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Conrad Murray

Crime and Bunishment

12/19/2014 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1219-murray-conrad-fameConrad Murray's locked up and loving it -- he's grown his hair out so long that he's gone next level ... the man bun.

Michael Jackson's doc enjoyed a lunch date Thursday in Miami with his gf Nicole Alvarez. 

It might beat a ponytail -- but still ... you'd have to be heavily sedated to rock that 'do in public.

John Rocker

Get Ready MLB Players ...

Cubans Are Gonna Takeover

12/19/2014 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

121814_john_rocker_launchMajor League Baseball's about to be just like kick-ass cigars and Ricky Ricardo -- as in super Cuban ... at least that's what former pitcher John Rocker is predicting.

The ex-closer tells TMZ Sports ... the new warm and friendly relations between the U.S. and Cuba will open up the majors to throngs of badass ball players from the island.

As Rocker puts it ... it's just a matter of time until baseball is full of Yasiel Puigs -- which, c'mon ... would be awesome!

Two bonuses in this clip: 1. Rocker talks "Eastbound & Down" (he's the rumored inspiration for Kenny Powers) and 2. Rocker's smoke show GF Julie McGee ... who he met on "Survivor."

Screw what the tribe said ... he definitely WON.

President Obama

Cuban Cigar Crisis ...

La Foto Es Verdad!!

12/18/2014 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1218_barack_obama_cigar_photos_launchMove over Monica ... there's a new controversial cigar in the White House -- a Cuban fingered by President Obama in a photo many thought was fake, but we've learned it's the real deal. 

The original pic shows Obama Wednesday night ... sampling the aroma of what's alleged to be a Cuban cigar. It was posted on Reddit Thursday morning, and immediately the Internet started tearing it apart as a Photoshop job. 

TMZ has obtained several high-res pics of POTUS' run-in with the cigar -- and our photo/art experts say everything about them looks legit. Significant ... since Cuba and the U.S. just agreed to open embassies in each other's countries.

According to our D.C. sources ... the hand-off went down during the White House Hanukkah party -- when an invitee walked up and said, "Mr. President, here's a Cuban." Obama proceeded to give it a huge sniff and then held on to the gift. It's unclear if he pocketed it or handed it to the Secret Service. 

Considering Michelle Obama -- who's been known to make a stink about Barack's cigarette smoking -- was standing right next to him ... we're guessing he ditched it.

Charlie Sheen

Nitrous Oxide Made Me Do It!

12/15/2014 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen Dentist AttackCharlie Sheen could just attach a DVD of Steve Martin in "Little Shop of Horrors" to explain his defense in a lawsuit claiming he assaulted a dental technician ... because the actor blames it all on the gas.

Sheen just filed legal docs responding to a lawsuit filed by Margarita Palestino, who claims Charlie grabbed her boob and came at her with a knife in October as he sat in a dental chair.

She told cops Charlie's bodyguard claims the star was high on rock cocaine at the time ... something Charlie and his team vehemently deny.They say he was on meds for a shoulder injury and had an adverse reaction to the nitrous, causing him to flail around and accidentally knock over a tray of tools.

The new docs don't mention the shoulder meds but do say he had an adverse reaction to the gas.

Charlie's lawyer says the technician is not only making up stories ... she got fired because she violated HIPAA laws by telling her son Charlie was in the office.


Dan Bilzerian

Lifestyle Could Cost Him Millions

In Face Kick Lawsuit

12/12/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dan Bilzerian Money

Dan Bilzerian
's ostentatious lifestyle could bite him in the ass ... because the woman he kicked in the face is now gunning for punitive damages based on his income. 

TMZ broke the story ... model Vanessa Castano is suing Bilzerian for kicking her in the face Saturday night at a Miami nightclub.

We're told in her lawsuit she is demanding $1 million to settle. Vanessa's argument is simple ... if he doesn't settle and he gets socked with punitive damages -- a jury will see his lavish lifestyle and nail him for millions in order for him to really feel it.

Dan has famously flaunted his wealth. He's bragged about losing $2.5 mil at the poker table and posted another pic of $9 million in chips right in front of him. He's also bragged about winning more than $10 mil in one tournament.

And he loves Instagramming his fleet of jets, cars, boats and other toys.

This kick in the face could end up being a bigger kick in the face to him.


Dan Bilzerian

Arrested for Attempting to Make A Bomb

12/10/2014 5:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1207-dan-bilzerian-tmz-03Dan Bilzerian was trying to make a bomb TMZ has learned ... which is why he was arrested when he landed at LAX late Tuesday.

We've learned an arrest warrant was issued in Clark County, Nevada. Bilerzian has been charged with violating a law making it a crime to possess an explosive or incendiary device with the intent to manufacture it.

According to the criminal complaint -- obtained by TMZ -- Bilzerian had ammonium and aluminum powder, along with ammonium nitrate mix -- and when mixed it acts like pure TNT.

The warrant was issued last month but it was confidential ... under seal, presumably because cops were continuing to investigate and they didn't want their cover blown if the warrant became public.

