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Cameron Jordan Police Report 'I Can Have Any B*tch I Want'

9/9/2015 12:08 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

0909-cameron-jordan-GETTY-01TMZ Sports has obtained the Cameron Jordan police report -- in which one witness claims the New Orleans Saints player stated in the nightclub, "I can have any bitch that I want."

Jordan is under investigation for allegedly slapping a woman's ass at Republic nightclub in N.O. and then spraying her and her boyfriend with champagne in an aggressive manner. 

According to the police report, the accuser's boyfriend told cops he confronted Jordan about his disrespectful actions toward his GF in the restroom -- and that's when Jordan said, "I can have any bitch that I want."

The BF says he told Jordan, "She was not a bitch. She's my girlfriend."

The man claims Jordan condescendingly asked, "How much do you weigh? 180?" 

The BF told him he weighed 190 -- and that's when Jordan allegedly picked him up and "held him high in the air against his will while passersby took pictures." 

Cops were notified and began investigating and the sex crimes unit was contacted to look into the alleged ass slap

Cops say there is no surveillance footage of the incident -- but they did note that there were roughly 10 other Saints players in the club that night. 

NFL's Cameron Jordan Alleged Ass Slap Triggers Investigation ... Report Says

9/8/2015 3:23 PM PDT
Breaking News

0908-cameron-jordan-getty-01New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Cameron Jordan is reportedly under investigation for slapping a woman's ass at a New Orleans nightclub ... and then fighting with the woman's BF. 

The incident all went down at Republic nightclub this weekend, according to WWLTV in New Orleans ... which is reporting the New Orleans Police Department is already on the case. 

According to the report, Jodan allegedly had some words with the female accuser and then slapped her butt. Her boyfriend reportedly confronted Jordan in the bathroom and a "minor scuffle" ensued.

The couple filed a police report ... which also says Jordan sprayed them with champagne inside the club. 

Jordan has reportedly been cooperative with the investigation. So far, no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made. 

Drew Brees & Matt McConaughey TOSSIN' BEADS ... In French Quarter

5/10/2015 11:30 AM PDT

Here's a cool video ... New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees hangin' out on his balcony with Matt McConaughey ... and tossin' out beads to people on the streets.

So ... why?

The guys teamed up to hand out clues and rewards in a scavenger hunt for charity -- and one of the challenges was to go to Drew's pad and sing to the guys ... in exchange, participants got beads.

It was all to benefit Matt's "j.k. livin" foundation and Drew's "Brees Dream" org. -- but you can tell the guys are having a blast together ... and even got their families involved.

Check out the video ... the footage is really fun.

Darren Sharper 'He's Disgusting, Beyond Repulsive' ... Says Ex-NFL Teammate

3/23/2015 10:51 AM PDT

0323-scott-fujita-darren-sharper-getty-01One of Darren Sharper's former New Orleans Saints teammates is FURIOUS over his 9 year prison sentence -- claiming Sharper is "beyond repulsive" and says the punishment is "way too short."

We spoke with ex-NFL linebacker Scott Fujita -- who won a Super Bowl with Sharper in N.O. in 2009 -- and he couldn't believe prosecutors in Nevada and Arizona will only require Darren to serve 9 years for drugging and raping multiple women. 

"He was a great teammate, a great player," Fujita says ... "But all that aside, it's disgusting and beyond repulsive."

"Look, I'm a dad of 3 daughters ... If he ends up only serving 9 years, it's an absolute shame. It's way too short."

Rob Ryan My Son's a Model ... And He's Hot!!!

3/10/2015 7:34 AM PDT

0310_rob_ryan_sexy_son_launchSoooo ... Rob Ryan's son is a male model.  And he has abs. 

For those unfamiliar, Rob is the defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints ... and he's the twin brother of Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan

The Ryan brothers aren't exactly known for having shredded physiques ... but in the case of Joe Ryan, sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree.

0310_rob_ryan_sexy_son_launch_subJoe recently moved to L.A. for modeling ... and his dad came to town to visit.  

In fact, we ran into the two on their way into the Lakers game at the Staples Center ... but for some reason, we just didn't connect the dots. 

