Aaron Boone Suspended 1 Game For 'F*cking Savages' Rant

11:58 AM PT -- The MLB has announced it has suspended Boone one game -- plus an undisclosed fine -- for his epic rant against umpire Brennan Miller.

Boone will serve his ban Friday night when the Yankees take on the Colorado Rockies.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone FLIPPED OUT on an umpire Thursday ... and the whole rant was caught on a hot mic -- it was EPIC!!!

It all went down in the 2nd inning of the Yanks-Rays game in NY ... when Boone began chirping at home plate ump Brennan Miller over balls and strikes.

Boone didn't hold back from the dugout, telling Brennan to "Bear the f**k down! Let's go!"

It didn't take long for Miller to toss Boone from the game ... but that only made Aaron's profanity-laced rant grow.

"My guys are f**king savages in that f**king box, right?!" Boone yelled in Brennan's face ... "And, you're having a piece of s**t start to this game."

Aaron continued, "I feel bad for ya. But, f**king get better ... Our guys are f**king savages in that box. Our guys are savages in the f**king box. Tighten it up right now, OKAY?!?"

Seemed a bunch of Yankees fans agreed with Boone's rant ... and even outfielder Brett Gardner -- who had just been called out on strikes -- gave the manager a standing ovation.

Unclear if the whole tirade was worth it ... the game is still tied up 2-2 in the fifth -- but we're all super grateful for the hot mics regardless!!!

Originally Published -- 7/18 3:10 PM 

Marcus Stroman I'd Love To Pitch For Yankees ... 'One Day'


Marcus Stroman just admitted to TMZ Sports he wants to pitch for the Yankees ... telling us, "One day."

Of course, the superstar pitcher is still a member of Toronto's squad, and he says he's "focused on my time with the Blues Jays now."

But, with the Yanks reportedly interested in the 28-year-old NY native ... he made it clear to our camera guy before hittin' the Blue Jays team bus Wednesday -- he'd be fine with the move!!

Stroman has previously hinted he's down to rock the pinstripes ... telling a group of reporters earlier this week that he's "built for the bright lights."

Unclear what the Yankees are willing to offer for Stroman -- who has a 3.04 ERA and 77 strikeouts in 17 starts this season -- but they do desperately need a starting pitcher for the second half of the season.

Could Stroman's clear willingness to be a Yankee help move trade talks along??

Stay tuned ...

NY Yankees Unveil LGBTQ Plaque In Monument Park ... 'We Welcome Everyone'

Big moment at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday ... when some of the team's biggest stars helped to unveil a new plaque in Monument Park paying tribute to the gay rights movement.

Pitchers CC Sabathia and Dellin Betances -- along with G.M. Brian Cashman -- held the ceremony to reveal the Stonewall Inn plaque ... which honors the people who fought back during a violent police raid at the Stonewall Inn gay bar in NYC back in 1969.

The incident at the Stonewall is credited with igniting the LGBTQ rights movement.

In fact, the current owners of the Stonewall Inn -- which is still operational in Greenwich Village -- were also on hand for the ceremony.

In addition to the plaque, the Yankees are also working with owners Stacy Lentz and Kurt Kelly to create a scholarship benefiting LGBTQ public school students.

"[The Yankees have] gone beyond a Pride Night," Lentz told the NY Daily News ... "They understand that having a permanent fixture when fans come here, LGBTQ fans are going to feel safe and welcome."

Cashman told the media, "We want to be an organization that represents inclusion and safe harbor. We try and make a difference that way."

Yankees manager Aaron Boone added, "You wear this uniform, you work for this organization, it carries a lot of weight. I think that it’s important as an organization we welcome everyone, not only to work for this franchise but from a fanbase.”

Cody Bellinger Better Than Arenado And Yelich ... Says Jerry Hairston


Bryce Harper, Christian Yelich and Nolan Arenado ... you are NOT better than Cody Bellinger, so says Jerry Hairston Jr., who tells TMZ Sports the Dodgers star is the 2nd best player in the MLB!!

"Outside of Mike Trout, he's the best player in baseball," the former World Series champ says ... "I think he will be the MVP."

Of course, Belli is in the middle of an EPIC season ... dude has 25 home runs, 62 RBIs and is batting .353 -- but most baseball experts still have him outside of the MLB's ultra-elite.

