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NFL's Clinton Portis


Money Issues Stem from 'Bad Business Deal'

6/18/2015 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0618-clinton-portis-GETTY-01Clinton Portis says he didn't blow his entire NFL fortune -- even though he reportedly owes more than $1 million to creditors -- claiming his money issues stem from a bad business deal but he's still "doing fine."

The long story short ... Portis says he's still dealing with the financial fallout from a bad investment deal in 2008 ... where he sank a ton of cash into a casino that ultimately went bankrupt.   

Portis -- along with several other former NFL players -- later sued a financial adviser who allegedly duped them into investing in the first place. 

"This been ongoing since 2011, 2012 ... we just gotta go thru the court process," Portis tells us. "There's nothing else I can do. My lawyers are currently dealing with this."

Portis continues ... "At the time I was the biggest name and had the deepest pockets. Now, they're trying to hold me solely responsible for what was a bad business deal involving a lot of different people."

Now, Portis reportedly owes more than $1 million to various creditors -- including $450k in taxes, $287k to the MGM Grand in Vegas and has other issues with real estate and car loans. 

"My lawyers are on top of it," Portis says ... "I'm still eating. Look at my Instagram. I'm not starving. I'm gaining weight."

"I'm doing fine. I'll be okay."

Robert Griffin III

Taking Parenting Lead

... From Steph Curry

6/2/2015 6:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RG3 is firmly planted in the pro-Steph Curry camp -- when it comes to kids at news conferences -- telling TMZ Sports he plans to follow suit with his own little girl ... when she's old enough. 

The Redskins QB and his wife Rebecca welcomed their 1st daughter Reese Ann earlier this month -- so, when we saw him out in D.C. this weekend we had to ask ... is Reese Ann gonna get a Riley Curry moment

0502-rg3-instagramOf course, certain media members have been bitching about Steph's decision to bring Riley to the NBA post-game pressers -- claiming she disrupts the regular process with her adorableness.  

But Griffin's all about it ... telling us he'll "for sure" bring her to the podium ... "I just don't want to bring her too early." 

By the way, RG3 was attending an event called the House Inc.’s National Capital A Cinderella Ball -- which honors children connected to the military with a disability or life-threatening illness. 


Robert Griffin III

My Baby Has Arrived,

But Won't Be RG4

5/21/2015 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0521_robert_griffin_baby_instagramRobert Griffin III officially became a father Thursday, but he's going to have to wait a while for RG4 ... because his wife gave birth to a girl.

Rebecca Griffin squeezed out 7 lbs, 9 oz. of baby today ... and they named her Reese Anne.

Griffin posted a photo of the happy family, along with the Bible passage, "'For I know the plans I have for you,' says the Lord. 'They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.'"

Hope RG3 got a really, really good night's sleep last night. As he himself told us ... it's gonna be hard to come by now

Redskins Cheerleaders

Viva La Bikini!

... Hot Calendar Shoot In Mexico

5/16/2015 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Looks like the season has begun for the Washington Redskins cheerleaders ... bikini season!

The toned and tanned "First Ladies" squad are invading Mexico to shoot their 2015-16 calendar ... giving football fans a reason to enjoy the pigskin free summer just a little bit more.

Check out the pics ... even Cowboys fans gotta appreciate this. 

You're welcome.

Pierre Garcon

Legal Weed Could Be Great

For My Pizza Biz!

5/6/2015 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Legal weed in Washington D.C. means legal munchies in Washington D.C. ... which could be HUGE for the pizza business ... and NFL star Pierre Garcon says he's ready for the boom!!! 

The Washington Redskins wide receiver -- one of the founders of SpinFire Pizza -- just opened his 2nd location ... this one just miles from the nation's capital, where weed became legal back in March. 

"Hopefully, it helps my business," Garcon joked with TMZ Sports ... "but hopefully, not too many people get in trouble with the marijuana in the league."

As far as the pizza business goes, Garcon says he's trying to catch up to Peyton Manning ... who owns 21 Papa John's locations in the Denver area -- and is CRUSHING it, btw. 

"I'm trying to grow like he is!"

2 down, 19 to go! 

Gov. Terry McAuliffe

'Redskins Should Be In Virginia'

'Aggressively Working Deal'

4/27/2015 6:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

The governor of Virginia says he's "aggressively" trying to move the Redskins OUT of Washington D.C. and into the 10th state -- telling TMZ Sports it's simply "where they belong." 

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has been gunning for a brand new football stadium in Virginia -- and strongly believes it would be the PERFECT fit for the Redskins. 

And when we saw him out over the weekend, the Gov. made his case for why team owner Dan Snyder should pack up his stuff and call the moving trucks. 

Robert Griffin III's

Guide to Parenthood

Tip #1: Sleeeeeep!!!!

4/6/2015 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a baby on the way, Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III tells TMZ Sports he's been getting all sorts of advice from people on how to prepare for life with a kid.  

So, we had to ask ... what's the best piece of advice he's received so far?

RG3 and his wife Rebecca announced the pregnancy back in February ... and if we assume she was 12 weeks at the time (usual announcement time) ... she's probably around 20 weeks now. 

