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Chrissy Metz Come On, People ... I Didn't Call Alison Brie a Bitch

1/7/2019 6:44 AM PST

Chrissy Metz could not be clearer ... she did NOT call Alison Brie a bitch on the Golden Globes red carpet ... she called her a babe.

We got Chrissy leaving an after-party Sunday night in WeHo at Delilah ... and she scoffed at the notion she would shade her fellow actress like that.

As the rain poured down, our photog asked Chrissy about the semi-off-mic passing comment, and she squarely dismissed what some people say they heard. The comments came during a Facebook Live pre-show hosted by AJ Gibson and Missi Pyle. It actually seems Chrissy started making her comment and trailed off because she was conscious of the mic. 

For Allison's part, she said afterward, "Nothing but love for @chrissymetz !! Rumors can't keep us down!"

Chrissy Metz Denies Calling Alison Brie a Bitch During Golden Globes Pre-Show

1/6/2019 6:21 PM PST

5:45 AM PT -- Alison Brie responded on her Instagram Story posting a pic of the two from SAG Awards, saying, "Nothing but love for @chrissymetz !! Rumors can't keep us down!"

Chrissy Metz seems to have forgotten how a microphone works -- 'cause it sounds like she called fellow actress Alison Brie a bitch ahead of the Golden Globes ... but Chrissy says that isn't the case. 

The 'This Is Us' star was being interviewed on the Globes' own Facebook Live pre-show by AJ Gibson and Missi Pyle when toward the end of their chat, AJ asked Chrissy if she knew who Alison was. Chrissy sarcastically responded, "Do I?" 

AJ said Alison was on the other end of the red carpet, and as the camera panned to Alison with another Globes host ... Chrissy can be heard saying what sounds a lot like, "She's such a bitch." The audio fades out a bit as the line is delivered.

It's unclear if Chrissy was aware her mic had picked up the comment, but it doesn't appear Alison heard her as she didn't react. Chrissy commented on the news ... calling the "bitch" angle fabricated, and saying she adores Alison and would never say a bad word about her or anyone ... adding, "I sure hope she knows my heart."

It's odd though ... Chrissy doesn't clarify what exactly was said. 

Alison has been nominated for her first-ever Golden Globe for her role in "GLOW" -- and Chrissy, of course, has been nominated a couple times already for her role on the NBC drama.

Weirdly enough ... they've posed together at events before, and there doesn't seem to be any surface-level bad blood between the two stars.

'This is Us' Star Eris Baker Banked At Least $300k!!!

6/25/2018 12:20 AM PDT

"This is Us" star Eris Baker has earned north of a quarter of a million bucks ... and she's not even a teenager.

Eris -- who plays Sterling K. Brown's daughter on the hit show -- raked in $112,500 for playing Tess Pearson in season 1 ... this according to her contract and obtained by TMZ. She was in 9 episodes and pulled in $12,500 for each. 

The 12-year-old got bumps in seasons 2 and 3, plus she got paid for a minimum of 7 episodes on both seasons ... grossing her $298,140 before she can even get a learner's permit.

Eris is quickly learning Hollywood pays well for great kid actors. Just ask "Black-ish" star Marsai Martin and, of course, the "Stranger Things" kid, who got a MASSIVE raise after the Netflix show became an instant hit.

Lemonade stands ... that's amateur hour! 

'This is Us' Star Justin Hartley Explains Coping ... After Losing His Dog

4/6/2018 6:54 AM PDT

"This is Us" star Justin Hartley's reeling from the loss of his dog ... but it's his second pooch he's even more concerned about.

We got Justin out in Studio City on Thursday and our guy offered his condolences after the passing of Memphis ... the 11-year-old rescue Justin and his wife, Chrishell, adopted in December 2016. Chrishell said Memphis died earlier this week after his kidneys gave out.

Justin says it's been a tough few days but watch the vid to find out why he's also worried for his second rescue, Gracie. And for what it's worth ... he's also kinda concerned about our guy running into trees. 

Our guy also wondered if it's too soon to think about getting another dog.

Chrissy Metz Jessica Ain't Hating on Mandy Moore!!!

3/27/2018 6:58 AM PDT

Chrissy Metz scoffs at the idea Jessica Simpson is jealous of Mandy Moore's success.

We got the "This Is Us" star out in NYC Monday and wanted to get her take on a recent report that Jessica's raging with envy at Mandy's on-screen success on the hit NBC show. As you know, Jessica and Mandy rose to stardom around the same time nearly 2 decades ago.

Jessica now reportedly feels a slap in the face when she sees Mandy on billboards all over L.A. and resents she was never taken seriously as an actress. Mandy's critically-acclaimed performance is salt in an open wound.

Chrissy says it's all nonsense ... though our last question did stump her.

Mandy Moore All Bleak & in Black ... for Jack's Funeral

2/1/2018 7:50 AM PST

Mandy Moore looked mournful on the set of "This Is Us" ... just another clue of what promises to be an excruciating upcoming episode.

Mandy and some of her cast members were spotted Tuesday decked out all in black ... for what looks like the filming of a funeral. The show's special episode following the Super Bowl promises to answer questions surrounding Jack's death.

Logan Shroyer (who plays teenage Kevin) and Hannah Zeile (teenage Kate) are also decked out in black. Niles Fitch (teenage Randall) appears to be sitting passenger side.

Better have the Kleenex on standby.

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