NFL Rookie Daylon Mack Truck Stuffed W/ Packing Peanuts ... Over Cinnamon Rolls

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There's a rule for Baltimore Ravens rookies ... you don't bring the cinnamon rolls to team meetings -- YOU GET YOUR CAR PACKED WITH JUNK!!!

5th-round pick Daylon Mack learned that the hard way ... because after failing to deliver delicious pastries to his teammates, they stuffed the D-lineman's truck with packing peanuts!!!

Mack recorded the aftermath of the hilarious assault ... showing his ride packed to the brim with the foam popcorn.

In the clip, you can see the stuff spilling out of both sides of his whip ... and just to make sure he got the point, they even filled up the bed!!!

"Who even has the time to put all this stuff up?!" Mack said while surveying the damage.

Of course, 22-year-old Daylon got off somewhat easy ... most teams aren't as nice as the Ravens, and use interior-killing popcorn for the gag.

In fact, we've seen firsthand the kind of damage using the buttery stuff can do ... remember Kenyon Martin?!


Yeah, be thankful, Daylon ... AND DON'T FORGET THE ROLLS NEXT TIME!!!!

Ex-NFL QB Anthony Wright 911 Call From Shooting 'He's Breathing But He's Fading!'


Ex-NFL QB Anthony Wright is lucky to be alive today ... a witness to his shooting last week says the former Baltimore Raven was "fading" quickly after he was shot in the back and chest.

It's all in new 911 audio obtained by TMZ Sports ... where a man says he saw Wright get shot "by a guy with a silver 9 millimeter" after an argument in North Carolina on July 1.

"He's breathing, but he's fading," the witness tells dispatch ... "He got shot right in the chest and in the back. Two shots."

Cops say the dispute that started the incident involved a custody situation with Wright's girlfriend's ex ... and led to the 43-year-old needing emergency surgery.

But, police said Wright was in stable condition after the operation ... and it's great news, considering the grim scene the witness painted to dispatch.

"He walked up to him and pointed the gun right at him then and ran off."

Police say they were able to arrest the alleged shooter, William "Willie" Moses Hooker Jr., a few days after the altercation ... and eventually hit him with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill charges.

Hooker is currently in a North Carolina jail under $1 MILLION bond.

Wright was a stud backup for years in the NFL ... playing for the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and New York Giants.

He won a Super Bowl ring as Eli Manning's backup on the Giants team that took down the 18-0 New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

Robert Griffin III Gunnin' To Be Ravens' Starter 'Never Content Being A Backup'


Think Robert Griffin III is fine with the Ravens being Lamar Jackson's team?? Think again, so says RGIII himself ... who tells TMZ Sports, "By no means am I content with where I'm at."

Of course, the former Heisman Trophy winner signed on to be a backup QB in Baltimore last season ... and he just re-signed to presumably do the same thing this season.

But, RGIII tells us he's got MUCH bigger plans than just holding a clipboard for Lamar in 2019 ... he says he's straight-up coming for LJ's starting job!!!

"Anybody that signs in the league is never content being a backup, so this is just part of the rebuilding process for me," Griffin tells us.

"It started last year, I moved from QB3 to QB2 ... but by no means am I content with where I'm at. I still want to keep going."

RGIII only played in 3 games for the Ravens last season ... completing just 2 passes for 21 yards -- but he clearly showed the team enough, 'cause they were fine with shippin' Joe Flacco off to Denver this offseason.

So, could RGIII really take over Lamar this year??? Stay tuned ...

By the way, we also asked RGIII -- a former track superstar -- if he'd ever take on Lamar in a race ... and Robert didn't say no!!!!

Baltimore Ravens CB Earl Thomas Can Have My Jersey Number ... For Free!!!

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Earl Thomas was facing a MAJOR issue in his first days as a Baltimore Raven ... his beloved #29 jersey was already taken ... and he'd have to cough up some serious dough to get it.

That is ... until Marlon Humphrey decided to change his mind and give it away FOR FREE -- and his explanation is pretty dope.

"I initially asked Earl for money, and later that day I realized that’s not who I am," Humphrey says.

"So I texted him and said he can have it. I respect what he has done and accolades in 29. Didn’t want to alter that for a number I’ve accomplished nothing in."

MH has a point -- Thomas has been stellar in #29 ... winning a Super Bowl, making 6 Pro Bowls and being named a 1st team All-Pro 3 different times!!!

Battles over jersey numbers have gotten expensive in the past -- Clinton Portis famously offered an old Redskins teammate $40k(!!!) to get #26 in 2004 (that ended in a court battle).

