Kourtney Kardashian Scott Mocks Her PDA ... Her Ex, Younes, Calls Disick Out!!!

Scott Disick's had it with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's steamy PDA pics, but his search for an ally went awry ... and now he just looks like a petty, jealous ex.

Younes Bendjima -- who dated Kourtney from 2016 to 2018 -- leaked a DM Scott appeared to have sent him ... ripping Kourtney for the slew of romantic pics of her and Travis Barker ... in particular the shot of Kourtney straddling Travis on a boat in Italy.

Scott allegedly wrote ... "Yo is this chick ok!??? Broo like what is this. In the middle of Italy."

Younes shared the screenshot and shot back, "Doesn't matter to me as long as she's happy." Bendjima added insult to injury, telling Disick ... "PS: i aint your bro."

Younes has residual beef with Scott, because along with putting him on blast for the DM gossip behind Kourtney's back, he added, "Keep the same energy you had about me publicly, privately."

But, Bendjima wasn't done with Disick ... "He been playing around for too long, tried to stay quiet and be the nice guy." This is clearly in response to some snide comments Scott made about him on the 'KUWTK' reunion a while back.

Despite Lord Disick's exchange with Younes backfiring, it shows that he's grown weary of all the paparazzi attention toward the mother of his kids as she's been jet-setting with the Blink-182 drummer.

As we've told you ... Kourtney and Travis flew to Cabo last month -- which was Barker's first time on an airplane since his deadly 2008 plane crash -- then continued onto Italy where the couple's been spotted hand in hand, snuggling on a gondola, and packing on the PDA pretty much everywhere they went.

Kourtney & Travis Gondola Ride in Venice ... That's Amore!!!

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's romantic Italian getaway is sailing on ... on a gondola in Venice.

The lovebirds did the tourist thing Monday during their ongoing Euro vacation, getting comfy cozy together in the sea vessel on a seat shaped like a heart.

It paints a pretty fitting picture of the 2, who have been attached at the hip in Italy for a few days after kicking off their traveling lovefest a couple weeks ago in Cabo.

We broke the story ... Travis flying to Mexico with Kourt was his first time on an airplane since the deadly 2008 plane crash that killed 4 people and left him with third-degree burns on 2/3 of his body.

It must have gone well, because he then flew to Italy with his girlfriend to begin the overseas leg of their getaway, and the couple shows no signs of slowing down ... hand in hand everywhere they go.

Kourtney and Travis Give Each Other a Hand in Italy!!!

Love has no bounds and no borders ... thus Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker continued their love fest in Italy.

Trav and Kourt were exploring the sites in Portofino as they walked hand in hand. They were both covered in large, almost-matching hoodies as they traversed the town.

This has been a super-romantic vacay for the 2 ... they've been exploring Italy in what is clearly a budding relationship. In fact, scratch budding ... it's full-blown at this point.

It's a huge moment for Travis, who just recently started flying again. As you know, he hasn't gotten on an airplane since the fatal crash 13 years ago that killed 4, including 2 of his close friends.

He flew for the first time a few weeks back when he, along with Kourtney, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble, took Kylie's jet down to Cabo in Mexico.

The Cabo trip removed any doubt they are in a downright serious relationship ... making out in the main pool for all to see. The experience onboard a plane seemed tolerable enough for Travis to do it again.

Unclear where the next stop is ... this beats the Travel Channel!!!

Kim Kardashian & Kids Third Time's the Charm??? At Kanye's 'Donda' Event in Chicago

Kanye West fans are probably hoping there's a "Beetlejuice" situation with his "Donda" album -- after the third listening party it'll magically appear -- but regardless ... Kim Kardashian and their kids are in attendance once again.

As you probably know, Ye's holding another big event in anticipation of the release of his 10th studio album, but this one's the most special of the 3 ... because it's in his hometown of Chicago at Soldier Field.


Sources close to Kim and Kanye tell TMZ ... she and their 4 kids flew from L.A. to Chi-town Thursday, attending the show for support, just like they did for his Atlanta shows.

We're told he requested their presence because this listening event -- which will showcase a replica of his childhood home -- is very important to him.

