Rapper lil reese Grazed in Eye During Shooting ... Pics of Bloody Aftermath

5:57 PM PT -- TMZ has obtained photos of the car at the center of the Lil Reese shooting Saturday, and it's clear a bloody mess was left behind.

This is the Dodge Durango that's reported as having been stolen Saturday, and which got littered with bullet holes in the parking garage that ended being the site of the shootout. It's unclear if Reese was inside at the time of the shooting, but it seems apparent at least one of the three gunshot victims might've been riding in this thing at one point or another.

Reese was accused of having something to do with the alleged car jacking -- but he reportedly told police he wasn't involved with that ... and was only directing the men in the car when they pulled up to the garage. He was, however, obviously caught in the crossfire.

2:30 PM PT -- TMZ has confirmed that the 28-year-old gunshot victim -- who was grazed in the eye -- is, in fact, Lil Reese.

2:10 PM PT -- Graphic video has surfaced that purportedly shows Lil Reese bleeding on the ground -- this after he was allegedly involved in a car jacking of some sort that ended in gunshots.

The footage of a man that appears to be Reese (and bleeding from his head profusely) is making the rounds online ... and it shows him being accused of stealing someone's car, and then being tracked down and beat up/shot over it. We aren't posting it here, but it's easy enough to find.

There's another man who appears in the video, who is also accused of partaking in the alleged car theft ... but he denies involvement in any such crime. The people in the video call Reese out by name as police and other first-responders attend to him and his injuries.

On the police side of things ... Chicago PD has yet to name the victims, but they do say that of the three people who were shot, two of them suffered superficial gunshot wounds -- a 20-year-old in the knee, and a 28-year-old grazed in the eye -- and are listed as being in fair to good condition. The third victim -- a 27-year-old -- was shot multiple times in the body and is said to be in critical condition. The cops tell us no one is in custody at this time, and that their detectives are further investigating the incident.

Like we said, Reese is 28 ... so he appears to be one of the two who's gonna make it.

Lil Reese has reportedly taken another bullet in his hometown of Chicago -- this less than two years after he almost died from being shot not too far from the Windy City.

The rapper was among three people shot Saturday morning in a parking garage in the River North neighborhood, where a shootout appears to have gone down among a group of men ... with all of them supposedly shooting at each other, according to local outlet CWBChicago.

When cops arrived, per CWB, they found three guys who'd suffered gunshot wounds -- plus a stolen Dodge Durango found littered with bullet and crashed at the site. Chicago PD tells TMZ two of the men were transported to one hospital, and another was hospitalized elsewhere. Two are reported as being in critical condition, and the third in serious condition.

It's unclear what Reese's status is at this point ... we're still working to confirm he was involved and how he's holding up.

CWB reposted a video that purportedly captures the aftermath, showing up and apparently detaining someone. CPD tells us there are two possible offenders in custody right now.

Unclear what might've sparked the violence -- but in any case, it's not great news for Reese ... who had just gone through something similar in late 2019, when he was shot in the neck and miraculously survived. The situation then was reported as eerily similar to this one.

Reese is perhaps most famous for his work with Chief Keef -- notably, being featured on the latter's hit 2012 single, "I Don't Like" and his own single, "Traffic."

BTW, Reese is only 28.

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Jack Harlow Breaks Silence on KY Club Shooting ... 'My Heart Breaks'

Jack Harlow is finally speaking out about the fatal Louisville nightclub shooting for which his DJ's been indicted for murder -- and his first words are ones of sorrow and regret for the victim.

The rapper shared his thoughts Wednesday about the chaos he was smack in the middle of 2 weeks ago on the eve of the Kentucky Derby ... violence that led to a grand jury indicting his DJ, Ronnie Luciano.

Jack says, "My heart is broken by the events that occurred over Derby weekend. My heart breaks for Kasmira, her children, and everyone else touched by this tragic death."


He goes on to explain that he's been in touch with Kasmira's family, who've apparently been pretty receptive to talking. Jack adds, "Nothing can reverse what happened. Too many lives have been changed forever. My life will remain committed to making Louisville a better place."

As we reported, Ronnie turned himself in Tuesday after the grand jury indictment for his alleged role in the shooting.

It appears that Kasmira -- the 37-year-old woman who was killed -- was the one shown in our video ... which captured the moment a gunshot went off and sent everyone scrambling, including Jack, who was close to the action.

Ronnie's been part of Jack's inner circle for years -- well before he blew up, having served as his DJ since the guy first started touring back in 2018.


Cops and FBI agents have 3 men in custody who they say pulled off a daring armed robbery and shooting outside Bev Hills hot spot Il Pastaio ... injuring one woman.