Ex-Super Bowl Champ Investigated Over Body Slam Allegedly Attacked College Student

11/3/2014 12:45 AM PST

A former NFL lineman -- who now coaches college football -- is being investigated over footage that allegedly shows him body-slamming someone in the school gym ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

The man at the center of the investigation is Charles Grant -- a 2002 1st round NFL draft pick who won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints in 2009. He's now the linebackers coach at Bowie State University in Maryland. 

Multiple witnesses tell us Grant is the man in the grey shirt in the video ... who confronted another man in the BSU gym Thursday. We're also told the other man in the video is a student on the football team. 

You can see in the footage things get heated ... and the large man in the grey shirt attacks and body-slams the other man. Even raising his fist at one point ... before pulling back. 

We made multiple calls to Grant and his people -- but never heard back. 

We also reached out to BSU officials who only told us, "The Athletic Department has been made aware of the incident and we have initiated an investigation."


10/16/2014 6:15 AM PDT

Don't judge Drew Brees by his Fantasy numbers -- he's still "ONE OF THE GREATEST QUARTERBACKS IN THE WORLD" ... so says Brad Pitt.

The Sexiest Man Alive (1995, 2000) was leaving an event in Washington D.C. last night when we asked if he had any advice for the New Orleans Saints QB -- who hasn't exactly been posting those legendary Fantasy stats we're used to.

That's when Pitt -- a HUUUGE Saints fan -- set our TMZ Sports photog straight with a strong defense of the former Super Bowl champ. 

Pitt and Brees happen to be friends -- earlier this year, they were spotted throwing a football around with Matthew McConaughey from the balconies of their expensive Bourbon Street pads. 

But the bottom line, if you're even THINKING about benching Brees on your Fantasy team this weekend -- as one ESPN article suggests -- you might wanna consider Brad's advice first. 

Drew Brees ENDS WAR WITH EX-TEAMMATE After Losing $160k In Bad Investment

9/26/2014 12:45 AM PDT

Drew Brees is finally calling off the dogs on a former Saints teammate who allegedly screwed him out of $160k ... more than a year after battling the guy in court ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Brees had sued former Saints longsnapper Kevin Houser -- claiming the guy (who became a licensed security broker) duped him into buying $160k worth of tax credits from a defunct movie studio that turned out to be bogus and worthless.

Houser had fired back -- saying he NEVER had a deal to represent Brees in the transaction and says Drew simply made a stupid investment and should just take his loss like a man. 

Now, we've learned ... the two sides have struck a settlement -- and though the terms are confidential, it's pretty safe to assume Houser probably had to kick over some cash.

We reached out to both sides for comment -- so far, no word back.

For the record, Brees signed a $100 million contract in 2012 ... so clearly, this wasn't about the money -- it was personal.

Drew Brees DRESSES UP IN COSTUME ... to See 'Noah' Movie

3/25/2014 6:01 AM PDT
Breaking News
0324-drew-bees-01Drew Brees and his wife saw the "Noah" movie the other day ... IN COSTUME ... two by two.

The New Orleans Saints QB and his wife went to a screening of the new Russell Crowe flick by their home in San Diego ... wearing full bible regalia. 

Brees -- known as one of the religious guys in the league -- even had a tin foil ax for good measure. 

After the movie, Brees tweeted about the experience ... saying, "Saw @NoahMovie the other night at Cinepolis. Opens 3/28. Very intense! #thefloodiscoming."

We get the hashtag is for the movie, but weird since he's so strongly connected to the rebuilding of N.O. after the Katrina floods. 

Still, looks like he had fun!

Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins Yo Philly, Please Buy My Bow Ties ... I Owe My Wife a Car!

3/18/2014 12:30 AM PDT
The Philadelphia Eagles made a huge upgrade this off-season in the fashion department -- their new safety Malcolm Jenkins has plans to dominate the rough and tumble world of bow ties.

The ex-Saints star tells TMZ Sports he's not abandoning the Rock Avenue Bow Ties biz he started last year in New Orleans -- and instead plans to expand in his new hometown.

Jenkins says, "I'm gonna go around the city and see about getting the bow ties into retail stores."

Jenkins started rocking the Pee Wee Herman look back in 2010 -- his 2nd NFL season -- and says he decided to launch his own company when he couldn't find enough variety in stores.

Malcolm joked he really needs a sales spike in Philly to pay off a lost bet with his wife -- ""I owe her a G Wagon." 

