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John Stamos D.A. to Charge Actor with DUI Under the Influence of GHB

10/8/2015 1:00 AM PDT

John Stamos will be charged with driving under the influence of GHB, the so-called date rape drug, TMZ has learned, but sources close to the actor say he was using the drug as a fitness supplement. 

Stamos was arrested in June when cops spotted him driving erratically in Beverly Hills. Authorities say Stamos was so messed up they took him to the hospital. We're told testing revealed there was GHB in his system, along with another non-narcotic drug. 

Our Stamos sources say the actor was taking the drug to "lean out body mass" as he prepared for his new TV show. The drug is used by bodybuilders for lean muscle, and for a level of sleep which helps muscles recover.

We're told the criminal case will be filed soon and the charging documents will outline the drugs.

Stamos went to rehab almost immediately after his arrest and completed his 30-day live-in treatment successfully.

NFL's Aldon Smith Pleads Not Guilty In DUI Hit & Run

10/6/2015 2:40 PM PDT
Breaking News

Oakland Raiders superstar Aldon Smith is fighting the charges in his DUI case -- pleading not guilty to allegations he smashed his SUV door into another car and then drunkenly drove from the scene. 

Aldon was arrested on August 6th -- after cops say he tried to get out of his car in a lot about a mile from Levi's Stadium when he swung the door open into the car next to him, causing roughly $500 in damage. 

Cops say Smith got back in his car and left ... only to return to the scene on foot, where cops were waiting. Aldon then bombed a sobriety test and was arrested for DUI, hit and run and vandalism. 

If convicted, Smith -- who has been arrested for DUI twice -- faces up to 2-and-a-half years behind bars. 

He's due back in court in November. 

Brandon Davis DUI Crash Photos Drinking with Ex-NHLer Mike Comrie Before Wreck

10/2/2015 9:10 AM PDT

Photos from the DUI wreck Brandon Davis had Thursday night show just how horrific the accident was -- and TMZ has learned he was hanging with former NHL star Mike Comrie beforehand.

We broke the story, Brandon -- heir to the Davis oil fortune -- had a single car wreck in L.A. and absolutely destroyed his Mercedes Benz sedan. Davis was transported to a hospital, where police arrested him for an alleged DUI.

Earlier in the evening, Brandon was seen drinking wine with Comrie -- Hilary Duff's estranged husband -- at L.A. sushi joint Matsuhisa. It doesn't appear Comrie was in the car with Brandon at the time of the accident ... as the ambulance only transported one patient.

Davis, aka Greasy Bear ... has been released from the hospital, and is getting transported to jail.

Brandon Davis DUI Arrest After Nasty Car Crash

10/2/2015 6:46 AM PDT

1:15 PM PST: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Davis suffered a cracked vertebrae in the accident.

Hollywood heir Brandon Davis destroyed his Mercedes Benz in a nasty single car accident in Los Angeles early Friday morning ... and then got busted for DUI.

Davis, ex BFF of Paris Hilton, was driving through one of LA's canyons when he smashed into something so hard ... it tore off the front, right side of his Mercedes sedan. Davis was injured in the wreck and had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital.

Police arrested him for DUI while he was still getting treated at the hospital.

Brandon, the grandson of oil and Hollywood tycoon Marvin Davis, was booked for battery and cocaine possession back in 2011. He pled guilty and was ordered to enter a drug diversion program.

Davis is probably most famous for his "firecrotch" rant about Lindsay Lohan

NBA's Ty Lawson I Didn't Need Rehab ... But I Did Learn Stuff

9/30/2015 3:58 PM PDT
Breaking News

Houston Rockets star Ty Lawson says he does NOT believe he's an alcoholic ... despite 2 DUI arrests this year ... saying he just made "two dumb mistakes" and didn't really need to go to rehab. 

Lawson just opened up about his stint at Cliffside Malibu, where he was ordered to complete a 30 day program stemming from his January DUI in Colorado, telling Yahoo Sports the experience was "eye-opening," but not completely necessary.

"I still honestly don’t think I would’ve had to go in there if it wasn’t court ordered. I just made two dumb mistakes. But I did take things from the [rehabilitation facility]."

As for what he learned, Lawson says ... he learned "what triggers are" and "what forces someone to drink."

Lawson says being around people at the facility who had bottomed out from booze gave him a new perspective on the dangers of drinking -- "I didn't think alcoholism got that bad. But it does."

"There were people who were pushed into [the rehab facility] by family, and then me, who was court ordered. Just to see that it can get that bad, that you can die. You may not see that as a person until you’re already there."

Lawson has a busy month ahead of him -- he's due in court in L.A. stemming from his July DUI on October 9th ... and his Colorado DUI case goes back in front of the judge on October 16th. 

Jamal Anderson Arrested for DUI Again ... 2nd DUI In 10 Months

9/24/2015 6:17 AM PDT
Breaking News

More DUI trouble for ex-Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson -- the former NFL star was arrested for DUI on Sunday ... the 2nd time he's been busted for drunk driving in 10 months. 

Officials say the 42-year-old was swerving in his lane -- when he was pulled over. During the stop, cops determined he was under the influence and put him under arrest. 

He was eventually released on $5,830 bond. 

Just 3 days later, Anderson was arraigned on his DUI charge from last November -- when cops say he was discovered passed out behind the wheel of an Escalade on I-85. 

BTW -- Anderson was also arrested for DUI in 2012 ... but ultimately pled guilty to the lesser charge of reckless driving. 

