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Trevor Ariza Touches Down In D.C. ... I Don't Know How Good Wizards Are!

12/17/2018 10:51 AM PST

Trevor Ariza ain't making any bold predictions about his new team ... 'cause when he landed in D.C. after being traded Sunday -- he told TMZ Sports he has no idea if the Wizards can win the East!!!

Ariza was sent packing by the Suns in a trade over the weekend ... and when we got the NBA star after he touched down at Dulles -- he said he has no expectations for his new squad yet.

"Shoot, I don't know. I'm just getting here, bruh!"

Seems Trevor's already a good luck charm ... the Wizards scored one of their biggest wins of the season Sunday night, beating LeBron James' Lakers, 128-110.

Unclear when Trevor -- who played 2 seasons in D.C. earlier in his career -- will suit up and hit the court with John Wall and co. again ... but he tells us he is happy to be back in the city.

Pete Davidson Enjoys a Bully-Free Zone ... At the Knicks Game!!!

12/4/2018 7:11 AM PST

Pete Davidson gets by with a little help from his friends ... and courtside seats at the Knicks game.

The 'SNL' star looked like he was really enjoying himself Monday night at Madison Square Garden, as he watched his NY Knicks take on the visiting Washington Wizards. Pete was smiling and having a drink while seated next to his pals -- comedian John Mulaney and actress Chloe Sevigny.

Not sure who the guy in the Washington shirt is, but he should be happier now ... his team won.

Pete's good time came hours after he addressed online the public bullying he's been dealing with since his relationship with Ariana Grande began ... and after it ended. Pete blasted the trolls for harassing him, saying ... "No matter how hard the internet or anyone tries to make me kill myself. I won't."

Grande responded online early this morning, telling her fans to "be gentler" with Pete and others ... saying she cares deeply about Davidson and his health. She added ... "I will always have irrevocable love for him and if you've gotten any other impression from my recent work, you might have missed the point."

As we reported ... Ariana included a "Sry I dipped" apology to Pete in her "Thank U, Next" music vid last week. The 2 broke off their engagement in October ... and both have covered up their tattoos about each other.

John Wall One Last Ragin' Dance Party ... Before NBA Season

10/17/2018 1:09 PM PDT

How do NBA superstars prep for the regular season?? If you're John Wall, you dance your freakin' face off at the club ... and TMZ Sports has the video!!

Two nights before the Wizards' season kicks off, the All-Star guard hit up The Park at 14th Tuesday night for one final rager ... straight-up gettin' it while Lil Wayne's "Uproar" blasts in the speakers.

You can see in the footage Wall is having a blast -- dancing with everyone right in front of the DJ booth and sippin' on some Ciroc with the owner of the club.

Wall's famous for his dance moves -- and Troop 41 even released a song dedicated and inspired by his trademark dance. 

Wall's regular-season opener is Thursday night -- Washington takes on the Miami Heat at the Capital One Arena in D.C. 

Dwight Howard Washington's Missing Piece ... Otto Porter Says

7/30/2018 3:35 PM PDT

Dwight Howard was the one player Washington had to have in order to make a serious run in the East ... so says Wizards forward Otto Porter, who tells TMZ Sports, "He's definitely a piece that we need."

We got Otto at Reagan National Airport when he explained to us why D12 is going to help him, John Wall and the rest of the Wizards finally make a deep postseason push this year.

"We need a big, especially the type of style that we play," Porter says. "Going up and down, playing inside out. I think he's going to be definitely key for our success this year."

Otto also tells us LeBron heading to the Lakers won't hurt Washington's odds ... and, in fact, he sounded downright confident about them now that LBJ's in L.A.

"Definitely," he tells us. "Definitely like my chances."

Dwight Howard On Hall of Fame Chances: 'My Resume Speaks for Itself'

7/25/2018 1:35 PM PDT

Is Dwight Howard a Hall of Famer? 

It's the question experts and fans have been asking for years -- so, we took it to the man himself. 

Look, Dwight's numbers over the course of his 14-year career are pretty insane ...

8-time NBA All-Star, 5-time NBA 1st Team, 3-time Defensive Player of the Year and he's averaged a double-double (17 pts, 13 rebounds) over the course of his career.

But, the knock on Dwight is that he's become a journeyman who's jumped to 6 different teams -- and has a reputation for not exactly being the most beloved guy in the league.

One guy who DOES love Dwight is Lou Williams -- who invited D12 to his basketball camp in Atlanta this week and Howard accepted. He spent a bunch of time playing with the kids. 

So, we asked Dwight for his take -- and he didn't mince words ... "I think my resume speaks for itself."

The Wizards star also says he believes Washington is his "final destination" -- and thinks they have a real shot to make a championship run this season. 

John Wall Sucks At Baseball

7/16/2018 7:30 AM PDT
Breaking News

NBA star John Wall is one of the most incredible, talented athletes on planet Earth -- but, when it comes to baseball, he stinks. 

Remember ... the Washington Wizards star threw arguably the worst first pitch in MLB history about seven years ago ... and, unfortunately, he's not much better with a bat in his hands.

Wall was at Nationals Park warming up for the MLB celebrity softball game Sunday night ... when he took some BP.

If you're counting at home ... that was three fouls, a complete whiff, and maybe a base hit -- all from a dude throwing lobs from about eight feet away!!

Wall's confidence wasn't shaken ... he was somehow able to hit a single and score a run when the bright lights actually came on -- but, still.

Makes you feel a little better about yourself knowing a dude who can do this on the court sucks this much off of it, right??