The feds say the suspects are members of the Rollin' 30s Crips, and each is charged with conspiracy to interfere with commerce by robbery for the violence that broke out at the restaurant back on March 4.


TMZ broke the story ... the armed robbery went down in broad daylight with the shooter and 2 accomplices going after a $500,000 Richard Mille watch a man was wearing. During the incident, a bystander ended up getting shot in the leg.

Additionally, the feds say the victim wearing the watch was held at gunpoint. During the struggle for the watch, the gunman fired 2 shots -- one of which hit the woman who was sitting nearby.


According to the feds, one of the alleged gang members' DNA was found on the robbery victim's clothing, and surveillance footage all 3 scouting the area before the robbery. Bev Hills cops, Santa Monica PD and the FBI teamed up to make the arrests.

The suspects face up to 20 years in federal prison, if convicted.

Rick Ross Police Chase Ends In Front Of Estate ... Cops Say Driver Had Gun

12:07 PM PT -- 5/12 -- Law enforcement says the driver from the car chase jumped out of his car with a gun in his hand and ran onto Rick Ross' property.

We're told Rick's security let sheriff's deputies onto the grounds to search for the suspect, who was taken into custody at gunpoint.

We're also told Ross was not home at the time of the incident.

Rick Ross' Georgia estate is crawling with sheriff's deputies after a man allegedly armed with a gun led cops on a wild chase ... and now there's a hunt for the weapon.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Clayton County Sheriffs started a vehicle pursuit with a driver Tuesday after they got a call for a male with a gun. We're told the pursuit ended when the driver crashed near Ross' property and took off.

Our sources say law enforcement apprehended the driver, but sheriffs have not found the alleged gun and deputies are searching for the firearm on and around RR's property.

It's unclear if Rick was home at the time of the crash, but as you can see, his estate is the scene of a heavy police presence ... there's a boatload of sheriffs vehicles and tons of police.

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LAPD Officer Sued Cop Ordered Another Officer to Shoot his Nephew During George Floyd Protest

Fox 11

A 23-year-old filmmaker is suing his own uncle who ordered him shot, and the uncle is an LAPD cop.

Jamal Shakir Jr. joined a George Floyd protest a year ago this month in downtown L.A. and urged some of the cops on the scene to participate in the demonstration.

According to Jamal's lawyer, Carl Douglas, Jamal came face-to-face with officer Eric Anderson, but the cop was in no mood to engage Jamal. Instead, according to Douglas, Anderson told another cop to fire some sort of non-lethal weapon -- presumably loaded with rubber bullets -- at the filmmaker. According to Douglas, Anderson ordered that 2 shots be fired, striking Jamal in the hand and the butt and damaging ligaments.

The shocking part of the story -- Anderson is Jamal's uncle.

Fox 11

Jamal has not recovered from his injuries and is still receiving treatment a year later.


Jamal is now suing both his uncle and the City of L.A. for civil rights violations, assault and battery, false imprisonment and negligence. The lawsuit offers a blistering account of the incident, alleging Anderson "turned his trained wrath against a member of his own family, leaving a promising young entrepreneur, his own blood, scarred and reeling in the wake of his malicious attack."

Jamal claims his uncle "maliciously punished his own blood for merely calling him out against others protesting the tragic death of an unarmed Black man" during a peaceful protest.

Andrew Brown Jr. Police Shooting Vids Shown to His Family ... They Claim Killing 'Absolutely Unjustified'


The full police body cam footage of Andrew Brown Jr.'s fatal encounter with cops in North Carolina has been shown to his immediate family ... and they claim it corroborates their belief that he was unjustly gunned down.

Attorney Chance Lynch just gave a rundown of what Brown's family saw on the police footage. According to Lynch ... the video shows Brown sitting in his vehicle outside his home when he was ambushed by officers, and he never made any movement to provoke cops to shoot.

Lynch claims at all times Brown's hands were visible and he did not pose a threat to law enforcement, but then after the first shot, he put his car in reverse to try to get away.

Lynch says Brown was backing his car away from officers -- insisting at no time was a cop behind the vehicle -- but claims police kept firing shots at Brown's car ... too many to count.

After the final shot, Lynch says Brown lost control of his car and it went down a ditch and hit a tree. Lynch claims when the cops pulled Brown out of the car, they laid him flat on his face so they could see he was shot in the back of the head. Lynch says the cops then began to search Brown's home.

Lynch adds that no weapons were found and makes it very clear -- Brown's family and legal team firmly believe the fatal shooting was "absolutely unjustified."


Attorneys Bakari Sellers and Harry Daniels also spoke at a news conference immediately following the family's viewing of the police body cam footage at the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office.