As far as Kim and Kanye's relationship's concerned ... our source says it's still very much the same -- amicable and supportive. We got a glimpse of that as the 2 went out for lunch last week, and Kim's also keeping Kanye's last name ... despite what he does with it.

So, the only thing still to be determined is whether Ye will actually release "Donda" to the public after Thursday night's show ... and if he'll have any more to say to Drake.

Khloe Kardashian & Kris Jenner Side-by-Side Mansions Under Construction ... Still a Long Way to Go

Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner are inching closer to the move-in date that will make them next-door neighbors, as construction crews work to finish their custom mansions.

We've obtained pics showing the progress that's been made in and around the modern farmhouses Khloe and Kris are building a stone's throw from each other in Los Angeles.

There's still a lot of work to be done, but the massive estates are taking shape. Both structures now have roofs that will include solar panels ... and both places will have massive pools.

The lot is essentially being subdivided in 2. It once had a single family home on the entire property, but when a developer bought it in 2012, he razed the house. It sat vacant for years ... that is until Khloe and Kris each plunked down north of $10 million for the properties and began construction.

When all is said and done ... Khloe's home -- the darker of the two -- will have 8 bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms and 18,000 square feet. Kris' palace is similar at 17,000 square feet.

You'll recall Kris was PISSED after claiming on 'KUWTK' a shady contractor stole the deeds to the houses and while the legal mess got sorted out, construction came to a screeching halt.

Seems like the problem's been resolved, because construction crews are buzzing around on the property.

Kendall Jenner Sunbathes In Thong Bikini On Yacht ... In Italy W/ Devin Booker

Kendall Jenner was having some fun in the sun with her favorite Sun on Tuesday ... cruising on a yacht with her BF, Devin Booker, in Italy -- and the pics are piccante!!

As we previously reported, KJ and the Phoenix Suns star hopped on a private jet and flew to their romantic getaway last week ... and they've been spending the majority of their time lounging around in some barely-there swimwear ever since.

When we saw Kendall and Devin on Friday, they were floating around in Sardinia ... but now, they've made their way over towards Capri.

The couple cranked up the heat while working on their tans yesterday afternoon ... showing off their incredibly fit figures and chatting it up on the deck of the yacht.

24-year-old Booker -- who's fresh off winning a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics with Team USA -- had to cool off for a bit by hopping in the pool ... and yeah, he looks shredded as ever.

KJ and Book have been attached at the hip after his return from Japan -- including a lake boat trip -- and something tells us this love marathon ain't dying down any time soon!!

Iggy Azalea I'm Not Banging Tristan Thompson ... Rumors Are BS

Iggy Azalea is stamping out a rumor that she's banging Tristan Thompson -- going so far as to say she's never met the dude ... not even once.

The Aussie rapper came out to address a report by blogger/YouTuber Tasha K ... who posted a new vlog this past week with the bold claim that Iggy has been sleeping with Tristan -- this amid other reports that Khloe Kardashian apparently wants him back (which she's denied).

Tasha flat out says ... "Does (Khloe) know that Tristan and Miss Iggy are f******?" She didn't elaborate on where she was getting her alleged intel -- but IA herself has shot it down.

She took to Twitter Sunday to deny the rumor ... writing, "Very weird fake news making the rounds about me dating a man I've literally never met a DAY in my life…. Like…. Y'all are really that bored?!?!"

Iggy went to add, "Literally have never even been in the same building as that man. I DO NOT KNOW THAT PERSON" -- this after a Twitter user pointed out it was Tristan whom she was referring to ... and followed up by saying Tasha seems to have made it all up.

The news does, in fact, seem to have come out of nowhere ... before Tasha came out with her so-called tea -- there wasn't even a whiff of this anywhere ... as far as we're concerned.

Yes ... Iggy has dated an NBA player in the past -- namely, Nick Young, who she was engaged to for a while back in the day before they split -- but there's no clear evidence, photos or otherwise, to indicate she or Tristan have ever met or mingled.

Tristan himself seems to have also responded to the news ... calling it nothing but gossip.

Singer Amerie Gets a Kardashian Comparison ... Internet Comes Swinging!!!!

Amerie was jokingly compared to a Kardashian sister -- and despite the obvious playful intent ... the internet is NOT playing when it comes to this side-by-side.