But, Hairston tells us Bellinger not only deserves to be in the top 5 ... he's No. 2 just behind Trout, saying, "I really believe it."

"He does everything well. He's right there with Mike. Cody is awesome."

We also spoke with the former Dodgers stud about Walker Buehler ... and Hairston says he's a true ace now -- but he tells us why the 24-year-old still ain't better than Clayton Kershaw yet!

Hairston played in the MLB from 1998 to 2013 -- with stints on the Yankees, Dodgers, Orioles, Cubs and more! He was a part of the NYY 2009 championship squad.

Ron Guidry On CC Sabathia ... He Deserves A Spot In Monument Park!!!


Yankees legend Ron Guidry says CC Sabathia deserves a place right next to Derek Jeter in Monument Park ... telling TMZ Sports straight-up, "Why not?!"

CC has been pitching in pinstripes since 2009 ... logging 133 wins, a 3.75 ERA and 1,650 strikeouts -- and Guidry says those numbers should get him a place in center field at Yankees Stadium.

Of course, Guidry knows a thing or two about the honor -- his number is one of only a handful to ever be retired in Monument Park -- and he tells us CC "should be" in there right alongside him.

In fact, the former Cy Young winner -- who's also a 2-time World Series champ and 4-time All-Star -- is so high on Sabathia, he tells us the 38-year-old also belongs in Pro Baseball's Hall of Fame!!!

"Why not?!" Guidry says ... "He should be [in]."

FYI ... CC is a 6-time All-Star with one Cy Young on his resume. He's got 250 career wins and 3,043 total strikeouts.

Tino Martinez Praises Yanks For Encarnacion Trade ... 'He's The Best!'


The Edwin Encarnacion trade was a STEAL for the Yankees ... so says NY legend Tino Martinez, who tells TMZ Sports, "It's a great move!"

"He's a home run hitter," Tino says ... "He's the best!"

Encarnacion was just traded from the Mariners to the Yankees in a move that only cost the Bronx Bombers a low-level prospect and some cash.

And, Tino -- who was also famously dealt from the Mariners to the Yankees before NY's 1996 World Series-winning season -- is fired up for the move.

As for Clint Frazier -- the stud outfielder who was demoted back to the minors in order to make room for Edwin -- Martinez says he's confident the 24-year-old will be just fine.

"Clint Frazier is an awesome player, man," Tino says ... "He'll be back!"

Tino also tells us he doesn't think the Yankees wheelin' and dealin' is done just yet this season ... saying he thinks the team could also be adding a starting pitcher soon!!

Johnny Damon Praises Red Sox ... Thanks Team For Taking Care Of Big Papi


Johnny Damon is putting his issues with the Red Sox aside ... and praising the hell out of the team for the way it's handled the David Ortiz situation, saying the Sox "did such a great job."

Of course, Damon's relationship with Boston's MLB team has been mostly nonexistent since his messy departure from Fenway back in 2005.

Damon and team owner John Henry had a very public feud ... and Johnny has even openly rooted for the Yankees when the two rivals have squared off over the past few years.

But, Damon went on "TMZ Live" on Tuesday and put all his beef with the Sox behind him ... thanking the team for doing "the right thing" and taking care of Big Papi after he was shot in the D.R. on Sunday.

"The Red Sox did such a great job at going down to the Dominican and bringing him back to some of the great hospitals and doctors we have up in Boston," Damon says.

"Thank you, Red Sox, for doing the right thing and getting him up in Boston and taking care of him."

Ortiz landed in Massachusetts on Monday night ... and after a second surgery to repair the damage that a bullet caused -- his wife, Tiffany Ortiz, says he's now "resting comfortably."

Johnny says it wouldn't surprise him to see Big Papi back near the baseball diamond as early as this fall ... saying, "I'm sure it's going to be during the playoffs."

Mickey Mantle 1957 Yankees Contract Hits Auction Block ... He Only Made $60K!!!

The New York Yankees contract that paid Mickey Mantle a shockingly low amount of money back in 1957 can be all yours ... if you've got a big pile of cash to buy it!!!

TMZ Sports has learned the deal that Mantle himself signed back in '57 is hitting the SCP Auctions block -- and is expected to fetch over $40,000.