Sellers called for the District Attorney to recuse himself, while Daniels encouraged peaceful protests in light of what the family saw on the footage.

Two of Brown's sons also spoke, and reiterated their belief that their father posed no threat to law enforcement and did not deserve to be killed. Brown's oldest son said ... "He wasn't in the wrong at all ... he's going to get his justice."

As we reported ... Pasquotank County Judge Jeffrey Foster made the controversial ruling last month to make the video available to Brown's family only -- not the media -- and also ordered the faces of any deputies and other identifying info in the video be blurred.


The judge ruled the footage should be available to the family within 10 days, and Pasquotank Sheriff Tommy Wooten showed the vids to the family on Tuesday.

The judge's orders stated only Brown’s immediate family and one lawyer could view the footage, and they could not record it for dissemination.

As you know ... prior to this, the family had only been shown about 20 seconds of Brown's killing, but that was enough for them to deem it an "execution."

Brown's family says it was one bullet to the back of his head that killed him based on a private autopsy, and the findings of that report show he also suffered 4 gunshot wounds to his right arm.


The family and legal team are still demanding the full body cam footage be released to the public, but the judge has stated he's going to wait a few more weeks to reevaluate making it available to more eyes.

Brown's killing -- which occurred on April 21 as police say they were executing a search warrant -- set off protests and demonstrations in Elizabeth City and surrounding areas. Mayor Bettie Parker declared a state of emergency, saying law enforcement expects a "period of civil unrest" following the video's release.

In the wake of the deadly shooting, 7 deputies have been placed on administrative leave and 3 more have resigned. Investigator Daniel Meads, Deputy Robert Morgan, and Corporal Aaron Lewellyn have been identified as the officers who fired their weapons during the incident.

Jack Harlow DJ Indicted for Murder In Nightclub Shooting


5:15 PM PT -- TMZ has obtained Ronnie's mug shot.

4:57 PM PT -- Jack's DJ surrendered to police and he's in custody at the Louisville Department of Corrections ... according to law enforcement.

Jack Harlow's DJ has just been indicted on a murder charge for his alleged role in a nightclub shooting in Louisville.

Prosecutors in Kentucky charged Ronnie Tyshon O'Bannon -- who goes by Ronnie Luciano -- with murder and tampering with physical evidence in connection with the fatal shooting ... and there's reportedly a warrant out for his arrest.

TMZ broke the story ... video shows the moment shots were fired inside Vibes Restaurant and Ultra Lounge, where Jack was partying with his DJ.

The footage appears to show an altercation between a woman and at least one man, who lean into each other before falling over in a scuffle. At that moment, you hear what sounds like a gunshot, and everyone in the club makes a run for it, including Jack.

Cops say a 37-year-old woman was found dead from the shooting, and a man was transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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Times Square 2 Women & Toddler Shot ... Suspected Gunman on the loose

4:12 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources have clarified the number of victims and the severity of injuries, which have been getting reported vastly differently across the board. We're told, yes ... a dispute between several males along Broadway resulted in someone firing, which hit the toddler once in the leg, a 23-year-old female in the thigh and a 43-year-old female in the left foot. Our sources tell us they were all unintended targets, are all are expected to live.

A woman and a toddler were reportedly shot in broad daylight just now in Times Square -- a random act of violence in which the suspected gunman still hasn't been caught.

Cops have swarmed the area and barricaded the streets, where they say gunfire erupted between West 44th Street and 7th Avenue around 2 PM PT. Law enforcement sources tell us one of the bullets struck the woman.

The child is also said to have been hit, but it's unclear where. In any case, both of them were rushed to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition ... so it seems they're gonna make it. We're also hearing that a third person may have also been shot in the chaos.

The most disconcerting part -- besides somebody trying to gun down a lady and a kid in the middle of the day -- is the fact that the person who did this has NOT been caught yet ... as we're told they're still on the loose as of now. That might explain why there's such a massive police presence right now ... presumably, they're scouring the streets for the shooter.

No word yet on a motive, but this appears to have happened out of nowhere ... which makes it all the more terrifying. People captured video of people running upon initial word that a shooting had taken place ... as well clips of the aftermath as cops stood by controlling the crowd and securing the scene. Another video -- taken from an Earth Cam towering above Times Square -- seems to show the exact moment the shots were fired, two of them.

Someone also appears to have snagged video of the moment the victims were rushed into an ambulance by EMTs. Witnesses reportedly say the toddler was bleeding, and the woman was crying. Based on this video, it also looks like some people were booted from the bus.

