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Redskins Prez Bruce Allen On Alex Smith 'Keeping Fingers Crossed'

2/13/2019 6:21 AM PST

Washington Redskins president Bruce Allen ain't delusional about the future of his badly injured QB, Alex Smith ... telling TMZ Sports his fingers are crossed but they're not ruling out drafting a QB. 

"Alex is getting better everyday and we're gonna keep our fingers crossed on how he's doing," Allen told us on Capitol Hill. 

"We're going to listen to the doctors. Whatever the doctors tell us, that's what we'll do."

Of course, Smith's right leg was snapped in half in a game against the Texans on Nov. 18 ... with the QB breaking both his fibula and tibia to the point where bone poked through the skin.

After undergoing multiple major surgeries, the 34-year-old finally reappeared in public last month wearing a complex stabilizing brace around the injury. 

We asked Allen if the team would be looking at drafting Kyler Murray. He smirked and told us, "I'm looking forward to meeting him at the combine along with 31 other teams."

We pushed to try and get info on the Washington draft strategy -- but Allen just smiled and told us, "We'll go with somebody, I promise you. We're gonna draft really good football players for the Redskins this year."

There's more ... Allen also told us the team is in talks with Adrian Peterson to bring back the RB for another season. 

And, we also got a health update on Derrius Guice

Vernon Davis Gunning To Be Next Will Smith ... I'm Serious About Acting!

2/12/2019 3:36 PM PST

The Fresh Prince of ... D.C.??

Vernon Davis hopes that's one of his nicknames in the near future ... 'cause the Redskins star tells TMZ Sports once his football days are done -- he wants to be the next Will Smith!!!

"Anything he touches is golden, and that's what I'd like to model myself after."

Davis has been acting as a side gig for a while -- he's had parts in "The League" and "Baywatch" in the past -- and just landed his biggest role yet on "Hell on the Border" ... starring Frank Grillo and Ron Perlman.

But, Vernon says his passion for acting goes deeper than cameos ... he wants to be a legit Hollywood star after his football career is over!!!

In fact ... Davis sees himself as an action star -- saying his football roots give him an easy transition there!!!

As for when we might see Vernon turn from Pro Bowl tight end to full-time actor ... Davis ain't so sure.

But, the 35-year-old is in the final year of his Redskins contract ... soooo, see ya on the silver screen after that?!

NFL's Derrius Guice Running (Super Fast) Again ... After Serious Knee Injury

2/6/2019 10:19 AM PST

Beware NFC East ... the Baton Rouge blur known as Derrius Guice is BACK, 'cause the Redskins star just posted a video of him running hard AND FAST on his surgically repaired knee.

Guice -- one of the greatest backs in SEC history while at LSU -- tore his ACL in the 1st quarter of his 1st NFL preseason game after being drafted in the 2nd round by Washington, missing all of '18.

Kid looks like he's A-okay now though, just posting a video of him running full speed with both resistance and no resistance, absolutely killing both sprints.

Guice was supposed to be a huge part of Washington's offense this year, with many expecting him to push Saquon Barkley as the best running back in the rookie class.

Watch below ... and remember.

Adrian Peterson Forget Retirement ... I Wanna Play 2 Or 3 More Years!!

2/2/2019 3:10 PM PST

Adrian Peterson tells TMZ Sports he's NOWHERE close to retirement ... and says he's got a couple years left in him!!!

"I'll be playing next year for sure. Maybe two or three more years!"

The future Hall of Fame RB is coming off one of his most impressive seasons ... running for 1,042 yards and 7 TDs -- despite signing with the Redskins just days before the season began.

But, the guy is 33 years old now ... and has nearly 3,000 carries on his body -- causing some to wonder if the end was near.

Clearly ... it ain't -- A.P. says, "My concern is enjoying it and playing as long as God lets me play."

As for Josh Norman's opinion that the Redskins woulda won the Super Bowl if Alex Smith hadn't gotten hurt -- Adrian tells us why that's a BIG fact.

NFL's Josh Norman Washington Woulda Won Super Bowl ... But Alex Smith Got Hurt

1/31/2019 12:15 PM PST

NFL star Josh Norman says the Los Angeles Rams got LUCKY ... because, had his QB Alex Smith not suffered a GRUESOME injury, it'd be his Washington team in the Super Bowl and not Goff's guys.

The Redskins were in 1st place in the NFC East until Smith broke both his fibula and tibia in his right leg against the Texans in November. 

Smith was replaced by Colt McCoy (who also got injured) ... followed by Mark Sanchez (who was terrible) ... followed by Josh Johnson (who was basically signed off the street).

When we ran into Norman in ATL on Wednesday, we wanted to know what would've happened if Smith wouldn't have cracked his leg open ... and Norman let loose.

"We win the Super Bowl."

BTW ... Norman is dead serious, and even after our guy asks him SEVERAL times, he doesn't relent, and actually doubles down on his championship claim, saying they could've gotten by the Rams AND Saints.

"Why not?"

Well, with a case like that.

