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Naya Rivera Quickie Wedding Reeks of Ex-Fiancé

7/23/2014 8:45 AM PDT
Naya Rivera's marriage to actor Ryan Dorsey came out of nowhere for everyone, except Naya -- who actually co-opted a lot of the ceremony from her planned wedding to Big Sean ... including the date.

Rivera and Dorsey tied the knot in Cabo San Lucas over the weekend. The longtime friends began dating right after Rivera broke off her engagement to rapper Big Sean in April. 

According to our sources, the wedding date -- July 19 -- was the exact same date Naya and Sean were supposed to tie the knot. We're told Naya picked the date back in October when she and Sean got engaged.

The similarities don't end there ... according to reports, Rivera was married in a Monique Lhuillier gown -- which our sources say is the same designer of the dress Sean bought for Rivera for their wedding.

One more thing -- Rivera never gave back Sean's engagement ring, according to our sources. However, we don't know if she found a way to re-purpose that.


Ryan Dorsey's dad, Arnold, tells TMZ ... the date of the wedding might have been the same as the Rivera/Big Sean wedding ... but it also happens to be Dorsey's birthday.

Arnold says he found out about the wedding six weeks ago and while he was initially surprised, he said, "We didn’t question him. We are very happy for him. We trusted them and want what they wanted."

Arnold also said the wedding was small, about 12 people total, and consisted of Naya’s family and Ryan’s family.

Lea Michele Thongs for the Vacation ... Assets Out for BF

7/21/2014 4:00 PM PDT
Lea Michele proudly displayed the 3 Bs during her Italian vacay -- boyfriend, boat, and a whole lot of her thong-framed butt.

The "Glee" star was spotted making out with her bf Matthew Paetz ... onboard a boat off Positano this weekend.

Apparently, Matthew's gigolo "research" is paying off -- cause the "coach" is scoring big time on the open sea.

That's amoré!

'Glee' Star Becca Tobin Boyfriend Found Dead in Philly Hotel

7/10/2014 9:44 PM PDT

1:56 P.M. PDT --
The coroner's office tells us ... an autopsy did NOT reveal the cause of death.

'Glee' star Becca Tobin's boyfriend Matt Bendik was found dead Thursday in a Philadelphia hotel ... TMZ has learned … and the circumstances surrounding his death are mysterious.

Sources close to the couple tell us Bendik -- a 35-year-old nightclub owner -- was in Philly on a business trip.  We're told Tobin was not in Philly when he died.

A hotel maid found Bendik's body Thursday at around 1 PM.  Law enforcement sources say the housekeeper found the body on the bed, face down.  

Police are calling it a "sudden death" and they do not believe foul play was involved.  They also say there's no evidence of suicide.  And no weapons were found.  

We're told no drugs or drug paraphernalia were found in the room.  We know the detective's incident report makes no mention of medications in the room.  And the report makes no mention of alcohol.

Bendik was last seen by a manager at a club in Philly, just before midnight Wednesday.

Bendik ran several major clubs around the country, but especially in Los Angeles … where he was the Director of Operations at DBA Nightclub. He also was a co-owner of AV Nightclub.

We're told Bendik was not known as a partier, and friends are shocked and devastated by his sudden death.

Calls to Tobin's reps have not been returned.

One eerie twist -- Sunday will mark one year since the death of Cory Monteith … who died in a Vancouver hotel room from a drug overdose.

DBA posted a tribute to Matt outside of the club.

Shortly before Matt went out Wednesday night, he posted a pic of Becca -- calling her out as his #WCW (woman crush Wednesday).


Lea Michele I'm Not Pregnant Second 'Glee' Star Hacked

7/4/2014 9:15 AM PDT
Breaking News

Looks like there's a "Glee" superfan on the loose ... because for the second time in 2 days one of the stars of the show had their Twitter page hacked.

Lea Michele seemingly announced her pregnancy on Twitter this morning -- but moments later her rep debunked the news ... telling us the actress had been hacked.

As we previously reported ... Chris Colfer received similar treatment yesterday when his account tweeted saying he was let go from the show for personal reasons -- but it turned out to be the work of some internet bandit.

Maybe Glee123 isn't the strongest password.

Lea Michele Check Out My Hot Ex-Gigolo ... Coach

7/3/2014 2:25 PM PDT

Lea Michele stepped out publicly for the first time with her new guy Matthew Paetz ... but the photos look about as genuine as Matthew's claim that he wasn't a gigolo.

The pics show Lea and Matthew, guns out, on a leisurely hike -- and look like classic set up shots pre-planned with photo agencies. They're even wearing matching sneakers.