Which means the kid's due around the end of August ... right before the season kicks off. 

Enjoy the quiet nights while you can ... 

Robert Griffin III

My Wife Is Pregnant

... And My Marriage Is Solid!!

2/12/2015 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


There could be an RG4 in Robert Griffin's future -- because the NFL star just announced his wife is pregnant with their very first child!! 

Griffin -- who's celebrating his 25th bday today -- made the announcement on Twitter ... posting one of those baby announcement photos along with a caption that reads:

"BIG thank you for making this birthday a special day!!! This year's gift will change our life forever!!! #BoyOrGirl"

The photo is interesting though ... considering his wife Rebecca seemed to make a point to include a shot of her ring finger with her big honkin' diamond on it. 

It almost seems like she's making a statement about the state of her marriage ... after reports a while back suggested things may have been rocky at home.

Or maybe she just wanted to remind everyone she's got a baller diamond. 

Either way ... congrats!! 


Desean Jackson

Who Needs the Pro Bowl?!

I'm With Miss Universe!

1/26/2015 6:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Instead of playing for a measly $55k bonus check in the Pro Bowl, Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson spent his Sunday night up close and personal with Miss Universe. 

Jackson -- whose 56 catches for 1,169 yards and 6 TDs weren't enough to earn him a spot in AZ -- was a judge in the Miss Universe pageant along with stars like Manny Pacquiao and Giancarlo Stanton

The gang ultimately gave the tiara to Miss Colombia ... and after the show, DJ made sure to find her for a pic.  

Nice work Colombia. 

Washington Redskins

Fight Breaks Out at Practice

With the Media Watching

12/10/2014 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Two Washington Redskins threw haymakers at each other during practice Wednesday right in front of the media -- and you thought the Skins ran out of ways to embarrass themselves.

The fists started flying during drills between receiver Andre Roberts and corner Bashaud Breeland. A few wild swings were thrown before players and coaches came in and separated the guys -- but they never came together to shake or hug it out.

The team kicked out all cameras right after the brawl.

Sitting at 3-10 ... the Skins should bottle up some of that fight for Sundays.

Redskins Star


'No One Believes In Him Anymore'

12/6/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
1205-robert-griffin-getty-01Robert Griffin III is a spoiled diva who cares more about branding himself than winning  ... so says a Washington Redskins player who tells us he's not the only one in the locker room who feels this way. 

The player -- who spoke with us on the condition of anonymity -- says playing with RG3 has been a nightmare this season ... and the locker room has lost faith in the QB. 

"No one is happy ... no one gets the hype around him anymore."

As bad as Griffin's play on the field has been this year, our guy tells us it's actually RG3's off-the-field demeanor that ticks off his fellow players the most.

"He's secluded and it affects us in the game. We don't have that real rapport. He's lost confidence and is complacent now."

There's more ... Griffin's mediocre season has made some of his teammates skeptical of not just his future with the Redskins ... but in the league period.

"I don't see him being in the NFL for that long," we're told ... "I think he goes into politics. He's good at that kinda thing."

DeSean Jackson

I'm Wearing Your Salary On My Neck

... If You Make $75K A Year

11/22/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

DeSean Jackson NecklaceNote to all district attorneys*, hydrologists*, and physical therapists* ... TMZ Sports has pics of what 12 months of your salary ($75,000) looks like around the neck of NFL star DeSean Jackson.

DeSean -- whose Redskins are 3-7 -- decided to cheer himself up with a "Treat. Yo. Self" moment ... and hooked himself up with a monster chain from one of L.A.'s top jewelers. 

How monster you ask? 2,200 diamonds, 22 inches and a HALF KILO of gold. Treat. Yo. Self. 

The Dr. Frankenstein behind the bling is Ofer -- Ceo of NuO jewelry in L.A. He tells us DeSean wanted a Cuban link chain ... which is back in style these days thanks to stars like Jay Z and Usher

He ordered one in pure gold, but when he got it back ... DJ decided it wasn't quite swaggy enough so he put in another work order with Ofer that involved more ice than the North Pole.

Ofer tells us Desean's customizations pushed the value of the chain to $75,000. Easily one of his most expensive pieces ever. 

Treat. Yo. Self. 

* -- salaries according to various job websites. If you make more, sorry. If you make less, sorry.  

Bin Laden Shooter

Kicks It With NFL Team

... Let's Take Out the Bucs!

11/16/2014 7:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
1116-pierre-garcon-rob-oneill-instagram-01The Navy Seal Team 6 member who shot Osama Bin Laden is a huge Washington Redskins fan -- and met with the team last night to motivate the guys to take out Tampa Bay.

Rob O'Neil attended the team meeting on Saturday and even took a photo with superstar wide receiver Pierre Garcon.

"We had the honor of meeting and listening to a real HERO tonight before our game tomorrow and he's a Redskins fan," Garcon wrote.

"Navy Seal Team 6 Rob O'Neill thank you for the inspiring words. #HTTR"

After a loss to the Vikings in their last game, we'll see if Rob can help get his boys back on target.

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