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Ezekiel Elliott Accused of Domestic Violence ... Denies Attacking Ex-GF (Update)

7/22/2016 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



12:19 PM PT -- Ezekiel's father, Stacy Elliott, has issued a statement proclaiming his son's innocence.

"The reported allegations and Internet postings regarding our son are completely false. Ezekiel has done nothing wrong."

"The police have investigated this matter and eyewitnesses have verified the lack of any wrongdoing. The actual evidence in this matter clearly indicates what the real motivation was behind the police being called."

"We are confident that when the truth comes to light it will reveal the falsity of these claims. Ezekiel has been fully cooperative with the police and will continue to do so -- along with cooperating with the NFL -- moving forward."


Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has been named a suspect in a domestic violence police report obtained by TMZ Sports ... but the 21-year-old has DENIED any wrongdoing and was NOT arrested. 

The female accuser filed a report with the Columbus PD in Ohio Friday morning ... saying she was assaulted by Elliott -- who she claims is her former live-in boyfriend -- while sitting in the driver's seat of her parked vehicle.

The officers who responded to the scene say the woman claims she had pain in her wrist and a red mark -- but declined medical treatment.

Cops contacted Elliott -- who denied striking the woman. He also said he never lived with her. 

In the report, cops list the accuser as a 20-year-old woman -- 5'5", 120 lbs. Elliott is listed at 6'0", 225 lbs.

According to the report, cops also spoke with 4 witnesses -- but they all told cops they didn't see an assault. One of the witnesses was in the car at the time of the alleged incident. 

Due to the conflicting reports, Elliott was NOT arrested -- but the accuser was referred to the prosecutor's office ... if she wants to try to press charges. 

We reached out to Elliott's camp -- one person in his agent's office told us, "I can assure you [the allegations] are not true."

Dez Bryant Sued Allegedly Trashed Texas Mansion ... 'Trash, Feces, Odors'

6/22/2016 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0622-dez-bryant-tmz-02Dez Bryant has been sued for allegedly causing more than $60,000 in damage to a Texas home owned by a state senator ... a man who claims Bryant left the home littered in "trash and feces."

The man behind the lawsuit is Royce West -- a member of the Texas senate -- who says he rented out his 6,400 square foot 6 bed, 7.5 bath mansion to the Dallas Cowboys WR from 2013 to 2016. 

In the suit, West says Bryant was paying $4,720 per month ... and agreed to leave the home in good condition. 

0622_dez_bryant_house_launchBut West says ... when Bryant left the home in January, the place was a disaster ... "a state of serious disrepair."

In fact, West says the place was covered in "animal feces, trash, missing blinds and shutters, with cracked windows and blackened carpeting."

He says there were also "distinct and pervasive odors throughout" the home.

West says he was forced to undergo a MASSIVE cleanup to restore the home including: 

-- removing trash and furniture

-- repainting the entire residence 

-- cleaning, removing and replacing flooring and carpeting 

-- replacing the lighting and ceiling fans 

-- replacing windows and screens

-- replacing the home security system 

In the end, the repairs cost $61,546.77. 

BTW, this is the home where Dez famously lived with his pet monkey last year. Unclear if that explains the animal feces. 

West says he approached Bryant and his team and demanded the money for the repairs -- but Bryant threw up the X ... and never forked over the dough. 

West says he's been unable to rent the place out due to the damage and repair work -- and wants a TON of cash from Bryant ... somewhere between $100k and $200k. 

We reached out to Bryant's reps -- so far, no word back. 

Dez Bryant No Hazing Ezekiel Elliott 'We Need His Mind To Be Right'

6/21/2016 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't expect to see Ezekiel Elliott wearing a pink tutu on the Dallas Cowboys practice field this fall ... 'cause Dez Bryant says EE is totally in the clear when it comes to the subject of rookie hazing.

We got Bryant at LAX (walking with ZERO limp, rejoice Dallas fans) and asked him if he was looking forward to making Elliott pony up some major cash for the rookie hazing dinner.

It's an interesting question for Bryant ... if you remember he famously rejected aspects of hazing when he was a rookie ... refusing to carry pads for Cowboys veterans back in 2010.