We reached out to Anderson for comment -- so far, no word back. 

NBA's Ty Lawson Props From Judge In DUI Case

8/20/2015 2:38 PM PDT

Some more good news for embattled NBA star Ty Lawson ... who just got some dap from the judge presiding over his DUI case in Colorado. 

Long story short ... the Houston Rockets star entered rehab last month following a DUI arrest in Los Angeles .... which came 6 months after a DUI arrest in Denver. 

There was a hearing in his Colorado case today -- and in the judge's notes, he wrote that Lawson has been making "excellent progress" in the case. 

Lawson's challenge will be to keep his nose clean in the coming weeks and months. There's no room for error ... considering a judge has ordered him to install an alcohol monitoring system in his home to make sure he stays sober. 

As for the L.A. DUI -- a hearing is scheduled for next week. 

Aldon Smith Arrested Again Hit & Run, DUI This Time

8/7/2015 7:47 AM PDT
Breaking News

8:45 AM PT -- Aldon just got sprung after posting the $26k bail.49ers superstar Aldon Smith is in a familiar place, and it ain't training camp -- he's in jail after getting busted for hit and run and DUI.

The oft-arrested Smith is sitting in jail after Santa Clara police hauled him in early Friday morning. He's being held on $26,000 bail.

We know he's been booked for DUI, hit and run, and also vandalism. It's still unclear exactly what went down leading up to the arrest.

This is Smith's second DUI -- the first was in 2013 -- and he was also hit with weapons charges in 2012. He served 12 days in jail in 2014. The NFL suspended him for 9 games last season.

Story developing ...

Wes Scantlin Busted For DUI ... Again

8/5/2015 3:25 PM PDT

Wes Scantlin just can't seem to figure out the whole obey the law thing ... the Puddle of Mudd singer was busted for DUI for the second time in under a month.

Law enforcement sources tell us Wes was pulled over for speeding early Wednesday morning in South Dakota. We're told cops determined he was driving under the influence, but it's unclear if he failed a breathalyzer test or field sobriety testing ... or both.

Ever the overachiever, Scantlin was also charged with pot possession.

TMZ broke the story ... Wes was busted in July for DWI in Minnesota after he blew 4x the legal limit

Scantlin is set to perform in SD tonight after getting released on $500 bail. 

Flavor Flav Cops Say He was Coked Up In DUI Arrest

7/22/2015 1:28 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Flavor Flav’s DUI is way more alarming that anyone thought, because we've learned he was allegedly under the influence of cocaine ...  the drug that almost ruined his life.

Flav was busted back in May for speeding on a Vegas freeway. Cops saw an open Heineken bottle in the center console, and he admitted he had smoked pot "not too long ago." The admission was necessary because the car reeked of weed.

But it got a lot worse when an EMT took his blood at the station ... revealing there was cocaine in his system.

Flav lost his fortune in the '80s after blowing more than $5 million on coke. He said he was spending $2,600 a day for 6 years straight on cocaine.

Very sad.

UFC's Nick Diaz Hit with Jail Time ... In DUI Cases

7/20/2015 12:45 AM PDT

UFC superstar Nick Diaz is headed for the slammer -- but not for long ... after cutting a pretty badass deal in his TWO DUI cases ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

As we previously reported, the 31-year-old fighter was arrested for DUI in Lodi, CA back in September ... just one year after he was previously popped for DUI in the same city. 

Diaz was facing real jail time if convicted in both cases -- but struck a sweet plea deal with prosecutors in which he pled no contest to DUI with .08 or higher, and in exchange 3 charges were thrown out ... including the second DUI. 

He was sentenced to 2 days in jail -- and gets credit for 1 day served ... so he'll be a free man in no time (props to Nick's lawyer). 

In addition to the jail time, Diaz also got 3 years of informal probation and must complete a DUI educational course.

Diaz is expected to surrender to authorities and knock out his jail sentence after his next hearing later this month. 

Ty Lawson I'm Going to Rehab

7/17/2015 1:09 PM PDT
Breaking News

NBA star Ty Lawson says he's finally getting treatment -- entering a rehab center for the next 30 days ... after his 2nd DUI arrest this year. 

Lawson appeared in court in Denver moments ago for a hearing on his DUI arrest in Colorado back in January ... where a judge ordered him to be on monitored sobriety, instead of a SCRAM bracelet.

What that means is instead of having to wear an ankle bracelet 24/7 which constantly monitors the user's blood alcohol level, he'll have to routinely blow into a stationary B.A.C. monitoring device. 

During the hearing, Lawson's lawyer also announced that he will begin treatment at a rehab center in Southern California beginning tomorrow. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... the Denver Nuggets star was arrested for DUI in L.A. earlier this week. He's due in court for that case in August. 

Story developing ... 

Outlawz Rapper Hussein Fatal Driver in Accident ... Busted for His Homicide

7/14/2015 6:14 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Tupac’s homie and Outlawz rapper, Hussein Fatal, wasn't at the wheel during the car accident, and the woman who was ... has been arrested for homicide and DUI.

We’re told Fatal was the passenger in a Dodge Challenger driven by Zanetta L. Yearby -- and he was ejected and killed in an absolutely horrific crash early Friday morning in Gainesville, Georgia. Two car seats and one wheel are about all that's left of the vehicle. 

Zanetta was arrested at the scene and charged with DUI, reckless driving, and first degree vehicular homicide. She's still in custody. 

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