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Redskins Star Chris Baker Owns The Runway With Belly Shake ... At Charity Fashion Show

12/12/2016 2:35 PM PST

Washington Redskins star Chris Baker knows the key to winning over a crowd -- BIG MAN BELLY DANCE!!

Baker -- a seasoned vet at the Becky's Fund charity fashion show in D.C. -- decided to show some skin his 4th time around, and he somehow managed to outdo himself AGAIN this past weekend.

The event -- which raises money to fight domestic abuse -- also featured Wizards stars Kelly Oubre and Otto Porter and Baker's teammates, Pierre Garcon and Vernon Davis ... but Baker is clearly the star of the show.

DeSean Jackson 30th Bday Blowout So Much Gold, So Much Booze

12/1/2016 11:10 AM PST
Exclusive Details

DeSean Jackson turned 30 years old Thursday ... and he celebrated by raging his face off at a D.C. nightclub ... chugging champagne, taking shots and rocking more jewelry than Tiffany and Co. 

The Washington Redskins superstar hit up Sax -- a super gaudy, gold-everywhere, over-the-top club -- where he celebrated with the likes of Wale and 'Basketball Wives' star Laura Govan

Jackson broke out his fancy jewelry and his fancy Maybach for the occasion and turned all the way up. 

Our advice ... HYDRATE! Just 3 days 'til DJ takes on the Arizona Cardinals.


Redskins Stars Confronted By Cowboys Fan at Turkey Giveaway ... Hilarity Ensues

11/22/2016 7:13 AM PST

Washington Redkins stars Pierre Garcon and Chris Baker were doing a pretty cool thing Monday night, giving away Thanksgiving turkeys ... when suddenly a HUUUGE Cowboys fan crashed the party! 

The woman -- sporting her Dallas Cowboys beanie -- is hilarious ... getting right up in Baker's face and pledging her allegiance to her squad ... adding, "I look forward to seeing you Thursday!" 

The video is great -- the woman talks smack, but does it in a playful manner -- while ultimately saying, "For real, thank you baby. Regardless of what team I belong to, I still think you're doing a good thing." 

But if you think she left without firing one last shot ...  

Washington Redskins Official SHUTS DOWN GERMAN REPORTER ... NO! NO! NO!

10/31/2016 6:30 AM PDT

Haven't seen a German get steamrolled like this since Stalingrad ...  

Moments after Redskins kicker Dustin Hopkins blew a game-winning field goal during an NFL game in London, a German reporter went live on the field for a post-game interview. 

Well, he tried ... 

A Redskins team official shut the whole thing down HARD -- while the dude was ON ZEE AIR!!

It's pretty hilarious ... and also, not the first time the Redskins guy has done that (it also happened in 2014!)

Remember, NO MEANS NO! 

Ex-NFL Receiver Hank Baskett Jordan Reed Needs To Hang It Up Think About Your Future

10/14/2016 12:46 PM PDT

Former NFL receiver Hank Baskett says it's time Redskins TE Jordan Reed starts thinking about his future off the field ... saying "you gotta know when actually it's time to hang it up."

Reed's health became a hot topic this week after he suffered the 6th concussion of his short career during last weeks game against the Ravens. Baskett -- who played 5 years in the league -- thinks Reed should look at the bigger picture.

"If you keep pushing -- especially after 6 confirmed concussions -- I think you gotta think about that a little more," Baskett tells TMZ Sports.

"You gotta think about life. Life is bigger, there's so much after sports. If I was in that situation where I had 6 concussions, I would stop because my family and my health is more important."

Check out the clip.


Redskins' Pierre Garcon We Raided Team Medical Room ... To Bring Supplies to Haiti

10/12/2016 3:59 PM PDT

Cool story from Redskins star Pierre Garcon -- who says owner Dan Snyder encouraged him to grab all the team medical supplies he needed to personally fly out to hurricane victims in Haiti. 

Ace bandages, wraps, wound cleaners ... you name it ... if it was in the team training facility, Garcon and teammate Ricky Jean Francois got the green light to bring it to the people affected by Hurricane Matthew.

In fact, when we spoke with Garcon ... he told us it was actually Snyder's idea to send the guys on a supply run on his private jet ... since he knew Garcon has family in Haiti. 

"They was giving us more than I even expected to receive," Garcon says. "But they were more than willing to just give us everything."

Garcon says Snyder also provided food, souvenirs for doctors, and "anything and everything" he thought they would need for the trip.

Pierre says the goodwill mission has also lit a new fire under him to kick ass on the field -- check out the clip, he explains why. 


Redskins Su'a Cravens' Mom I'll Make Him Wear Cowboys Gear ... For Ignoring My Calls

9/16/2016 1:27 PM PDT

Washington Redskins rookie Su'a Cravens is about to find out why he should NEVER ignore his mom's phone calls ... even if she's a fan of his team's rival.

Cravens told reporters earlier this week that he was preparing for his first matchup with the Dallas Cowboys by shutting down all communication with his mom -- a DIE-HARD supporter of America's Team. 

Yolanda Cravens -- who admits she's slowly transitioning into a 'Skins fan -- tells us there will be consequences for Su'a's antics if the Redskins aren't victorious.

"If the Cowboys win, he has to wear something Cowboys. I don't know, they might throw tomatoes at him if he does that."

