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Female Hacked Celebs Google is Evil They Support Perverted Predators

10/2/2014 6:12 AM PDT
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5:48 P.M. PDT --
A Google rep tells TMZ ... "We've removed tens of thousands of pictures -- within hours of the requests being made -- and we have closed hundreds of accounts.  The Internet is used for many good things.  Stealing people’s private photos is not one of them."

is a hypocritical company that victimizes women and enables "habitual pervert predators"... so claim more than a dozen female celebrities who are now threatening to sue.

The women are outraged that Google refuses to remove the various hacked nude photos from their search engines and various sites.  

In a scathing, threatening letter -- obtained by TMZ -- Marty Singer, the legal pitbull repping the women, lashes out at Google, claiming their motto, "Don't be evil" is a sham because that's exactly what they are by turning a blind eye to the hacking.

Singer -- who threatens Google with a $100 MILLION lawsuit if the pics aren't taken down stat -- says Google has distinguished itself from Twitter and other companies by "perpetuating the despicable conduct of these habitual pervert predators."

He even compares Google to the NFL scandal, saying, "Like the NFL, which turned a blind eye while its players assaulted and victimized women and children, Google has turned a blind eye while its sites repeatedly exploit and victimize these women."

Google ... you've been warned.

Stephanie Seymour's Son Arrested for Living the High Life

10/1/2014 9:28 AM PDT

Stephanie Seymour's socialite son may think about a move from NY to Colorado ... because then he wouldn't have gotten busted for weed.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 20-year-old Peter Brant Jr. was popped by cops in Red Hook, NY ... and charged with misdemeanor possession of weed. Cops wrote him a ticket and let him out.

The fine shouldn't pose much of a problem ... his dad's a billionaire businessman.  

And his mom is a super affectionate ex-supermodel.

CBS NAILED For $10 MIL in 'NCIS' Death Lawsuit

9/30/2014 5:19 PM PDT

The family of a security guard who was killed on the set of "NCIS" won a $10.4 million judgment against CBS ... TMZ has learned.

A CBS production van that was transporting "NCIS" crew members crashed into 52-year old security guard Julio Villamariona after the driver had a medical emergency and lost control.  The guard died in an ambulance en route to the hospital.

CBS admitted during the lawsuit the driver had a medical condition it should have known about, so the trial was really about the amount of damages the family would collect.

Tuesday afternoon a jury decided ... and gave Julio's widow and 3 adult children a total of $10.4 million. 

The family's lawyer, Brian Panish, says, "I am so proud of the surviving family members and the jury for standing up to a powerful entity like CBS."

Machine Gun Kelly Thanks, Judge ... For Hiding My Boozy Past

9/30/2014 2:45 PM PDT

Machine Gun Kelly parties HARD ... but his legendary tales of getting wasted can't be used against him when he goes to court for allegedly slicing open a guy's finger during a nasty bar brawl.

Kelly's being sued by a bouncer who claims the rapper nearly took his digit off cleanly ... when he fired a liquor bottle at him during a massive fight at a St. Petersburg, FL tavern in 2012. 

Jermaine Dupri My Ex-Friend Is an Ungrateful Bastard ... Who Ruined My Hummer!

9/30/2014 12:50 AM PDT
Jermaine Dupri lavished his friend with a free place to live, a free car, free studio time and several other gifts ... and the guy repaid him by trashing his hummer and then having the audacity to sue him.

Dupri says Taddrick Mingo is a leach who did nothing but take, take take:

-- free recording studio time
-- 4 years free rent in a 2 bedroom condo
-- use of Dupri's Hummer
-- free computer
-- referrals so Mingo could get studio work

Jermaine says Mingo then turned around and sued him ... claiming he worked as Dupri's assistant but never got paid.  

So now Dupri has fired back with his own lawsuit, claiming Mingo was NEVER his assistant. And Jermaine wants money for the financial beating he took when he sold the whip at a loss.

As for why Dupri showered Mingo with gifts over a period of years ... he never says.

Taylor Swift Sued Chauffeurs Can Only Speak to Me Sometimes

9/29/2014 10:34 AM PDT

Taylor Swift apparently needed a motorcade normally reserved for heads of state ... and she wanted to be treated like one ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Taylor's company made a deal this past June with a chauffeur service to whisk her around NYC.  The company made all sorts of demands, including guidelines on when the driver was allowed to talk to Taylor.

But it didn't stop there. Taylor's director of security told the chauffeur service to get 2 additional whips. The service obliged by leasing 2, brand spanking new Chevy Suburban SUVs.

So imagine the chauffeur's dismay when 3 weeks after making the various demands Taylor's people pulled the plug, leaving the limo company holding the bag on the lease.

The chauffeurs are now suing Taylor's company for all sorts of losses.

Her company is radio silent ... it's unclear if they were allowed to speak with her for comment.

Chris Brown Mom Secretly Asks Shrink Save Him From Gangs

9/29/2014 12:50 AM PDT

Chris Brown
's girlfriend and family are secretly and desperately trying to get Chris away from gangs ... and they've even contacted his therapist to put the heat on the singer ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources tell us ... Chris' mom and Karrueche are so worried ... they approached the therapist because they're deeply concerned Chris is not only compromising his safety by promoting gangs, he's also ruining his career.

