NFL Players Should Boycott Redskins ... Says Powerful Native American Org.

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One of the largest American Indian groups in the country is declaring war on the Washington Redskins -- saying the team name is insanely offensive and NFL players should boycott.

Fawn Sharp -- president of the National Congress of American Indians (which represents more than 500 tribal nations) just went scorched earth on the franchise in an op/ed titled, "Who Will Become the Colin Kaepernick of Washington’s NFL Team?"

"The racial slur can no longer be removed by the complicit, indifferent, tone-deaf ownership of the franchise, because the stain they have fixed onto their own name and enterprises is now permanent," Sharp says.

"It is an insult that can no longer be retracted, a sin that can no longer be erased."

She continues, "Since it’s too late to give the team name up, it’s time for it to be taken."

"It’s time for the players to rip down that name like it was a statue of a Confederate general in their locker room."


Sharp takes it further spelling out a plan of action for Washington players.

"I am calling for members of the NFL franchise in Washington, DC, to rise to the occasion and become heroes. All I ask is that you state the unequivocal moral truth: just as you would never play for the Washington [insert any other racial slur], you will no longer play for any team branded with a racial slur against Native Americans."

The team has long maintained its stance that the name is not offensive to Native Americans ... Sharp -- and the massive community she represents -- clearly disagree.

Face Mask Exempt Card Dept. of Justice Says Don't Buy It!!!

The U.S. Department of Justice is calling out the "Exempt" cards folks claim allow them to get away with not covering their faces in public ... because the cards are fraudulent.

An alert was issued by the feds Thursday warning of the phony face mask flyers, urging the public to "be aware regarding fraudulent postings, cards, or flyers on the internet regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the use of face masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic."

The alert made it clear the cards were not issued by the government and not endorsed by it ... despite the appearance of the Dept. of Justice's seal.

U.S. Attorney Matthew G.T. Martin warned ... "Do not be fooled by the chicanery and misappropriation of the DOJ eagle. These cards do not carry the force of law. The 'Freedom to Breathe Agency,' or 'FTBA,' is not a government agency."

We'd like to say, "Yeah, no duh" ... but way too many people on social media seem fooled, as they circulated the cards this week as if they were legit.

The U.S. Attorney adds to check out the ADA website for official and correct info about the American Disabilities Act, and the CDC still encourages the use of facial coverings in public.


Not that you could tell from VP Mike Pence's latest coronavirus task force briefing.

Texas Realtors 'Master Bedroom' is Officially Canceled ... Call Back to Slavery, They Say

The term "master" is officially canceled when it comes to describing bedrooms and bathrooms ... at least when you're searching for a home in Houston.

The Houston Association of Realtors is no longer using the word "master" to hype bedrooms and bathrooms on its Multiple Listing Service ... instead, the realtors are going with the word "primary."

The change in terminology, which happened quietly earlier this month, is already in place on HAR's property listing database ... and it came after several members demanded a review of the language, which some believe carries connotations to slavery.

According to HAR, the change has been raised and considered for several years ... and they are finally pulling the plug on "master." It's worth noting ... Houston has one of the nation's highest African-American populations.

Don't celebrate or scream into the void just yet ... HAR says the change is merely a suggestion, and does not constitute a ban of the term "master."

Other "masters" are already on the way out ... like the Court of Master Sommeliers, which says it will no longer use the word "master" before a wine sommelier's last name.

And, it begs the question, what's next on the chopping block?!?

There's The Masters golf tournament, Oprah's Master Class and Master's degrees to name a few.

F1's Bernie Ecclestone Black People Are More Racist Than Whites ... 'I've Noticed'

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More outlandish and offensive stuff from Formula 1 racing boss Bernie Ecclestone ... who is now pushing the narrative that Black people are more racist than whites.

Seriously. Here's his latest quote -- "In lots of cases, Black people are more racist than what White people are."