A tweet went viral Saturday, with a user posting Amerie's 2005 music video for her hit single "1 Thing," which was featured on the "Hitch" soundtrack back in the day. His caption is what set all the outrage off, writing ... "Kourtney Kardashian had the block hot with this hit."

Pretty innocent, right??? Eh, apparently not ... folks were jumping down this dude's throat in fierce defense of Amerie, with a lot of people echoing the same sentiment ... namely, don't do her like that. And, by that, they seem to mean ... don't compare her to a Kardashian.

Of course, you can see what the guy was going for -- because, yes, in this specific video (and perhaps more generally) mid-2000s Amerie does, in fact, bear a passing resemblance to Kourt, especially in some of these shots. You might even call them doppelgangers. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Unclear what all the online hostility is toward the juxtaposition ... but a lot of Twitter users seem to have found this "disrespectful." There may be a race element at play -- Amerie is Black/Korean, while Kourtney is white/Armenian. Plus, the Kardashians have a history of being accused of cultural appropriation -- Black culture, specifically -- so that might be a factor.

And yet, in spite of all the people who took this a little too seriously ... some are taking it in stride and running with the joke -- noting the two ladies have some striking similarities (especially when compared to young Kourtney). So, a mixed bag of reactions, it seems.

At any rate, the one thing people appear to agree on is this ... Amerie was a major trendsetter in her day, and apparently hasn't gotten the attention/notoriety many believe she's due.

She's got four studio albums out, and despite reports in the early 2010s that she was working on a 5th, it never seems to have come to fruition -- and Amerie kinda fell off the music scene after that.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

That's not to say she's not doing anything productive these days. Amerie has quite a popular book club that she's started -- this after publishing a NYT bestseller herself -- and she's plugging along with that pretty nicely ... plus, dealing with family life and her kids.

Nice little trip down 2000s memory lane, though ... even if it is at KK's expense. 😅

Caitlyn Jenner My 19th Grandkid's On the Way ... So Who's Pregnant???

The Toy Store Quincy/Facebook

8:14 AM PT -- We've learned baby no. 19 is coming via Caitlyn's son, Burt, and his wife, Valerie, who are expecting their third kid. Congrats!!!

Caitlyn Jenner may have inadvertently sparked more speculation that Kylie Jenner is pregnant ... because she says she just learned one of her kids is expecting.

The California gubernatorial candidate was visiting the The Toy Story in Quincy Thursday when she spilled the beans. Caitlyn was telling the folks there about her 18 grandchildren when she joked she wants 30 ... because it's a nice, round number.

That's when she revealed she just recently found out her 19th grandkid is "in the oven." Caitlyn also revealed she's not very good at math ... because she says that means there's only 10 more to go 'til 30.

Now, to be perfectly clear, this does not mean Kylie's pregnant ... it could be one of Caitlyn's sons who's expecting -- Burt, Brandon or Brody -- or her eldest daughter, Cassandra Marino.

To be fair, it could also be one of the Kardashians -- Kim, Kourtney, Khloe or Rob -- or Kendall Jenner.

As we've reported ... Kourtney says she's not pregnant, but the rumor mill's spinning about Kylie because she's back with Travis Scott and she never showed herself at her birthday party. Plus, she was super secretive about her pregnancy with Stormi ... so fans can't help but speculate.

Here's the official tally of Caitlyn's grandchildren -- 4 from Kim, 3 from Kourtney, 1 each from Rob, Khloe and Kylie, 3 each from Cassandra and Brandon, and 2 from Burt.

The 19th's a mystery for now, though ... stay tuned.

Originally Published -- 6:39 PM PT

Travis Barker Pool PDA with Kourtney ... Reaping Benefits of First Flight Since 2008 Crash

Travis Barker's making the most of his first trip via airplane in 13 years by enjoying his new favorite thing ... getting frisky with Kourtney Kardashian.

The couple's currently on vacation in Cabo, and from the looks of things -- have picked up right where they left off in the States ... with no shortage of PDA.

We're told they were together for a while in the pool at the Las Ventanas al Paraiso resort and making out  ... while enjoying tropical drinks in the agua.

Kourtney and Travis are staying in a very secure spot at the hotel, but they're clearly mingling with other guests in the main pool.

