Wild Arrest Video Woman Goes Off On Cops ... As She Watches Son Get Arrested


3:59 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us, the sheriff's department has seen the video and is considering sending the D.A. a report on the woman for possible obstruction of justice charges.

A vile woman whose son was being taken into custody did everything she could to make a simple arrest turn violent, as she ordered her son to escape the cops and then hurled obscenities at the officers.

This all went down in Valencia, about 35 miles north of L.A., where Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Deputies were searching for a stolen Tesla in the area -- and happened upon another stolen vehicle ... a Chevy Camaro.

Cops descended on a cul-de-sac with guns drawn, ordering the driver out of the Camaro.  He was taken into custody, but then cops set their sights on a passenger -- the woman's son.

She comes out of the house with her daughter and then gets crazy ... telling her son to come in the house, defying the cops. Remember, police had their guns drawn.

Her kid mouthes off to the cops, swearing at them ... "I see the bitch in all of your f***ing eyes." He then orders cops to unload their guns ... seriously.

His mother then totally loses it ... hurling epithets at the cops. They tried explaining to her they were investigating a crime, and she fired back ... "I don't give a s*** about your f***ing investigation."

She then orders the cops to "get the f*** out of here." When they approach her she screams, "Get the f*** out of my f***ing face." Oh, there's more ... "F*** you and your f***ing mother who birthed your f***ing ass."

BTW ... the woman recklessly let her dog out without a leash in the middle of all of this, and it sure looks like a pit bull.  It walked up to the officers, and she's lucky the dog wasn't shot.

Incredibly ... the mother, who gives Karens a bad name, was not arrested. Her son was arrested on weapons charges.

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Black Lives Matter Ohio Cop Shoots, Kills Unarmed Black Man ... All Within 10 Seconds

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A Columbus cop shot and killed an African-American man in his own garage ... and it all happened in 10 seconds.

Cops were responding to a non-emergency call ... someone reported a guy inside a car, turning the ignition on and off.

When officers arrived, they noticed the garage of 47-year-old Andre Maurice Hill was open. and Hill came out.

You don't hear the first 60 seconds of audio ... the cop's bodycam wasn't turned on. The cops shined their flashlights on Hill, who turned around and held his cellphone high in the air, almost to say he was not armed. They shot Hill, then ordered him to roll over on his stomach. He was unable to do anything but moan because he had been fatally shot. He died a short time later.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther says he was outraged by the shooting and demanded that the officer who shot Hill be fired. The Mayor was not just outraged at the shooting cop. He said he noted the bodycam video shows none of the officers jumped to give Hill any first aid ... no compression on the wound to stop the bleeding, no CPR. Columbus, Ohio police.

The police report does not go into any detail about the shooting other than to say, "Officer discharged his firearm upon confronting Mr. Hill. Mr. Hill did not survive his injuries."

The officer who shot and killed Hill is on paid administrative leave. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is leading the probe.

Texas Cops Sued Pepper Sprayed, Wrestled and Arrested Man ... For Recording Son's Arrest


Some Texas cops are getting sued over a simple traffic stop that turned into 2 completely outrageous arrests in what, on video, appears to be a disgusting abuse of power.

This Keller PD body cam footage shows Sgt. Blake Shimanek pulling over Dillon Puente for allegedly making a wide right turn. That's it. But, watch the video, Shimanek immediately escalated things by ordering Dillion out of his car. Why? Because he had rolled up his window. Shimanek said to him, "Why are you acting so suspicious?"

Next thing ya know ... Dillon's getting handcuffed and his father, Marco Puente, happened to drive by and witness this. The concerned parent pulled over and stood on the sidewalk across the street recording his son's arrest with his phone.

This clearly pissed off Shimanek, who ordered another officer to go arrest Marco ... allegedly for interfering with an arrest. Eventually, Shimanek and the other cop end up wrestling Marco to the ground, grabbing at his phone, and pepper spraying him.

They cuffed Marco and arrested him ... while Dillon had to pay a ticket for the wide right turn just to get released from jail.

Marco filed a lawsuit last week against the officers for the August 15 arrest -- he alleges they denied him medical attention for nearly 20 minutes after he was pepper sprayed.