Deion Sanders also bought a teammate a BMW to get his number when he joined the Cowboys.

Gotta give props to Humphrey for offering it up for free, 'cause dude coulda had some fatter pockets -- Thomas just inked a $55 million deal.

Lamar Jackson Records Himself Going 105 MPH ... Sorry For 'Bad Decision'

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5:57 PM PT -- Lamar just apologized for making "a bad decision" ... and says he'll "set a better example going forward."

Here's Baltimore Ravens superstar QB Lamar Jackson apparently breaking some laws ... speeding at 105 MPH -- all while holding his phone and recording!

C'mon man -- BE SAFE!!!

LJ posted the (not so smart) footage on his Instagram Story Tuesday ... presumably to show off his icy bracelet and fancy Mercedes.

The problem? You can see in the vid, the speedometer is PASSING 105 MPH ... with his phone locked in one of his hands.

Yeah, ain't exactly a look the Ravens want to see.

Plus, there's a seat belt light on the dashboard, which shows someone in the car ain't buckled up. It seems Lamar's alone in the car. We're HOPING it's a mistake and he's buckled up for safety.

What makes things even tougher for the Ravens to swallow? They've had an up-and-down offseason so far, losing studs like Terrell Suggs and Eric Weddle -- and Jackson also posted he isn't happy about that.

"Lol I wish we could've kept everyone," Jackson said ... "us players have 0 say so."

We've reached out to the Ravens for comment on Lamar's vids ... but so far, no word back yet.

Originally Published -- 10:00 AM PT

NFL's Alex Collins Arrested After Car Crash ... Cut By Ravens

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12:50 PM PT -- The Ravens announced they have cut Alex Collins.

Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins was arrested following a car crash near the team's practice facility ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

Cops say the RB is still in custody ... but charges have yet to be filed against the 24-year-old star.

We're told Collins crashed into a tree at 6:48 AM ET Friday in the 10000 block of Dolfield Road in Owings Mill, Maryland ... a mere mile from the Ravens' Under Armour Performance Center facility.

The Ravens tell us they've spoken with police and are aware of the situation.

Collins was a stud for Baltimore after they picked him up shortly after he was cut by the Seahawks in 2017 ... rushing for 973 yards and 6 TDs in 15 games.

But, this past season, Alex battled injuries ... and was placed on IR in December before the team really made its playoff push with Lamar Jackson under center.

Still, Collins managed to rush for 411 yards and 7 TDs despite only playing in 10 games.

Collins -- a former Arkansas superstar -- was picked by Seattle in the fifth round in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Originally Published -- 7:27 AM PT

Elvis Dumervil I'm A Hall of Famer ... A Top Pass Rusher Of My Era!


Elvis Dumervil says he belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame ... telling TMZ Sports, "I'm able to compete with anyone in my era of rushing the passer."

The ex-Broncos and Ravens star is widely considered by NFL pundits as a fringe HOFer after playing 11 seasons ... but, he says his resume is good enough in his mind to get in.

"Do I feel like I belong? Of course I feel like I belong."

Dumervil might have a point ... dude was a 5-time Pro Bowler and 2-time All-Pro -- AND he finished with 105.5 career sacks.

In fact, of the 25 players ahead of him on the all-time sack list that are currently eligible for the Hall of Fame -- only 7 are still waiting on the call.

But, Elvis says you shouldn't even compare him to those guys ... he's telling us it's his own draft class -- one that featured Mario Williams -- that he should be up against.

BTW, while Dumervil waits to become HOF eligible -- he's building up a pretty successful real estate business in Miami ... telling us, he's the owner of over 600 multi-family units!!!


Elvis Dumervil Broncos Trade Is Desperate ... Flacco Ain't Manning!!


John Elway made a desperate move trading for Joe Flacco ... and it could end up being a HUGE mistake -- so says Elvis Dumervil, who tells TMZ Sports, "Flacco is no Peyton Manning."

Elway took a page out of his 2012 Broncos playbook Wednesday ... acquiring a veteran Super Bowl MVP with the hopes of revitalizing a tired Denver franchise.

The problem? Elvis says Flacco ain't even close to what Manning was when Denver picked him up 7 years ago ... and now the former Bronco is SERIOUSLY concerned for the team's GM.

"It's a big gamble. Definitely desperate, no doubt ... It can be a great deal, or it can be another bad decision by John Elway."

Elvis' biggest issue with the move is Flacco's skill set -- the pass rusher tells us Joe NEEDS a good OC to thrive ... and he's worried that ain't there in Denver.

In fact, Dumervil says if Flacco DOESN'T have an elite play caller ... things are gonna get ugly at Mile High quickly -- the exact opposite of what went down after Elway signed Manning.

