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NFL Star Tarik Cohen I'm In With The Jews ... Time To Hit The Deli!!

6/15/2018 9:26 AM PDT

Chicago Bears star Tarik Cohen says despite his last name -- he's NOT a Jew, but says he's gotten so much love from his Hebrew fans that he's ready to finally try out a Jewish deli! 

When Tarik blew up this past season ... the Jewish community went crazy trying to find out if the star running back with the traditionally Jewish last name was really a member of the tribe.

Turns out, Cohen is not a jew -- but he feels it's an honor to get so warmly embraced by his Semitic fans.

"I'm not Jewish necessarily, but I do feel accepted ... by the Jewish community."

And get this, Cohen says he's never even been to a Jewish deli before -- but REALLY wants to go, especially since our Jewish camera guy told him he'd probably get a discount. 


NFL's Kyle Long on Gronk: Bet On NFL Return ... Not Hollywood (Yet)

2/8/2018 10:33 AM PST

Dry your tears, Patriots fans ... if Chicago Bears star Kyle Long is right, Rob Gronkowski isn't going anywhere anytime soon, 'cause Long tells TMZ Sports all the retirement talk is just that ... talk.

After the Super Bowl, Gronk said he was pondering his future in football -- some think he'll actually retire. 

But not Long -- who strongly believes Gronk has a lot of football left in him and will return to the Patriots next year. 

So, what about Gronk's future as a Hollywood actor? Long's a fan -- telling us straight-up, "I know I'd pay 10 bucks to watch him f*ck around behind the camera!"

NFL's Kendall Wright Sued By Human Stock Exchange Company

1/9/2018 3:44 PM PST

A company that sells stock in professional athletes claims Chicago Bears WR Kendall Wright is a bad investment ... because he's allegedly screwing the company out of a ton of cash. 

Wright is being sued by Fantex, Inc. --  which has made headlines for making deals with professional athletes so they could sell "shares" to fans who believe the athletes are destined for big paydays. 

For example, Fantex would pay athletes a signing bonus and in exchange they could get a piece of the athlete's future income on and off the field. Stock holders would participate in the profits. 

Fantex reportedly signed a deal with Wright back in 2015 -- offering him $3.125 mil for 10% of his future earnings. Since then, Wright reportedly made $7.3 mil with the Titans in 2016 and and $4 mil with the Bears in 2017. 

He'll probably sign another big contract in 2018. 

But the problem, according to Fantex, is Wright stopped paying the company their cut in March 2017 and now owes them $288k in back payments plus interest ... totaling $312,715.25. 

Fantex says it's tried to contact Wright for the money, but he's basically blown them off. 

We made multiple attempts to contact Wright for comment -- but were unable to get in touch with a rep. 

Devin Hester Retirement Plans?! My Wife's Preggo!

12/12/2017 7:59 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Don't worry about how Devin Hester will stay busy in retirement ... the NFL legend tells TMZ Sports his wife is pregnant with a baby boy! 

After Hester announced his retirement from the NFL early Tuesday morning -- capping off a career as arguably the greatest return man of all time -- we reached out to see what his post-NFL plans are.

"Family time!!!!!!" Hester said ... "A lovely wife with 2 boys and one more boy on the way!!" 


As for Hester's football future, the 4-time Pro Bowler says he plans on coaching his sons -- who are already killing it in flag leagues!!!

Man all he does is watch my Highlights, now he cuts back every damn time!!!!!!🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

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Bears' Zach Miller Relives Horrific Injury ... 'Save My Leg, Please'

12/8/2017 9:39 AM PST
Breaking News

Bears TE Zach Miller is finally opening up about the gruesome injury that nearly cost him his left leg ... tearing up as he describes all that's gone down in the aftermath. 

Miller says he knew the injury was "pretty severe" ... so when he made it to a trauma center in New Orleans, he had a simple message for the surgeons -- "Save my leg, please." 

Zach credits Chicago's training staff, too -- calling one assistant trainer, Sid Dreyer, his "hero" for taking charge of the situation ... 'cause losing his leg could've been a matter of minutes, not hours. 

But the Bears star was most affected by the outpouring of support after the incident ... which includes a bond with an inspirational teenage QB -- who lost his leg from a similar injury.

"That could be me ... if I didn't have the care that I had," Miller said.

"He's a special kid -- he gets me through every day."

Zach Miller Emergency Surgery Was Successful ... Bears Say

10/30/2017 10:59 AM PDT
Breaking News

Good news for Zach Miller ... the emergency surgery to repair an artery in his left leg was successful -- and it seems like his leg will be saved. 

The Chicago Bears tight end damaged an artery when he badly dislocated his left knee during Sunday's game against the Saints. It was so bad, ESPN says he was in danger of losing his leg. 

But now the Bears have issued a statement implying Miller is out of the danger zone. 

"Miller sustained a serious injury to his left knee and immediate evaluation from our medical team on site rushed him to nearby University Medical Center New Orleans (UMC) for urgent vascular surgery to repair a torn popliteal artery."

"Successful surgery was performed immediately on Sunday by the UMC vascular surgeons to stabilize his injury."