Elliott won't have to go through it either according to Dez ... who told our guy EE is off the hook for two reasons ... the Cowboys don't haze anymore ... and Elliott is too important to be mentally terrorized.

Check out the clip -- and imagine what Elliott would've looked like in that tutu.

NFL's Ezekiel Elliott Guns & Cowboy Boots ... Hey, When In Dallas!

5/19/2016 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

People in Texas love their cowboy boots and they love their guns ... which is why Ezekiel Elliott says he's down to give BOTH a try now that he's officially a Dallas Cowboy.

FYI, Elliott -- the #4 overall pick -- signed his $25 MILLION contract Wednesday ... so when we saw him at LAX Thursday, we asked how he planned on spending the dough (hint: big gift for mom). 

But it's also important to take in the local flavor -- which is why EE says he's down to pick up some fancy boots and maybe even learn to shoot a gun (he's never shot one before). 

Elliott says there's only one thing he knows he won't have to spring for -- a rookie hazing dinner -- insisting the Cowboys don't haze. 

Dez Bryant might have something to say about that ... 

Jerry Jones Hits Beyonce Concert ... Hangs with DJ Khaled

5/10/2016 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510_beyonce_jerry-jones-beyonce-comJerryWorld became BeyonceLand Monday night -- when the singer took over AT&T Stadium in Dallas ... and even the Cowboys' commander in chief came out to see her perform. 

But Jerry Jones wasn't just there to enjoy the show ... he was backstage glad-handing with some VIPs, including DJ Khaled

Khaled called it "mogul talk" ... it was more like "mogul exchanging pleasantries." 

Still cool though. 


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Smokin' Hot Bikini Show ... During Mexico Trip

4/22/2016 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0422_cowboys_cheerleaders_bikini_fashion_show_footerThe Dallas Cowboys aren't the only ones gettin' ready for the season ... the Cowboys Cheerleaders are also gearing up -- starting with a bikini fashion show in Mexico that's just EN FUEGO!!! 

The DCC was at the Marival Resort near Puerto Vallarta to shoot their annual calendar -- when they decided to give hotel guests one helluva fashion show. 

Check out the pics ... HOW BOUT THEM CHEERLEADERS?! 

And make sure to check out even more footage -- including behind the scenes video at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders website

Antonio Cromartie I Wanna Be a Dallas Cowboy ... 'My Dream Team'

4/18/2016 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Antonio Cromartie isn't playing games -- letting everyone know he wants to be in a Dallas Cowboys uniform next season ... calling it his "dream choice."

The former NY Jets cornerback was leaving his 32nd bday party at American Cut steakhouse in NYC with his wife Terricka (pregnant with twins!) ... when we asked about his NFL future. 

"My dream choice? That'd be the Dallas Cowboys," Antonio told us ... "That's very high on my list."

Cromartie is adamant he'll be back in the league next season -- and explained his decision not to retire by posting on Instagram, "God told me I wasn't finished."


Herschel Walker Cowboys Should Sign RG3 ... 'I Know He Can Play'

3/15/2016 3:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Herschel Walker says he still believes in Robert Griffin III -- and says he'd LOVE to see his former owner Jerry Jones sign the QB to the Cowboys, ASAP. 

"I know RG3 can play," Walker told TMZ Sports ... "[he] just gotta find a team that's gonna believe in him."

Walker says his Boys would be the perfect fit -- though it's unclear if he likes RG as a starter or a backup ... especially with 35-year-old Tony Romo coming off a pretty serious injury. 

Walker also likes Johnny Manziel ... and thinks the guy is incredibly talented ... but needs to figure out if football is really his passion.

Jerry Jones Gunning for GGG vs. Alvarez Fight ... At AT&T Stadium

2/10/2016 10:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Jerry Jones is in the running to host a possible Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez fight at AT&T Stadium in Dallas ... Triple G's promoter tells TMZ Sports. 

There are tentative plans for the two boxing superstars to fight in September (if contracts can be worked out) ... and GGG's promoter, Tom Loeffler, says one of the possible venues is Jerry's World.