Alex Smith In Gnarly Leg Brace ... 2 Months After Injury

1/21/2019 1:18 PM PST
Breaking News

Alex Smith ain't out of the woods yet -- the QB is still using crutches and a complex brace around his leg ... 2 months after suffering a gruesome injury against the Texans. 

The Washington Redskins star finally surfaced in public Monday at the Wizards-Pistons game in D.C. with his leg wrapped in bandages and what appears to be a Taylor Spatial Frame

FYI, a TSF is often used by doctors to treat compound fractures. It essentially helps the bone heal correctly with the use of pins, wires and rods. 

Smith's right leg was snapped in half in a game against the Texans on Nov. 18 ... with Smith ending up breaking both his fibula and tibia to the point where bone poked through the skin.

In fact, the injury was so devastating ... reports say Alex needed further surgeries to correct an infection he got following the first operation to fix the issue.

But, Smith seemed to be in good spirits as he watched the hometown Wizards from a press box ... even smiling as he spoke with people in the arena.

It's unclear whether Smith plans to play ever again ... releasing a statement just a few weeks ago, saying, "Although this is a serious injury, Alex and his family remain strong."

"We would ask that everyone please honor the Smith family's request for privacy at this time."

Vernon Davis Gifts Grieving Family S.B. Tickets ... After Boy's Death

1/20/2019 12:18 AM PST

Vernon Davis is helping a family cope with the tragic loss of their son by giving them Super Bowl tickets ... telling TMZ Sports he wanted to, "Bring some joy to their spirits."

The story is super sad ... 17-year-old Ryan Howey was a normal football-loving teenager until he was suddenly diagnosed with brain cancer last May.

Howey's illness was gripping ... the poor kid had to go through chemo and radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks just to start treatments -- and even needed more rounds of chemo after that.

Howey was huge Redskins fan -- and when Davis got word of the boy's illness last month ... the tight end hopped in a car and drove two hours to visit the sick boy.

Tragically ... Ryan passed away just days later -- so Vernon pondered ways he could help out the family.

His solution?? Give 3 Super Bowl tickets to Ryan's mom, dad and sister ... and fly them out to Atlanta and put them up in a hotel for the big game.

"I Facetimed them ... I was explaining to them, 'Hey, I think it'd be great if you guys can go to the Super Bowl. I have three tickets for you all and I'm putting you up in a hotel and you guys get to see a good game.'"

Davis said, "Tears of joy" flowed from the family ... adding, "I don't feel like no one was really thinking of them in that manner. It was just on my heart, man."

The game is set to go down Feb. 3 ... props to Davis and the Redskins for the heartfelt move.

Montae Nicholson Frantic 911 Calls ... 'Huge Fight!!'

1/2/2019 12:20 AM PST

Montae Nicholson's violent street fight got so out of hand that several people called 911 and frantically described a "huge fight" scene ... according to audio obtained by TMZ Sports.

The Washington Redskins defensive back pummeled a man in the middle of a Virginia street around 2 AM ... and the video we obtained shows the brutal knockout punch.

Seems the brawl went on for some time and created quite the scene ... 'cause several witnesses frantically called 911 for help, describing a wild fight.

"I don't want to interfere in the interaction whatsoever, all I'm saying is I'm in the car and there's a male unconscious on the ground," one witness says.

Another adds, "I need you to come immediately ... we need an ambulance and a fire rescue here immediately!"

Another witness tells dispatch, "There's a fight going on out here ... there's a fistfight that's been going on now!"

23-year-old Nicholson -- 6'2", 215 lbs -- was arrested and booked for assault and battery, and drunk in public.

The Redskins announced just days later they placed Montae on the Reserve/NFI list.

Nicholson played in 14 games for the 'Skins this year, starting 7 of them.

Michael Blackson Gives Props To Montae Nicholson ... He Didn't Fight A Woman

12/20/2018 9:11 AM PST

Michael Blackson says Washington should go easy on Montae Nicholson -- because with all the issues involving NFL players these days, it coulda been way worse.

We broke the story ... the Redskins safety was caught on video KOing a man in a street fight with a devastating left-handed power shot. Nicholson and another woman were later arrested.

Some people say Nicholson took things too far -- and should have walked away from the fight before knocking his opponent out cold

Enter Blackson -- a man never short on opinions

"Street fight man. Street fight not over until it's over. These guys are NFL players but at the end of the day, they're still fighters that gotta defend themselves."

Blackson even saw a silver lining to this particular NFL fight.

"At least he knocked out a GUY. He didn't knock no woman out. These guys been knocking out the women, that's the wrong thing to do. Go fight a man."

NFL's Montae Nicholson Fight Video Shows Brutal Knockout Punch

12/19/2018 10:48 AM PST

2:10 PM PT -- The Redskins announced they placed Montae on the Reserve/NFI list.

10:48 AM PT -- Redskins coach Jay Gruden says Nicholson will NOT play this weekend in their critical game against the Tennessee Titans. 

Gruden says he's aware of the TMZ Sports video and says he'll take a look at it. 

When asked if Nicholson would be benched for the rest of the season, Gruden said he hasn't made up his mind yet. 

He still has to speak with Montae personally. 

TMZ Sports has obtained footage of Washington Redskins safety Montae Nicholson pummeling a man in the middle of a Virginia street around 2 AM Tuesday morning ... and it's violent. 

