Cubs & Padres Minor Leaguers Throw Wild Haymakers In Insane Brawl ... Caught On Video

All hell broke loose in a minor league baseball game Tuesday night ... with players throwing violent haymakers at each other during an insane brawl that was all captured on video.

The melee went down in the 8th inning of a game between Chicago Cubs and San Diego Padres minor leaguers in South Bend, Ind.

The Cubs' affiliate, the South Bend Cubs, was taking on the Padres' affiliate, the Fort Wayne TinCaps ... when the ending of the game turned ugly in a hurry.

Video from the broadcast shows all of the action initially began in the 7th inning ... when Cubs shortstop Delvin Zinn got into a heated argument with the TinCaps' bench.

You can see in footage from the game's broadcast, Zinn was clearly enraged by something TinCaps players had said ... and he needed to be held back by teammates.

Fast-forward just a few minutes later in the 8th inning, when a violent fracas broke out after a TinCaps player had struck out.

Check out the clip, the Cubs' catcher said something to the Ft. Wayne player after the pitch ... and then EVERYBODY rushed the field!!!

The benches cleared, and multiple punches were thrown and landed for several seconds.

Eventually, it was all broken up ... and according to the game's box score, FOUR players were ejected by umps immediately.

The Cubs went on to win the game, 12-10 ... but the fireworks might not be over there.

The two teams are set to play FIVE more times this week ... and even if suspensions are handed down -- more drama could unfold.

Here's to hoping cooler heads ultimately prevail.

Dominican Republic Baseball Hitter Violently Attacks Umpire With Bat ... Reportedly Arrested

@hgomez27 / Twitter

A baseball player in the Dominican Republic was so upset with an umpire ... he attacked the guy with his bat AND helmet -- and video of the incident is INSANE.

It all went down Sunday ... when MLB Insider Hector Gomez says Elvis LeBron lost his mind during a tournament game over an ump's balls and strikes calls.

You can see in the footage, LeBron exchanged several words with the man behind the plate after one call ... and the conversation got so heated, LeBron was ultimately tossed from the game.

The ejection, though, clearly enraged LeBron ... and video shows the baseball player decided to go nuclear.

LeBron shoved the ump in the face with his left hand, and violently swung his bat at the guy with his right hand.

The ump went crashing to the ground ... but LeBron's assault didn't stop there.

The clip shows LeBron then took off his helmet and fired it at the ump ... and then went after the guy again with his bat -- before other players and coaches intervened.

Fortunately, cooler heads ultimately prevailed ... but according to Gomez, LeBron was arrested by local police a short time later.

The ump, meanwhile, tried to finish out the game ... but he was taken to the hospital about an hour later to get checked out, Gomez says.

Gomez reports LeBron had ties to an MLB organization prior to the altercation ... but we've been unable to confirm that with the league yet.

TikTok Party Massive Bash Broken Up by Cops with Tear Gas

TikTok can draw a crowd for sure, much to the dismay of Huntington Beach residents.

An estimated thousand people swarmed the beachside community Saturday night and police broke up the bash that was called "Adrian's Kickback."

The party was advertised on Tiktok and went viral -- with users all over the country chiming in on the possible bash. The viral vids clearly did the trick, with hordes of people filing the SoCal beach and streets.

The crowd started to form at around 6:30 PM and things got rowdy pretty quickly. By 7:30 it was going full bore and then the fireworks started going off. By around 11:30 PM ... cops made their move, declaring the event an unlawful assembly.

Police used tear gas to break up the crowd. It was pretty much pure pandemonium as everyone started yelling as they either ran away or ran for cover.

At 11:30 PM the City imposed a curfew that lasted until 5:30 AM Sunday.

As for Adrian ... his name is Adrian Lopez and the celebration marked his birthday. All he said on TikTok was "pop out n celebrate my bday." That's all it took.

121 adults and 28 juveniles were arrested and booked for various charges including vandalism, the firing of dangerous/illegal fireworks, failure to disperse, and curfew violations.

Lil Nas X I Really Ripped One on 'SNL'!!!

Lil Nas X brought 'SNL' to a grand finale Saturday night, but the performance was a little ... well, a little too tight.

Lil Nas was performing "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" during the show, and all the gyrating was too much for his pants, 'cause they split down the front.

It happens at around the 2:20 mark in the video, as he was dancing on a stripper pole. You see him drop low, and that's when his pants do the splits.

He's a pro, so he immediately grabbed his crotch -- Michael Jackson style -- so it wasn't super obvious ... but yeah, it happened.

He boldly glares right into the camera as it happens and then presses on to the end of the song.