"Jerry Jones has watched GGG's last few fights and he expressed a big interest in having the fight in Dallas at his stadium," Loeffler tells us. 

"GGG will fight anywhere, but he's aware of Jerry Jones and the atmosphere in his stadium. Whenever Jerry Jones gets involved, he takes promotion to a new level."

"You hear 70,000 people screaming ... the huge video board... it's an amazing venue. And GGG understands the popularity of the Cowboys, the influence they have in the U.S. and around the world."

"I'd love to see that happen."

Loeffler says there are two other venues in the running -- the MGM Grand in Vegas and Madison Square Garden in NYC. 

If the two fighters do manage to hammer out a contract, we're told the fight will go down on Sept. 17th. But first, GGG has to emerge victorious in his upcoming fight with Dominic Wade on April 23rd at the Forum in L.A. 

Stay tuned ...

Johnny Manziel SO SO DALLAS?! Jermaine Dupri Wants QB with Cowboys

2/3/2016 7:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Issues be damned ... Dallas Cowboys superfan Jermaine Dupri says he wants Johnny Manziel on his squad next season -- telling TMZ Sports, "We need some drama on our team!"

Despite the fact he's an Atlanta legend -- Dupri says he's ALL ABOUT the 'Boys ... and believes Johnny's talents outweigh the risks. 

Manziel is expected to be fired from the Browns in March -- it'll be interesting to see if Jerry Jones feels the same way. 

Chris Christie Johnny Manziel In Dallas? OVER MY DEAD BODY

1/26/2016 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How much does New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hate the idea of Johnny Manziel coming to his beloved Dallas Cowboys?

So much that he's willing to put a very large obstacle between Mr. Football and Big D ... his own body.

Christie called in to the Hugh Hewitt show to talk politics ... and when the subject of Johnny Manziel possibly joining the Cowboys came up ... the outspoken Governor let it be known ... he's not with it.

Check out the audio ... he wasn't holding an ice cream cone ('memba that? see video below) ... but he was just as effective.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium MOVIE MAKEOVER For '13 Hours' Premiere

1/12/2016 3:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0112-kris-mark-instagramThe Dallas Cowboys aren't using their stadium anymore (4-12) ... but it's still being put to good use -- with Michael Bay transforming it into a giant movie theater for the world premiere of '13 Hours.'

We're told roughly 30,000 PEOPLE are expected to show up to AT&T Stadium Tuesday night in Arlington to watch the flick on the MASSIVE 180-foot-by-72-foot screen!!!

Tons of celebs are expected to show ... plus, the real life heroes from the siege in Benghazi -- John TiegenMark Geist, and Kris Paronto -- will also be in the audience.

0112-subasset-michael-bay-instagramTickets are free ... but moviegoers are encouraged to make a donation, with all proceeds going towards various veterans' groups. Paramount has promised to match every penny ... pretty cool.

And it's not just a screening... The Band Perry and Madison Rising are tapped to perform.

Everything's bigger in Texas.

Greg Hardy Can Still Be Saved ... Says Ex-Cowboys Star (and Ex-Convict)

1/10/2016 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Greg Hardy's days with the Cowboys might be numbered, but a former Dallas star -- who recently got out of prison himself -- thinks he can put the controversial player back on the path to success.

Eugene Lockhart -- a star linebacker for the 'Boys from 1984 to 1990 -- served 3 years in the federal pen for taking out fraudulent loans in the early 2000s. Lockhart got out last summer, and says he sees a lot of himself in Hardy.

Lockhart says he now realizes how immature he was as a young player -- "Staying out late, the alcohol, drugs just not living the right way we took a lot for granted and when we see guys like [Hardy] it starts reminding you of yourself. There is no doubt, he needs a mentor.”

Since getting out, Lockhart says he's studied seminary at Southern Bible Institute and he ministers people in his community now. He wants to add Hardy to his flock ... "My son talks to him a lot and has been asking me to mentor him so I will be really interested to do it”.

Although Eugene never had domestic violence issues, he thinks he can make Hardy realize he's pissing away his talent. He plans to reach out to Hardy this weekend ... even as Cowboys brass start debating whether to re-sign him.

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