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Redskins' Montae Nicholson Arrested, Charged W/ Assault & Battery ... Alleged Drunken Brawl

12/18/2018 11:35 AM PST
Breaking News

1:39 PM PT -- Nicholson posted bail $2,500 ... and is no longer in jail.

Redskins' safety Montae Nicholson was arrested and charged with assault and battery after officials say he was involved in a drunken street brawl, sending 2 people to the hospital.

Nicholson -- a 4th round draft pick in 2017 out of Michigan State -- was arrested with a female companion after allegedly fighting another man and woman in the street outside Washington D.C.

So, couples fight.

Cops from Loudoun County Sheriff's Dept. responded to a call for a fight involving multiple people ... and after investigating, determined Nicholson and his female friend were at fault -- and they were arrested.

Officers do NOT believe Nicholson hit the female victim.

As for the alleged victims ... cops say their injuries are, "serious but non-life-threatening."

Nicholson -- who's played in all 14 of the Skins games this season and has racked up 41 tackles -- is still behind bars in county jail.

If Nicholson can't play this week against the Titans, it could be a big blow for the Skins -- who are 7-7 and still in the hunt for a playoff berth -- even after losing 4 of their last 5 games.

Reuben Foster Cops Release Domestic Dispute Body Cam Vid

12/8/2018 6:59 PM PST

Reuben Foster and his ex-girlfriend had the cops called on them for a loud argument about a month before he was arrested for allegedly attacking her ... and police have released the footage.

The domestic dispute between Foster and Elissa Ennis occurred October 12 in Santa Clara, CA at an apartment complex. The NFL linebacker answered the door when cops showed up and told them the 2 were arguing ... and eventually Ennis came out to talk to them, too.

At one point, Foster's placed in handcuffs while they attempt to talk to Ennis.

She eventually told an officer, "Everything is not okay," and that she found things that upset her on Foster's phone. She also said she was on depression medication but didn't take her pills that day. She didn't answer whether the 2 were hitting each other.

Ultimately, neither Foster or Ennis were cited or arrested for the incident.

As you know, though ... Foster was arrested for domestic violence in Tampa last month after allegedly pushing Ennis in the chest and slapping her. He was cut by the 49ers the next day, but claimed by the Redskins just days later.

Ennis appeared on "Good Morning America" Thursday to tell her story, and claimed the Niners tried to discredit her.

It's unclear if the 49ers or the NFL were aware of the October incident video ... but they will be now.

Marcellus Wiley Redskins Didn't Make A Bad Decision By Claiming Reuben Foster

12/7/2018 9:00 AM PST

Marcellus Wiley says the Redskins did the right thing in claiming Reuben Foster ... telling TMZ Sports the linebacker is "innocent until proven guilty" and deserves a second chance.

There aren't many that would agree with the ex-NFL superstar ... 'cause Foster has now been accused of domestic violence multiple times in the last year -- including being arrested 3 days before the 'Skins picked him up.

But, Wiley explains, "You gotta allow the guy to have his opportunity. He's not on the field right now. They claimed him off waivers and they wanted to make sure that, 'We do the proper investigation and figure out who he is and what happened.'"

"And, look, there are some question marks about this allegation, because last time, his girlfriend recanted her story."

Marcellus tells us Reuben deserves the chance to let the process play out -- and says the Redskins are doing the right thing by keeping him off the roster until it does.

"Let's just respect the entire process ... remember when we had to actually think you were innocent until proven guilty? I'm still in that place."

We also asked Wiley for his take on the Kareem Hunt situation ... and while Wiley says the RB made a HUGE mistake -- he doesn't believe the superstar's career is over.

BUT -- Marcellus says the 23-year-old HAS to show remorse in order to latch back on with another NFL team.

"He has to earn that opportunity ... if he earns a second chance by contrition, by rehabilitation, he'll get it."

Reuben Foster 49ers Tried to Discredit Me During Dom. Violence Incident

12/6/2018 6:10 AM PST
Breaking News

The woman who claims she was attacked by NFL star Reuben Foster says reps from the 49ers tried to undermine her credibility with police during the investigation ... telling cops she had lied about domestic violence in the past. 

Elissa Ennis appeared on "Good Morning America" Thursday where she accused Foster of roughing her up on 3 separate occasions ... including the Nov. 24 incident at a team hotel in Tampa, Florida. 