Okay, some background ... the 89-year-old racing legend was talking to CNN about Lewis Hamilton's social justice efforts in the recent months -- when things turned sideways.

It started out nice ... Ecclestone praised Hamilton saying he's "very, very, very talented as a driver and he seems to be now extremely talented when's he standing up and can make speeches."

"This last campaign he's doing for Black people is wonderful."

So far, so good.

But, when Ecclestone was asked about Lewis' new endeavor -- The Hamilton Project (created to help promote diversity in racing) ... things started to go off the rails.

"I don't think [The Hamilton Project] is going to do anything bad or good for Formula One."

"It'll just make people think which is more important. I think that's the same for everybody. People ought to think a little bit and think: 'Well, what the hell? Somebody's not the same as White people and Black people should think the same about White people.'"

He followed up with this gem -- "In lots of cases, Black people are more racist than what White people are."

When CNN pushed for specific examples, Bernie didn't cite any concrete evidence -- explaining it's something he's "noticed" over the years.

Oh really, Bernie?

When was the last time a white driver was racially taunted at a race?

It happened to Lewis Hamilton in 2008 and 2009 -- when a bunch of racists put on blackface to taunt Lewis at the Spanish Grand Prix wearing shirts that read, "Hamilton's Family."

There's obviously no shortage of examples, but you get the point.

Bernie has said a bunch of terrible stuff over the years -- famously praising Adolf Hitler in 2009 for being "able to get things done."

He also publicly supported Vladimir Putin's anti-gay policies and also sprinkled in some sexism ... saying women should dress in white "like all other domestic appliances."

Bernie Ecclestone, everyone. GTFOH

Univ. Of Oregon & OSU Axe 'Civil War' Nickname ... Over 'Inclusivity' Concerns

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The "Civil War" in Oregon has officially ended.

Univ. of Oregon officials announced Friday their school's rivalry games with Oregon State will no longer be called the "Civil War" over "inclusivity" concerns.

"We need to make this change to align the words and symbols we use around athletic endeavors with our shared campus values of equity and inclusivity," UO President Michael H. Schill said in a statement.

Added UO athletic director Rob Mullens, "We must all recognize the power of words and the symbolism associated with the Civil War. This mutual decision is in the best interests of both schools."

A new name for the rivalry has yet to be revealed.

According to the Ducks, former QB Dennis Dixon was the catalyst behind the name change ... and in a video he released Friday, the 35-year-old says he got the blessing of UO legend Jonathan Stewart to push forward for the name change.


"I am happy to see two universities coming together to drive change, an everlasting change," Dixon said. "I'm excited to be part of this change. Thank you to all who have put their time and effort into this."

The move is just the latest in a series of efforts by colleges to make their campus' sports more in line with the fight for social justice.

As we previously reported, Univ. of Florida officials banned the famous "Gator Bait" chant over racism concerns ... while UNLV took down a statue of its "Hey Reb!" mascot that was perceived to have ties to the Confederacy.

Leeds United Removes Bin Laden Cutout from Stands ... Oops!!!

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A Championship league soccer team is backtracking big time after they used a cardboard cutout of Osama Bin Laden to fill seats at a game this week ... yeah, BIG PROBLEM!!!

Leeds United had banned live fans from attending games during the COVID-19 pandemic ... but welcomed supporters to send in photos which they would place in the seats to simulate a crowd.

Someone sent in Bin Laden -- and NO ONE CAUGHT IT.

So, when Leeds took the field to play Cardiff City at Elland Road stadium on Sunday ... there was the world's most hated dead terrorist sitting right in the front row.

A spokesperson for Leeds United told BBC the team "will ensure there are no more offensive images" used in the future.

And, to add insult to embarrassment, Leeds lost the game 2-0.

Of course, the real OBL was killed by U.S. Navy SEALS during a raid on his compound in 2011.

His body was later dumped in the ocean.

