me Too!

8/9/2018 9:31 AM PDT
Breaking News

Heath Evans is adamant he did NOT sexually harass a wardrobe specialist at NFL Network -- claiming they exchanged MUTUAL sexual text messages ... but he was fired anyway. 

Evans was named in a 2017 lawsuit filed by Jami Cantor who claims she was sexually terrorized by several ex-NFL stars working at the Network ... including Marshall Faulk, Warren Sapp, Donovan McNabb and others.

In her suit, Cantor claimed Evans sent her nude pics on at least 2 occasions -- but now, Evans says it was definitely a 2-way street. 

"My accuser and I had exchanged mutual flirtations that included her sending me and me sending her pictures of a sexual nature," Evans wrote in a statement. 

"I regret having engaged in the picture exchange. Nothing ever came of the mutual flirtations and we remained friends during and after her employment ended at the network."

Evans says he has text messages that prove his story. 

But, despite his apparent evidence, Evans says the NFL Network pressured him to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the case ... which would bar him from telling his side of the story publicly. 

Evans says he refused -- so the NFL Network fired him on July 27. Now, he's sounding off on social media. 

Still, Evans says he has no hard feelings towards Cantor -- "While I certainly wish she hadn't falsely included me in the series of allegations she made, I understand better than most that people who have been mistreated and hurt, often hurt other people."

Evans also says the NFL Network settled the lawsuit with Cantor -- we're making calls to see if that's true. 

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Trump Attacks Black People A Lot You Tell Me What It Means

8/7/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Jeffrey Toobin thinks it's awfully peculiar President Trump seems to have a habit of viciously attacking black people ... but stops short of calling him a full-on racist.

We got CNN's Chief Legal Analyst Monday at LAX and asked about DT's latest vitriol against prominent African-Americans -- namely, his disgusting tweet calling LeBron James and Don Lemon dumb and dumber -- and Toobin thinks there's a pattern here that can't be ignored.

Bottom line ... Trump has a track record of going after blacks both on Twitter and at rallies. He's called out LaVar Ball as being a "poor man's version of Don King" and has constantly referred to Rep. Maxine Waters as a "low IQ" person. And, don't forget the NFL's SOBs

Toobin doesn't want to get into name-calling -- unlike the Prez -- but says 45's barbs reek of racism.

He also praises his coworker's eloquent response to Trump after getting attacked this weekend. 

So, Toobin thinks these are more than petty grudges or rage tweets at his "haters." Toobin clearly thinks it's all part of the guy's moral makeup.

Melania Trump Supports LeBron After President's Dumb Tweet

8/4/2018 12:45 PM PDT
Breaking News

Melania Trump's not going to bat for her husband after his derogatory and utterly disrespectful tweet Friday night ... and is instead lending her support to LeBron James.


FLOTUS addressed Donald Trump calling both LeBron and Don Lemon dumb, through a statement by her spokesperson to CNN saying ... "It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation."

According to her statement, Melania would also be open to visiting LeBron's I Promise School in his hometown of Akron as part of her "Be Best" initiative.

So -- instead of backing POTUS on this one -- seems like the First Lady's more down to team up with Bron.

Smart move.

Donald Trump Disgustingly Calls LeBron and Don Lemon ... Dumb and Dumber

8/4/2018 6:47 AM PDT

Donald Trump, the man who callously separated children from their parents and forever traumatized them in the process, has viciously attacked LeBron James, the man who just opened a school for hundreds of poor children and probably saved them in the process.

The most vile President ever to hold office tweeted late Friday night, "Lebron (sic) James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron (sic) look smart, which isn't easy to do. I like Mike."

LeBron was on CNN this week, unveiling plans for the I Promise School in his hometown of Akron -- which has opened its doors to 3rd and 4th graders, and set to expand to 1st - 8th graders by 2022.  LeBron is giving every student all sorts of benefits, from bicycles to free tuition at the Univ. of Akron.

Trump, who bumbles through speeches and brags how he is unprepared, is clearly continuing his campaign of hatred and prejudice.

What's especially amazing ... LeBron actually exercised restraint on Lemon's show in criticizing the President. The grossly insecure President, who is manic over and obsessed with cable news, simply cannot handle criticism and responds with wild and baseless personal attacks.

Don Lemon responded by saying, "Who's the real dummy? A man who puts kids in classrooms or one who puts kids in cages? #BeBest."

Disagree with Donald Trump and join the long line of noble citizens on his Enemies List ... a list on which it is an honor to be included.

LeBron James, Donald Trump Celebs Tell POTUS ... STFU

8/4/2018 9:55 AM PDT

10:15 AM PT --  Michael Jordan just weighed in on Trump's tweet, as well, telling NBC News ... "I support LJ. He’s doing an amazing job for his community.”

It's the least surprising thing this week ... that sports stars and other celebs are appalled by the President of the United States calling LeBron James dumb in a late Friday night tweet. If this were a limbo contest, Donald Trump would blow everyone away, because no one could go lower.

Here's a sampling. 

NBA All-Star Karl Anthony-Towns 

WNBA Star Elena Delle Donne

NBA Rookie Sensation Donovan Mitchell

Ohio Gov. John Kasich

NFL Player and Activist Torrey Smith 

Olympic Star Adam Rippon

Famed Journalist Dan Rather

NFL's Bobby Wagner

Former Politician Joe Walsh

NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe

Actor George Takei

Sports Writer Rick Reilly 

Ex-NFL Player and Activist Donte Stallworth 

NBA journalist Bill Simmons

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