Gervonta Davis Massive Leg Tattoo of Movie Icons ... Scarface & The Joker!!!

Gervonta Davis has a leg full of stars now ... 'cause he just got some of the most iconic movie characters ever tatted on his leg --- Scarface and the Joker!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the boxing champ decided it was time to get a sleeve on his left leg ... hitting up celebrity tattoo artist Josh Levario for the job.

We're told Davis wanted it done before his June 26 fight against Mario Barrios -- so he flew JL out to his Las Vegas hotel several times ... and it came out amazing!!!

Tank's whole leg is FULLY detailed -- featuring Tony Montana from "Scarface" and the famous quote, "The World Is Yours" covering the bottom right of his leg.

When it comes to the Joker tat ... Davis paid homage to both Joaquin Phoenix and the late Heath Ledger -- featuring Phoenix as the Joker with Ledger's iconic line, "Why So Serious?"

And, on the left side, you see a realistic portrait of music legend Tupac Shakur and Davis's close friend who passed away. He also added a fierce image of a wolf on his thigh.

We're told that Davis' new sleeve means a lot and it "symbolized his rugged upbringing and to fight his demons".

It took JL 30 hours to complete the leg piece, telling us Tank "sat like a rock" through all the sessions.

Took it like a champ!!

Selma Blair Respects Schneider's Vaccine Take ... Still Backs Getting It

4:25 PM PT -- Now, here's an interesting take from one Selma Blair -- who tells us she doesn't mind Rob Schneider having reservations about the vaccine(s) ... but still supports getting them.

We ran into the actress Saturday in L.A., where we asked her what she made of Rob's controversial comments about a potential third jab that may start to be recommended soon. Considering she has a medical history that puts her immune system at risk ... Selma's response is telling.

It's your choice

For starters, she notes this a minefield of an issue to discuss -- and that she doesn't want to write off or discount some may have about the COVID vaccine or others ... as she notes that her own flesh and blood -- her kid, no less -- had a scare with one at birth. So, she gets it.

That said, Selma tells us she got her COVID vaccine ... despite people jumping down her throat telling her she was especially at risk due to her condition. She still did it though, and doesn't seem to regret the decision. Her parting sentiment seems to be ... to each their own.

Rob Schneider seems to be saying the best way to ward off the COVID vaccine is with an old Nancy Reagan campaign on drugs -- and if that doesn't work ... maybe flash some ammo.

The actor -- known for comedic roles in Adam Sandler movies, etc. -- was in no joking mood Saturday upon hearing some news that a third vaccine jab might be around the corner ... as reports surface that the effects from the first 2 are wearing off in a matter of months.

He was responding to a report with the headline, "Is it already time for a 3rd Covid-19 shot?" posted by journo Sharyl Attkisson. Rob retweeted it and wrote, "Just say no... And keep saying no..."

RS added this as well ... "Over Half of the US population is continuing to say no to this unapproved experimental gene therapy! 'My body, my choice!' #2ndAmendmentIsForThis."

Of course, his remarks are getting tons of backlash right now -- as he appears to be suggesting that Americans should take up arms ... against COVID jabs, or the notion of being forced to get them. Some are saying his thinking here is flawed ... and pretty dangerous.

No matter, though -- Rob seems to be digging his heels in on his position ... rehashing what sure sounds like far-right wing talking points, spreading fear and doubt about vaccines.

The fact is ... most of the vaccines in circulation have been deemed safe by the powers that be -- including scientists from all over the world, whether they're in government or not.

A few Twitter users have told Rob to mind his own business -- to which he seems to be receptive. All we know is ... a gun ain't gonna beat coronavirus, plain and simple.

Originally Published -- 2:17 PM PT

Matt Damon on 'Stillwater' Research for Role Was 'Eye-Opening' On MAGA, Work/Life Culture

Matt Damon says the research for his role in "Stillwater" -- in which he plays an oil-rig worker -- was a major wake-up call on red-state culture ... something that could well earn him an Academy Award.