Joe Exotic's Old Zoo Accused of Abusing Lions ... Jeff Lowe Says They're Getting Proper Care

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Joe Exotic's former zoo in Oklahoma is being investigated over concerns for the welfare of its animals -- specifically the lions -- but Jeff Lowe says everything's being done right to take care of them ... but it's a challenge.

TMZ's learned a whistleblower provided PETA with photos and video of lions at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park -- which Lowe took over after Exotic -- suffering from severe flystrike ... a condition in which flies bite and lay eggs on other animals and destroy their skin.

The photos show lions at the zoo with bloody ears with the tips severely damaged, and also covered in flies. Flystrike can be very painful and even deadly to animals if not treated.

Lowe tells TMZ the animals are being treated, though, as flies have been a constant problem at the zoo for years ... because it's located near a big horse farm.

Lowe says the GW Zoo spends thousands a month on medications for the lions, tigers and other animals, along with fly repellent. Problem is, Lowe says most repellents can also be harmful to the animals ... so they have to be careful.

He says this is just one of the many reasons he's moving the animals to his new zoo, Tiger King Park, as soon as possible.

Still, PETA has asked the USDA to conduct a welfare check on the animals, which local law enforcement reported is already being done after receiving numerous calls about the issue.

The Oklahoma Department Of Wildlife Conservation tells us it conducted a welfare check of the native animals at the zoo -- including bobcats, mountain lions and bears -- and found the animals to be in good health and described the situation as in "good shape."

The USDA is responsible for the exotic animals, however. We reached out to the agency about its investigation ... so far no word back.

As we've reported ... Jeff Lowe's days with the GW Zoo are numbered anyway, as a judge recently awarded the land to Joe Exotic's nemesis, Carole Baskin, in the trademark lawsuit documented on 'Tiger King.'

Faith Hill Mississippi Flag is Symbol of Terror ... We Must Replace It!!!

Faith Hill is calling on Mississippi lawmakers to change the state flag ... she says the Confederate symbolism sends a terrifying message, and it's time to be removed.

The country singer made her plea to the Mississippi state legislature Thursday night on social media, ahead of Friday's potential vote to change the flag, saying ... "We have to realize that this flag is a direct symbol of terror for our black brothers and sisters."

A Mississippi native, Faith says it's time to change the state flag, which features an image of the Confederate battle flag. She says, "I understand many view the current flag as a symbol of heritage and Southern pride ... it is time for the world to meet the Mississippi of today and not the Mississippi of 1894," when the state legislature first voted on the current flag.

A change could be made as soon as Friday, state lawmakers who want to remove the Confederate imagery say they appear to have enough votes to make the change.

Faith says she wants, "ONE NEW FLAG, one that represents ALL of the citizens of Mississippi."

Stay tuned ...

NC Racetrack Owner Advertises 'Bubba Rope' ... Slammed As 'Horrific & Shameful'

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An NC racetrack owner is being called "horrific", "shameful" and even a downright racist ... and it's all because he advertised the sale of "Bubba Rope" in the wake of NASCAR's noose incident.

Here's the deal ... Mike Fulp, a 55-year-old who owns 311 Speedway in Stokes County, NC -- threw up an ad on Facebook earlier this week for "Bubba Rope."

In the post -- which has since been deleted -- Fulp wrote, "Buy your Bubba Rope today for only $9.99 each, they come with a lifetime warranty and work great.’’

The ad was immediately hit with backlash ... with people outraged over the insensitivity, considering everything Bubba Wallace had just gone through regarding a garage rope pulldown at Talledega Superspeedway over the weekend.

A spokesperson for NC Governor Roy Cooper ripped the post apart in a statement to the Winston-Salem Journal, saying, "This incident of racism is horrific and shameful."

"North Carolina is better than this.''

Hundreds of people also took to social media to blast Fulp ... calling him a racist and threatening to boycott his track's events.