Doc Rivers On Trading Austin Rivers: 'Right Thing for All Of Us'

7/3/2018 7:06 AM PDT

Doc Rivers tells TMZ Sports ... trading his son, Austin Rivers, from the Clippers to the Washington Wizards was "the right thing for all of us."

Austin played for his dad on the Clippers from 2014 to 2018. But, last week, the Clippers shipped the 25-year-old to the Wizards in exchange for Marcin Gortat

"He'll be well," Doc says of his son ... "He'll be good there."

As for Austin, he says the move will be a "great opportunity."

We also asked Doc about rumors his Clippers are going after Kawhi Leonard -- and, while he couldn't drill down on the topic, he told us, "You never know!"

Justin Timberlake Crashes Wizards' Gym ... Makes It Rain from Halfcourt!!!

3/19/2018 7:39 AM PDT
Breaking News

Here's Justin Timberlake reminding us of his superior genes, yet again -- poppin' by an NBA court and swishin' deep balls without breaking a sweat. 

This time, JT hit up the hardwood where the Washington Wizards practice in D.C. ... and proceeded to sink 3 straight bombs -- two from the beyond the arc, and one from HALF-COURT.

If this seems familiar, it's probably 'cause we spotted Justin at Staples Center about a year ago -- getting wet like Kobe in his prime. 

Eat your heart out, Biebs

Cavs' Rodney Hood Kevin Love Changed the Game for Us ... We're Humans, Too

3/18/2018 12:25 AM PDT

Kevin Love's getting mad love from one of his teammates for talking openly about a panic attack he experienced earlier this season ... and spreading a positive message about mental health awareness.

"A lot of times people don’t look at us as humans, and we go through stuff all the time as well," Cavs SG Rodney Hood told TMZ Sports outside Craig's in L.A.   

Love, DeMar DeRozan and Wizards SF Kelly Oubre have all opened up about their personal issues in recent weeks -- and Hood says it's huge not only for the NBA brotherhood, but the millions of fans they're reaching.

Rodney told us he expects a lot more players to join the conversation ... and K-Love deserves a ton of credit for helping to start the trend.

True that.

Nancy Pelosi & Barbara Lee Hey, Donald Trump ... We're Huge Warriors Fans

3/1/2018 10:24 AM PST
Breaking News

Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee crashed the Warriors vs. Wizards game Wednesday in D.C. -- and if ya couldn't tell, they LOVE their hometown Dubs ... unlike Donald Trump.

Pelosi and Lee hit up Steph Curry and the gang outside the Warriors' locker room after they got the W ...  thanking the NBA champs for their trip to the nation's capitol, where they snubbed Trump in favor of hangin' with local youth.

But before the meet-and-greet, the SF and Oakland democratic reps got their fangirl on in the stands!! (Dope scarf, Nancy ... but Barb wins with her custom "The Town" jersey.)

“They make us proud ... they are civic leaders. We are huge fans,” Lee told the Washington Post

FYI, Pelosi invited the Dubs to hang with her in D.C. after POTUS pulled their White House invite ... but the fact that she sought THEM out says a lot.

Guessing they'll hook her up with better seats at Oracle ...

John Wall Hits Nightclub After Losing to Lakers ... 'No Beef' with LaVar

10/26/2017 7:41 AM PDT

John Wall wasn't too bummed out after losing his "No Mercy" game against Lonzo Ball's Lakers -- hitting up Warwick nightclub ... and telling TMZ Sports there's no bad blood. 

The Washington Wizards star vowed to punish the rookie for all the trash talk his dad, LaVar Ball, had been spouting off leading up to Wednesday's matchup at Staples Center. 

But Wall and the Wizards came up short -- losing to the Lakers in overtime -- and after the game, he took out his frustrations at the club! 

Wall says he's not holding a grudge with the Balls -- or anyone for that matter -- and focused his energy on having a good time. 

As for LaVar ... he celebrated the victory by taking a bow to the crowd. He's loving this.  

NBA's Morris Twins Not Guilty In Basketball Attack

10/3/2017 4:13 PM PDT
Breaking News

NBA players Marcus and Markieff Morris have just been found not guilty of beating a man to a bloody pulp after a 2015 youth basketball game.

Both Marcus (who plays for the Boston Celtics) and Markieff (who plays for the Washington Wizards) appeared in an Arizona courtroom on Tuesday where they were acquitted on aggravated assault charges. 

As we previously reported, the brothers were accused of joining 3 others guys in a brutal beatdown of Erik Hood, a former acquaintance ... after Hood allegedly sent inappropriate texts to the mother of the twins. 

The jury began deliberating Monday afternoon and had a verdict on Tuesday. It's huge for the Morris brothers considering they were facing possible prison time if convicted. 

NBA's Kelly Oubre Jr. 'I'm Not a Lesbian' ... I'm a Grown Man!

9/28/2017 9:26 AM PDT

Washington Wizards baller Kelly Oubre is setting the record straight -- saying he's "NOT a lesbian" ... despite what some fans say.

The 21-year-old rising star was talking to CSN Mid Atlantic about some of the crap he gets from opposing fans ... and dropped this shocker. 

"People call me a lesbian a lot. They think I look like a female girl or a teenage girl or something."

So, why the lesbian jabs? Oubre says he thinks he knows why ... 

"I understand I'm a pretty dude. They might be mad that their wife likes me or something."

But to be clear -- "I'm not a lesbian. I'm a grown man."

"I've heard that multiple times. I guess it's something to try to get under my skin, but at the end of the day I know who I am."

And now you know. 

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