It's interesting ... because Mantle -- who had just hit for the Triple Crown in 1956 with 52 home runs, 130 RBI and a .353 batting average (it was one of the greatest offensive seasons ever) -- was only scheduled to make $60k.

If that seems staggeringly low ... it's 'cause it is -- for a similar season in 2014, Giancarlo Stanton inked a 13-year, $325 MILLION deal ($25 mil a year)!!!

Of course, the Yanks got much more than they bargained for after Mantle signed on the dotted line ... he went on to win the MVP for a second consecutive season in 1957.

As for the contract itself, it's an awesome piece of history ... it's got The Mick's signature AND Hall of Famer Lee MacPhail's on it as well.

Bidding closes in two weeks ... good luck!!!

Pete Rose Joe DiMaggio's Penis ... HUUUUUUUUGE!

Mike's On w/ Mike Francesa

"The best way to describe Joe DiMaggio is ... he was a penis with a man hanging from it."

That's Pete Rose talking about his encounter with a real-life one-eyed monster ... Joltin' Joe's tremendous dong.

Rose was on 'Mike's On' with Mike Francesa when he was asked about his friendship with the Yankees legend ... and that's when Rose talked about the time he saw Joe's shlong.

Basically, Pete says he and Joe went to Vietnam to visit U.S. military personnel back in the day and they were based in a part of the jungle where there was no real plumbing.

So, when Joe decided he needed a rinse, he needed Pete to load up a fresh bucket of water into a makeshift mobile shower to help Joe get the job done.

That's when Pete says he saw it ... a wiener so big, he still remembers it to this day.

In fact, Pete says Joe's baby-maker was so massive, the guy needed THREE shower shoes -- 2 for his feet and one to keep his man junk from touching the floor.

So, cheers to you Joe DiMaggio ... not just for that 56-game hitting streak, but for being able to play center field with a full anaconda in your pants.

MLB's John Wetteland Denies Child Sexual Abuse Allegations ... 'He Is Innocent'

Ex-World Series MVP John Wetteland is denying allegations he repeatedly sexually assaulted a little boy in his family ... with his attorney telling the media, "He is innocent."

Wetteland has been accused of forcing the family member (now an adult) to give him oral sex on three separate occasions between 2004 and 2006 when the boy was under the age of 14.

A grand jury indicted the former All-Star pitcher on 3 felony charges of child sexual assault in March ... and at his first court appearance Monday, his attorney strongly denied the allegations.

"What they've accused him of, the only thing worse is murder," Derek Adame told the Dallas Morning News ... "He was completely shocked [by the allegations]."

Adame said Wetteland intended to enter a not guilty plea ... and is planning on fighting the charges vehemently.

"We look forward to the opportunity to prove our innocence, which is what Mr. Wetteland is," Adame said ... "He is innocent and is looking forward to his day in court."

Wetteland is due back in court for another hearing in July.

Wetteland was a 3-time All-Star in his 12-year career ... and was named World Series MVP in 1996 after helping lift the New York Yankees over the Atlanta Braves.

CC Sabathia 'Surefire Hall Of Famer' ... Says Twins' Odorizzi


CC Sabathia is hands down a slam dunk Hall of Famer, so says a guy who tried to beat him for YEARS ... 'cause Jake Odorizzi tells TMZ Sports the Yankee belongs in Cooperstown.

"He's a surefire Hall of Famer," the Minnesota Twins pitcher says ... "I really enjoyed watching him pitch."

It's a pretty big compliment from Jake ... considering the guy threw against CC PLENTY from 2013 to 2017 when Odorizzi was a Tampa Bay Ray and Sabathia was in NY.

But, game recognizes game ... and Odorizzi says CC is one of the best to ever do it.

And, why? Jake tells us the way Sabathia changed his approach from a flame-throwing lefty to a crafty pitcher is really impressive.

"He's the third lefty that's ever got 3,000 strikeouts," Jake says ... "So, I think that's pretty special."

38-year-old Sabathia has a pretty strong resume -- 6-time All-Star, 2009 World Series champion and he won the Cy Young in 2007.

Plus, he won the MLB in wins in 2009 and 2010.

Sabathia has said he's retiring after the 2019 season -- so, see you in Cooperstown?

A-Rod I Do's at Yankee Stadium ... Hmmmm


A-Rod hit up his go-to lunch place Friday PM, and as he left our photog planted a seed in his mind for a wedding venue.