It's an awful way to help people get ready for the re-opening of Broadway and other NYC venues that have been shuttered during the pandemic. As if folks hadn't already been on edge, this news certainly won't help them feel any safer ... especially considering Times Square is one of the most visible and frequented areas in the city.

If this can happen there, it's not a good omen for what could happen else in NYC.

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Asian Hate Attacker Stabs 2 Elderly Women ... Video, Witnesses Lead to Arrest

Two elderly Asian women are recovering after this brazen and heinous stabbing in San Francisco -- so brutal the blade broke off inside one of the victims.

The attack happened Tuesday around 5 PM along Market Street where an 84-year-old and 63-year-old were randomly attacked by a man. You can see he comes up behind them, completely unprovoked and stabs them with a knife reportedly bigger than one of the victim's arms.

The 63-year-old was stabbed in the back, and then the attacker moved over to the 84-year-old, and used so much force while stabbing her, his knife was lodged in her body -- according to KGO-TV reporter Dion Lim, who first obtained the video

The older victim suffered a punctured lung, and her family shared her X-ray showing the huge blade which doctors later removed.

San Francisco PD says the 63-year-old victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Both women remain hospitalized.

Cops identified 54-year-old Patrick Thompson as the suspect -- he was arrested a couple of hours after the attack and booked on 2 charges of attempted murder and elder abuse. Investigators are working to determine if the incident was motivated by racial bias.

Quando Rondo Shot at in Georgia

Quando Rondo and his entourage were caught in a hail of gunfire at a convenience store in Georgia, and one man in his entourage was wounded.

According to law enforcement sources, the shots rang out around 3:20 AM Sunday in Blackshear, while Quando and his crew were in a parking lot off the highway. Cops believe the shooter opened fire from across the road or from the highway.

Our sources say police aren't aware of any bullets striking Quando, because he was not at the scene when cops responded, but we're told he was in the parking lot before the shooting.

The rapper was traveling with a large entourage, and we're told one man in the group was shot in the hand and got treatment at a local hospital.

It's interesting ... law enforcement says it appears Quando and his crew weren't at the convenience store long before shots rang out, and cops believe they were making a quick stop when the shooting started.


As we reported ... cops say Quando Rondo's crew was involved in a November shootout with King Von's entourage outside an Atlanta nightclub, which left Von dead. One of Quando's crew members was arrested for felony murder.

Sunday morning's shooting happened about 10 minutes from the nightclub where Quando performed Saturday night, and we're told the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is on the case.

Kentucky Derby Breonna Taylor Protesters Arrested ... After Diner Points Gun at Them

10:39 AM PT -- Louisville PD finally got back to us on what the protesters were arrested for exactly -- and they're all minor infractions that the police say are related to protesting ... and failing to obey orders when they impeded on the restaurant's property and faced off with customers.

Five different people were booked, and the charges range from disregarding an officer's signals for directing traffic/fleeing, evading police and even hitchhiking ... to disorderly conduct, failure to disperse and possession of an open alcoholic beverage/possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

The cops insist at least one of the protesters was also armed ... but you can't really see that in the video. The man who was clearly brandishing a gun does not appear to have been arrested.

Several protesters near the Kentucky Derby were arrested Saturday as they protested the killing of Breonna Taylor ... but as for why they got arrested -- well the cops won't say.

Around 50 protesters marched by the entrance of Churchill Downs with signs that read, "We haven't forgotten Breonna."

The protesters ended up at La Chasse restaurant, and suddenly a man dining on the patio pulled out a gun and trained it on the group. There's no evidence from the video that the man was threatened.

Kentucky is an open carry state, so when cops came he was in the clear. But then, there was a foot chase and cops corralled 3 protesters and arrested them.

We contacted the Louisville PD and asked why the protesters were arrested. They wouldn't say but told us to file a public records request and even then they might not tell us. Sheesh.

As you know, none of the cops have been charged for Breonna's death and her family is especially upset that the grand jury proceeding was a sham. Attorney General Daniel Cameron told the media his office had instructed grand jurors on possible homicide charges when grand jurors said they had not been so instructed.

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Jack Harlow Caught in Middle of Fatal Shooting ... Club Outing Turns Deadly


Jack Harlow was feet away from what turned out to be a fatal shooting in Kentucky this weekend -- and TMZ's got video of the moment shots were fired ... and Jack scrambling.

The rapper -- who hails from the Louisville area -- was partying at a place in town called Vibes Restaurant and Ultra Lounge ... which was throwing a shindig in honor of the Kentucky Derby, something Jack himself had attended earlier in the day Friday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Later that night, he stopped in at Ultra Lounge ... where he was filmed vibing out near the stage. Check out the video though -- it looks like an altercation unfolds with a woman and at least one man ... who then start leaning into each other before falling over in a scuffle.

