Tom Brady Hits Insane 390-Yard Tee Shot ... Obama Impressed!!!

7:43 PM PT -- Despite Brady's pretty drive ... Rodgers proved to be too much Tuesday -- with the Packers star and DeChambeau ending up getting the best of the G.O.A.T. and Mickelson.

Both quarterbacks played very well ... but Rodgers was lights out with his putter, and that was the difference in the evening.

Here's Tom Brady proving he's bad at absolutely nothing ... smoking a tee shot so far on Tuesday, even Barack Obama couldn't help but be floored by the swing!!!

The insane stroke all went down during the third hole of Tuesday's "The Match" ... when Tom crushed a drive so well, it traveled 390 yards and landed just feet from the pin!

Obama happened to be commenting on the hole for TNT's broadcast during the swing ... and he was left darn-near speechless, saying nothing more than "wow!"

The most impressive part about the swing? Tom and his partner, Phil Mickelson, needed it desperately after Bryson DeChambeau had just buried his tee shot a few feet away from the cup.

Mickelson ended up missing the eagle putt, but Brady and the golf superstar still won the hole ... as both Aaron Rodgers and DeChambeau missed their putts.

Phil later told Tom on the next tee box it was one of the best drives he'd EVER seen ... and yeah, watch the clip -- it's hard to argue with that.

"The Match" is all tied up through three-plus holes so far ... and the smack talk is just heating up -- with Phil already clowning Bryson for a bad tee shot on #4.

Getcha popcorn ready for these last 14-plus holes!

NJ Man Gives Out Address Amid Racist Rant ... Gets Pelted by Protesters During Arrest Days Later!!!

A man unleashed a racist diatribe against a Black neighbor -- and even invited protesters to his front door ... but he might not have expected them to show up in droves, especially when he was being hauled off to jail.

Check out this wild encounter that was captured in Mount Laurel, NJ Friday, which led to an even crazier follow-up Monday ... when scores of people landed on this guy's driveway to decry a rant he'd gone on days earlier, who let him know what they thought of his venomous words.

The perp has reportedly been identified as Edward Cagney Mathews ... and he now faces criminal charges for a heated confrontation he had with one of his Black community members -- including alleged harassment and bias intimidation, over which the cops arrested him.

As for the initial face-off itself ... it's truly something to behold (in a bad way, we mean). Mathews hurls just about every epithet he can at the Black neighbor, including multiple uses of the n-word, "monkey" ... and even questions whether the man knows America's laws, saying "this isn't Africa" ... seemingly mocking what he perceived as a foreign accent.

It's unclear what exactly this was all over -- but in any case, you can tell Mathews took things way too far in what might amount to one of the most bigoted moments we've seen in a while. Even when what appears to be a security guard (or possibly even a cop) shows up to calm things down, he ratchets up the tension again ... demanding the guard put the "n******" in their place.

He told the person filming exactly where he lived, and encouraged people to show to find out "what (he's) about" ... and sure enough, they came rolling deep -- apparently protesting him for the past couple days ... to the point cops had to come escort Mathews away in custody.

That didn't stop people from unloading, though ... and we mean that literally. They chucked water bottles, garbage and debris at both Mathews and the police as they got into the squad car and drove away.

It made for an absolutely bonkers scene ... and could very well be the very definition of rooting out and *driving out* racism.

4th of July in Maryland Early Morning Boom for Beachgoers ... Premature Firework Show

@BNONews @natasaurus08 / Twitter

Fireworks got started early in Maryland this weekend -- a good chunk of their stash went up in flames (and booms) well before the sun went down ... right at ground level, no less.

A truck carrying a crap ton of fireworks in Ocean City accidentally detonated Sunday AM, freaking out bystanders who were in the area ... but ultimately serving as an early indicator of what was to come. Seriously, it was like a full-blown firework show right there on the sand.

Of the mishap, the Ocean City Fire Dept. says ... "There was an unintentional discharge of fireworks that were being set up on the beach for the Town’s fireworks show." They added, "During the unintentional discharge, employees of the fireworks company received minor injuries and refused transport to the hospital by Ocean City Paramedics."

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt ... but this could have turned ugly fast. In fact, it's eerily similar to another detonation gone wrong right here in L.A. from last week -- when the LAPD's bomb squad tried safely disposing of thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks they'd confiscated ... but ended up sending shockwaves through a southside neighborhood instead.

Just goes to show -- when you play with fireworks (regardless of intention) things are sure to blowup. Stay safe, y'all ... Happy 4th!!!

Gulf of Mexico Catches on Fire!!! ... Incredible Video

Come hell or high water took on a whole new meaning when the ocean surface in the Gulf of Mexico caught on fire ... and the video's astonishing.