As we previously reported, Ennis called 911 and told the operator Foster had slapped her and roughed her up during a dispute. He's since been charged with 1 count of misdemeanor domestic violence. She revealed the injury photos during the interview with 'GMA.'

Ennis told 'GMA' they had been arguing because she threatened to tell his new girlfriend that he paid for her flight out to Florida to see him. 

"Even when I called the police, the 49ers came up there," Ennis said ... "I have pictures of the 49ers coming up there trying to talk to the police telling them I'm the same ex-girlfriend that set up there and lied."

The 49ers have not commented on Ennis' claims. 

She's referring to the previous domestic violence allegations she made against Foster back in February -- when she told officials Foster beat the daylights out of her in their California home ... but later recanted her story and told a judge she made the whole thing up. 

Now, Ennis admits she lied in court to protect Foster -- saying, "I did what I had to do for the person I love. I thought that he would change, anybody in my position would do the same thing."

Foster was cut by the 49ers -- but later picked up by the Washington Redskins and Ennis claims she was "shocked" another NFL team would take a chance on such a bad guy. 

Ennis says she's now getting help and realizes her relationship with Foster was destructive and "not love."

Jay Gruden 'Skins Considering Signing Kaepernick ... But Likely Won't

12/4/2018 12:35 PM PST
Breaking News

Good news, Colin Kaepernick fans: Jay Gruden says the Redskins are seriously considering signing the QB!!!

Bad news, Colin Kaepernick fans: Jay Gruden says they likely won't.

Just a day after losing their SECOND starting QB in less than a month ... Washington's coach says the team has discussed inking Kaep -- but then revealed they probably won't.

"[There's] not a lot of time to get a brand new QB and a system installed and taught in a couple days," Gruden said on a conference call with reporters Tuesday. 

"He's been talked about and discussed, but we'll probably go in a different direction."

Of course ... the 'Skins lost Alex Smith to a gruesome injury back on Nov. 18 -- but passed on signing Kaepernick the following week in favor of adding Mark Sanchez.

But ... on "Monday Night Football" -- the Redskins lost yet another starter when Colt McCoy broke his fibula -- and now say Kaepernick's back in play.

Gruden says the team will have a workout with QBs later this afternoon ... though it's unclear if Kaepernick will be a part of those.

Back in November, after Smith's injury ... the 'Skins reportedly worked out EJ Manuel, Josh Johnson and T.J. Yates before going with Sanchez.

Jason Witten Rips Redskins For Foster Signing ... 'Horrendous Judgment'

12/4/2018 6:51 AM PST
Breaking News

Jason Witten was downright PISSED the Redskins claimed Reuben Foster after TWO allegations of domestic violence ... saying, Washington "used horrendous judgment in claiming this guy."

It all went down in the fourth quarter of the Eagles' blowout win over the 'Skins on Monday night ... when Witten was asked on the telecast for his take on the Foster signing.

The ex-Cowboys tight end didn't hold back ...

"I believe the Washington Redskins used horrendous judgment in claiming this guy," Witten said ... "I understand that it's an ongoing investigation."

"But, my family has been affected by domestic violence. I understand the anguish that it causes. Young players just have to understand that there is no tolerance for putting your hands on a woman. Period."

The cause hits close to home for Witten ... his family was impacted by D.V. when he was a child -- and he now has a foundation that serves women and families that have experienced it.

Of course ... Witten opened himself up for criticism -- 'cause he didn't have as strong of takes on ex-Dallas teammates Greg Hardy and Ezekiel Elliott when they faced similar accusations.

As for Witten's co-analyst on "Monday Night Football" ... Booger McFarland also weighed in, saying, "I think the NFL needs a more stringent policy when it comes to domestic violence."

Ex-NFL Exec Joe Banner 'Skins Blackballed Kaepernick ... Foster Signing Proves It

12/1/2018 12:20 AM PST

The Redskins blackballed Colin Kaepernick for political reasons -- and the Reuben Foster signing proves that -- so says ex-NFL exec Joe Banner.

Washington reportedly passed on Kap because of the worry of distractions he'd bring to the team ... but then signed Foster -- an LB accused of domestic violence -- just days later.

Banner -- a former Eagles president and Browns CEO -- says he doesn't see how that's logical ... and tells TMZ Sports it's clear the 'Skins didn't want Kap because of his political beliefs.