Multiple attempts to reach Fulp for comment by multiple news outlets have been unsuccessful.

Per the Winston-Salem Journal, NAACP officials are now looking to see if bringing criminal charges against Fulp over the post is a possibility.

"It is horrible that someone would post something of that nature," Reidsville NAACP chapter president Jeff Crisp said. "It's just absolutely unnecessary in these times of tension."

An event at Fulp's 311 Speedway, titled "America We Stand" on Facebook, is still scheduled to take place Saturday night.

For his part, Wallace -- the lone Black driver on NASCAR's top circuit -- hasn't blinked in the face of all of the adversity thrown his way this week ... even tweeting Thursday evening, "Still standing proud. Still smiling."

YouTube Star Jenna Marbles Apologizes for Past Vids, Quits Channel ... 'I Want to Hold Myself Accountable'


Jenna Marbles -- one of YouTube's original vloggers with more than 3 billion views -- has apologized for past content and announced she's quitting her channel.

Jenna posted an 11-minute video to her more than 20 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and offered a tearful apology for content that included impersonating Nicki Minaj in blackface, rapping a racist song and slut-shaming.

One of the hot topics Jenna talked about is the amount of videos she has switched to private over the years. Jenna said, "I get it. We're at a time where we are purging ourselves of anything and everything toxic ... I've definitely done things in the past that weren't great. I'm not completely unproblematic. I've tried my best to grow up."


More specifically ... Jenna apologized for a 2011 video she posted showing herself in blackface. She said she never meant to do blackface and admits it was wrong after hearing from people who found her skit offensive. She says she learned from it and never repeated it.

Jenna said, "I'm unbelievably sorry ... I wish it wasn’t part of my past.” As for the racist rap song and the slut-shaming, Jenna said, "It doesn't need to exist. I shouldn’t have ever said that. I’m embarrassed that I ever made that, period."

She says, "for now I just can't exist on this channel," and added ... "I want to hold myself accountable, and it’s painful to do it. I’m ashamed of things I’ve done and said in my past. But, it’s important."

Jenna's posted thousands of hours of content in her decade-long run ... including hilarious drunk makeup tutorial vids. She's literally one of social media's first celebs ... and became the first social media star with a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in NYC.

Sacramento 'Karen' Knocked Out After Calling Woman N*****

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@hitman1600 / Twitter

11:21 AM PT -- According to the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept. ... deputies responded to a call of 2 females fighting at a 7-Eleven on June 22. When they arrived, the woman who got beaten up was being treated by medical workers for minor injuries, but the other woman had left.

We're told the injured woman told deputies it was a mutual fight and took responsibility for her part in it ... and said she didn't want to file a complaint. However, the next day she contacted cops and decided to file a report.

The Sheriff's Office says so far no suspect has been identified, charged or arrested ... despite the black woman's husband claiming on social media she was arrested for assault.

A "Karen" in Sacramento got her ass handed to her when she stupidly accepted a challenge to call a black woman the n-word ... and it's all on video.

The heated exchange unfolded this week at a convenience store in California's capital, where a middle-aged white woman started arguing with the black woman   ... and it quickly turned racial and violent.

It's unclear what started the confrontation ... the white woman insisted she'd only said "excuse me" -- but the black woman heard something different, so tempers were already high. Then, "Karen" dropped the n-word.

The black woman promised to beat the hell outta the white woman if she used the slur again and, for some reason, "Karen" took her up on the dare and said it ... loud and clear. That's when the punches flew ... haymaker after haymaker putting the racist woman down on her ass.

On social media, the black woman's husband is claiming she was arrested for assault. We haven't been able to confirm that yet.

Greg Conn / Facebook

The crazy scene is similar to another racist "Karen" getting slapped earlier this month inside a Phoenix gas station.

Bad as that was ... the Sacramento incident is way more violent.