"[Elway] did a genius move with Peyton Manning. But unfortunately, Joe Flacco is no Peyton Manning."

On the other side of things, Dumervil -- who also played for the Ravens -- says Baltimore is the clear winner in the trade ... telling us the move will only help Lamar Jackson grow.

Ed Reed Ravens Are Lamar's Team Flacco Should Go To Jaguars!


Ed Reed sees no QB controversy in Baltimore -- he says the Ravens are Lamar Jackson's team now -- but he does think Joe Flacco needs a new home.

"Flacco might be in Jacksonville, man, if he want to win another Super Bowl."

It's not a diss on his ex-teammate ... Reed says it's just apparent to him the Ravens have moved on to LJ -- and he doesn't want to see Flacco be a backup QB ANYWHERE.

It'll be complicated for the Ravens to pull off sending Joe to the Jags ... his contract creates a BUNCH of dead cash on their salary cap if they let him go.

But, Reed seems to think it'll go down regardless ... and says some of the money they save by jettisoning the QB can be used to buy Lamar more weapons!!!

BTW ... remember when Ray Lewis laughed at the notion that Terrell Suggs was the best Raven ever???


Reed seemed to agree with the linebacker ... but his choice for the best-ever Raven might surprise you!!!

Ray Lewis Terrell Suggs Best Raven Ever?? ... HAHAHAHAH


Terrell Suggs is a future Hall of Famer ... one of the greatest defensive players in NFL history.

So, when it's all said and done ... could he be known as the greatest Ravens player of all time?

That's what we asked Ray Lewis moments ago at an event for the Ray of Hope Foundation ... and his reaction says it all.

Some facts ...

Suggs has racked up 132 sacks in his 16-year NFL career ... ranking 13th overall. If he plays in 2019 (which he's reportedly planning to do) he should easily crack the Top 10.

He's also a 7-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champ and was the 2011 NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

But, is he better than Ray Lewis??

Ray was a 13-time Pro Bowler, 2 Super Bowl rings, 2-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year ... and he's got a Super Bowl MVP trophy too.

So, yeah ... T-Sizzle is a legend -- but, he ain't Ray.

By the way, Lewis was promoting his Ray of Hope Foundation -- a charity dedicated to uplifting those in dire need through sharing personalized videos.

Chargers RB Melvin Gordon Serious Smack Talk from Uber Driver ... No Idea Who He Is!!!

Los Angeles Chargers

Melvin Gordon went head to head with his Uber driver over who's going to win Sunday's Wild Card matchup between his Chargers and the Baltimore Ravens ... and the guy didn't have a clue who he was talking to!

The video's hilarious -- the Chargers stud RB playfully goads his friendly driver to make predictions on the game and ends up getting some spicy trash talk out of him ... especially about Philip Rivers.

After praising Ravens QB Lamar Jackson and basically telling Gordon the Chargers QB sucks, he adds ... "I'm going to pull for Phil Rivers to get up off the ground because they gonna put him on the ground."

The driver also feels confident in Baltimore because they've been playing more as a team now that Flacco's on the sidelines, but clearly ... he doesn't have much info on that Melvin Gordon guy.

Even funnier ... despite making it clear he's pulling for the Ravens, the driver eventually admits he's from Texas, but he's "got to talk that crazy talk" since he's picking up Baltimore residents.

Dude knows how to get that 5-star rating.

Ray Rice Offers to Help Kareem Hunt

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Ray Rice says Kareem Hunt's attack on a woman shouldn't be the moment that defines his life -- and now the ex-NFL running is offering to work with Hunt as he works through his issues.

Rice spoke with and acknowledged the "obvious" similarities between Hunt's incident and Ray's 2014 elevator attack ... and feels he's in a position to teach Hunt how to learn from this situation and better himself.

"Peer-to-peer, I would definitely try to help him figure out, 'How can we start dealing with the underlying problems in your life?'" Rice said.

"Because he has a long life to live, this will be a defining moment, but it shouldn't be the moment that defines you. For me, I just see you have a long life to live and that doesn't mean just playing football -- you need to just live one day at a time."

Rice was asked if he could've given a message to Hunt BEFORE the hotel attack, what would have said to the running back.

"First, I would look at the situation and say, 'How did I even get in that moment?' Because whatever what was done in that moment, something transpired before it even got there."

"And honestly, while I don't know if alcohol or any substances were involved, I know those things can often play a role. I am not blaming anyone who was with him, but I wish someone that was with him, if he's not in his right mind ... would've said to him, 'Look at the situation. Is it worth risking it all for a split-second decision -- for something you know you can get out of?'"