Shimanek's already been demoted by Keller PD which conducted an internal investigation and found his conduct was unbecoming of an officer ... and his use of force was "inappropriate."

He could also use a lesson in how exactly democracy works, as Marco Puente was merely exercising his Constitutional rights when he recorded his son's arrest.

Former Playboy Model Victoria Valentino Comes to Rescue in Shooting


Former Playboy model Victoria Valentino didn't think twice after seeing a gunshot victim lying in her street ... rushing to action and playing nurse until paramedics arrived.

Victoria tells TMZ ... she was sitting in her Altadena, CA home Sunday afternoon when she heard what sounded like a bunch of quick firecrackers -- cops say it was a shooting -- and went outside to discover a neighbor down on the ground.

VV says the man had gunshot wounds, including one in his shoulder, and he was turning gray and going into shock ... so she used her experience as a retired hospice and respiratory nurse, raising his leg to keep blood flowing to the heart and brain.

Victoria, the September 1963 Playmate and a Bill Cosby rape accuser and survivor, says the gunshot victim's wife was by his side too ... and they did what they could to keep him calm until paramedics arrived and took over. She says it's just what nurses do.

Sounds like Victoria was a hero ... cops say the victim was transported to a hospital and is expected to survive.

NYC Shooting Man Opens Fire into Parked Car ... Hits Passenger

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@NYPDnews / Twitter

A man in NYC opened fire into a parked car from close range as he walked by on the sidewalk -- and miraculously, the people inside survived his barrage of bullets.

Check out this insane shooting that went down in Brooklyn last weekend, which cops are desperately trying to solve with the public's help. They posted surveillance video of the shooting on their NYPD News account, and asked anyone with info to come forward.

As for what led up to this ... it's not entirely clear. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ this unidentified man seems to unload on the parked Saturn for no apparent reason. Although he fired into the driver's side window, it was only the passenger who ended up getting struck.

Our sources say the female passenger was hit twice in the left arm, and the driver was somehow spared. She was taken to a hospital, where she was treated. The man who walked off like nothing had happened is still at large ... and the NYPD is on the hunt.

Crime Stoppers

We're told there's no known motive at this time ... it appears to have been a random act of violence. That can happen in the Big Apple -- Rick Moranis knows that all too well.

Remember, he was attacked out of nowhere earlier this year by a guy who didn't appear to know him or have any reason to harm him. A suspect has since been arrested in connection with that crime.

Ex-NFL Player Ekom Udofia Cops Release Video of Fatal Shooting 'Please! Do Not Make Me Shoot You'

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"Please! Please! Do not make me shoot you!"

Officials have released video of the deadly shooting incident involving ex-NFL player Ekom Udofia -- which shows officers begging him to drop his weapon before ultimately opening fire.

33-year-old Udofia was a defensive lineman who had a short stint with the Cincinnati Bengals and New Orleans Saints after leaving Stanford in 2009.

But, on Nov. 30, 2020 ... Udofia was shot and killed by Phoenix PD officers after they responded to reports of a possibly armed man messing with cars around 2 AM.

The video of the standoff was captured on body cam by the responding officers -- and has now been released to the public in a video presentation produced and distributed by the police.


When the video starts, you can see and hear officers screaming at the top of their lungs at Udofia to drop what appears to be a handgun.

At one point, one of the officers begins to beg Udofia to comply -- but to no avail.

"Please drop the gun, dude! Please!" one officer screamed at Udofia. "Drop the gun, man! Please! Please! Do not make me shoot you!"

Udofia did not comply with the officers' orders ... and that's when one of the cops unloaded several rounds into the man's body.

The scene, though, didn't stop there ... because officers still could not get Udofia -- who a 911 caller said appeared to be under the influence of drugs -- to drop the weapon.

As officers begged and pleaded with Udofia to separate himself from the weapon ... cops fired less-than-lethal rounds at his body.

Suddenly, though, the 33-year-old appeared to get up and point the weapon at officers ... and that's when police fired more live bullets into the former football player.

In video of the scene, you can see cops then used pepper balls and even a police dog to ultimately get Udofia away from the weapon.

