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NFL's Christian Kirk May Have Been Coked Up ... Cop Says In Police Report

5/15/2018 6:43 AM PDT
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NFL rookie Christian Kirk was showing signs of cocaine use when he was arrested at a golf tournament in Arizona back in February ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports

Kirk -- a 2nd round draft pick by the AZ Cardinals -- was arrested for criminal damage to a car on Feb. 3 after cops say he was throwing rocks at cars in a parking lot outside of the Phoenix Open. 

Event security had contacted police and said the suspects were "high."

When the Scottsdale PD arrived to the scene, one of the officers "immediately noticed Kirk's demeanor. He had a blank stare."

The officer placed Kirk under arrest and handcuffed him -- and then suggested he may have been on cocaine. 

"I further noticed the grinding movement of his jaw and continued blank stare. These are common signs of an individual high on stimulants, such as cocaine." 

Both Kirk and another man were transported to a nearby police station where they were booked and later released. 

The arrest didn't stop the Cardinals from selecting Kirk with the 47th pick in the draft. The team has said they were aware of the incident before the draft. 

Josh Rosen Honors Todd Heap's Daughter ... with $300 Tip!

5/3/2018 4:20 PM PDT
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Arizona Cardinals rookie QB Josh Rosen left a fat ass tip after a sushi date with his mom ... and it's all to honor the late daughter of ex-Cardinals tight end Todd Heap

Tragically, Heap's 3-year-old daughter Holly passed away last year after a car accident at the family home in Arizona.

To honor her memory, the Heaps started Hugs From Holly Day on May 3 -- and encouraged people to spread love and joy in their community with a random act of kindness. 

The Heaps also asked people to wear pink (Holly's favorite color). 

Rosen answered the call and after a $94 sushi meal in Manhattan Beach, CA -- he dropped a $300 tip for the staff. Pretty cool. 

And he also wore pink. 

Heap played for the Arizona Cardinals in 2011 and 2012 after spending 10 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens.

He's also from Mesa, AZ and became a college football star at Arizona State. 

Curt Menefee Best QB From 2018 Draft? ... Josh Rosen

5/1/2018 6:51 AM PDT

'NFL on FOX' star Curt Menefee says he spoke with Josh Rosen right after the draft ... and he's CONVINCED the kid from UCLA will eventually be remembered as the BEST QB from his class.  

"I liked the kid before [the draft], I loved him after," Menefee said of the new Arizona Cardinals quarterback. 

Menefee and his 'NFL on FOX' crew analyze football for a living -- and he really believes Rosen has the skill and the attitude to make him a GREAT player in the league. Watch the clip and see for yourself how passionate Curt is about Rosen.  

It's not a knock against the other QBs -- in fact, Menefee says Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson will also be great ... he just believes Rosen is a cut above the rest. 

Josh Rosen Turns Up After NFL Draft ... It's a Dance Party!

4/27/2018 11:23 AM PDT

If Josh Rosen REALLY has a chip on his shoulder after getting picked 10th, he didn't show it after the NFL Draft -- because he was in a GREAT mood celebrating at a post-event dance party!!

Rosen, along with family members and close friends, was all smiles at a nearby hot spot in Dallas -- where the QB and his crew got a special private area to celebrate his new job with the AZ Cardinals. 

There were bottle service girls, signs that read "Cards" -- and Sheck Wes' "Mo Bamba" banging from the speakers. 

Afterward, Rosen kept the party going back at the hotel -- dancing away like he just became a millionaire ... because he just did!

Yeah, he might have been the 4th QB selected -- but he's still a FIRST-ROUND DRAFT PICK!


Tyrann Mathieu There's Still Hope for Johnny Manziel If He Does This ...

3/14/2018 10:08 AM PDT

Johnny Manziel can still resurrect his NFL career, so says Tyrann Mathieu -- but he's gotta do one fundamental thing to complete his comeback. 

We spoke with Honey Badger on the TMZ Sports TV show (airs weeknights on FS1) ... and since he's got one of football's best redemption stories, we asked him what Johnny should do to follow suit.

Tyrann's main piece of advice -- tune out the haters!!

"We get to certain points and certain stages in our career where we start to take other peoples’ opinions more than our own," Mathieu said.

"We stop believing in ourselves. We start believing in other people and what they’re saying."

And if Manziel gets that self-belief back -- "He’ll be alright."

FYI, we got Johnny out in L.A. over the weekend ... and it looks like he's already on his way!!

Kerry Rhodes & Nicky Whelan Our Marriage is Over ... After Less Than 6 Months!!!

11/3/2017 11:20 AM PDT

Former NFL star Kerry Rhodes and actress Nicky Whelan have called it quits in their marriage ... after less than 6 months!!!