Something tells us his 3-year, $16.5 million Eagles contract will take care of that.

Still, MJ's company got a nice boost last week when his ex-teammate Roman Harper wore a Rock Avenue t-shirt ... while getting baptized!

C'mon, Philly -- if it's good enough for Jesus ... 

Darren Sproles' Wife STOP ATTACKING ME I Didn't Curse the Saints!

3/13/2014 7:41 AM PDT
Darren Sproles' wife tells TMZ Sports ... she's under attack online over the way she publicly trashed the New Orleans Saints -- but she wants the fans to know her beef is ONLY with management.  

After Michel Sproles learned that N.O. was planning to trade her running back husband, she went to Instagram and said the situation was "f**ked up." She also said that God would "get u back."

We spoke with Michel ... who tells us she's been hammered by angry Saints fans who have been blasting her online -- calling her a "golddigger," a "bitch" and worse ... and she wants it to stop.

"I started out just jokingly expressing myself," Michel says ... "It's gotten misconstrued. I wasn't attacking the Saints FANS." Michel says her beef is only with the front office.

Still, Michel says she doesn't regret posting the message ... but notes, "I maybe should have delivered it differently."

"When you're sad, you express yourself as you normally wouldn't."

As for Darren, Michel says he predicted that her post would "blow up" before she put it online ... she disagreed. 

"He was right, I was wrong," Michel says. Though she says he hasn't commented about the situation since the post went up. 

Michel says she's now trying to move forward and focus on Darren's new team -- the Philadelphia Eagles. 

As for the haters, Michel says ... "These people don't have to follow me, they can voluntarily exit my Instagram."

Darren Sproles WIFE BLASTS SAINTS You're Screwing My Husband!!

3/13/2014 6:13 AM PDT
Breaking News

Hell hath no fury like the wife of a Saints player scorned ... just ask Darren Sproles, whose wife BLASTED the team after reading reports that N.O. is planning to trade him. 

Darren's wife, Michel, UNLOADED on the Saints on Instagram yesterday ... saying by trading the running back, they're robbing him of the opportunity to play for a team of his choosing ... a right she believes he's earned. 

"I am so disappointed in the Saints organization & the way they are treating my husband," Michel wrote.

"I understand this is a brutal business but when u have a good guy who works hard & does a lot for the community u would think they would show a little more respect."

"To verbalize to him that they will release him so at least he can choose the team he wants to spend his last few years left in the NFL on & then take it back without a word & try to trade him is f**ked up."

She then says God will take revenge on the team for her -- explaining, "The way my God is set up he gets the last say & can get u back better than the Compton Curse out I wanna give these muthaf**kas!"

She concluded with a couple of hashtags ... #YesICurseAndPraiseGod #OnlyGodCanJudgeMe #IPutHisChargerPicsUpBecauseTheSaintsAintSh*tForWhatTheyDoin

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE ... A short time later, Michel posted a follow-up on Instagram saying her initial post was an "experiment" to expose her husband's "real fans."

Ha. Yeah, right ... 

[H/T to our friends at BlackSportsOnline, who broke this story]

Jimmy Graham & Pierre Garcon Ballin' it Up with U.S. Soldiers ... In Afghanistan

3/12/2014 12:25 AM PDT
Exclusive Details
311_graham_garcon_uso_launch Jimmy Graham only knows one speed -- game speed -- and during a USO trip to Afghanistan last week, he broke out his basketball skills during a 1-on-1 game with a U.S. solider. 

The New Orleans Saints star -- along with Redskins WR Pierre Garcon and Dolphins punter Brandon Fields -- went to the Middle East to visit soldiers in the field. 

"It was an uplifting experience," Garcon tells TMZ Sports ... "It's amazing seeing the work they are doing to protect us."

Garcon says everyone he met was a huge sports fan -- "They were telling us stories about how they wake up at 3am to watch football. And then depending on how their team does, they're in a good mood or bad for the rest of the day."

The gang not only traveled, ate and hung out with the soldiers -- they also tossed around a football in their downtime. 

"This experience for me has truly been life-changing," Graham said in a statement following the trip ... "I grew up in a Military home and this just makes me more of a patriot. I have more of an appreciation for the little things we have back home each and every day."

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