Officers were able to finally subdue Udofia several minutes after the initial shooting ... but they say he passed away from his injuries after he was transported to a local hospital.

Cops say the gun Udofia was using was eventually identified as a BB gun.

The Phoenix Police Dept. says no officers were injured in the incident ... and they've now launched an internal investigation.

NYC Cathedral Shooting Captured on Video ... Gunman Taken Out by cops on steps

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Steven Wilson / Facebook

11:37 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the gunman's name is Luis Vasquez Gomez, and he has a prior conviction for attempted murder.

The moment a crazed gunman was shot to death on the steps of an NYC church was captured on camera -- and the video is absolutely intense.

NYPD officers rushed to St. John the Divine Cathedral Sunday in Harlem, responding to reports of a guy opening fire into the air at an outdoor concert. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and folks were able to either escape outright or take cover inside the cathedral -- but it quickly led to a tense standoff right out front.

A man across the street recorded the fatal moment the gunman was struck by a bullet, which took him down. Prior to that though, he repeatedly dodged several shots from cops by taking cover behind a pillar at the cathedral's front doors.

You can hear cops demanding he drop his gun and surrender ... and at one point the guy screams "kill me" multiple times. NYPD says he was hit in the head, and later pronounced dead at a hospital.

The gunman was the only reported casualty or injury.


A ton of folks who'd taken shelter inside were safely evacuated -- and you can tell they're all rattled. So far, there's no suspected motive for the attempted shooting ... the only thing cops are saying is he came armed with multiple firearms -- including semi-automatic weapons -- some knives, rope, gasoline, wire and a bible in his backpack.

Originally Published -- 6:55 AM PT

Singer Ann Marie Released on Bond .... Anything BUT Free


R&B singer Ann Marie is no longer behind bars for the alleged shooting of a male friend -- but the judge put her on a tight leash while she's awaiting trial.

Ann posted a $60k bond to get out of jail ... and into her living room. The judge placed her on house arrest, and said she can only travel for work ... with prior approval.

She's got a bunch of other restrictions too. Ann Marie has to give the court a 24-hour heads up for any appointments, and she'll have to provide proof of said appointment. They'll know if she's breaking the rules because she has to wear an ankle monitor.


She's also been ordered to have ZERO contact with the alleged victim, Jonathon Wright, or any of his family members and close associates. If, for some reason, she just happens to run into him, she's been ordered to leave the premises immediately and stay 200 yards away.

She can't possess a firearm, either.

As we reported ... Ann was arrested earlier this month after cops got a call to a hotel in Buckhead, GA where she told officers Wright had been accidentally shot in the forehead.

The 911 call didn't shed much light but Ann can be heard overcome with emotions ... screaming and crying and heard saying, "I love you" to Wright.

She was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm during commission of a felony and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Florida Fatal Shooting Mom Anguishes Cop Didn't Need to Kill Her Son


Dylan Scott was fatally shot in his car by a Florida police officer who tried for several minutes to get him to cooperate, but Scott's mother thinks the cop could have done more to save her son.

Pennie Kendrick tells TMZ ... even though Dylan refused to comply with the officer's orders, she believes other tactics -- such as tasing him -- should have been used instead of a gun.

Kendrick says they didn't have to kill him, and she's especially upset because she claims the cops knew her son was suicidal so they should have handled the situation differently.

As we reported ... Scott's mother called the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in July when he was wanted for burglary, saying her son left a note that he wanted to die by suicide by cop. She says at the time she urged cops not to shoot him given the circumstances ... and they were able to peacefully arrest him back then for outstanding warrants.

Kendrick claims his time behind bars left him traumatized -- she says he was beaten by other inmates and didn't complete his addiction treatment.

She tells us all this led to more problems, and ultimately he became broke and was living in his car. Scott's mother believes the reason he didn't comply with the officer is that he was scared to death ... but she thinks he would have peacefully surrendered.

Scott's mom tells us her son really was a good person who would do anything for anyone, and those who knew him loved him because he had a good heart.

Lil Wayne Strikes Deal with Feds ... Pleads Guilty in Handgun Case

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Lil Wayne just pled guilty in federal court to illegally possessing a loaded weapon while traveling to Miami on a private jet.