Lil Nas X was the musical guest for the season 46 finale. Anya Taylor-Joy did the hosting honors.

He's a funny guy, tweeting after the show, “NOT MY PANTS RIPPED ON LIVE ON TV,” adding, “OMFG NO… I wanted to do my pole routine so bad this what I get lmaoo.”

He followed up saying, "at first i was afraid to even perform. then we rehearsed for 2 weeks, then all of the dancers got removed because one had covid and new ones had to learn the routine in 24 hours, and then i ended up ripping my pants and couldn’t finish. everything happens for a reason tho lol"

Frankly, it was fun to watch a real pro follow the maxim, "The show must go on!"

Simone Biles Lands Hardest Vault ... In Women's Gymnastic History

Simone Biles is undoubtedly one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, but she may have just taken top spot with what is considered the hardest vault in women's gymnastics ... EVER.

Simone was competing at the 2021 GK U.S. Classic when she attempted what's called a Yurchenko double pike.

You see the intensity in her face as she prepares, and then races to the vaulting table and hurls herself in the air. You just gotta see it. Amazing!!!

The judges assigned a difficulty value of 6.6 and she scored a 9.5 for her execution.

Simone was happy though subdued, saying, “To finally just put it out in a competition was quite nice, I know it’s not the correct value that we want, but I can still do it, so why not show off my ability and athleticism.”

She goes on to the U.S. Olympic team trials at the end of June, and we're guessing it's almost a foregone conclusion she'll be competing in Tokyo in July.

In case you forgot, in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Simon snagged 4 gold medals and a bronze.

Illinois Cops Mistake Urn Filled With Ashes For Drugs ... 'That's My Daughter!!!'

Springfield Police Department

Newly released body cam footage shows a father in Illinois getting super emotional as cops searched an urn thinking they'd found his stash of meth -- only to discover it was actually his daughter's ashes.

In the video, the cop tells the man -- who's already 'cuffed in a police car -- they tested the contents of the small container, and believed it was drugs. Immediately, you can hear the anguish in the father's voice as he explains it's his daughter's remains and pleads for the officer to hand it over.

The Springfield, IL cop closed the door on the man -- during this April 2020 traffic stop -- and then seemed to laugh as he tells other officers about the situation, and says the substance tested positive for meth.

The cop opens his trunk -- apparently planning to do a retest -- and you can hear the father yelling from the backseat how important the urn and the ashes are to him.

You gotta see the video, because there was an interesting pow-wow between all the cops as they tried to decide what to do. They ended up handing over the ashes to his father, who was also on the scene.

The man is now suing the City of Springfield.

Simone Biles Crushes Yurchenko Double Pike!!! 1st Female to Land In Competition?!

Simone Biles is not a human being!!!

The 24-year-old USA gymnastics superstar just nailed the damn near impossible Yurchenko double pike not once, but TWICE during a practice session for Saturday's U.S. Classic.

... and now the big question -- will she pull it off this weekend and become the first woman to ever land the move in an official competition!?!?!?

For those who don't know, the Yurchenko double pike is both incredibly challenging and dangerous -- and no female gymnast has ever completed the move during competition.

The move -- named after Soviet gymnast Natalia Yurchenko -- is when a gymnast starts with a roundoff back-handspring approach to the vault, which leads to a double flip while the athlete maintains a straight-legged position.

But, Biles had no issue tackling the move Friday during podium training ahead of the U.S. Classic this weekend ... perfecting what she's been teasing since February 2020.

In fact, Biles opened up about her plans to use the move back in March during a conversation with Texas Monthly ... saying she was making real progress during training sessions and her confidence was growing.

"So far, we’ve been training it pretty consistently and there haven’t been too many times where I was like, 'Oh, that was really scary. Maybe we shouldn’t do that.'" Biles said.

"It’s actually been like, 'Wow, this is feasible, we can do this.' And that’s kind of the scary part, me testing my limits, proving myself wrong, and being like, 'Dang, Simone you can do this. That’s insane.' Honestly, at this age, I feel like I would kind of start going down, but I’m still going up."

Clearly, she wasn't kidding ... 'cause Biles made it look easy on Friday!!!

Team USA gymnastics legend Nastia Liukin was so impressed by the video, she tweeted, "YOU. ARE. INSANE."

Now, we wait to see if Biles busts out the move on Saturday -- her first time competing in 587 days!


Fernando Tatis Jr. Hits Full-On Splits To Steal 2nd Base ... Insane Play!!!

Fernando Tatis Jr. can clearly do EVERYTHING on the baseball diamond -- including hitting a full split to steal a bag in a game!!