Right at that moment, you hear what sounds to be a gunshot go off ... and everyone starts making a run for it, including Jack. It doesn't appear he was injured -- but we got calls in to his rep to make sure.

While it's unclear what exactly led up to the violence or who shot ... it sadly ended with someone losing their life. Police have said a woman was found dead from the shooting and a man was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

No suspects have been arrested.

'The Wire' Actor Chris Clanton Shot in Baltimore

Chris Clanton -- known for his recurring role on HBO's iconic hit, "The Wire" -- was shot in Baltimore ... TMZ has learned.

A spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Dept. tells TMZ ... cops are investigating a shooting that occurred Thursday around 7 PM, and a 35-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the ear. We're told medics responded and took the victim to a hospital for treatment.

It's unclear what led to the shooting or if Chris was even the target, but the good news is ... we know he's already been discharged from the hospital.

The shooting remains under investigation and cops urge anyone with information to call Northeast District Shooting detectives or Baltimore's Metro Crime Stoppers tip line.

While Chris is known for his recurring role on "The Wire" -- he played Savino Bratton in seasons 1 and 5 -- he's also had big-screen roles. He played the lead in the 2009 independent film "Torn," and appeared in the horror flick, 'The Human Centipede 3.'

Dr. Drew Runs for Cover Gunshots Erupt at Famed Steakhouse


Dr. Drew got way more than he bargained for Thursday night at a world-famous Brooklyn steakhouse ... his meal was interrupted by gunshots.

The famous doc joined "TMZ Live" Friday and told a crazy story about finally getting a reservation at Peter Luger Steakhouse where he, his wife and friends chowed down on what he said were incredible steaks.

But then ... the sound of gunfire. Someone who was dining outside had beef with another table. The guy pulled out a gun and fired several times, missing the other patrons but striking 2 bystanders on the street.


What followed is terrifying ... Drew and Co., who were dining inside, huddled in a corner with other diners, not knowing if this was the beginning of yet another mass shooting. The waiters were true heroes, standing tall and protecting their customers.

When the drama ended, they all went back to their meals, and Drew tipped handsomely ... both for the meal service and the security they received from the waiters.

As for the bystanders, a 57-year-old man was shot in the stomach and a 30-year-old man was shot in the shoulder and back. They're expected to be ok.

Michael B. Jordan Shoots His Shot Gun Range Fun with Lori Harvey!!!


Michael B. Jordan may have a case of gun fever, because he returned to an indoor shooting range where he'd trained for a role -- but this time it was just for fun with his girlfriend.

Michael took Lori Harvey to the Field Time Target & Training facility in the O.C. this week to do some shooting and, no, Lori wasn't just watching MBJ in action ... she opened fire too.

The team at FT3 Tactical tells us the couple were at the place for a couple hours Wednesday night, and enjoyed target practice. We're told Michael was there a few months ago to train with the staff for his upcoming movie, "Without Remorse."

Obviously, he liked the spot enough to return for date night.

FT3 says he was super nice, cool and humble and spent time chatting with employees and taking photos. They've even named him an honorary member of the team.

Fans who want to see how Jordan's gun range training paid off can see for themselves now ... his action flick just dropped on Amazon Prime.

Tamika Mallory Cops Did Andrew Brown Jr. Wrong ... I Know It Without the Vid!!!


Video evidence isn't required to see there's a problem with the policing of Black people -- that's activist Tamika Mallory's take on a judge blocking the release of body cams in the fatal cop shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

We got Tamika in Bev Hills, and she went in on the judge's decision to withhold the Pasquotank Sheriff's Dept footage from the public ... at least for now. She says the judge's ruling only adds to the distrust of the entire criminal justice system and perpetuates the idea that the authorities would rather protect each other ... than protect citizens from police brutality.


Tamika's also not buying the judge's intent to let the situation cool down a bit before releasing the video ... because she says the nationwide temperature is up to stay as a result of the long list of Black people killed by cops.

Regardless, Tamika tells us it shouldn't matter what happens with the body cam footage because she believes the basic facts in the case show Brown was shot in the back of the head by police as he was trying to flee ... and that's just wrong.

As we reported ... the judge in Brown's case ruled the fatal encounter with cops in North Carolina can be viewed, but only by his family and NOT the media. The judge will reevaluate making it available to more eyes in 30-45 days.

Brown was killed in Elizabeth City on April 21 as cops were trying to execute a search warrant, but his family believes his death was an "execution" and say he was killed by one bullet to the back of his head ... supported by the findings of a private autopsy.

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