The feds say an anonymous tip led them to Wayne's PJ at the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport on December 23, 2019, and when they boarded to speak to the passengers ... Wayne told them he had a gun in his bag.

Police say they found a gold-plated Remington 1911, .45-caliber handgun loaded with 6 rounds of ammunition. They also claim they found a bag containing personal use amounts of cocaine, ecstasy, and oxycodone.

Lil Wayne pled guilty to the gun charge Friday in Miami, and his sentencing is scheduled for next month. Weezy, who was convicted of a felony gun charge in NY back in 2009, is now facing up to 10 years in prison.

However, he's likely to get leniency. Our sources say Wayne agreed to the guilty plea and in exchange, the government agreed to recommend a lighter sentence because he's accepting responsibility. Ultimately, his sentence will be up to a judge, but it's a good sign for Tunechi.

We broke the story ... the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida hit the rapper with the federal weapons charge in November.

Vegas Police Shooting Cop Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect Charging with a Hammer

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

A robbery suspect went after residents of the home he was in with a hammer before being shot dead by a responding officer in the nick of time ... and it was captured on body cam.

Police footage of the terrifying Las Vegas incident from the early morning hours Tuesday shows the cop arrive to check out a report of a burglary. The officer says he can see the suspect through a window in the house, then goes to the front door.

The officer tries to get the 2 homeowners -- who are 73 and 76 years old -- to open up quickly to let him in, and thankfully they do ... because a second later the suspect charges with a hammer.

The cop shouts "No!" several times as the suspect tries to attack one of the residents, and as he raises the hammer to strike ... he's shot several times.

He reportedly died at the scene.

The Clark County Coroner has identified the dead man as 40-year-old Nathaniel Sironen. According to police, he broke into the residence armed with the hammer and demanded money and car keys from the homeowners, and told the female resident she was "coming with him."

Fortunately, neither of the elderly residents were injured in the scary ordeal.

Terence Crawford RAMBO AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' ON ME!!! ... Check Out These Guns!!!

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He's deadly in the ring -- but Terence Crawford isn't one to be trifled with at home either.

The boxing superstar decided to show off his massive gun collection Wednesday -- which includes everything from pistols to high-powered rifles and even a shotgun.

16 firearms in all ... and Crawford says only HALF of his collection is pictured in the photo!!!

"They say I got too many I say I don’t got enough," Crawford posted.

"Always fun when I got time to pull these bad boys [out] and let em rip. P.S this only half. Maybe I do have a problem."

Crawford and some pals took the guns to an outdoor shooting area near his home in Omaha, Nebraska and opened fire on some exploding targets ... and shocker, his aim's pretty good!!


Crawford is widely considered one of the best pound-for-pound boxers on the planet ... and fans around the world are praying he'll fight Errol Spence in 2021.

The message here is simple ... don't get on Crawford's bad side. Ever.

Be safe, everyone.

Louis Nix III Ex-Notre Dame Star Shot In Terrifying Incident ... At Florida Gas Station

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Louis Nix III -- a former star Notre Dame defensive lineman -- was shot in the chest in a horrifying incident in Florida ... but thankfully, he says he's doing alright now.

Cops in Jacksonville, FL say they responded to a gunfire call at around 9 PM Tuesday at a local gas station ... and found Nix lying wounded on the ground.

Officers say emergency medical personnel immediately rushed Nix to the hospital ... and there, a doctor told them Nix had said he appeared to be the victim of an attempted robbery.

In the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, cops say doctors told them Nix said, "the suspects put a flashlight into his face" and said something along the lines of "give me..." to him.

Officers say doctors told them Nix felt a gunshot to the chest when he pushed one of the suspects away.

In a video Nix recorded and posted to social media shortly after the incident ... you can see he was terrified about possibly losing his life due to the injuries.

In the clip, Nix -- who had a heavy bandage on his chest -- said, "If I don't make it, I really do love everybody."

Thankfully, in an update Nix posted to his official Facebook page on Wednesday, the 29-year-old said he's doing better.

"I'm alive everyone," Nix said. "The bullet that hit me ricocheted off my sternum into my lung. Surgery is the next step so keep praying for me."