"It clearly means the Redskins are blackballing Colin, and I think they're doing it for political reasons," Joe says.

"The team happens to be run by two guys that have been very clear in their politics in Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder, and it's clearly not a good political fit."

Joe says that's crazy to him as a former NFL personnel exec ... saying if he were a current player on the 'Skins -- he'd be pretty ticked off.

"I just don't see how you can look at your team, who's been working here since last July and use that as an explanation to not try to be the best you can be at the moment."

Banner added of Colin, "Yeah, he'll bring some media focus on the team and so on and so forth, but small price to pay, especially since you've already indicated for the right situation you're willing to pay it."

Banner -- who was part of the Eagles team that brought in Michael Vick after his prison sentence -- says if he were still in a front office, Kaep would have a job on his squad.

As for Foster ... Joe couldn't say the same -- telling us the allegations against the LB are just "too egregious."

Reuben Foster Claimed By Redskins After Dom. Violence Arrest

11/27/2018 2:43 PM PST
Breaking News

The Redskins have claimed Reuben Foster just days after he was cut by the 49ers following a domestic violence arrest in Tampa Bay over the weekend ... the team announced.

As we previously reported, the superstar LB was allegedly involved in an altercation with a female at the Niners' hotel Saturday night ... in which a woman says Reuben took her phone and slapped her in the face.

When the woman spoke with police, she told them Foster had also pushed her in the chest and hit her with an open hand on the left side of her face. Cops say they noticed a scratch on her collarbone.

The 49ers cut Foster following the arrest ... with coach Kyle Shanahan saying, “Our number one rule is you got to protect the team and he’s put us in a bad light too much.”

Redskins Senior VP of Player Personnel Doug Williams said in a statement they're very aware of the severity of the accusations, but say Foster could be worth the risk regardless.

"We decided to investigate the situation with Reuben further by claiming his rights after candid conversations with a number of his ex-Alabama teammates and current Redskins players who were overwhelmingly supportive of us taking this chance."

Doug added, "Let me be clear, Reuben will have to go through numerous steps including the full legal process, an investigation and potential discipline from the NFL, as well as meetings with counselors associated with the team before he will ever have the opportunity to wear the Burgundy and Gold as a player."

"Nothing is promised to Reuben, but we are hopeful being around so many of his former teammates and friends will eventually provide him with the best possible environment to succeed both personally and professionally."

Reuben has started 16 games in his NFL career ... piling up over 100 tackles.

Adrian Peterson I Still Use Switch To Discipline Kids ... After Child Abuse Case

11/21/2018 2:08 PM PST
Breaking News

Adrian Peterson says he still disciplines his children using a switch ... despite nearly going to jail for striking his infant son with one 4 years ago.

You'll remember ... the NFL superstar beat his then-4-year-old child with a switch so badly in 2014 -- the boy had bruises and lacerations on his lower back, buttocks and scrotum.

A.P. was charged with felony child abuse ... but was able to get that charge reduced to misdemeanor domestic violence after striking a plea deal in exchange for a no contest plea.

Peterson -- in addition to serving out a lengthy NFL suspension -- was sentenced to 80 hours of community service and ordered to pay a $4,000 fine.

Adrian said afterward he would find different ways to punish his kids, saying, "I won't ever use a switch again."

But ... fast forward to now -- and Peterson is singing a different tune, telling Bleacher Report he not only still uses a switch to discipline his kids sometimes ... he also recently used a belt too.

"I had to discipline my son and spank him the other day with a belt," Peterson said.

For his part ... A.P. says he doesn't take the punishments as far as he did back in 2014 -- claiming he uses the physical discipline only far enough to teach his children lessons he feels they need to learn.

"My kids love me. When they want something, they come ask dad," A.P. says ... "They enjoy being around me."

Patrick Mahomes Getting Over Rams Loss ... With Smokin' Hot Girlfriend

11/21/2018 6:43 AM PST
Breaking News

Patrick Mahomes has the perfect remedy for getting over the biggest loss of his career -- some quality time with his smokin' hot GF!!!

The Kansas City Chiefs superstar took a huge L on Monday night, droppin' an all-time classic, 54-51, to the Rams in what some are callin' a Super Bowl preview.