The actor recently dished on what went into learning about his character for the Oscar bait-y flick -- which got rave reviews and even a standing O at the Cannes Film Festival the other day -- and he says what he gleaned from the roughnecks of Oklahoma was "eye-opening."

Watch how Matt characterized the experience during a panel Q&A following the screening of his upcoming movie in France. He explains how he and director Tom McCarthy spent a good amount of time down in the South ... where they got the lay of the land, literally, from guys who do the job day in and day out -- getting a sense of their lifestyles, their POVs on life/family and, of course, their politics as well ... which Matt didn't discuss with disdain.

If anything ... he's got the opposite sentiment, saying the people he was around -- not to mention his character, Bill -- own who and what they are ... even on the issue of MAGA.

It's a pretty fascinating take on what many may perhaps write off without a second thought -- the minute you bring up Trump and his supporters ... a lot of folks will tune it all out.

Not Matt, though ... the way he talks about his encounters down there makes it seem like there's some good people around -- regardless of their politics -- and that they're more nuanced than how they're made out to be a lot of the time. To which we say ... obviously.

BTW, this film isn't necessarily a slice-of-Oklahoma-life type of a project -- where Matt immerses himself in method acting or anything. It's actually an action thriller -- a la, "Taken" -- with the oil-rig/middle America stuff as the backdrop. Still ... word is, Matt's turn here is getting tons of buzz, as they're saying he's "unrecognizable" on screen.

Looks like it'll be a good one -- and with the Republican factor thrown in, we're sure it'll be the subject of some chatter once it hits theaters. "Stillwater" is set to come out later this month.

Tom Cruise Crash Lands at Wimbledon Finals ... Hunt-Esque W/ Costars!!!

Nothing gets the blood going like a Wimbledon Finals match -- unless Ethan Freakin' Hunt himself stops by for a visit ... in which case, it's next to impossible not to strap in and HODL.

That's exactly what happened Saturday in London ... where none other than Tom Cruise himself dropped in for the ultimate round between tennis stars Ashleigh Barty and Karolína Plíšková ... with his 'M:I 7' leading lady costars, Hayley Atwell and Pom Klementieff, in tow.

It's rumored Hayley and Tom are actually dating right now -- and based on their body language before and during the match ... that may very well be true. They seemed chummy.

Anyway, the cameo made for a lot of fanfare ... people gave it up for Tom and co., offering up rounds of applause and stopping for photo-ops, etc. Of course, TC was graceful -- waving to the crowd ... and looking dapper as hell doing it. What else would you expect, right?

Interestingly ... the dude didn't seem too concerned with masking up, and neither did his cast members (or the Wimbledon audience at large). That's fine though -- the Wimbledon folks' mask policy is like a lot of other event venues lately ... ya must provide proof of vaccination, or a recent negative COVID test -- plus, wear masks while roaming the grounds.

So, it's all kosher. And, thankfully, it is ... otherwise the love-all spectators might've gotten a taste of what the 'Mission: Impossible' crew did last year while breaking protocol on set.

Gold standard, baby!!! 😅

Sylvester Stallone Conor Should Box Jake Paul 'Foolish' To Pass Up Money


Sylvester Stallone says Conor McGregor would be FOOLISH to say no to a Jake Paul fight ... telling TMZ Sports the money would be INSANE!!

We talked to Stallone -- a HUGE boxing fan -- outside Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills ... and asked the 'Rocky' star whether McGregor should take the bait and fight the YouTuber turned boxing star.

"Are you kidding. With the kind of money that's going around, he'd be foolish not to. Think about it."

Of course, Conor and Jake have been verbally sparring on social media and in the media ... but when McGregor was recently asked about fighting JP, he didn't exactly say no.

"I don’t see so, but never say never," Conor said. "If they’re gonna keep competing and what not, who f***in' knows? But dingbats, the 2 of 'em."

For his part, Jake offered CM $50 million for a fight earlier this year.