Nix balled out in his 3 seasons as a starter for Notre Dame from 2011 to 2013 ... and he was eventually drafted by the Houston Texans in the 3rd round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Nix played for Houston, the Giants, Washington and Jacksonville up until the 2016 season.

According to the report, one witness said the suspects fled from the scene before officers arrived. No arrests have been made yet, and the investigation is ongoing.

Get well soon, Nix!!!

R&B Singer Ann Marie Emotional 911 Call After Friend Shot in Head


Ann Marie -- who's been arrested and is facing charges in the shooting of her male friend -- was screaming and pleading for help on the phone before emergency responders arrived.

The R&B singer's obviously overcome with emotions on the 911 call -- obtained by TMZ -- but it doesn't shed much light on what happened in the Atlanta hotel room where the incident took place.

At one point, Marie tells the dispatcher it was an accident and explains she reached for a towel and implies that led to her friend accidentally getting shot. Amid her screaming and crying, she's also heard saying, "I love you" to the shooting victim, 24-year-old Jonathon Wright.

After several minutes, police and emergency workers show up and tend to Wright, and it sounds like they are dealing with a scary situation ... as they're heard trying to keep him awake and alert.

As we reported ... cops say they got a call to the InterContinental in Buckhead on December 1 and came upon the grisly scene. The police report says Marie was frantic in a hotel room while Wright laid on the floor with a bullet entry wound in his forehead with an exit wound in his left temple.

Cops say the singer was emotional, but not crying on the scene. She allegedly told officers a gun had fallen off a table and went off, shooting Wright in the head.

After investigating, Ann Marie was arrested and booked for possession of a firearm and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Wright was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

R&B Singer Ann Marie Arrested in ATL After Man Shot in Head

R&B Singer Ann Marie has been arrested in connection to a hotel shooting that sent a man to the hospital after getting shot in the head.

The story is wild ... cops in Atlanta say they got a call to the InterContinental in Buckhead on December 1 and came upon a grisly scene in a hotel room. According to the report -- obtained by TMZ -- Ann Marie was hysterical while a male friend of hers laid on the floor with a bullet wound in the center of his forehead and exit wound out his left temple area.

The report says the male friend, 24-year-old Jonathon Wright, had lost a lot of blood but was somewhat conscious and able to answer some questions. Cops say while Ann Marie was hysterical, she did not produce any tears ... and was naked under a white bathrobe.

Ann Marie told officers at the scene that the gun had fallen off a table and went off, striking Wright in the head.

Cops say they found 2 shell casings inside the hotel room and 2 projectiles. The report states there was also a bullet hole in the door jam and another in a cabinet.

Wright was transported to a local hospital in critical condition.

Ann Marie was arrested Wednesday and booked for possession of a firearm and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

White Suspect vs. Cops Standoff Vid White Privilege Looks Like This ... Says Michael Eric Dyson


The wild body cam footage showing a white suspect threatening to shoot a cop -- not once but TWICE -- is a stark illustration of white privilege according to author Michael Eric Dyson.

Michael joined "TMZ Live" Monday and didn't mince words about the body cam video of a tense standoff with cops in Ohio, and as he put it ... "You and I both know that had that been a motorist of color that motorist would have been dead."

ICYMI ... the video shows Merak Burr, who is white, refusing to get out of his car, flaunting a handgun on the seat next to him, and even threatening to shoot the cops!!! And, having done all of that, Burr was still able to defy the cops and drive away ... without getting shot.

Genoa Township Police Department/Facebook

Michael told us the incident highlights a point he makes in his new book, "Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America" ... which is that white privilege has little to do with wealth, and everything to do with the color of someone's skin.

Michael makes it clear ... he's glad Burr's confrontation didn't end violently but certainly wishes non-white people also got the same treatment.

It's easy to argue ... had cops given Jacob Blake the same treatment in Kenosha, Wisconsin as Burr got in Ohio, Jacob would not be paralyzed today. Remember, Jacob was shot 7 times in the back as he tried to get into his vehicle. He was unarmed but cops said they recovered a knife from the driver's side floorboard in Jacob's car.

Michael says had Burr been a person of color instead, the outcome would have likely ended in what ultimately would have been determined as a justified shooting ... and that's gotta end.

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