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Seattle Mariners Rookie Gets Chris Farley Treatment ... Chippendales Lives!

9/29/2016 8:11 AM PDT
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The Mariners went waaaayyyy back to haze one their rookies Wednesday -- making 1st baseman Dan Vogelbach dress like Chris Farley from his legendary Chippendales sketch ... and it was awesome!!

Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny! 

Don't worry, Vogelbach was joined by the rest of the rooks -- who dressed up like Gumby, Supergirl, Thor, the Kool-Aid Man and others. 

But no one pulled off the look-alike thing like Vogelbach!!! 


'The Big Unit' Randy Johnson R.I.P. Nintendo Prez You 'Changed the World'

9/21/2013 6:15 AM PDT
Fun fact: Recently deceased Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi once owned the Seattle Mariners.

Randy Johnson -- one of the legendary players from the team -- tells TMZ ...  Hiroshi's death has left a major void in the video game world.

The Big Unit -- who broke a slew of records on Yamauchi's watch -- tells us he was friends with HY back in the day ... but won't be attending the funeral in Japan since its for family and people super close to him.

Randy adds, “Mr Yamauchi was a great man who changed the world with his mind and spirit. He will be greatly missed."

Another fun fact: Yamauchi never attended one Mariners game ... go figure.

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