Bilzerian is being held without bail.  

Bilzerian is a fan of weapons ... he got washed out of the Navy SEAL program in 1999, 2 days before graduation.

If convicted of the felony he faces between 1 and 6 years in prison. 

Story developing ...


Tito Ortiz

Praises Dana White

... For Signing CM Punk

12/10/2014 7:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Didn't think we'd see this one coming ... but Tito Ortiz just fired off some COMPLIMENTS about his bitter rival Dana White -- praising the UFC boss for signing CM Punk.

For the record, Ortiz and White have been feuding for YEARS -- and the two got thiiis close to fighting it out in the ring back in 2007.

But despite the feud, Tito knows a good business decision when he sees it ... and told TMZ Sports that signing former WWE champ CM Punk is a solid move for the UFC.

"They're making money," Ortiz said ... "It's great for them."

The 39-year-old fighter also updated us on his own career -- saying he's finally calling it quits next year ... but there's one thing he wants to accomplish before he retires.

Check out the clip ...

Selena's Killer

She'll Stay Locked Up

Despite Reports

12/9/2014 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Selena Killer Released From PrisonSelena's killer could get an early release from prison -- as some websites are reporting -- if she proves her health is deteriorating ... but we know she lacks the proof and will stay locked up.

There are reports Yolanda Saldivar -- who shot and killed the Tejano icon in a hotel in 1995 -- was in declining health due to kidney failure and asked the Parole Board for an immediate release.

But our sources say Saldivar has some medical issues but none serious enough to warrant early release. What's more ... she has NOT even filed a petition for early release.

The 54-year-old murderer isn't eligible for parole until March, 2025.


Charlie Sheen

Settles with Brooke

After Booze, Abuse Allegations

12/9/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller Charlie Sheen Custody Battle
Charlie Sheen just settled the latest custody war with Brooke Mueller, who accused him of drunken visitations with his kids and excessive corporal punishment.

Mueller made various allegations and a court date was set for today ... but we've learned on Monday Charlie and Brooke agreed to monitored visitations.

Charlie settled, but we know he has serious beef with Mueller, saying her allegations are all part of a shakedown for cold, hard cash. He also thinks it's ridiculous that Brooke is alleging misdeeds around alcohol, because he claims the twins were born with "the ultimate child abuse"  -- fetal alcohol syndrome.

We're told Brooke wanted to move out of California with the kids but Charlie objected. They settled on Brooke being allowed to move within a 50-mile radius of his house.

Charlie also says ... if he's such a horrible father, how is it that he's a good father to his other kids (photo below with Charlie, Denise and the girls).


Dan Bilzerian

Under Criminal Investigation

For Face Kick

12/9/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dan Bilzerian Kicked Woman
Dan Bilzerian is about to get a kick in the face himself ... because cops are investigating him for criminal battery ... TMZ has learned.

Model Vanessa Castano filed a police report after Bilzerian kicked her in the face Saturday night at LIV nightclub in Miami Beach. 

If you haven't seen it already ... check it out. Bilzerian claims he kicked her because he was trying to help another woman on stage and Castano was blocking him ... not a great story for him.  

When cops arrived at the club Bilzerian had already left, and Castano declined to file a report. But she had a change of heart and filled out the paperwork Sunday night.


Castano claims she suffered a laceration on her right eye and an abrasion on her lower back.


Christina Milian

All I Want for Xmas

From Lil Wayne Is ...

12/4/2014 6:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Milian Lil Wayne RelationshipChristina Milian has been tight-lipped about her possible relationship with Lil Wayne, but she did let a few things slip when we asked her about the holidays.

Milian was out to dinner Wednesday at Boa Steakhouse with Karrueche Tran when we brought up Weezy's crazy gift-giving skills ... and asked what Christina was expecting under the tree this year?

Watch the video for her answer -- or watch just to see Karrueche and Christina ... who had a near nip-slip.

Either way. No judgment.

Ariana Grande

I Can Make You Hot

With My Chocolate

12/2/2014 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ariana Grande Hot ChocolateAriana Grande is an Oval-teen heartthrob ... delivering piping hot chocolate to her freezing fans.

Grande is in London where she performed at Tuesday night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Her fans are camped outside The Langham Hotel and it is COLD.  

Ariana sent down the hot chocolate to warm the throngs  ... and they got a signed cup for their support.

Bet Bette never did that.

Ariana Grande

Obsessed Fan in Santa Suit

Placed on Psych Hold

12/2/2014 8:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A man who sent Ariana Grande a 42-pound pumpkin and other weird gifts showed up at the NYC headquarters of her record label wearing a Santa suit ... and that was enough to put him on a psych hold.

Tim Normandin had been warned by cops to stop harassing Ariana ... in addition to the pumpkin, he sent her Yankee candles, a $200 anklet from Kay Jewelers and a rock from the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The Santa stunt was the last straw, and Tim was in a mental facility for 3 days last week, but here's the problem ... he is back out on the streets.

It's unclear if she's getting a restraining order, but it's always dicey ... unstable, obsessed people typically aren't confined by restraining orders.

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