The crazy scene played out Friday west of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula ... where the state's oil company, Pemex, said a gas leak from an underwater pipeline triggered a blaze that looked more like a scene from Michael Bay's next blockbuster.

You can see there are HUGE, bright orange flames shooting from the surface ... looking like an erupting volcano. The video quickly spread like fire (sorry, not sorry) on social media ... aptly dubbed, "eye of fire."

Fortunately for all involved ... the blaze, which went down 150 yards from a drilling platform, was extinguished. Nitrogen was reportedly used to control the fire. More good news ... Pemex said no injuries.

And, for the environmental folks out there, a Mexican official said the incident didn't lead to any oil spill ... though the official also couldn't explain what was burning.

LAPD Bomb Squad Fireworks Detonation Fails ... Blast Injures 17

FOX LA/@alyssaacasillas

The LAPD bomb squad's attempt to detonate illegal fireworks turned into a catastrophe when one of its trucks exploded ... injuring 17 people and obliterating a neighborhood.

According to the LAPD, its bomb squad officers were in the process of seizing over 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks Wednesday night in South L.A. Cops say some of the fireworks were being stored in its bomb squad semitruck for precautionary reasons.

It's unclear why, but when the bomb squad detonated the fireworks inside the iron chamber of its semitruck, LAPD chief Michel Moore said there was a "total catastrophic failure of that containment vehicle."


Moore added, "Clearly protocols were followed and pursued, but something happened in that containment vehicle that should have not happened and we don't know why."

The blast was caught on video, and you can see it wreaked havoc. At least 17 were injured -- 10 officers and 7 civilians ... including 3 with serious, but not life threatening injuries. The blast also damaged several homes and displaced as many as 9 families.

As for the alleged illegal fireworks culprit ... cops say a 27-year-old man who lives at the home where the fireworks were found was busted on suspicion of reckless or malicious possession of a destructive device. His bail's been set at $500k.

Joe Schilling Bar Fight Alleged Victim Planning To Press Charges

The man who was punched in the face by Joe Schilling at a bar on Sunday is now planning to press charges against the MMA fighter ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

The alleged victim, identified as 31-year-old Justin Balboa, has gone to police and will cooperate with prosecutors as he pursues a battery charge, his attorney, Robert Solomon, tells us.

"I cannot believe [Schilling] thought it was OK to just haul off and crack somebody twice like that," Solomon says. "[Schilling] is lucky we're not dealing with a manslaughter case."

In video of the incident, you can see Balboa got rocked in the head multiple times by Schilling on Sunday night at a bar in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The footage showed Schilling -- who last fought professionally in 2019 for Bellator -- whaled on Balboa after the two had bumped into each other in a walkway near the bar area.

In police docs, cops say Balboa told them he had no idea why Schilling hit him.

Schilling, meanwhile, claims Balboa had been bothering him and others all night ... and says he only hit Balboa out of self-defense.

"I was scared for my life," Schilling added.

In the docs, officers say a witness told them it appeared the confrontation all went down because Balboa "had possibly made an improper remark" about Schilling's significant other.

Solomon, though, tells us he believes his client did nothing to deserve the punches ... saying, "The video clearly shows another story."

"The reality of it is is this guy took this way too far," Solomon said of Schilling.

Solomon also says he'll be filing a civil lawsuit against Schilling later this week ... adding that his client suffered a head injury and facial wounds in the altercation.

We've reached out to Schilling for further comment, but so far, no word back yet.

Tour de France Riders Protest For Safer Conditions ... After Crashes

Wild scene from the Tour de France on Tuesday ... when all the riders staged a 1-minute protest to demand safer racing conditions.

The event has been laden with gnarly crashes over the past 3 days ... including a massive pileup caused by a spectator's cardboard sign on Saturday.

Yet another crash went down during Stage 3 on Monday ... and riders believe it could have been avoided if race organizers would have listened to their concerns regarding the curvy and narrow finale.

The riders decided to show just how pissed they are about the dangerous racing conditions with the strike ... coming to a complete stop 1 kilometer into Stage 4 in hopes of bringing changes to the event.

The riders then resumed the race at a slow pace for the next 10 kilometers.

The Cyclistes Professionnels Associés released a statement in response to the crashes on Monday ... saying the riders want their concerns to be taken seriously.

"Their frustration about foreseeable and preventable action is enormous," the CPA said.

"The riders wish to stress their respect for their sponsors, their sports groups, the organizer, their international institution," the statement added. "Supporters are very important to them -- and this is why they will be riding today."

"In return, the riders of the Tour de France ask for the same respect – respect for their safety."