But, assuming they did fight ... Conor is a former 2-division UFC champion, and Jake is relatively new to the sport (3-0) -- so, does Paul have a real shot at beating The Notorious??

"Oh yeah," Stallone says ... "[Jake's] got range, and he's got youth. And, he's not easy to knockout."

Before any Jake Paul fight, McGregor is taking on Dustin Poirier Saturday night ... and Stallone breaks down the UFC 264 main event.

'After We Collided' Star Inanna Sarkis Wrecks Tesla, Fence ... After Solo Car Crash

Looks like actress Inanna Sarkis just learned, the hard way, how much horsepower her Tesla's packing .. after seriously damaging her ride and a homeowner's fence in a solo car crash.

The "After We Collided" star smashed her white Tesla Model X into someone's front yard fence earlier this week in the San Fernando Valley. A witness tells us she was the only person in the SUV.

It's unclear what exactly caused the crash but our sources say the Model X -- which was a gift from her BF, Matthew Noszka -- barreled into the home's front yard, taking out a brick pillar and a huge chunk of the iron fence.

We're told Matthew showed up to the scene minutes after the accident and picked her up ... leaving the Tesla behind for a tow truck.

It's unclear if Inanna suffered any injuries. We haven't heard back from her camp.

Inanna became famous as a social media star from Canada, but in recent years she's had success in film and TV. She's best known for playing Molly Samuels in the 2019 Netflix film "After" ... starring Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Selma Blair. She was also in the sequel, "After We Collided."

She made her big-screen debut in Tyler Perry's "Boo 2! A Madea Halloween."

Oh and, if you're curious ... Inanna's Tesla Model X peaks at 1,020 horsepower. Or it will, once it's out of the shop.

Sharon Stone Me? Dating Rapper RMR?!? LMFAO!!! ... NOPE!!!


Sharon Stone is hilariously denying she's dating rapper RMR ... and we say hilarious because she couldn't stop laughing when a photog raised the rumor about her and the 25-year-old.

Sharon was out Thursday in Beverly Hills with her son, Roan, when paps asked whether it's true she's dating the up-and-coming artist. You gotta see the reaction from Sharon and her 21-year-old son. Lots of 😂😂😂 .

The actress straight up says she's NOT dating the rapper ... and Roan even tells the photog, "You couldn't have asked a funnier question."

Now, the reason it's even been a rumor is because she was photographed last month at an L.A. club with RMR ... and not just hanging with him, but wearing one of his trademark face masks.

Based on her reaction in this video ... we'd say those pics were nothing more than a friendly photo op for RMR.

BTW ... one other thing Sharon did not find quite as funny was what happened to one of the photogs shooting her. Dude wiped out hard, but Sharon kept a straight face, and was actually super gracious.

Bottom line, the "Catwoman" star is no cougar ... not for RMR, anyway.

Dick in 'The Rules of Attraction' 'Memba Him?!

Tennessee native Russell Sams was in his mid-twenties when he was cast as the cig smoking trouble-maker Dick -- who disrupts the luncheon with Paul and their uptight moms with his loud antics and crude conversations -- in Bret Easton Ellis' 2002 dark drama "The Rules of Attraction."

Russell shared the big screen of the "American Psycho" prequel with a long list of A-List actors including Ian Somerhalder as the bisexual best friend, Paul Denton, Swoosie Kurtz as the flabbergasted mother, Mimi Jared, and Faye Dunaway as Paul's posh mom, Eve Denton.

Guess what Sams looks like now at 44 years old!

Robert Downey Sr. Filmmaker & Actor Father of Robert Downey Jr. Dead at 85

10:04 AM PT -- Robert Downey Jr. is remembering his late father as a "true maverick filmmaker" who "remained remarkably optimistic throughout."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jr. just posted a tribute to Sr. and says his thoughts and prayers are with his stepmom.

Robert Downey Sr. -- whose credits included filmmaking, directing, writing, acting and fathering Robert Downey Jr. -- has died at the age of 85.