J Lo's fiance chowed down at Nello in NYC and laughed at our suggestion ... Yankee Stadium might be an awesome place for a wedding. Something tells us they could easily fill the stadium.

And, speaking of baseball, A-Rod's undaunted by the struggling Yanks and Red Sox, essentially saying it's a marathon and not a sprint.

As for the 7-2 Seattle Mariners, well, we asked but a big 'ol car door got in the way.

Alex Rodriguez Yankees Will Be Great ... Despite Stanton & Andujar Injuries


Giancarlo Stanton, Miguel Andujar, Luis Severino, Dellin Betances and CC Sabathia are ALL injured ... but don't panic, Yankees fans -- Alex Rodriguez says they'll have a GREAT year.

Yankees had high hopes for this year's squad -- the Yanks were the favorites to win the World Series in many places -- but the season has gotten off to a rough start ... with the NYY dropping 2 out of 3 to the terrible Orioles AND losing several key players to injury.

If that's got you all worked up, take it from a World Series champ, 'cause TMZ Sports saw A-Rod leaving The Mandarin Hotel in NYC, and he ain't worried at all.

"I think the Yankees will be great," Rodriguez says ... "It's gonna be a great year."

So, everybody chill ... there's 157 games left and Alex says you're fine.

Mickey Mantle Trump Casino Gambling Cards ... Hit Auction Block

Forget rookie cards ... here's a WAY cooler piece of baseball memorabilia -- Mickey Mantle's SIGNED Trump casino gambling cards!!!

That's right, the player's cards Mantle personally used to throw down bets at Donald Trump's casinos in Atlantic City -- the Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza -- are hitting the Robert Edwards Auctions block.

So far, bidding has passed the $1,000 mark ... and we're told the two pieces of plastic could fetch $2,000 when all is said and done.

The cards are DOPE -- they both display the baseball legend's name and card numbers on the front ... with one of the cards actually personally signed by Mickey on the back.

And, if you're wondering ... the signature is in great shape -- we're told it's graded out as a 9 ... while both cards are said to be in "Near Mint" condition.

One of the cooler parts of the pieces? One of them has an issue date of 11/90 -- which means Mickey was using these bad boys to gamble when he was 59 years old!!!

By the way, Mantle's had a few of these cool auctions in the past ... we're told his American Express card sold for $8,400 at auction several years ago.

Now if only we could get these cards to talk!!!

A-Rod & J Lo World Series Ring Nearly Upstages Proposal!!!

Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a heavy hand ... quite literally.

A-Rod and J Lo just released pictures from his beachy proposal over the weekend ... with the former MLB star's World Series ring from 2009 with the Yankees damn near taking center stage. You can see in the pics Alex down on bended knee with his lone WS ring on his right hand.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

But, J Lo's eyes were laser-focused on her new diamond ring and seemed surprised as hell. If you click on the picture slides ... you can see the happy couple embrace each other with a kiss while A-Rod's still down on one knee. And, BAM ... both A-Rod's World Series ring and her gigantic diamond are both on display.

But, ya gotta wonder ... which ring's bigger?

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... A-Rod popped the question and, of course, she said yes. They later celebrated on a bed of roses. GET IT!!!

CC Sabathia Signs 'That's For You, B*tch' Balls ... Immortalizes Famous Ejection

"That's for you, bitch!"

Those are the words CC Sabathia yelled at the Rays dugout after he was ejected in a game last season ... and now they're the words CC's autographed on baseballs you can own!!!

ICYMI ... the Yanks were in the middle of a blowout game last September -- when Sabathia retaliated after one of his teammates was nearly beaned in the head by a Rays pitcher.

Sabathia plunked Josh Sucre with a 92-mph dart square in the hamstring as payback ... and was immediately ejected.

On his way out, Sabathia pointed toward the Tampa dugout and famously yelled, "That's for you, bitch."

The craziest part of the story ... Sabathia only needed six more outs in the game to reach a $500,000 incentive in his contract -- but blew that off in order to have his teammate's back.

The Yanks later paid out the bonus anyway ... and to commemorate the whole incident -- Sabathia signed baseballs with the curse-word inscription for Steiner Sports.

CC only signed 52 of 'em (that's his jersey number) ... and they're going for $305 a pop.

Happy buying!!!

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