DeMarcus Ware Shoulder Presses Partner ... In 'DWTS' Tango

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You knew DeMarcus Ware could jump over his "Dancing with the Stars" partner ... but did you know he could shoulder press her too???

It's true ... 'cause the ex-Dallas Cowboys superstar lifted Lindsay Arnold straight over his 6'4" frame Monday night -- and it was awesome!!!!!!

D-Ware's been killin' the dance game with his NFL athleticism -- hoppin' over Lindsay in his 'DWTS' debut last month and then throwing her around like a rag doll in Monday's tango.

So, how'd it go over with the judges???


"Almost a superhuman display of strength," judge Len Goodman said.

Ware scored a 26 outta 30 -- and staved off elimination for another week. Which is huge ... 'cause the competition (Tinashe, Alexis Ren, Juan Pablo Di Pace) is STIFF.

Only one more trick for Ware left to do on the show ... squats with Arnold on his back next week???

DeMarcus Ware Jumps Over Partner ... In 'DWTS' Debut

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DeMarcus Ware jumped over a grown ass human on "Dancing with the Stars" -- and it was awesome!!!!

The ex-Denver Broncos superstar -- who won a Super Bowl with the team back in 2016 -- hit the ballroom Monday night in a sweet bedazzled #94 blazer and crushed it with his partner, Lindsay Arnold.

But, let's get back to the jump ... Ware is a 6'4", 260-pound man. He's also 36 years old and retired 2 years ago.


The big question ... how did Ware and Arnold do??

The judges liked the cha cha routine to Flo Rida's "Sweet Sensation" -- and scored the pair a solid "23" ... tying with heavy favorite Tinashe and Brandon Armstrong with the best score of the night.

The competition is stiff this season -- Ware's up against stars like Olympic legend Mary Lou Retton, model Alexis Ren and former 'Harry Potter' actress Evanna Lynch (she played Luna Lovegood).

FYI -- Ware's teammate Von Miller was also on the show in 2016 (he was eliminated in week 7).

There's only one explanation to D-Ware's dance moves -- he had to have learned from Tony Romo.


Emmitt Smith & Jason Witten Tell DeMarcus Ware ... Don't (Pass) Rush Through 'DWTS'!!

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The greatest running back of all time, a future Hall of Fame tight end and a Super Bowl-winning pass rusher met up Thursday night ... and guess what they talked about??


It's true ... Dallas Cowboys legends Emmitt Smith and Jason Witten caught up with DeMarcus Ware -- and instead of football talk, D-Ware wanted advice on his two-step.

If you're wondering why ... it's 'cause Ware's a new contestant on the new season of "Dancing With The Stars" -- and Smith was a former winner on the show.

As for Witten, not too sure why his dancing advice was necessary -- but Ware got it anyway!!

Sooooooo ... what were their messages to the newly-minted, 6-foot-4, 258-pound ballerina??

"Get them toes pointed in the right direction," Emmitt says.

Witten added, "Don't treat it like a pass rush!!"

Seems like solid intel ... but gotta wait until the show premieres on Sept. 24 to see if Ware follows it.

Erin Andrews on Cesar Millan His Doggy Style's Working Wonders!!


That Erin Andrews can let the dogs out is a mini-miracle ... and the wizard behind that magic is Cesar Millan.

We got the "NFL on FOX" star reporter Wednesday at LAX and had to ask about calling in the Dog Whisperer of all Dog Whisperers. Seems her pooch, Howard the Golden Retriever, had some issues with leash aggression.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Cesar's been working with Howard for a few weeks now and as Erin tells it ... the good boy's not the only one in need of some dog training.

School's also in session for beloved dog owners ... like her and hubby Jarret Stoll. Check it out ... Erin can't get enough of Cesar ... praising the hell outta the guy.

... nothing but the dog in him.

Bristol Palin's Son Joining 'DWTS: Juniors' It's Not Just You in Showbiz, Mom!!!


It's true what they say ... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree 'cause Bristol Palin's son has officially gone Hollywood.

Bristol's 9-year-old son, Tripp, will make his reality TV debut on "Dancing with the Stars: Juniors" and he's in line to bring in a boat load of money if his rhythm's on point ... this according to his minor's contract, obtained by TMZ.

Just like Honey Boo Boo and Scottie Pippen's kid ... Tripp will get paid $50k just for signing up to do the show. He can make a ton of cash if he survives and up to $130k total if he makes it to the finale. BTW ... Stevie Wonder's son, Mandla Morris, is also joining the cast. The kid's got music in his blood, so watch out.