Sr. died in his sleep at home in NYC Wednesday after a battle with Parkinson's Disease, according to his wife, who spoke to the NY Daily News.

Downey Sr.'s career started back in the '60s with directing and writing smaller projects before moving on to big-budget films in the '70s with "Greaser's Palace." He also appeared in "Boogie Nights," "Magnolia," and other films.

Sr. fathered two children with actress Elsie Ann Ford -- Allyson and Downey Jr. -- but the couple divorced in 1975. He went on to marry two more times ... Laura Ernst, who died in 1994, and 4 years later he married Rosemary Rogers, whom he remained with until his death.

Sr.'s most recent film, "Rittenhouse Square," wrapped in 2005 about the everyday happenings in a park in Philadelphia.

Robert Downey Jr. has not yet commented publicly on his dad's passing.

Robert Downey Sr. was 85.


Originally Published -- 9:20 AM PT

Suzzanne Douglas Veteran Actress Dead at 64

10:00 AM PT -- A rep for Suzzanne's family tells TMZ, "The industry has lost a truly talented artist with the passing of Suzzanne Douglas.  She touched everyone who knew her and was lovely in every sense of the word.  The family appreciates your support and asks for their privacy during this difficult time."

Suzzanne Douglas -- best known as the matriarch in the WB sitcom "The Parent 'Hood" and who recently appeared in the Netflix series "When They See Us" -- has died, TMZ has confirmed.

The veteran actress' husband tells TMZ ... Suzzanne died Wednesday at her home in Martha's Vineyard from complications of cancer. Her husband said, "Her energy and creativity will be missed by all."

Suzzanne's cousin Angie Tee posted a heartwarming tribute to her on Facebook. Angie said, "She warmed our hearts on movie screens and television sets all over the world."

She added, "I can remember growing up, there weren't very many black actresses who had starring roles but there was my cousin with the lead role in "Tap" starring alongside great dancers such as Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis Jr."

Angie said Suzzanne "also performed with Angela Bassett and Whoopi Goldberg in 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back.' 'The Inkwell,' 'Jason's Lyric' and so much more the list goes on. The world will miss your talent but your soul will live on forever Rest in Paradise my beautiful cousin Suzzane you will be missed RIP."

Suzzanne starred as Jerri Peterson opposite Robert Townsend on "The Parent 'Hood" ... which ran from 1995 to 1999 on the WB.

She earned an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture in 1989 for her lead role in "Tap."

Suzzanne, who earned her master's in music from the Manhattan School of Music, also wowed on Broadway. She appeared in Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods" as well as Kurt Weill's "Threepenny Opera" and "The Tap Dance Kid."

Ben and Jen Trade Hollywood for The Hamptons

The Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunion tour is making a brand new stop ... this time they're hanging at her place in the Hamptons with her kids.

J Lo and Ben -- now fully rekindled -- were out and about Tuesday, with Ben behind the wheel while they drove around New York's summer vacation hot spot.

In addition to driving Ms. Lopez, BA looked very comfy in potential-future-stepdad mode as the couple took Jen's daughter, Emme, out for a shopping excursion.

East Coast Bennifer's picking up where they left off right before the July 4 holiday ... remember, we last saw them out together Friday at Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood.

J Lo's got a pad mansion in the Hamptons, and as we reported ... her ex, Alex Rodriguez, is renting a $200,000 a month pad about a mile down the road from Jennifer's crib.

It's unclear if A-Rod's out there right now, but if he is, that part of the Hamptons isn't exactly a one-horse town -- but it's small enough for dinner reservations to get very interesting.

Seth Rogen So, This One Time ... Paul Rudd Played My Masseuse!!!

Paul Rudd once gave Seth Rogen a massage -- which might sound goofy ... but there's a twist that makes it all the more hilarious, the details of which Seth shared to much fanfare.