It didn't take long for Mahomes to turn to his longtime GF, Brittany Matthews, to tend to his wounds ... 'cause the two had an awesome date night Tuesday!!

Pat and Britt first hit the Texas Tech hoops game -- where Mahomes' alma mater smoked Nebraska -- and then went back to their Texas crib for some cuddles.

There was an adorable puppy ... and Britt even made him some eggs with his favorite topping -- KETCHUP (Gross)!

The two have been dating since high school ... and Britt's been supporting the guy despite her own booming career as a fitness model and pro soccer player. 

Seems unlikely these pick-me-up date nights will need to happen often -- remember, Pat's got G.O.A.T. potential -- but nice for the QB to know he has this to turn to when they do!! 

Joe Theismann Couldn't Sleep After Alex Smith Injury ... 'It Got To Me'

11/19/2018 4:00 PM PST

Joe Theismann says he was so shook after watching Alex Smith's brutal leg injury on Sunday, he couldn't sleep that night ... telling TMZ Sports it's brought back some painful memories. 

Joe was at FedExField on Sunday when Smith took a hit from J.J. Watt that snapped his fibula and tibia -- a compound fracture where the bone broke through the skin. 

Of course, Theismann was on the receiving end of a similar hit back in 1985 when Lawrence Taylor brutalized him on "Monday Night Football" ... causing the same injury. 

"It was so surreal yesterday in the stadium," Theismann told the guys on the TMZ Sports TV show ... "to have what happened to Alex on the day it happened to me 33 years ago."

Joe says the similarities between the two are eerie. 

"It was I think 166th game for Alex. Mine was 167. Basically, the same place on the field. Heck, I have a nephew named Alex Smith who's 33-years-old ... the whole thing is crazy."

Theismann says for the first time in his life, he couldn't really sleep after watching the injury in person -- saying, " I didn't really think this thing had bothered me as much as it did, and I think it probably got to me a little bit more."

Joe says he considers Smith a friend and plans on reaching out to the QB after giving him some space to deal with the injury. 

The big message for Smith -- Theismann says there's light at the end of the tunnel ... so don't give up hope. 

Check out the "TMZ Sports" show weeknights on FS1. 

Antonio Cromartie NFL Is Blackballing Kaepernick ... Redskins Prove That!

11/19/2018 7:53 AM PST
Breaking News

The NFL is STILL blackballing Colin Kaepernick from the league ... and the Washington Redskins' QB tryout list Monday is legit proof of that -- so says Antonio Cromartie.

The Redskins lost Alex Smith for the season to a gruesome leg injury Sunday ... and shortly after, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported the team is bringing in some QBs to try to replace him.

Some of the names: Mark Sanchez, EJ Manuel, Kellen Clemens and TJ Yates.

"No @Kaepernick7 shows you how @NFL continue to black ball him," Cromartie said.

"I’m sorry but none of these QB’s are better than Kap. #ImWithKap"

The ex-DB ain't wrong ... none of the 4 quarterbacks on the Skins' tryout list has a career QB rating above 77.1 ... while Kap still owns an 88.9 mark.

As we previously reported ... Kap's been outta the league since 2016 after he began kneeling during national anthems -- but he's been training his ass off for another shot at the league ever since.

Question is ... will an invite ever come??

Marcellus Wiley Warns 'Skins Fans The Team Ain't That Good!

11/13/2018 6:52 AM PST

Sorry, Redskins fans ... Marcellus Wiley ain't giving props to Washington for its 1st place start ... telling TMZ Sports they've only got a 6-3 record 'cause the NFC East sucks!!

"Man, I hate to be that guy," the ex-NFL star says ... "But, it's a suppressed division. We know that."

The Eagles and Cowboys are 4-5 and the Giants are 2-7 ... and Wiley seems to think that's the only reason the 'Skins are looking at a playoff spot right now.

"Dallas is trying to figure out which way is up. Obviously, Philadelphia is having a hangover from last year. And, you look at the Giants, man, Eli at the quarterback position not living up to the standard."

"Yeah, they're taking an advantage of a suppressed division right now."

The good news for Washington? Marcellus ain't giving much of a chance for the rest of the teams in the East to catch the 'Skins -- laughing at the idea that the Giants can run the table down the stretch.

Bottom line ... Marcellus is tellin' Washington to enjoy the likely NFC East title this season -- but don't expect much in the playoffs!!!

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