Nicholson -- wearing a red hoodie -- is going after another man in a jean jacket while other people in the melee desperately try to restrain him. 

But, Nicholson is too strong and too angry -- and refused to back out ... instead, he throws several punches at his target ... including a knockout blow. 

You can see in the video, the man in the jean jacket appears to go limp as Nicholson hits him clean in the face. 

One witness tells us the other man in the red sweatshirt was trying to break up the fight -- but Montae was in such a rage, he slammed that guy to the ground and continued the beating. 

Loudoun County Sheriffs eventually responded to the scene and arrested both Montae and a female companion. Montae was booked for assault and battery, and drunk in public. He was hauled to a nearby jail and released on a $2,500 bond a short time later. 

23-year-old Montae -- 6'2", 215 lbs -- is a solid player for the Redskins who's played in every game this season. 

There are reports the fight began after a road rage incident where the victims pulled up in a vehicle and honked at Montae. 

But, a witness tells us ... the beef started BEFORE the car incident. 

Both victims were taken to a nearby hospital where they were treated for serious injuries. 

We've reached out to Montae's camp for comment. So far, no word back.

A rep for the Redskins tells us they are aware of the arrest and still gathering information.  

Originally published at 10:02 AM PT

Redskins' Montae Nicholson Arrested, Charged W/ Assault & Battery ... Alleged Drunken Brawl

12/18/2018 11:35 AM PST
Breaking News

1:39 PM PT -- Nicholson posted bail $2,500 ... and is no longer in jail.

Redskins' safety Montae Nicholson was arrested and charged with assault and battery after officials say he was involved in a drunken street brawl, sending 2 people to the hospital.

Nicholson -- a 4th round draft pick in 2017 out of Michigan State -- was arrested with a female companion after allegedly fighting another man and woman in the street outside Washington D.C.

So, couples fight.

Cops from Loudoun County Sheriff's Dept. responded to a call for a fight involving multiple people ... and after investigating, determined Nicholson and his female friend were at fault -- and they were arrested.

Officers do NOT believe Nicholson hit the female victim.

As for the alleged victims ... cops say their injuries are, "serious but non-life-threatening."

Nicholson -- who's played in all 14 of the Skins games this season and has racked up 41 tackles -- is still behind bars in county jail.

If Nicholson can't play this week against the Titans, it could be a big blow for the Skins -- who are 7-7 and still in the hunt for a playoff berth -- even after losing 4 of their last 5 games.

Reuben Foster Cops Release Domestic Dispute Body Cam Vid

12/8/2018 6:59 PM PST

Reuben Foster and his ex-girlfriend had the cops called on them for a loud argument about a month before he was arrested for allegedly attacking her ... and police have released the footage.

The domestic dispute between Foster and Elissa Ennis occurred October 12 in Santa Clara, CA at an apartment complex. The NFL linebacker answered the door when cops showed up and told them the 2 were arguing ... and eventually Ennis came out to talk to them, too.

At one point, Foster's placed in handcuffs while they attempt to talk to Ennis.

She eventually told an officer, "Everything is not okay," and that she found things that upset her on Foster's phone. She also said she was on depression medication but didn't take her pills that day. She didn't answer whether the 2 were hitting each other.

Ultimately, neither Foster or Ennis were cited or arrested for the incident.

As you know, though ... Foster was arrested for domestic violence in Tampa last month after allegedly pushing Ennis in the chest and slapping her. He was cut by the 49ers the next day, but claimed by the Redskins just days later.

Ennis appeared on "Good Morning America" Thursday to tell her story, and claimed the Niners tried to discredit her.

It's unclear if the 49ers or the NFL were aware of the October incident video ... but they will be now.

Marcellus Wiley Redskins Didn't Make A Bad Decision By Claiming Reuben Foster

12/7/2018 9:00 AM PST

Marcellus Wiley says the Redskins did the right thing in claiming Reuben Foster ... telling TMZ Sports the linebacker is "innocent until proven guilty" and deserves a second chance.

There aren't many that would agree with the ex-NFL superstar ... 'cause Foster has now been accused of domestic violence multiple times in the last year -- including being arrested 3 days before the 'Skins picked him up.

But, Wiley explains, "You gotta allow the guy to have his opportunity. He's not on the field right now. They claimed him off waivers and they wanted to make sure that, 'We do the proper investigation and figure out who he is and what happened.'"

"And, look, there are some question marks about this allegation, because last time, his girlfriend recanted her story."

Marcellus tells us Reuben deserves the chance to let the process play out -- and says the Redskins are doing the right thing by keeping him off the roster until it does.

"Let's just respect the entire process ... remember when we had to actually think you were innocent until proven guilty? I'm still in that place."

We also asked Wiley for his take on the Kareem Hunt situation ... and while Wiley says the RB made a HUGE mistake -- he doesn't believe the superstar's career is over.

BUT -- Marcellus says the 23-year-old HAS to show remorse in order to latch back on with another NFL team.

"He has to earn that opportunity ... if he earns a second chance by contrition, by rehabilitation, he'll get it."

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