The actor/director dished on the hilarious story out of nowhere Monday on Twitter, telling the tale of the time his good pal, Paul, cloaked himself as a masseuse at a parlor Seth was at ... which he didn't really realize until well into the back rub.

In Seth's own words, he writes ... "Once I was in the spa in a hotel in Vegas getting a massage. When I finished I turned over and to my shock Paul Rudd was massaging me."

He goes on to give the nitty gritty of how the heck PR might've been able to sneak his way into such a scenario, adding ... "He saw me go in and convinced the masseuse to let him take over, thinking I'd notice immediately. I didn't, and Paul did the entire rest of it."

If that sounds like something Paul Rudd would do in a movie, turns out ... it's actually a stunt he'd pull in real-life as well. As the internet has pointed out, it's very on brand for him (and maybe for Seth too).

Of course, it'd be remiss of us not to mention that these two guys have some famous history with massage/beauty parlors ... perhaps most notably from "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" -- when they watched Steve Carell get his chest hair waxed off, a majority of which was real.

Oof, that one still makes us cringe. Sorry, Steve ... 😅

Zendaya, Tom Holland Spidey & MJ grabbed date night thai ... Day Before Going Public💘

Shortly before Tom Holland and Zendaya were smooching in a car for the whole world to see -- they were breaking bread on what appears to be a date ... and TMZ's got the photos.

Check out these pics we obtained of Spider-Man and MJ themselves playing out their onscreen romance in real life just 5 days ago  ... when they hit up a Thai joint near Universal Studios -- on the outskirts of Central L.A. -- for a little late-night snack mid-week.

Eyewitnesses tell us the newly-announced couple -- who made their public debut Friday, when photos surfaced of a steamy make-out sesh from Thursday -- rolled into the place around 9ish, separately at first, one after another ... both wearing masks, which we're told they removed once seated near the very front of what appeared to be a pretty empty dining room.

That worked out great for them ... as it seems they were trying to maintain a somewhat low profile. Still, they got spotted by what few people were there -- and it seems the cat was almost out of the bag, which may very well have prompted their loose lips the following day.

Up until now ... it was only rumored Tom and Zen were an item -- something they've constantly denied over their filming career together -- but now, it's official ... the comic book movie chemistry we've all seen in the last two flicks is, indeed, real. Shippers can rejoice!

Anyway, as for this outing here ... no word yet on what they might've chowed down on exactly. We're also told they didn't show any obvious signs of PDA in the restaurant itself -- but they did appear to be engrossed in quite a stimulating conversation ... which you can probably tell from Zendaya's big hand gestures and Tom's focused look on his boo.

Maybe they were talking about how awesome it's gonna be when the world finally realizes Tobey Maguire AND Andrew Garfield both appear in the multi-verse sequel coming out later this year ... and that Tobey hits Tom with an Uncle Ben reference that causes waterworks.

Just kidding ... we don't know that to be true whatsoever. But, we can dream, can't we???

'Lethal weapon,' 'Superman' Director Richard Donner dead at 91

Richard Donner -- one of the most famed and prolific directors of all time, known for flicks like "Superman," "Lethal Weapon," "The Goonies" and countless others -- has reportedly died.

The legendary filmmaker recently passed away -- this according to his production company, The Donner's Company, who confirmed the news to Variety. No word on when exactly he passed, or under what circumstances -- we've got calls in to his reps to figure it out.

At any rate ... it's a tragic update, as the guy was absolutely beloved in Hollywood -- and rightly so. He's responsible for some of the most iconic films to grace the big screen over the years -- including an incredible run of pictures from the late '70s throughout the '80s.

Donner got his first big directing break with the cult classic horror film "The Omen" (the original one), which catapulted him into stardom and led to his next major studio film, "Superman" (also the original) ... which paved the path for countless other flicks, including 'Goonies,' and ALL of the "Lethal Weapon" movies, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

Other notable film directing credits of his include staple movies, such as "Scrooged," "The Toy," "Maverick," "Ladyhawke," "Assassins," "16 Blocks," "Timeline" and more. His EP credits are even more impressive.