"Zach remains at UMC, along with Bears medical personnel, where he will stay under further evaluation."

"We are thinking of Zach and his family and support from our entire organization goes out to them."

Chicago Bears' Zach Miller In Danger of Losing Leg After Gruesome Injury

10/30/2017 6:21 AM PDT
Breaking News

The horrific leg injury Chicago Bears TE Zach Miller suffered on Sunday was so bad, surgeons were scrambling to "save his leg" ... according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen

Miller badly dislocated his left knee while trying to catch a TD pass in the 3rd quarter against the New Orleans Saints. He came down on the leg wrong and Miller knew right away the injury was bad. 

Now, Mortensen says Miller suffered damage to an artery in his leg  -- and vascular surgeons have been called in to repair it.

Mortensen says Miller already underwent emergency surgery on Sunday to "save the leg"-- but he's not sure if that means he's in danger of having the leg amputated ... or just losing functionality.

Bears Legend Mike Singletary I Loooooooove Mitch Trubisky ... But Be Patient

10/10/2017 2:44 PM PDT

Bears legend Mike Singletary is ALL ABOUT Mitch Trubisky ... but warns Chicago fans that things ain't gonna change overnight. 

We spoke with Singletary after Mitch-a-palooza on Monday Night Football ... and the Hall of Famer told us he was genuinely impressed with the #2 overall pick. 

But the bottom line for Mike ... the Bears need to let Mitch "be what he is, a rookie," which essentially means it's a growing and learning season -- not a Super Bowl contender season. 

"I definitely think there’s a lot to work with."

Pretty high praise from one of the greatest Bears ever. 

Mike Ditka Crown Trubisky Bears Starting QB ... Better 1st Game Than Tom Brady

8/11/2017 7:33 AM PDT

If Mitch Trubisky isn't the Chicago Bears starting QB in Week 1, "You've got problems" -- so says Bears legend Mike Ditka

To say Da Coach was impressed with the rookie's preseason debut Thursday night is a gross understatement ... Ditka believes it's TRUB OR CONSEQUENCES! 

"What I saw out of Trubiksy for a rookie in his first game I thought was outstanding." 

Trub -- the #2 pick in the draft -- went 18-25 for 166 yards and a TD after replacing starting QB Mike Glennon who went 2-8 for 20 yards and an interception. 

Ditka thinks the decision is obvious ... and says Mitch made a better first impression than guys like Tom Brady and Fran Tarkenton

"It's clear cut he should be your starter."

Tony Gonzalez JAY CUTLER WILL RETURN ... Just Not With The Bears

11/23/2016 8:48 AM PST

Hope Jay Cutler hasn't gotten too used to the deep dish pizza in Chicago ... 'cause Tony Gonzalez says his days in Chi town are DONE ... but don't worry, Kristin C., TG says Cutler's NFL days are NOT DONE.

Cutler is out for the year after getting hurt in the Bears' last game ... and a lot of people are saying that with that setback, his time in Halas Hall is over.

Tony Gonzalez is one of those people ... saying that it's probably best the team move on ... but as far as Cutler's future is concerned Tony think's he's like a football Terminator ... he'll be back.

Mike Ditka Don't Blame Jay Cutler ... The Whole Team Stunk!

11/14/2016 10:57 AM PST

The Bears looked downright terrible on Sunday -- but don't peg the loss solely on Jay Cutler ... EVERYONE in a Chicago uniform stunk ... so says Mike Ditka.  

The Chicago Bears legend wasn't exactly a staunch defender of the QB when we spoke with him about the crushing 36-10 loss to the Bucs moments ago ... but he explained why it isn't fair to JUST go after Cutler. 

Ditka also weighs in on Broncos QB Trevor Siemian -- "Is he the guy? I dunno. But he's the guy they got!" 

Good stuff. 

Kristin Cavallari Hey, Jay Cutler Haters ... SUCK IT!!

11/1/2016 6:33 AM PDT

Remember earlier this season when EVERYONE was saying the Bears should fire Jay Cutler and find a QB who isn't a giant black hole of suck???

Yeah, well his wife Kristin Cavallari sure does -- and Monday night she had a message for all the haters ... WHERE YOU AT NOW??

BTW Kristin, those haters? Yeah, they'll be back next week ... so enjoy it.

Jay Cutler's Wife Suggests He's Coming Back Too Soon ... Injury Worse Than We Thought?

10/25/2016 1:30 PM PDT

With Jay Cutler FINALLY medically cleared to play this week -- his wife, Kristin Cavallari, is suggesting that he's returning WAYYY too soon.

The Chicago Bears star missed the past 4 games due to an injury to his right thumb -- and with the Bears struggling at the QB position, Cavallari clearly thinks her husband is rushing back too quickly.

"He's baaaaack! Maybe a couple weeks before he's supposed to be," Cavallari said ... "but good luck this week, babe. Kick some Vikings-ass!"

Question is ... how bad was the injury if Cavallari is suggesting he needed even MORE time to recover? 

And that being said ... can we really expect solid QB play from a guy who still may be hurt and facing a killer defense???

We'll see ... 

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