We broke the story ... Barker's trek to Mexico with his girlfriend -- along with Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble -- was his first time flying since the deadly 2008 plane crash that killed 4 people and left him with third-degree burns on 65 percent of his body.

After the crash -- in which the Blink-182 drummer lost 2 of his close friends, Charles "Che" Still and Chris Baker -- he vowed to never fly again ... but recently said he might give it another try.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

That's exactly what he did this past weekend, and he's crediting Kourtney with helping him get there ... saying, "With you anything is possible."

Tristan & Khloe Not Back Together Despite Reports Co-Parenting, Per Usual

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson aren't together again ... even though they've been in each other's company a lot lately.

Despite recent reports that have surfaced claiming the exes are back on again -- and that Khloe is "desperate" to make it work, despite repeated instances of cheating -- sources that are actually plugged into the situation tell TMZ ... all of that is a load of baloney.

We're told Khloe and Tristan are not romantically linked whatsoever ... regardless of recent pics of them side by side with True. Just last week, they took their daughter to a movie, and exited together ... looking like a happy fam.

It's not the first time they've been photographed in close proximity since the split -- remember, they both attended True's dance class earlier this year -- and we're told it won't be the last time either ... as they're committed to presenting a united front for True's sake.

Our sources say Mom and Dad are fully aligned as parents, and want True to see her parents maintaining a healthy relationship -- which apparently means semi-frequent joint outings.

So yeah, hanging out definitely doesn't mean they're a new old couple ... it just means they love their kid.

Travis Barker Flies for First Time Since Deadly Crash

Travis Barker had a momentous day ... flying for the first time since the deadly plane crash 13 years ago that killed 4 people and left him with third-degree burns on 65 percent of his body.

Travis and GF Kourtney Kardashian boarded a plane in L.A. Saturday ... and it had to be a terrifying moment for the Blink-182 drummer who had vowed never to fly again after the crash that took the life of 2 close friends, Charles "Che" Still and Chris Baker, along with the 2 pilots. DJ AM survived the crash but died a year later of an overdose.

Travis understandably seemed hesitant ... he and Kourtney, along with Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble, were headed to Cabo, but Travis was an hour late. It's unclear if he was just delayed or had second thoughts, but it must have been gut-wrenching for him.

Years before the 2008 crash, Travis was terrified of flying, and just before getting on the ill-fated jet, he called his dad and said he had a bad feeling about the flight. Although he vowed never to fly again, he recently softened his position and said he might give it another try.

To understand the gravitas ... Travis had multiple surgeries and skin grafts and spent months in a burn unit in tremendous pain. So, getting on a plane again must have been unbelievably emotional and, frankly, scary.


That he did, on Kylie's private jet, and the group left for a vacay in Mexico.

All was well, and they're now safely ensconced in Cabo.

Kim Kardashian Beauty Brand Fires Warning Change SKKN Trademark Or Else

Kim Kardashian's just hit a speed bump as she tries to trademark "SKKN" for her new beauty line ... seems there's another brand claiming they've already locked down the name.

Lawyers for Beauty Concepts LLC fired off a cease and desist letter to KK's legal team, claiming since July 2017 it's provided salon and skin care services under its SKKN+ brand name, owned by Cydnie Lunsford.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, Beauty Concepts says it also operates a website and social media handles using the same block letters. What's more ... Beauty Concepts claims it applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office back in March to register the SKKN+ logo.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The company claims it's invested considerable time, effort and money to develop and market its SKKN+ services over the last 3 years, and Kim's play for the same name would cause confusion in the marketplace.  Them's magic words, because it's the basis on which the Patent and Trademark Office would reject an application.

Kim's attorney, Michael G. Rhodes, tells us, "We certainly appreciate and support small businesses, and our hat is off to Ms. Lunsford. But the question at hand is one of trademark law and we’ve not done anything deserving of legal action by her."

He continues, "We are disappointed that she has chosen to run to the media knowing that we were scheduling a call for tomorrow, requested by her attorney. So while disagreeing with the letter, we’re hopeful that we can smooth things over once both sides speak.”