The 2 filed divorce paperwork Wednesday together ... and it looks like it should be a pretty smooth process. They both gave up their right for spousal support and say they have no community assets together.

Kerry and Nicky were wed on April 14, 2017 and list their date of separation as October 1. The Australian actress wants her last name back, too.

Rhodes last played for the Arizona Cardinals in 2012 ... and dabbled in acting himself after leaving football.

Adrian Peterson Jesus Got Me Traded to Cards ... 'He Answered My Prayer'

10/11/2017 4:06 PM PDT
Breaking News

Adrian Peterson is giving all glory to God when it comes to his trade to Arizona -- saying Jesus came through for him when he was stuck on the Saints bench.

AP recounted his Hail Mary for a starting RB gig after Cardinals practice today -- "Hey, God, I need you to answer this prayer for me. You listening to me?"

And later, once he found out about the deal -- "Thank you, Jesus. He answers prayers."

Peterson added that he "wasn't pushing to be moved, but I’d be lying to say I didn’t want a change of scenery."

NFL's Chris Johnson Gets 2pac Cleats Picture Me Rollin!

9/27/2017 4:14 PM PDT

TUPAC LIVES ... on Chris Johnson's new cleats. 

The AZ Cardinals running back got some custom "Juice" cleats -- inspired by the 1992 flick ... featuring images of Pac, Omar Epps and the other two guys on the movie poster. 

We spoke with the genius behind the shoes -- Desmond "Skilz" Jones -- who says CJ2k plans to rock the cleats before and during Sunday's game against the 49ers. 

Skilz says Johnson hit him up and specifically asked for the movie-inspired paint job ... and it took him 10 HOURS to create the final product. 

Pretty sweet, right?  

John McCain I Hate the Cowboys But Support Their Right to Kneel

9/26/2017 9:55 AM PDT

John McCain tells TMZ Sports he won't let his seething hatred for the Dallas Cowboys affect his view on freedom of expression. 

The Arizona senator is famously a huge sports fan -- so, with the political and sports worlds colliding when the Cowboys played his AZ Cardinals on Monday Night Football, we asked for his opinion. 

"I've always hated the Dallas Cowboys and will continue to do so to this day," McCain said. 

But when we asked about Jerry Jones taking a knee with his players before the anthem, McCain said -- "That's their right to do what they want as citizens."

So, in conclusion ... he still wants the Boys to lose every game from now until the end of time -- but not because of the demonstration. 

Red Sox Photographer Balls Beaned ... on Ceremonial 1st Pitch

8/17/2017 7:37 AM PDT
Breaking News


A Boston Red Sox photographer took a baseball square in the balls on the ceremonial first pitch Wednesday night ... and it looked BAD.

It was just another night at Fenway with the Sox taking on the Cards ... until the PA announcer told the kid throwing the first pitch to "fire it in there!"

Young Jordan must have took "it" to mean a random guy's balls ... and the unlucky photog wide right of home plate paid the price -- taking it right in his manhood before limping away. 

The dude who took the beanball seems alright, though ... using his own photo to joke about the nut-shot after the game:

NFL's Chris Johnson MOMMA, I LOVE YA Here's a Range Rover!

2/10/2017 10:22 AM PST
Breaking News

AZ Cardinals running back Chris Johnson is definitely up for the Son of the Week honors -- CJ2K just surprised his mom with his BRAND NEW RANGE ROVER ... and the video is great!

Why the new car? Why not? He's rich and she wanted a new whip. It's that simple.

Johnson's mom couldn't have been happier -- she actually starts busting out a DJ Khaled "I Got The Keys" dance.

NFL's Tony Jefferson Using Madden '17 as Free Agency Test

1/20/2017 4:00 PM PST

How does a top NFL free agent safety like Tony Jefferson decide where to sign next season? 

Easy ... he edits himself in the Madden '17 video game and sees how he looks with different teams! 


The Arizona Cardinals stud joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs tonight on FS1) and told us how he's gearing up for the free agent market ... which should be GREAT for him considering the steller season he had in 2016. 

The good news for Cardinals fans ... sounds to us like Tony wants to rock the red and white next year. 

Cardinals Michael Floyd Cut After DUI Arrest

12/14/2016 12:30 PM PST
Breaking News

Arizona Cardinals star Michael Floyd was just cut by the team ... only 2 days after being busted for DUI in Arizona.

The 27-year-old -- one of the teams top wide receivers -- was arrested in Scottsdale, AZ after cops say they witnessed him asleep at the wheel of his Cadillac Escalade ... at a traffic light. 

Cops say they noticed signs of impairment ... and arrested MF for DUI.

FYI -- Floyd was set to be a free agent after this season ... and was expected to get a big money contract.

Now, he doesn't have a job.

Story developing ...

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