As for the Redskins drafting Su'a ... Yolanda says there's only one team she REALLY didn't want to select him ... and her reaction is hilarious.

Check out the clip ... and call your mama, Su'a!

Josh Norman 'Humbled' By Jay Z Thanks for the Lyrical Shout-Out!

8/25/2016 1:09 PM PDT

What's it like to have Jay Z drop your name on a track????

Josh Norman would know ... he got a shout-out from Jigga on DJ Khaled's "I Got the Keys" -- and he tells TMZ Sports he's humbled by it. 

The Washington Redskins superstar was practicing with the team Thursday -- when we asked if he thought the name-drop would make him an even bigger target on the field.

Check out the clip ... Norman essentially says the whole thing is an honor and he's got mad respect for Jay.

Washington Redskins We Accidentally Gave $40k to Ex Player ... He Won't Give It Back!

2/25/2016 9:45 AM PST

0225-hb-blades-GETTY-02If your boss -- who fired you -- accidentally gave you an extra $40,000 ... would you give it back?

Didn't think so. 

And that's the problem the Washington Redskins are facing ... 'cause they just filed a lawsuit claiming they accidentally issued a $40,000 check to a player they cut back in 2012 ... and he won't give it back. 

The man with the extra dough is H.B. Blades -- who was on the Redskins' main roster from 2007 to 2010.

The team says it officially cut ties with Blades in 2012 and gave him a $40,000 severance check for his troubles. 

The problem ... they "mistakenly paid an additional $40,000 to Blades on Dec. 27, 2013 as a result of a clerical error."


But sadly, the team says it realized the mistake and demanded the money back -- but Blades refuses to pony it up. So, the Skins took their gripe to the judge ... filing suit in NY federal court. 

We reached out to Blades for comment -- so far, no word back. 

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins 'You Like That' Towels Wave In $60k for Charity

1/12/2016 4:41 PM PST

0112_kirk_cousins_ijm_gettyHuge weekend for Kirk Cousins (besides that whole playoff loss thing) ... 'cause the Washington Redskins QB helped raise nearly $60k for charity ... all thanks to his famous "You Like That" quote. 

Long story short ... the team asked Cousins if they could print the phrase on towels for fans to wave in the stadium during Sunday's game. He agreed with one condition -- put my charity's logo on it. 

FYI, Cousins' cause is the International Justice Mission -- a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world.

The good news ... thanks to the exposure on the towels, IJM raked in close to $30k in donations from fans on Sunday ... a rep for the organization tells us. 

And it gets better -- 'cause the org. says a local wealthy couple has agreed to MATCH the number! 

In total, the group raised $59,442 over the weekend ... plus, IJM says it's taken in another $50k overall from shirt sales and other fundraisers connected from the "You Like That?!" phrase. 

Yeah, we like that. 


NFL's Albert Haynesworth RG3 Can Still Be a Hall of Famer ...If He Escapes D.C.

1/5/2016 12:45 AM PST

0104-albert-haynesworth-robert-griffin-GETTY-01Here's something you probably haven't heard since oh ... 2013 or so ... Robert Griffin III can be one of the NFL's greatest signal callers ever -- at least according to one ex Redskins star.

Albert Haynesworth tells TMZ Sports RG3 needs to change zip codes though, if he's going to get over the hump in his pro career because ... "It looks like they don't believe in him. I'm not there so I can't say why they don't."

He thinks Griffin can prove he's got Hall of Fame stuff if he gets on a different squad in 2016.

Haynesworth signed a $100 million deal with Washington back in '09, but got traded 2 years later ... and recently criticized the team's handling of "high profile players." But he also thinks RG3 needs to get out because the fans in DC won't cut him a break.

In Albert's words ... "Most Redskins fans are the nastiest I've met and the most ridiculous in the way they act. They couldn't get any ruder."

Kirk Cousins Hawking 'You Like That!?' Shirts ... For Charity

10/27/2015 4:22 PM PDT

1027_kirk_cousins_you-like-that-twitterKirk Cousins is turning his biggest NFL moment into a profitable moment ... selling, "You Like That?!" shirts ... but it's all for a good cause. 

After the pumped up Washington Redskins QB shouted those 3 words at the media following his comeback victory over the Bucs this weekend, the video went crazy viral. 

Now, as our friends at BSO pointed out ... Cousins is getting in on the action -- with $23 shirts to memorialize the moment. 

Cousins says proceeds will benefit the International Justice Mission to support ending violence and oppression of the poor worldwide. 

We like that. 

RGIII I'm Still Washington's #1 QB ... At The Wobble

10/8/2015 6:53 AM PDT

RGIII's not seeing much field time these days, but he's showing his dance moves are still in Pro Bowl form!

RGIII, along with Washington teammates Colt McCoy and Alfred Morris attended the "All-Star Survivors Celebration" earlier this week, an event in honor of 31 women currently fighting off breast cancer.

At some point in the festivities, Robert thought it would be a good idea to tempt fate ... and try to perform actual physical activity without injury.

The result? Touchdown RGIII ... not only one of the best wobbles we've ever seen (seriously, dude can move) but all for the best possible cause one can imagine.

You gotta check him out -- Hips? Check. Attitude? Check. Fun factor? Check. He absolutely slayed it.

Try that, Kirk Cousins.

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