For all her railing against the Hollywood elite, it seems Sarah Palin's daughter and grandson sure love the dough and attention that's gonna come with it. TMZ broke the story ... Bristol is joining MTV's "Teen Mom OG" as its newest cast member. It appears she's replacing Farrah Abraham.

According to Tripp's contract, he's allowed to appear in episodes of Teen Mom while competing on DWTS.

Welcome to Hollywood!

Honey Boo Boo Boo Hoo Hoo Dancing is Hard

Honey Boo Boo is learning a hard lesson ... dancing can really suck.

The 12-year-old dissolved into tears after a rehearsal Saturday at CBS Studios in L.A.

All is not bad ... she's getting $50,000 just for signing to do the show, and the longer she competes the more money she'll pull in. If she makes it to episode 3 she'll get $10k, episode 5 she'll get another $15k, episode 7 she'll get $20k, episode 8 another $15k, and if she's in the finale she'll get another $20k.

Judging from the pics, she's not bankin' on more than the minimum.

Honey Boo Boo Big Money on The Line ... For 'DWTS: Juniors'


Honey Boo Boo has the chance to reel in some serious cash if she can survive the grueling competition on "DWTS: Juniors."

Boo Boo -- aka Alana Thompson -- got $50,000 just for signing on to do the show ... and the longer she competes, the more money she will make each episode. We've obtained a copy of her contract, and the rest of the cash breaks down like this ...

- $5,000 per episode for episodes 2 & 3.

- $7,500 per episode for episodes 4 & 5.

- $10,000 per episode for episodes 6 & 7.

- $15,000 for episode 8.

- $20,000 for the finale.

If you are bad at math -- that is $130,000 total -- or a lifetime supply of "sketti and butter."

Val Chmerkovskiy Wants Bronny On 'DWTS: Juniors'


Val Chmerkovskiy has become the latest in Hollywood to recruit a member of the LeBron family ... with the two-time Mirror Ball trophy winner callin' out Bronny to join the cast of "Dancing with the Stars: Juniors"!

Remember ... L.A.'s biggest celebs have already lined up to work with LeBron now that he's a Laker -- and just a few days ago, Jackie Christie begged Savannah to join "Basketball Wives."

Now ... Bronny's getting the Tinseltown pitch, courtesy of new 'DWTS: Juniors' judge Chmerkovskiy -- who tells TMZ Sports he really wants to see LBJ Jr. on the dance floor.

"It'll be awesome for you," Val says. "You're welcome, you should come on the show!"

It wouldn't be the most farfetched thing we've ever seen ... after all, we already reported Scottie Pippen's 9-year-old daughter is slated to be on the show.

Plus ... Val tells us the perks of being a part of the cast ... and they sound pretttttty enticing for a 13-year-old.

'Dance Moms' Mackenzie Ziegler Gunning for $130k Payday w/ 'DWTS: Juniors'


Ex-"Dance Moms" star Mackenzie Ziegler has over 100k reasons to wanna make it to the "Dancing with the Stars: Juniors" finals ... huge BUCK$ are on the line.

The 14-year-old is guaranteed to make at least $50k for appearing on the 'DWTS' spinoff, but there are tons of incentives built into her minors contract ... obtained by TMZ.

Here's the breakdown:

- $10k for episodes 2 and 3

- $15k for episodes 4 and 5

- $20k for episodes 6 and 7

- $15k for episode 8

- and $20k for the finale ... bringing her total to $130k!!

She'll have plenty of competition on the upcoming show. TMZ broke the story ... Scottie and Larsa Pippen's little girl, Sophia, has been added to the cast. She's just 9 years old but she does come from championship bloodline.

Scottie & Larsa Pippen Our Little Girl's Ready For 'DWTS: Juniors'


Scottie Pippen might wanna clear a shelf in his trophy room ... his 9-year-old daughter's got her eyes on a 'Dancing with the Stars' championship.

We're told Sophia will join the cast of the new spin-off 'DWTS: Juniors.' Sources say Scottie's wife, Larsa, and her pal, Kim Kardashian, were spotted at the 'DWTS' studios this week watching Sophia rehearse.

Sophia joins an eclectic cast that reportedly also includes Honey Boo Boo. The mini celebs will be mentored by pros when the show airs this fall.

Pops Pippen has 6 NBA Championship rings, but a 'DWTS' mirrored ball would tower those.

Just sayin' ...