Originally published -- 6/25 9:15 AM PT

Winn-Dixie Supermarkets Consider Changing 95-Year-Old Name ... After George Floyd's Death


One of the largest supermarket chains based in the Southeast is considering dropping its name after nearly 100 years ... a move triggered by the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sources at Winn-Dixie tell TMZ ... the supermarket chain -- billed as a southern heritage brand serving Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi -- is considering changing its name because, just like The Chicks, it deems the term "Dixie" as problematic due to ties to the old south and its way of thinking.

We're told the grocery chain doesn't have a name picked out just yet, but based on the folks we spoke with it looks like it may only be a matter of time before making a switch. If the grocery chain does make a change, it'll come on the heels of The Chicks dropping "Dixie" from its name.

As for the official response, a Winn-Dixie spokesperson tells TMZ ... "At Southeastern Grocers, we are committed to cultivating an inclusive culture and community that promotes belonging, inclusion and diversity. As such, we stand against racism and support the Black Lives Matter movement across our country."

The rep went on to say, "While our Winn-Dixie banner has proudly served our communities for nearly 100 years, many things have changed during that time, and we have always been and will continue to be responsive to the needs and concerns expressed by the communities we serve." Translation ... something's coming down the pike.

Disneyland & Disney World Splash Mountain Will Be Re-Themed ... Make Way for Disney's 1st Black Princess!!!

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Disney's making waves after announcing its iconic Splash Mountain ride will be re-themed after the studio's first Black princess in "The Princess and the Frog."

The Mouse House announced Thursday its Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort parks will overhaul Splash Mountain -- which opened in 1989 -- and tell the story of the studio's first Black princess from the 2009 animated film.

Disney said, "We pick-up this story after the final kiss, and join Princess Tiana and Louis on a musical adventure -- featuring some of the powerful music from the film -- as they prepare for their first-ever Mardi Gras performance."

Disney says this has been in the plans since last year and maybe even longer. So, why the change? It has everything to do with Splash Mountain's connection to a racist 1946 film, "Song of the South," which has been criticized for years for its depictions of Southern Black men and how it nostalgically views the antebellum South.

In fact, Disney executive chairman Bob Iger has said in the past the film "is not appropriate in today's world." The film has also never been made available on VHS, DVD nor on the streaming platform Disney+.

Disney has not given a timeline on when these changes will take place.

North Carolina Cops 3 Fired for Racist Rants ... One Urged Civil War vs. Black People

Three Wilmington PD officers in North Carolina have been canned after a video recording revealed "extremely racist" comments and disturbing conversations.

The 3 cops -- Cpl. Jessie Moore, Kevin Piner and Brian Gilmore -- were fired Wednesday for violating standards of conduct and using inappropriate jokes and slurs ... including Piner saying he's ready for a Civil War to wipe Black people off the map.

The racist comments came to light during a monthly inspection video audit in which footage from Piner's patrol car was reviewed, including convos between Gilmore and him ... and Moore and him.

While talking with Gilmore, Piner began criticizing the department, saying its only concern was "kneeling down with the black folks." He then got a call from Moore, in which Moore used a racial slur to describe a woman and a Black magistrate ... about whom he also used a gay slur.

Piner later expressed to Moore that he feels a civil war's coming and he plans to buy an assault rifle to "go out and start slaughtering them (expletive)" Black people. He added ... "I can’t wait. God, I can’t wait."

Piner also said civil war is necessary to "wipe them off the (expletive) map. That’ll put them back about four or five generations." Moore told Piner he wouldn't do that and called him "crazy."

Police say the 3 officers admitted it was their voices on the video recording and didn't deny the content, but denied being racist and blamed the comments on the stress of the job in wake of George Floyd's killing and subsequent protests.

WECT News 6

While announcing the officers' terminations, Police Chief Donny Williams said ... "When I first learned of these conversations, I was shocked, saddened and disgusted. There is no place for this behavior in our agency or our city and it will not be tolerated."