TMZ broke the story ... the LAPD has already gone to L.A. clubs, trying to convince owners to ban Chris and his entourage because wherever they go ... violence follows.

Chris' family thinks he does not understand the implications of associating himself with the Bloods. He thinks it's "cool," but the family is worried he's in real danger and he doesn't have a clue.

We're told they literally think Chris' life is on the line.

Larenz Tate Sued Menace II His AMEX Card

9/28/2014 12:50 AM PDT

Larenz Tate deals in "Dead Presidents" onscreen, but offscreen he has nothing to do with them ... which is why American Express is suing him.

The "Menace II Society" star racked up more than $57K on his AMEX card but didn't pay a Native American cent ... according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

AMEX claims in its lawsuit it's sent several demands for payment -- but got radio silence from the famous debtor.

AMEX wants $57,912.85.

Maybe he SHOULDA left home without it.

Lady Gaga Attacks Songwriter Who Sued With a Vengeance!

9/28/2014 12:40 AM PDT

Call Lady Gaga a thief ... and then prepare to cough up more than a mil to pay her army of lawyers who will tear you apart in court.

Gaga has filed court docs -- obtained by TMZ -- to collect nearly $1.4 million she paid her lawyers ... to fight a woman who sued Lady G for allegedly ripping off one of her songs.

Gaga -- one of the richest women in music -- claims she spent nearly three years and a fortune defending her reputation ... and in the end she won.  A judge threw out the case ... concluding the 2 songs sounded nothing alike.

Gaga wants the loser to foot her lawyer's bill.

Drone Pilot Arrested Judge Grounds Flyboy After Beach Buzz

9/27/2014 12:15 AM PDT

Flying drones all over L.A. is all fun and games until somebody winds up in jail -- which is exactly what happened to a guy who pissed off cops AND a judge with his flyboy antics.

TMZ broke the story ... Tom Zebra was cited for flying a drone over the San Pedro harbor -- because L.A. law forbids flying unmanned aircraft around a public beach. 

The drone was confiscated and Saulmon was ordered to appear in court last Monday ... but TMZ has learned he showed up on Tuesday instead. No bueno -- the judge immediately threw him in jail and set bail at $30K.

As we first told you ... Saulmon and his drone have been on LAPD's radar since July, when he buzzed one of their parking lots. The city is considering new laws to control drone activity.

Zebra was released from jail Saturday morning.

Amber Rose Scores More than a Mil in Prenup

9/26/2014 1:00 AM PDT

We've learned there are 2 additional pages to the prenup ... and in them Wiz agrees to pay Amber spousal support in addition to the one-time payout.  We're told the support is "modest" -- slightly more than $5K a month.
Amber Rose will score more than a million bucks from Wiz Khalifa ... based on a long prenup she demanded before getting married ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with both Amber and Wiz tell TMZ ... Amber made numerous demands in the prenup ... which is more than 8 pages long.  

TMZ broke the divorce story ... including the fact that Amber wants the prenup enforced. We're told it's because she will get more money in her 1-year-marriage than she would without a prenup.

Cheating is IRRELEVANT ... California is a no-fault state and there's no mention of infidelity in the document.

Likewise ... the prenup does not mention custody, and for good reason -- the judge always makes that decision, based on the best interests of the child. Amber is asking for full legal and physical custody.

Master P Rapper Becomes Law Firm Pitchman Make 'Em Say Uhhhh-bject!

9/25/2014 12:26 PM PDT

You get run over by a tractor?  Beaten at the bar?  Butchered at the beauty salon?  Well Master P will hook you up with the right lawyers.

For some inexplicable reason, the legendary rapper has become the TV pitchman for the law firm of Winton & Hiestand Law Group ... a personal injury firm in Louisville, Kentucky.  

Chauncey Hiestand tells TMZ ... he and P became friends after Hurricane Katrina.  P is from New Orleans, and lots of people from his hometown moved to Kentucky afterward.

Hiestand says Master P's pitch was a gesture of appreciation.

The spot sounds genuine ... until then end, when P drops his trademark "Uhhh."

It's actually hilarious and somewhat awesome.

Robin Thicke & Pharrell Williams If We Stole Songs, So Did Beethoven!

9/25/2014 12:50 AM PDT

If you're gonna throw the book at Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for stealing music ... you gotta take down none other than Ludwig van Beethoven too -- that's Robin and Pharrell's argument anyway. 

The "Blurred Lines" duo just filed new court docs in their fight to prove the song is not a rip-off of Marvin Gaye's, "Got to Give It Up" -- pointing out several differences between notes in the songs ... and also backing up the bus over LvB. 

In the docs, they admit 'Blurred' starts with repeated notes, just like Marvin's song does -- but also like Beethoven does in his famous 5th Symphony. All together now ... da-da-da-dum!

Their point -- musicians have been using repeating tones since the dawn of time ... or at least since 200 years ago when Beethoven was doing his thing.

They also say 'Blurred' is more similar to the '60s song,  "Working In a Coal Mine" ... than it is to 'Give It Up.'" Countdown to Allen Toussaint's lawsuit.
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