In the legal letter, Beauty Concepts says Kim's trademark application for "SKKN" is a ripoff of their innovative moniker and simply adding "By Kim" does little to differentiate the brands.

What's more ... Beauty Concepts says it has used the SKKN+ name for 3 years before Kim's company applied for its trademark.

As we've reported ... in addition to filing for the trademark, SKKN.com and @SKKN social media handles were all locked down by Kim's team in December 2020 ... indicating this had been in the works for a while.

Beauty Concepts wants Kim K's company to back off ... or else.

Kim Kardashian Attends Kanye's 'Donda' Album Event ... Family Support Stays Strong

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going through a divorce, but they're still celebrating each other's milestones as a family ... including the release of his 10th studio album.

Kim and all 4 of their kids -- North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm -- are part of the large crowd Thursday night at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium to enjoy a listening event for Kanye's highly anticipated "Donda" album ... named after his late mother.

One thing is very clear, even though they're not together anymore, the former couple believes it's important to continue supporting one another in their lives and careers.

Along with Kim and the kiddos, Khloe's also in tow to show her support for Ye ... who she recently called her "brother for life."

As we reported ... the first sample we got from "Donda" came via a Beats by Dre commercial this week, featuring his track "No Child Left Behind" and track star Sha'Carri Richardson.

Kanye's 10th album is his first since going gospel in 2019 with "Jesus Is King" ... but it's expected to continue to have a religious theme. For his listening party, he gifted 5,000 tickets to faculty, staff and students from some Atlanta HBCUs.

As for him and Kim ... we broke the story in February that she filed for divorce after 7 years of marriage, but things have remained amicable. Kanye's since been linked to supermodel, Irina Shayk.

Kim Kardashian West Files for 'SKKN' Trademark ... KKW Beauty's New Look???

Kim Kardashian West could be signaling a new identity for KKW Beauty ... because it looks like she's getting ready to launch a new beauty line with a new name.

Kim’s company filed trademark docs to lock up the rights to “SKKN” — which looks like a new beauty line she presumably plans to launch. The "KK" in the middle is likely a reference to Kim's initials.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, KK wants to slap the name on products for hair care, makeup, skin care, nails and other products in the beauty world. We're told the trademark wasn't just filed in the US, but globally as well.

What's more -- we've learned SKKN.com and @SKKN social media handles were all locked down by Kim's team in December 2020 -- so clearly, the project has been in the works for a long time.

As we reported ... Kim recently announced her KKW Beauty brand would be getting a major facelift, and the "SKKN" trademark appears to be the brand's next step. There was speculation Kim was dropping the KKW name to distance herself from Kanye West, but we're told she's not changing her legal name ... and Kanye actually assisted with the rebranding and the new packaging that'll come with it.

As we first told you back in April, Kim filed docs to lock up the rights to "SKKN BY KIM" ... so this latest filing makes it look like Kim and her team want to trim the branding down to just “SKKN."

Kim's shapewear line SKIMS has been incredibly successful, without having to include her full name in the branding, so the transition to SKKN makes a lot of sense.

Kim hasn't announced a date for the new launch, but we're sure fans of her brand are waiting anxiously to click and buy. That's how she became a billionaire, after all.

Kourtney & Travis No, We're Not Engaged ... At Least Not Yet

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker had the Internet buzzing with engagement rumors after their recent weekend together in Las Vegas ... but it just ain't so.

The couple took in Conor McGregor's gnarly loss to Dustin Poirier last weekend, where they made out ringside, but it's what happened back at their hotel that had people talking. Travis' daughter, Alabama, posted a "So happy for you guys" photo of Trav and Kourt smiling -- and fans assumed the best, the couple was engaged to be married.

However, we've spoken to multiple sources close to the couple who all tell us the same thing -- Travis and Kourtney are a happy couple, but he didn't put a ring on it. Yet.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for why Alabama posted the pic? She's happy to see her dad happy.

Kourtney helped to add to the engagement buzz when she posted a photo Thursday of herself with a ring on ... though it was on her right hand, it certainly looked like the engagement type.

Travis and Kourtney's relationship has really taken off in the last few months ... we've seen them at Disneyland, in the studio and road tripping through CA and beyond.

At this point, no one would be shocked if they settle down together, but fans just have to pause the celebration.

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