Along with being fired, the D.A.'s office is reviewing cases involving the 3 officers to determine if they committed any crimes or showed bias toward criminal defendants.

Lane Kiffin, Mike Leach To Mississippi Officials Drop Rebel Symbol from State Flag!

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Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach were part of a group of nearly 50 people who met with the Mississippi state legislature on Thursday ... calling for the Confederate symbol to be removed from the state flag immediately!

Kiffin is the head football coach at Ole Miss. Leach runs the program at Mississippi State -- but both are on the same page when it comes to the Confederate battle flag image on the MS state flag.

Other coaches and athletic directors from other colleges in Mississippi were also in attendance on Thursday -- all hoping they can persuade lawmakers to remove the image for good.

Earlier this week, Miss. State star RB Kylin Hill said he would no longer represent the state if the flag wasn't changed -- and other players have echoed his statement.

After Kiffin attended Thursday's conference, Hill said the move "Put a smile on my face."

Kiffin spoke with ESPN about the decision to attend the event ... saying, "We removed the flag from our campus five years ago, so we've made it clear that it doesn't represent who we are at Ole Miss."

"Today is another big step in doing our part to move the state forward and ensure a more welcoming environment for everyone. This is extremely important to me and to our players. Time to change!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

In related news, the SEC and NCAA both announced conference championships and other postseason games will not take place in Mississippi until a change is made to the state flag.

House Speaker Philip Gunn seemed to get the message on Thursday ... saying, "The image of our state is at stake here. The nation is watching. They want to know what we stand for."

Bubba Wallace Rope Photo Revealed ... Definitely a Noose

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NASCAR has released a photo of the rope found in Bubba Wallace's garage at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday ... and yeah, THAT'S A NOOSE.

Of course, NASCAR has said the rope had been fashioned into a noose by an unknown person back in October 2019. Investigators determined it was NOT made as a specific threat to Wallace, who is Black.

The FBI -- which also worked the case -- says their agents have also determined Wallace was not the victim of a hate crime.

NASCAR says the item is a garage pull rope. Wallace says he's raced out of hundreds of garages in his life and has never seen one fashioned as a noose until Talladega.

In fact, NASCAR president Steve Phelps said Thursday his organization thoroughly searched all 29 NASCAR tracks -- which includes 1,684 garage stalls -- and only ONE of the ropes was fashioned into a noose: "the one discovered Sunday in the No. 43 [Bubba Wallace] garage stall."

Phelps added, “As you can see from the photo, the noose was real, as was our concern for Bubba."

He added, "With similar emotion, others across our industry and our media stood up to defend the NASCAR family. Our NASCAR family. Because they are part of the NASCAR family, too. We are proud to see so many stand up for what’s right.”

Earlier this week, Bubba praised the FBI and NASCAR for "acting swiftly and treating this as a real threat."

"I think we’ll gladly take a little embarrassment over what the alternatives could have been," Wallace added.

Bubba admits he's had an emotional few days but he's relieved "that the investigation revealed that this wasn’t what we feared it was."

"Make no mistake, though some will try, this should not detract from the show of unity we had on Monday, and the progress we've made as a sport to be a more welcoming environment for all."

After the results of the investigation were made public, Wallace spoke with CNN's Don Lemon about the backlash he had been receiving --  saying, "I'm mad because people are trying to test my character."

"The image that I have and I have seen of what was hanging in my garage is not a garage pull. I've been racing all my life, we've raced out of hundreds of garages that never had garage pulls like that."

"It was a noose," Wallace continued ... "whether tied in 2019 or whatever, it was a noose."

"So, it wasn't directed at me but somebody tied a noose. That's what I'm saying."

Wallace says he's still very grateful to NASCAR for supporting him -- and now feels more motivated than ever to win.

"This will not break me. None of the allegations of being a hoax will break me or tear me down."

"It will piss me off, absolutely. But, that only fuels the competitive drive in me to shut everybody up."

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