Donner shepherded films like "The Lost Boys," "Free Willy," "X-Men" ... this list goes on. His death is actually quite shocking, and seemingly sudden -- just last year, he announced a desire to direct the 5th installment of "Lethal Weapon," and it seemed that was in the works.


We even congratulated Rich on that news a full year ago, when we ran into him out and about in Hollywood ... and chatted him up about the controversy (at the time) surrounding Amazon's new show, "Hunters," which was catching flak for its portrayal of the holocaust and the fallout that followed. In his mind, he said producers were to blame ... not directors.

At any rate ... very sad to hear. Donner is survived by his wife, Lauren. He was 91.


Stephen Dorff Bashes 'Black Widow' ... I'm Embarrassed for ScarJo!!!

Stephen Dorff came out swinging against Marvel and its latest big screen offering, "Black Widow," as well as its lead star in Scarlett Johansson ... for whom he says he feels sorry.

The veteran actor straight-up bashed ScarJo's newest flick in an interview with the U.K.'s Independent outlet ... saying, in part, "I still hunt out the good shit because I don't want to be in Black Widow. It looks like garbage to me. It looks like a bad video game. I'm embarrassed for those people. I'm embarrassed for Scarlett!" Tell us how you really feel!

Steve went on to add this for good measure ... "I'm sure she got paid five, seven million bucks, but I'm embarrassed for her. I don't want to be in those movies. I really don't. I'll find that kid director that's gonna be the next [Stanley] Kubrick and I'll act for him instead."

SD continued on with his diatribe, expanding the scope to include the film industry at large -- which he characterized as a "big game show" -- but his main gripe seems to be with what he considers selling out to the big studios ... and maintaining some sense of artistic integrity.

That's interesting coming from Steve ... seeing how he's been in superhero movies himself -- including a Marvel fan fave, 'Blade' -- but also another superhero film that many considered "garbage" ... his 2015 appearance in "American Hero," which was like a farce of the genre.

One could argue -- as many online are right now -- that Stephen's other film credits aren't necessarily Kubrick-esque either. He's been in a bunch of films that some might consider bullish and not-that-artsy (aka, B-films) ... including "Felon," "Carjacked" and lots of others.

But, when it comes to Marvel ... that's where he draws the line. Do you, boo boo! 🤷🏽‍♂️

'Mighty Joe Young' 1949 Oscar Hitting Auction Block ... Could Fetch $500,000!!!

There's a rare piece of movie history going up for auction ... the 1949 Oscar trophy for Best Special Effects for "Mighty Joe Young" ... and it's expected to fetch a fortune.

It's not often you see Oscars on the auction block ... the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences loathes seeing its trophies sold, but this one falls outside of the rules preventing the sale because it's neither personalized nor engraved.

Willis O'Brien won this vintage Oscar trophy for his groundbreaking special effects work in the original "Mighty Joe Young," when he transformed a bunch of wood, tar paper and old toupees into an 80-foot gorilla.

Willis famously turned down the first Oscar the Academy offered him for his work on "King Kong" in 1933 -- he wanted a trophy for everyone in his crew.

When 'Mighty Joe' won for special effects, Academy rules called for the producer, Merian C. Cooper, to receive the statuette and he did. However, Merian never got his name engraved on it, because he really wanted Willis to have the Oscar.

So, he essentially slipped him the award under the table, and since it's not personalized and the award was given before the 1951 rule ... it's able to go up for sale.

The statuette is hitting the auction block July 16 as part of Heritage Auctions' Entertainment Memorabilia sale ... and we're told the Oscar is expected to fetch $500,000.

There are lots of other big-ticket items going up for auction too ... including a "King Kong" plaster head from 1933, Elton John's Steinway Model D grand piano, Evel Knievel's motorcycle from "Stratocycle" and Marilyn Monroe's dress from "The Seven Year Itch."

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