The MLB superstar showed he's got that in his bag of tricks during the Padres' tilt with the Rockies on Wednesday ... twisting like a gymnast to make sure he was safe at second.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The play was seriously awesome ... the 22-year-old got on first base in the second inning via a single to center and took off for 2nd just moments later.

He slid into the bag underneath the catcher's throw ... but in order to ensure he didn't come off the base -- he dropped it real, real low!!

What makes it even more impressive? Tatis Jr. is 6'3", 217 pounds!!!

Oh, and by the way, El Niño wasn't done there ... he went to hit a home run just two innings later.


Lucky Sea Dog Takes Ruff Boat Ride in Spain ... Rescued by Coast Guard

Shutterstock Premier

An out-of-control boat with a dog on board is not something any animal lover wants to see, but fortunately ... this wild story has a paws-itively happy ending.

The unmanned Zodiac boat was spotted circling in the ocean Monday, about 300 meters off the coast of Almunecar, Spain with no one at the helm except a dog. Photographer, Huw Evans, knew something was up, and captured the ordeal that unfolded.

Evans says he feared the boat's actual skipper had fallen overboard so his crew went to investigate, and that's when they noticed the poor solo doggy tied up on board.

The Coast Guard arrived soon after, and first tried to corral the boat by snagging its propeller but that didn't work. So, then someone tried to jump on board, but also failed and fell in the water.

Evans said, "It was quite a wild ride, when [the rescuer] fell off I was worried he might be hurt by the propeller but luckily it missed him." Thankfully, a much bigger Coast Guard boat showed up and managed to snag the boat.

The salty old sea dog was rescued and returned to its owner ... and the pooch now has a great story to tell its pups.

Train Derailment Cars Burst Into Flames in Iowa ... Mass Evacuations Underway

Mass evacuations are currently underway in northwest Iowa -- where a train derailment has sent its cars bursting into flames ... and hazmat crews storming in.

The accident appears to have occurred just a short time ago near the city of Sibley, where black smoke has been billowing for several minutes now. Somebody nearby captured footage of the crash, and you can see spouts of flames coming up from behind a building.

Several different rescue crews are en route, as there are concerns the train might've been carrying flammable liquid ... which would explain the fire that's growing on site. Word is that authorities are clearing the area within a 5-mile radius ... so a massive hazard's unfolding.

Another person captured a photo from further away showing the damage, and it appears a massive pile-up occurred during the derailment. Unclear what might've caused it to get off the tracks in such violent fashion, but this isn't the first wreck like this, this week.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

A Union Pacific train derailed in south Minnesota Saturday, with a huge pile-up of cars there as well, with upwards of 28 cars falling off the track. And even earlier in the week, there was a report of yet another derailment in Missouri -- where six cars came loose and spilled into a main road.

Reports of any injuries or fatalities from this latest disaster in Iowa haven't surfaced -- but we're monitoring for updates.

Story developing ...

London Brawl Massive Fight at Airport Caught on Video

It looks like the world is transitioning from brawls over mask-wearing to the ol'-fashion variety.

This one went down at London's Luton Airport after a man threw a bottle at another passenger who was insulting his female traveling companion.

For some reason, lots of onlookers decided to get in the game, and when the dust settled 17 people were arrested. Three people received serious injuries and were taken to the hospital.

A police spokesperson said, "We take a zero tolerance approach to violence and continue to assist the police with their inquiries. We would like to sincerely apologise to any passengers affected."

It's really crazy ... dudes are clobbering each other with suitcases right in the terminal area around all the stores. And, it happened at 8 AM ... way too early to brawl.

The world is getting back to normal, and it ain't all good.

Tom Brady Niece Launches 2 Moonshot HRs In Game Gets Shoutout From TB12!!!

Tom Brady's niece continues to destroy Pac-12 softball pitching -- she hit two more monster home runs in a game this week -- and TB12 couldn't have been more proud!!!

Maya Brady has been a star on the softball field for UCLA since arriving on campus in 2019 ... and on Thursday night against Arizona in Tucson, she put on an absolute show at the dish.

For the first time in her career, she hit TWO dingers in one game ... and the second one went so far -- cameras couldn't find its landing spot!!!

And, it didn't take long for Uncle G.O.A.T. to notice ... he joked about the bombs on Twitter early Friday morning -- bringing up Rob Gronkowski's famous April helicopter catch!!

"Hey @RobGronkowski next time you need a ball dropped 600 ft out of the air in Tucson just ask Maya," the Bucs star wrote.