Ray Rice Cheered In Return To Baltimore ... 'Ray! Ray! Ray!'

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Ray Rice was welcomed warmly by Baltimore Ravens fans almost 5 years after his infamous domestic violence incident ... with the crowd breaking out a "Ray! Ray! Ray!" chant.

It all went down Sunday ... when Ray was making his first appearance at a Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore since he was cut by the team in Sept. 2014.

The Ravens initially stuck by the star running back until TMZ Sports published video showing the Feb. 15, 2014 attack on his now-wife, Janay Rice, inside an elevator at an Atlantic City casino.

But now, it seems the two sides have made up -- Ray was invited to participate in the team's "Legends of the Game" ceremony along with stars from the 2008 Ravens team.

So, why the warm reception? Ever since he was cut, Ray has spent countless hours speaking with young athletes so they don't make the same bad decisions he did.

Ray's wife, Janay, praised her husband after the game -- saying, "It was a memorable day being welcomed back into our home of 7 years, M&T Bank Stadium!"

"I’m so proud of my husband for overcoming yet another hurdle in this journey and doing it with a smile on his face. Never once letting any circumstance change who he truly is."

She added, "The best part about it is the people of Baltimore never wavered. You guys stayed true to us because you know who we are, for that we can’t thank you enough and we are forever grateful!! "

NFL's Robert Griffin III Best Bye Week Ever? Hot Wife, Tiny Bikini

The Baltimore Ravens are off this week ... but RG3's wife has a body that JUST DON'T QUIT!

Check out Robert Griffin III and his wife Grete Sadeiko taking in some sun and sand in Miami Beach on Thursday ... showing off their amazing physiques.

Of course, Grete is a world class track athlete who's training for the 2020 Olympics -- so, staying fit is her job.

As we previously reported, Grete competed at Florida State where she specialized in the heptathlon -- once running 13.92 in the 100-meter hurdles. She's hoping to compete for her home country Estonia in the 2020 Games.

Meanwhile, RG3 is sitting comfortably as the 3rd string QB for the Ravens -- behind Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson. The team is 4-5 and still gunning for a playoff spot.

The good news for Robert, he did well in the preseason and there's a chance he could get a shot somewhere else next season.

But, don't feel too bad, RG3's making $1,000,000 this season for being the backup -- not too shabby for a guy who hasn't taken 1 regular season snap since 2016.

Hey, no wonder he looks so happy on the beach!

Jamal Lewis Pocket QBs Are Dying ... Lamar Jackson Is NFL's Future!


Want a glimpse into what the NFL will look like in a few years??

Take a look at the Ravens when No. 8 is on the field ... 'cause Baltimore legend Jamal Lewis tells TMZ Sports Lamar Jackson IS THE FUTURE OF THE LEAGUE!!

"He's the future of offenses period," Jamal says.

"The stand-up, throwing quarterback I think is about to be a thing of old."

It's interesting ... considering the Ravens' current starter, Joe Flacco, is exactly that -- but the ex-Raven says it's only a matter of time before Joe's out and Lamar's in.

"You're going to have to have a more dynamic quarterback to be able to use his legs versus just standing up in the pocket," Lewis tells us.

Don't get it twisted ... Jamal loves Joe, saying he's a "great quarterback" -- but J-Lew clearly thinks it's inevitable.

BTW ... Jamal also says Joe will contribute to Lamar's future success -- comparing it to the way Priest Holmes helped turn him into a beast in 2000!!

Lamar Jackson Immortalizes Iconic Play ... In $100,000 Diamond Chain!!

Ever made a play so dope on the football field you just HAD to have it immortalized in a $100,000 chain?!

No?? Well, Lamar Jackson has ... and he just got the bling done -- and it's possibly the sickest piece in the NFL.

Remember ... L.J. made one of the most memorable runs in college football history -- HURDLING a guy back in his sophomore season at Louisville and scoring a wild touchdown on the play.

It was insane ... and it ultimately helped him win the Heisman Trophy that season.

Soooo ... after Lamar got drafted in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens this spring -- he had enough cash to make sure he'd never forget it.

Jackson hit up Stacks Customs Jewelry in Miami ... and they got to work on the drip.

We're told the chain is 285 grams of gold with a one-of-a-kind squared Cuban link that’s only made by Stacks Customs.


We're also told the pendant is 257 grams of gold with 25 ctw/carats of VVS quality stones.

When all was said and done, it took about three weeks to make ... and, yeah, it cost $100k!!

Big blow to the wallet ... but nobody said this level of flossin' was cheap.

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