The riders are asking organizers to implement a "3-kilometer rule" ... which means times would be taken 3 kilometers from the finish in case of future crashes or other issues similar to what went down on Monday.

Now, the question is ... will the protest work?!?

MLB's Josh Naylor Gruesomely Breaks Leg ... In Violent Collision With Teammate

8:49 AM PT -- The Cleveland Indians just provided an update on John Naylor's condition ... saying the OF "suffered a closed fracture and dislocation of the right ankle."

Cleveland says Naylor remained in the hospital overnight.

Cleveland Indians outfielder Josh Naylor broke his leg in a horrifying fashion after colliding with his teammate during a game Sunday ... and video of the play is VERY hard to watch.

The gruesome scene all went down in the 4th inning of the Tribe's game against the Minnesota Twins ... when Naylor was trying to track down a fly ball in right field.

The problem ... his teammate, Ernie Clement, was charging for the ball as well -- and when the baseball finally came down from the sky, the two crashed into each other HARD.

The collision sent Naylor flying -- and when he landed, his leg bent awkwardly underneath him ... horrifically twisting it.

You can see in slow-motion replay, Naylor was in EXTREME pain ... writhing on the ground.

Naylor was eventually carted off the field and taken to the hospital ... and after the game, Indians manager Terry Francona confirmed his player was dealing with a significant injury.

"We know that there's a fracture," Francona told reporters. "Other than that, he's being evaluated over at the hospital right now."

Naylor had played in 69 games for Cleveland this season ... hitting 7 home runs and batting .253.

Get well soon.

Car-Shaped Boat Cruisin' the Waters of Egypt!!!

God help the poor soul high on weed who sees this thing cruising the waters.

Check out the powerboat designed to look like a sports car ... and guess what? There's a plan to make it amphibious.

A dude name Karim Amin and 2 of his buddies were tooling around the ocean in Alexandria, Egypt in cars that were, well, sort of James Bond-y.

The "boats" can hit speeds of up to 40 MPH. They even have Bluetooth and a GPS. They say it rides more like a jet ski than a traditional boat. There are only 12 of its kind, but it seems there are plans to expand. They're working on a 2.0 which would function on land and on the sea.

As for the price ... they start at $19,000 (no power windows) and go up to $44k.

Pretty awesome, and fun.

Hot-air Balloon Tragedy Basket Gondola Detaches in Air ... Kills 4, Injures 1

A hot-air balloon ride in New Mexico quickly turned into a deadly nightmare -- as the gondola that was carrying the riders snapped clean off ... and plummeted to the ground below, killing several.

This tragedy happened Saturday morning in Albuquerque, where at least 5 people were riding in a hot-air balloon above the city ... when, according to preliminary investigations, their basket carrier somehow detached from the balloon -- leaving them in a free fall descent.

The balloon itself floated down after them -- crumpling under its own weight in the air -- which was captured on video by several different bystanders. Important to note -- the people are not seen falling in these clips ... presumably, they'd already hit the ground by this point.

Reports say the basket crashed into some power lines ... which sent the carrier up in flames, and caused an electrical outage in the area, not to mention a crazy crash scene in the road.

Four people are said to have died from the fall -- reportedly in the ages of 40-60 -- but one was transported to the hospital in critical condition ... and docs are working on saving them. Unclear, for now, what exactly went wrong up there for something like this to happen, but it's terrifying nonetheless.

There's also no word yet on whether this was a privately-owned hot-air balloon, or one that was owned by a company of some sort. Authorities are looking into all of that, we're sure.

Tour de France Spectator's Sign Causes Massive Pileup

A spectator with a sign caused a massive, crazy pileup Saturday during the Tour de France.

Literally minutes after the race began ... a fan holding a cardboard sign held it out too far ... hitting one of the riders ... causing him to eat it hard. That, in turn, triggered a chain reaction as rider after rider bit the dust in a wild scene.

Here's how it was described by former green jersey winner Sean Kelly ... “The guys at the front went through a very tight section between the islands in the middle of the road and it was a dangerous one for those further back in the peloton. This is Brittany – you have a lot of road furniture and small villages. It is very technical for the first stage of the Tour de France.”

As if that's bad enough ... there's a real chance of rain as the day wears on. Believe in bad omens much?

It's unclear if any of the riders were injured, but gotta say ... if none were, it's a minor miracle.

Hope this is not a sign of what's to come.

MotoGP Champ Marc Marquez Violently Thrown From Bike ... In Terrifying Crash

MotoGP champ Marc Marquez is VERY fortunate to be alive ... he just crashed during a practice run Friday -- and the scene was HORRIFYING.