Neat shoutout ... but we're pretty sure more will be necessary from Tom -- 'cause Maya is absolutely killing it in her sophomore season with the Bruins.

She now has 11 home runs on the year to go along with a .343 batting average -- and her team is now 38-3!!!

Yeah, the G.O.A.T. blood seriously runs thick in the Brady family.

Logan Paul Beat the Daylights Out of 4 Gronkowski Bros ... Epic Video!!!

Logan Paul DISMANTLED the entire Gronkowski family -- in front of their dad -- and the violence was all captured on video!

As we previously reported, Logan invited Rob and his 4 bros to a training session as he gears up for his big June 6 match against Floyd Mayweather.

The bros -- Glenn, Dan, Chris and Gordie -- all agreed to take go 1 round each with Logan ... full speed, fun strength with Rob serving as referee.

First up was Glenn ... a 6'3", 234-pound former NFL player who spent time with the Patriots.

Look, Glenn put up a good fight but it was clear he was just outmatched by Logan who dominated until they stopped the fight.

Round 2 was Chris Gronkowski's turn ... the former NFL fullback got rocked right away and the fight was quickly stopped.

Round 3 featured Dan Gronkowski -- a former NFL tight end who played for the Lions, Broncos, Pats and Browns.

Dan did not do well -- getting rocked hard and dropped. They stopped that pretty quickly, too.

Finally, it was Gordie's turn ... and Logan smothered him with a barrage of power shots until Rob stepped in and pulled them apart.

After the session, Rob praised Logan for being a beast -- and gave respect to his bros for having the balls to take on a guy who's been training like a maniac for the past several years.

Bottom line ... Logan Paul's no joke but Floyd Mayweather is on a whole other level!

Florida Fisherman Chased By Giant Alligator ... Terrifying Encounter Caught On Video


A Florida fisherman is lucky to be alive today ... 'cause the guy was nearly attacked by a giant alligator during an outing in the Everglades last weekend -- and the terrifying scene was all caught on video!!

The drama unfolded on Saturday -- when 22-year-old Tommy Lee was hunting for some tarpon on a large body of water's shoreline.

You can see in the footage ... the dude was minding his own business casting his reel -- when suddenly, a big-ass gator head emerged from the water!!!

Lee knew right away he needed to be alert -- his GoPro camera captured him saying, "You got to be careful here" -- and that's when the scariness began.

The gator climbed out of the water and took off after the guy ... and when it got within feet of Lee, he accidentally fell backward!!

Fortunately, the 11-foot-long animal stopped charging ... and after an intense standoff, it eventually retreated.

Lee was clearly excited to leave the area without gator teeth in his body ... saying on camera, "And I am outta here. Screw that!"

Smart move, man. Smart move!

COVID Vaccines Anti-Vaxxer Steals J&J Vials at CVS

Thomas Humphrey/Facebook

An anti-vaxxer has been going around stealing vials of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, proclaiming it poisonous and urging people to turn their backs on it.

It's a bizarre story. A guy named Thomas Humphrey, turned the camera on himself as he showed up for his vaccine appointment Thursday at a CVS in Minnesota.

He tricked the pharmacy folks by saying he just wanted to look at the label on the vial, but once in his hand, he made off with it as he claimed it was toxic to humans. He said he was going to have it tested at a lab as he walked out of the store.

Thomas Humphrey/Facebook

It wasn't the first time Humphrey pulled this stunt. The day before he did the same thing at a clinic, warning people the vaccine was toxic and they should roll their sleeves back down.

Humphrey is wearing a "National Action Task Force" shirt, an org that proclaims "enough is enough!"

Thomas was arrested Thursday, but for some reason not for stealing the vaccine. He was booked for unrelated charges of obstructing legal process, operating a motor vehicle without plates and registration and driving on a suspended license. He's already been released.

Amazon Delivery Guy This Job's a Pain in the A**!!! Accidentally Sits on Cactus

Jukin Media

This poor Amazon delivery guy deserves hazard pay -- and an ice pack for his ass -- after going to battle with a cactus while dropping off a package.

Ring video shows the San Bernardino delivery worker dropping off a package on a front porch, oblivious to the cactus behind him as he was bending over. And then, ouch!!! Looks like he got at least 10 quills ... right in the butt, Bob.

Of course, he immediately jumped in pain, but then he kinda laughed at his misfortune ... like he couldn't believe it happened. Making matters worse, no one was home to help him, and he had to go solo to pick out the thorns.

At the end of the video he says he's good, and gives a thumbs up ... but that's hard to believe. Sitting down in his van musta been a bitch!!!

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