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Anthony Mackie

Stopped for Tinted Windows

Busted for Drunk Driving

11/9/2013 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Mackie -- who has appeared in numerous big movies including "8 Mile," "Hurt Locker" and "Gangster Squad," was arrested Saturday morning for drunk driving ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Mackie was driving in NYC at around 1:30 when cops pulled him over for tinted windows.  We're told when they approached the driver's side they noticed Mackie had bloodshot, watery eyes and they smelled booze.

Mackie flunked several field sobriety tests and was then cuffed and taken to a nearby police station where he was booked.

Mackie refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test.  For that, he'll have his license automatically suspended.

Dina Lohan

The Paparazzi Caused Her

To Drive Drunk

10/23/2013 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
102313_dina_exit_launch_v2 Dina Lohan drove totally wasted and it's all because the paparazzi drove her to the bottle and then the steering wheel ... this according to her bizarre lawyer.

Dina and her lawyer, Mark Heller, appeared for a routine hearing in her drunk driving case, and then Heller offered up the indefensible defense.

Here's the argument ... Dina's lifestyle presents lots of challenges and stress, brought on by the barrage of photogs that follow her.  Those stresses caused Dina to down enough alcohol to register a .20 blood alcohol level as she tooled down the road.  Short story -- it's our fault, not hers.

You may remember Heller.  He was literally run out of L.A. after getting fired in the Lindsay Lohan shoplifting case. 

Heller hopes that the judge will take his argument under consideration in Dina's DWI case.

Hope springs eternal.

Heidi Fleiss Arrested

Driving While Stoned

Takes Terrible Mug Shot

10/22/2013 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
Heidi Fleiss
had a bad morning, REALLY BAD -- 'cause after she was busted for driving while high on weed ... she took one of the worst mug shots we've ever seen.

Cops say the 47-year-old former Hollywood she-pimp was tooling around Pahrump, Nevada around 3:30 AM in a 2010 Toyota Cruiser while baked on the green stuff.

During the stop, cops say they found 4 ounces of pot and $10k in cash.

Fleiss was eventually hauled to a nearby cop shop, where she was booked for DUI (marijuana), possession of weed with intent to sell, and driving without a license and insurance.

Heidi's penchant for pot is nothing new ... back in August, officials say they found nearly 400 POT PLANTS at her home. Fleiss said she was growing the weed for a cooperative in Vegas.

In fact, Heidi is scheduled to appear in court for the weed jungle case tomorrow.

She's gonna have some serious 'splainin' to do.


Shooter McGavin

Police Release Arrest Video

Cuffed & Laughing

10/17/2013 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
Shooter McGavin ... popped yesterday in North Carolina for DWI ... has taken a starring role ... in a police video shot by the highway patrol officers who took him in.

The video was just released ... it shows Shooter -- AKA Christopher McDonald -- being booked in Wilmington, NC ... after his arrest early yesterday morning.

In the video, he walks into the station handcuffed ... he laughs and jokes with officers ... and then blows into a breathalyzer.  Officers say he blew a .15 -- almost twice the legal limit.

At one point in the clip  ... he leans on a counter ... to try to keep himself steady.

He was held at the station for a few hours ... and then released.

Shooter McGavin

Takes Unhappy DWI Mug Shot

10/16/2013 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

10:46 AM PT --  McDonald was released at 7:20 AM ET. He has a court date on Dec. 11.

9:30 AM PT --
Shooter was SUPER wasted ... and barely able to utter a coherent sentence ... this according to one of the guys who shared a beer with McDonald just hours before his DUI arrest.

Jonathan Mincher tells TMZ he and his buddies (seen in the pic below) were drinking at Lagerheads Tavern in Wrightsville Beach, NC when Shooter walked in with a friend.

Mincher says Shooter was drinking beer ... and could hardly speak. But we're told he was a sport ... and bought Mincher and his crew a round. Mincher says when he left the bar at 1 AM ... Shooter was still there going strong.

Christopher McDonald, who played Shooter McGavin in "Happy Gilmore," was busted early this morning for DWI.

The 58-year-old actor -- who also played Travis Cole in "Dirty Work" -- was popped by North Carolina Highway Patrol deputies in Wilmington ... cuffed and taken to jail at around 4:30 AM. 

Law enforcement tell us ... Shooter's blood alcohol level was .15 -- almost double the legal limit.

Before the arrest, Shooter was drinking beers with a few guys at a bar -- and definitely appears toasty.

It appears he was in Wilmington filming a movie called "The Squeeze."

Movie bigwigs will have to post $1,000 to get their star out of the slammer.  

NFL Superstar Aldon Smith


Stemming from Violent 2012 House Party

10/9/2013 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
San Francisco 49ers superstar Aldon Smith has reportedly been hit with 3 felony charges for possession of ASSAULT WEAPONS ... stemming from a shooting at his home back in 2012.

Smith -- who's currently in rehab following a DUI last month -- was stabbed at a party at the NFL star's 8,000 square foot home in San Jose, CA. Two other people were shot that night.

The identity of the shooter is unknown -- but officials do say there were several guns found in Smith's home, including 3 kinds of assault rifles (below) which are illegal in California ... and an unregistered .45 handgun. 

