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Iggy Azalea I Told Nick Vegas Was Bad Idea ...

4/22/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Iggy Azalea says she tried to warn Nick Young that his boys trip to Vegas last weekend would "look bad" in the wake of the whole cheating scandal ... but he went anyway -- and she's cool with it. 

The rapper says her fiance actually had a pretty good reason for the trip -- and it wasn't to party and go crazy ... it was more business than pleasure. 

We asked if the fact she went out sans engagement ring over the weekend was a message to the NBA star -- but she shot that down hard ... saying she doesn't think women have to rock the rock 24/7. 

"It's nothing personal ... it doesn't go with the outfit."

Long story short ... seems Nick's out of the doghouse and the engagement is still on. 

Vince Neil Security Cam Confirms Hair Pull Woman Claims Back Pain

4/13/2016 12:50 AM PDT

Vince Neil has an uphill battle to clear his name after his Las Vegas battery citation, since cops say security cameras caught him red-handed ... with a fistful of the victim's hair. 

Neil claimed he only "pushed past" a female autograph seeker at the Aria last week ... but according to police records, obtained by TMZ, officers reviewed surveillance footage which showed the Motley Crue frontman pulling the woman down to the ground by her hair.

Neil has denied it got that physical. She says she was left stunned, and suffered a sore neck ... as well as pain in her lower back and hip.

Cameras also captured the woman taking pics with Carrot Top before she saw Nic Cage. She claims she said, "Nicolas, I love you" and followed the actor before being pulled down.

As for the scene outside -- cops say Neil was actually trying to fight another individual, while Nic tried to play peacemaker.

Vince Neil I Didn't Drag Woman to the Ground ... Cops Reviewed Casino Vid

4/11/2016 9:07 AM PDT

Vince Neil is denying dragging an autograph seeker to the ground by her hair, but according to law enforcement -- and surveillance video -- he did enough damage to warrant a citation.

Sources close to the Motley Crue frontman tell us the woman was "very aggressive" in her efforts to get an autograph from Vince and Nicolas Cage, who were having lunch in the Aria Hotel and Casino. We're told Vince admits he was annoyed and "pushed past her" ... but insists he did not grab her by her hair.

TMZ broke the story ... we got video of Vince fighting with Nic outside Aria. We're told Vince was pissed about what went down inside the hotel, because at that point hotel security had held them for an hour -- and police had already ticketed him for battery.

Law enforcement sources tell us officers reviewed the casino's surveillance footage before issuing the citation.

We're told alcohol was definitely involved -- the group, which included Carrot Top, was drinking during lunch. Btw, we're told Carrot Top bolted as soon as the incident happened and was nowhere to be seen when police arrived.

Britney Spears New Pieces of Me To See In Las Vegas

4/11/2016 8:19 AM PDT

Britney Spears' body is now on even fuller display on the Vegas strip.

Brit debuted some new outfits this weekend at her Planet Hollywood show, and the biggest difference ... there's much less coverage. For instance, no skirt required for what looks like her new schoolgirl outfit.

The mother of 2 has been showing off her body on beaches and social media a lot lately -- so, can't say we didn't see this coming.

The show ain't called "Piece of Me" for nothin'.

Tito Ortiz Off the Hook In Vegas Battery Case

4/9/2016 12:10 AM PDT

MMA star Tito Ortiz will NOT be prosecuted for an alleged battery that happened inside a Vegas nightclub back in February ... TMZ Sports has learned.

We broke the story ... cops were called to Drai's Nightclub on February 12th after a woman claimed Tito put hands on her and tried to grab her phone. The woman believes Tito went crazy because he thought she was secretly taking pictures of him. 

Tito wasn't arrested, but was cited for misdemeanor battery

A rep for the Clark County District Attorney's Office tells us prosecutors decided not to move forward with criminal charges because there just wasn't enough there to get a conviction. 

The accuser had previously expressed interest in filing a civil suit against Ortiz -- but so far, that hasn't happened. 

Vince Neil Fights Nic Cage After Allegedly Attacking Woman

4/8/2016 8:37 AM PDT

Vince Neil and Nic Cage got in a huge physical fight in Las Vegas Thursday, after Vince allegedly attacked a woman in a hotel ... and Vince is now the subject of a criminal investigation.

Law enforcement sources tell us the fight went down at around 5 PM at Aria Hotel on the Vegas strip. We're told Nic and Vince were inside when a woman came up to Nic and asked for an autograph. Our sources say Vince allegedly got behind the woman, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground.