'DWTS' Pro Sharna Burgess Bikini Weather's Got Me Like ...

"Dancing with the Stars" pro Sharna Burgess made a splash -- literally and figuratively -- after a night of some heavy partying.

Sharna hit the beach Friday in Miami ... wearing the hell out of her navy blue, strapless bikini. For good measure ... she matched her Apple Watch with a blue-trim strap. Shades were also a must.

The Australian beauty also brought her pooches with her for a little fun in the sand. Sharna was out partying the night before ... turning up with the "Total Divas" crew.

Living the dream!

Adam Rippon Praises Pope Francis Pro-Gay Comments Were 'So Awesome!'


The Pope is gonna be stoked ... 'cause he just got some serious props from the guy who won "Dancing with the Stars!"

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon -- the first openly gay U.S. athlete to medal in the Winter Olympics -- says he heard about Pope Francis telling a gay man that his sexuality "does not matter" and thinks it's "so awesome!"

Backstory ... Pope Francis had spent some time back in April with a man who was sexually abused by a priest. When the topic of his sexuality came up, the Pope reportedly said, "God made you like this. God loves you like this."

He added, "The Pope loves you like this and you should love yourself and not worry about what people say."

Rippon LOVED the comments ... and told TMZ Sports, "I think that's so awesome what the Pope said. It would be pretty cool to like meet him one day."

Warren Sapp Stage Dancin' ... at Timberlake Concert

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Warren Sapp got one helluva VIP experience at the Justin Timberlake concert Tuesday night when the Hall of Famer was invited up onstage ... to dance!

It all went down at the Amalie Arena in Tampa ... where they LOOOOVE Sapp.

Before JT took the stage, DJ Freestyle Steve got to warm up the crowd ... and brought the former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant up to show off some moves while he played "Tootsee Roll."


Interesting move considering Sapp's legal history (he was convicted of domestic violence in 2015), but the crowd didn't seem to care ... and neither did JT, who posed for a selfie with the 45-year-old.

So, how'd the Sapp cameo go over on social media? Not well ...

"@WarrenSapp sit ur stupid ass down!"

"@jtimberlake do your @tmz research on @WarrenSapp before you pull him onstage at your concert in Tampa...."

"Warren Sapp at Amalie for the #JustinTimberlake show. QB killah needs a jobbie-job."

Paige VanZant Move Over, Ronda ... I Want In WWE, Too!


Ronda Rousey ain't the only UFC star gunnin' for the WWE ... Paige VanZant says she LOVES the pro wrestling biz, and is "definitely interested" in making the jump.

"If the knock comes onto my door, I'm taking it," Paige told TMZ Sports before adding ... "when the time is right."

PVZ also seemed pretty down to face Rousey in the ring ... especially if WWE lets 'em throw hands for real!

For now, VanZant's gonna stick with kickin' ass inside the Octagon. She's making her debut at 125 pounds this Sunday at UFC Fight Night 124 ... and says she's got BIG plans for 2018.

One of those plans involves the UFC ... but she's also got a serious proposition for "Dancing with the Stars!"


NFL's Rashad Jennings Crossing Over to Competitive Dance ... After 'DWTS' Win


Now that he's retired from the NFL, "Dancing with the Stars" champ Rashad Jennings tells TMZ Sports he's trying to making a serious run in the dance world!

"I have not put up my shoes yet in the ballroom," Jennings said. "I'm actually gonna enter into a competition in March."

Pretty awesome ... especially considering Rashad -- who was at a gala for the Muscular Dystrophy Association -- had zero dance experience before we got him to shout out the reality show.

The pitch worked, he won Season 24 of 'DWTS' ... and now it looks like he could parlay that success into something big.

Shad's already teaching classes on his new passion -- dude knows what he's doing!


AJ McLean Nick Carter Rape Claim Is Bogus


AJ McLean is standing firm with his Backstreet bro, saying there is no way Nick Carter raped anyone ... and although he generally supports accusers ... he just can't in Nick's case.

We got AJ at LAX Monday and he insisted Dream singer Melissa Schuman's claim Nick raped her in 2002 had to be bogus. Others have defended Carter, like his "Dancing with the Stars" partner, Sharna Burgess.

But, AJ has a long history with Nick -- back to their pre-teen days -- and says his groupmate just isn't that kinda guy.

What's interesting here is AJ walking the line. You can see he wants to come out strong for Nick, but he's also wary of victim shaming, and even applauds women for coming forward. Well, most anyway.

Old news is old news!
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