According to cops, Smith fired the handgun into the air several times during the party, but did not hit anyone. They say the unknown shooter later used the same handgun.

Authorities also say they found several magazines of ammunition in Smith's bedroom.

Just two weeks ago, the two alleged shooting victims filed lawsuits against Aldon -- but never accused the football player of firing the shots that struck them that night.


Lamar Odom


10/9/2013 9:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Lamar Odom has just pled not guilty to DUI stemming from his arrest in August.

The former NBA star was not in court, but his lawyer, Rich Hutton, entered the plea on his behalf.

TMZ broke the story ... Lamar has what has become a life-threatening drug problem, which includes big issues with crack.  He was busted for "driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs" on August 30th.

According to police, Lamar failed numerous field sobriety tests following the traffic stop in L.A. and refused all chemical tests when he was booked.

A pretrial date has been set for next month. In the meantime, Lamar has been ordered to obey all laws.


Jerry Sandusky's Son


10/9/2013 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shot for Jerry Sandusky's son Jon Sandusky -- taken moments after the Cleveland Browns director of player personnel was arrested for DUI yesterday.

36-year-old Jon was initially pulled over in Fargo, ND early Tuesday morning after cops say he made an illegal turn.  During the stop, cops suspected he was hammered and tried to administer a breathalyzer test ... but Jon refused.

Instead, cops ordered Jon to do field sobriety tests -- and he clearly didn't perform well enough, 'cause he was immediately arrested for driving under the influence.

Sandusky was hauled to a nearby station where he was booked -- posed for his mug shot -- and was eventually released.

It's been a rough couple of years for the Sandusky family -- Jon's sick pedophile father Jerry was arrested in 2011 for raping a bunch of boys in the Penn State locker room.

He's currently rotting in prison ... where he will most likely die.


Jim Jones

Busted Uptown Baby

Allegedly Drove High in the Bronx

10/2/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Jim Jones was arrested for cruising around high -- and allegedly at high speed -- this morning in the Bronx ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources ... NYPD pulled JJ over around 2 AM for speeding on a highway ... and when officers approached his Chevy Impala (baller) -- they say he had bloodshot eyes and looked out of it.

We're told they put Jones through some field sobriety tests ... which he did NOT pass with flying colors.

Sources tell us JJ refused a breathalyzer test back at the police station, and was booked for driving under the influence of drugs. We're told the drug is believed to be marijuana.

Jones has been busted a few other times in NY and NJ, but still can't touch DMX's stats. Nobody does.

Bernie Kosar


9/30/2013 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
0930-Bernie-Kosar-gettyFormer NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar is fighting his drunk driving arrest -- pleading not guilty to DUI after he was popped in Ohio Sunday morning.

As we previously reported, the ex-Cleveland Browns QB was initially pulled over at 2:52 AM for speeding ... but cops say they detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from his car.

Kosar's attorney entered the not guilty plea on Bernie's behalf during the hearing in Bedford Municipal Court on Monday. He's due back in court on Dec. 9.

We've reached out to Bernie for comment -- so far, no word back.


Bernie Kosar


For Drunk Driving [Mug Shot]

9/29/2013 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Former Cleveland Browns QB Bernie Kosar was arrested for drunk driving in Ohio this morning, and his mug shot reveals ... a lot of scalp.

A rep for the Solon PD says ... officers pulled Bernie over at 2:52 this morning and detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from his car when they approached it.

After a series of field sobriety tests -- police hauled Kosar off to a nearby station for operating a vehicle impaired ... where he was booked and released on a $500 bond.

Burned by "The Drive" again ... allegedly.


Lamar Odom

DUI Arraignment Delayed

9/27/2013 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lamar Odom
's DUI case was put on hold this morning ... as his attorney appeared in court and requested a continuance.

Lamar was not in the Van Nuys, CA courtroom for the scheduled arraignment -- he wasn't required to be there -- but his attorney Richard Hutton was ... and the judge granted a new hearing date of October 10.

TMZ broke the story ... Odom was arrested Aug. 30 and charged with DUI after cops pulled him over the 101 freeway for driving too slow. He refused to take any blood alcohol tests ... and lost his license as a result.

Lamar Odom

Arrest Warrant Looms

9/25/2013 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Lamar Odom
could be a wanted man Friday ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Lamar was arrested last month for DUI.  His arraignment is set for Friday.  He's not required to show up in court to enter a plea -- his lawyer can do the trick.

Here's the problem.  If no one shows up, the judge will issue a bench warrant for Lamar's arrest.  And based on what we know, if cops find Lamar ... they will also find plenty of illegal drugs.

As we reported ... Kris Jenner contacted famed lawyer Robert Shapiro to represent Lamar, but that was before Lamar went MIA on the Kardashian family. 

TMZ reported several weeks ago ... Shapiro would ONLY take the case if Lamar would seek treatment for his addiction.  We are positive ... Lamar is not only refusing treatment, he's deeper into drugs than ever before.

It's unclear if Shapiro will change his tune and represent Lamar.  It's also unclear if Lamar has even formally hired Shapiro.

There is one way Shapiro can help Lamar dodge an arrest warrant -- by going to court Friday, and asking the judge to put off the arraignment for a few weeks while Lamar nails down who will rep him.

Stay tuned.

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