The video we got shows the end of a fight between Vince and Nic. Our sources tell us Nic was trying to restrain Vince and calm him down, taking him outside the hotel and into a car. Nic is screaming at Vince, imploring him to calm down.

Cops tell us Vince was cited for battery and never taken to the station.

Steve Wynn Rich People Hate Being Around Poor People

4/8/2016 6:10 AM PDT

Steve Wynn is America's modern day Marie Antoinette ... or at least he sounded like her during a meeting with investors where the multi billionaire blasted poor people.

Wynn -- owner of the Wynn and Encore -- made a presentation this week and said, "Rich people only like being around rich people. Nobody likes being around poor people, especially poor people."

CNBC reports the casino mogul was talking up Wynn Resorts as offering aspirational appeal to everyone.

He added that his company "caters to the top end of the gaming world. We're sort of Chanel or Louis Vuitton."

"Let them eat cake" was catchier. 

Vegas Contortionists Scent of a Woman

4/6/2016 1:19 PM PDT

Some days you're on bottom, some days you're IN it.

Out of total fairness, we sure hope these contortionists switch roles every now and then.

The International Contortion Convention is going down in Las Vegas this week, and as you can see ... it can be a dirty job.

Damn glad someone's doing it though.

Vegas Headliner Club Boots Illusionist Busted for Massive Child Porn

3/18/2016 6:32 AM PDT

An illusionist who was headlining at the Tropicana is now persona non grata at the Vegas hotel, after being arrested for allegedly perving out on hundreds of images of adults molesting toddlers.

Jan Rouven is behind bars, after being arrested for allegedly viewing and sharing videos of men molesting kids as young as 3 and 4.

Cops found 250 videos and pics on Rouven's computer.

The hotel is trying to distance itself from the illusionist, calling him "an outside contractor."

He's being held without bail because the judge viewed him as an ongoing threat and flight risk.

Steve Wynn Sued By Casino Dealers ... Split Aces, Not Tips

3/14/2016 12:50 AM PDT

A group of Wynn Las Vegas casino dealers are pissed they have to split their tips with casino workers who customarily don't get tipped ... and now they've filed suit to get what they feel they deserve. 

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Nevada, the dealers claim the casino forces them to pool their tips together ... but then share that pool with other casino employees.  

The suit claims the Wynn has effectively gotten around paying minimum wage by appropriating the dealers' tips.  

The dealers are suing the casino -- as well as Steve Wynn individually -- and are seeking damages, plus interest and attorneys' fees. 

We reached out to the Wynn for comment ... so far, no word back.

Mike Tyson Selling Massive Vegas Home (No Tiger Cages)

3/13/2016 1:00 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Wanna live like a champ? Got $1.5 million? 

Then you can buy Mike Tyson's huge Las Vegas palace ... that looks like a modern boutique hotel.

Tyson has lived in the 5,800 square foot pad since 2008 but has decided it's time for a change -- moving out of the 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom mansion for a bigger place down the road. 

But the old house ain't too shabby ... 3 fireplaces, a wine cellar, media room, hot tub, infinity pool and a WATERFALL in the front entry way!  

Tyson's realtor, Ken Lowman, says the whole place was remodeled earlier this year -- and looks awesome. 

The only thing that's missing ... there's no real tiger cage like the one he supposedly has in his home in "The Hangover."

Bummer ... 

Chumlee I'm Not Feeling the DJ Thing After Vegas Arrest

3/11/2016 4:26 PM PST

Chumlee won't be pumping up the jam on the Strip ... he just cancelled his DJ appearance.

The "Pawn Stars" co-star was set to spin at Tru Nightclub Friday evening in Vegas, but since he just got out of jail Thursday ... the club was unclear if he'd show. Chumlee's lawyer tells us he proactively chose to bow out.

As we previously reported ... Chumlee was arrested after Vegas cops say they found drugs and a gun in his home while serving a search warrant for a sexual assault investigation.

He was sprung after posting $60k bail.

Conor McGregor Parties with 10 Bikini Chicks ... What Loss?!?

3/7/2016 9:10 AM PST

Nothing helps to change your mood after a devastating loss like 10 hot chicks at a Vegas bikini party ... just ask Conor McGregor.

Sporting a pair of shades on his bruised face, Conor hit up the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Sunday where he was comforted by 10 scantily clad super fans. 

He seemed like he was in a pretty good mood despite losing to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 the night before ... even giving one of the ladies a friendly kiss on the cheek. 

Suddenly, losing's not so terrible ... 

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