The 28-year-old was heading around a turn at a high rate of speed during preparation for this weekend's Dutch TT in Assen ... when all of a sudden his bike bucked him.

Footage from the track is absolutely terrifying ... you can see Marquez was thrown feet into the air while his motorcycle skidded across the pavement underneath him.

Marquez eventually crash-landed into some gravel ... where he rolled several times before sliding to a stop.

Somehow, though, he said he avoided any sort of serious injury.

"I have to say I feel lucky to escape in a good condition overall, these kinds of crashes can be very hard and very dangerous," Marquez told media members afterward.

"It’s painful, but nothing is wrong. It was a strange crash because I didn’t think that I was over the limit and I was riding like I was in the morning."

Marquez continued, "In this corner we rely on the traction control a lot, but it wasn’t there, and when I shifted the rear started sliding and then I fell."

If this all sounds familiar for Marquez ... it's because it is -- remember just last year in July, he broke his arm in a similar accident in Spain.

In that crash, Marquez was thrown from his bike in nearly an identical fashion.

The superstar champion in the MotoGP world missed the rest of the year recovering ... but he finally made his return to the circuit just weeks ago.

Jaylen Waddle & Jerome Baker Dolphins Stars Lend Hand ... At Miami Condo Collapse Site

11:21 AM PT -- 6/25 -- The Miami Dolphins have now joined the effort to help victims of the tragic condo collapse ... with star receiver Jaylen Waddle and star linebacker Jerome Baker lending a hand Friday.

The two NFL players were spotted helping unload water, drinks and other supplies to those in need near the South Florida collapse site.

Heat star Tyler Herro is rushing in to give his fellow Miamians a big assist ... showing up at the scene of the tragic South Florida condo collapse Thursday to offer a helping hand.

The 21-year-old NBA player and his assistant coach, Chris Quinn, were spotted on the scene just hours after the a 12-story oceanside building partially collapsed ... quickly offloading water bottles to those in need.

As we previously reported, a massive search and rescue effort is underway as countless people are missing due to the unexpected and shocking collapse of the building.

One person has died ... and there's a fear that number could grow as the rescue mission unfolds.


The Heat have expressed deep sorrow over the tragedy ... saying in a statement Thursday the team is "devastated."

"We were devastated to hear of the catastrophic Champlain Towers building collapse in Surfside," the team said.

"Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. We are thankful for the first responders who are working around the clock in rescue efforts."

Authorities are still trying to piece together why the building collapsed ... explaining it's all very bizarre considering the place was built in 1981.

Originally Published -- 6/24 10:06 AM PT

Bubba Watson Driver Head Snaps Off On Unreal Tee Shot ... 'That Was Crazy'

If you needed further proof pro golfers are flat-out better at the sport than you ... here's Bubba Watson snapping his driver on a tee shot -- and still somehow hitting the fairway!!

The golf superstar made the incredible swing in his 2nd round at the Travelers Championship in Connecticut on Friday ... and video of it all is WILD.

You can see in the footage, as Bubba's famous pink driver made contact with his ball on hole #2 at the TPC River Highlands course -- it obliterated, with the driver head separating from the shaft and flying dozens of yards away.

"That was crazy," one of the announcers said.

Yet, somehow, the ball still managed to go nearly 300 yards -- and land perfectly in the short grass!!

And, to make things even MORE impressive, Bubba went on to birdie the hole despite it all!!!

Under golf's rules, Bubba would be able to replace the driver mid-round if he could fix it ... although when his caddie tried to make it repairable -- it didn't seem to be going well.

Bubba's currently feasting on the course regardless ... he's the tournament's leader so far, sitting at 9-under par.

Makes ya feel pretty bad about your golf game, huh?

Jon Rahm Chugs From U.S. Open Trophy ... Then Annihilates Glow-In-The-Dark Golf Ball!!!

Jon Rahm chugged from his U.S. Open trophy and then punished a glow-in-the-dark golf ball to the moon ... and the awesome scene was all captured on video!!

The golf superstar -- who just took home the U.S. Open crown after an amazing four days at Torrey Pines last weekend -- hit up a restaurant patio somewhere in the world this week ... and then magic ensued.

Check out the video ... Rahm slurped down some sort of drink (odds are pretty solid it was an alcoholic beverage) and then he absolutely hit a missile off the floor!!!

Seriously, watch that golf ball go ... it was annihilated.

Of course, Rahm has every reason to celebrate this way ... the U.S. Open title was his first-ever major victory -- so keep on chuggin', Jon!


By the way, if this all looks familiar ... it's 'cause it kind of is -- Phil Mickelson famously drank out his PGA Championship trophy earlier this month just days after winning it.

Sounds like a new golf tradition we're ALL IN on!!!

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