Our take -- Lea is screaming to the world she doesn't care about Paetz's past -- remember he claims he was only coaching gigolos, not doing the gigoloing himself.

Or maybe she's just showing off her new project -- a bad boy to fix.

Chris Colfer It's A Lie I'm NOT Fired From 'Glee!!!'

7/3/2014 10:29 AM PDT
Breaking News

Chris Colfer has NOT been fired from "Glee" -- despite a mysterious tweet that said he was -- and he may be the victim of an Internet hoax ... according to his rep.

The tweet appeared just a few minutes ago ... from his verified account ... saying, "Due to personal issues, I have been let go from the cast of GLEE.  Explanations will come shortly..."

We're told ... his team believes his account was hacked because he's currently on a flight back from London without WiFi access.

The rep says, as far as she knows, Chris will be back for the next season of "Glee."

Lea Michele My New BF Is NOT A Gigolo He's A Dating Coach

6/12/2014 10:28 AM PDT
Lea Michele is standing by her man ... TMZ has learned the "Glee" actress has decided to keep dating new BF Matthew Paetz because she's convinced he's no gigolo -- he just coaches 'em. 

Sources close to the couple tell us ... Lea was PISSED after we broke the story about Paetz's involvement with Cowboys4Angels -- a website that offers male "companionship" -- and confronted him about it.

We're told Matthew copped to going on a few dates with female clients ... but told Lea he only did it as research -- so he could understand what the gigolos go through and coach them through it.

This guy is good ... 'cause we're told Lea actually bought it, and Matt promised he'd never do it again.

Our sources tell us Lea's not getting the full story ... because Paetz has had more than just "a few" dates while working as a gigolo for almost a year.

Lea Michele's New Boyfriend Former GIGOLO

6/11/2014 1:00 AM PDT
Lea Michele is getting for free what other women pay good money for -- her new beau has been moonlighting as a gigolo.

Lea has been quietly dating Matthew Paetz for the last few months ... she has very consciously kept the relationship on the down low.

Sources close to the couple tell us ... Matthew has been a hired gun for Cowboys4Angels under the alias, Christian.

Cowboys4Angels -- which offers male "companionship" to lonely women -- is featured on Showtime's, "Gigolos." 

According to the website ... Matthew is a certified life coach, dating expert and massage therapist ... charging $350 for one hour and up to $6,000 for a weekend. For $17,500 you can get a whole week.

Matthew's profile is now hidden on the site.

We're told Lea and Matthew met on the set of her music video, "On My Way."

Sources tell us ... Matthew most recently took on a client for a weekend during the Stagecoach music festival in April. He's gone on hiatus since he started dating Lea.

Reps for both Lea and Cowboys4Angels had no comment.

'Glee' Star Lawsuit I Was Swindled in Hollywood!

5/12/2014 12:50 AM PDT
"Glee" actor Josh Sussman says he was taken for nearly $30K ... when he tried to make a movie with a phantom production company.

Sussman claims in a lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- he made a deal with Mikel Dusi and Gold Rush Pictures to develop a feature film called, "Wally's Revenge" -- not realizing the company had been defunct for 2 years. 

The actor claims he forked over $30K to help develop the project ... and says Dusi promised to return the dough within 90 days -- plus 20% -- after they got financing for the flick.

It's the oldest story in Hollywood.  Sussman claims not only is Dusi refusing to return the money, Dusi had the gall to demand another $50K if Sussman wants to buy out his interest.

Like P.T. Barnum said ...

Naya Rivera Fired? Maybe ... On Fire? DEFINITELY

5/5/2014 7:21 AM PDT
Naya Rivera made men around the country gleeful when she was spotted out in Cabo this weekend wearing an incredibly tiny bikini.

No matter what happens with "Glee," it's clear Naya has the body of work to go far.


Jane Lynch Confirms Naya Rivera Was Fired From 'Glee' ... Or Doesn't

4/30/2014 9:32 AM PDT

"Glee" star Jane Lynch either knows Naya Rivera was fired from "Glee," but didn't know everyone else knew ... or didn't know Naya Rivera was fired from "Glee" and just heard the rumor for the first time ... or knows Naya Rivera was NOT fired from "Glee," but hadn't heard the rumor that she was ...

Rumors have been swirling all week, ever since TMZ first reported that Naya and Lea Michele got into a HUGE argument on the set of the show.

We tried to ask Lynch about it yesterday ... but we can't tell what she's saying in the video.

Watch for yourself and decide.

Naya Rivera Raged to 'Glee' Producers Lea's Out of Control

4/17/2014 6:20 AM PDT

Naya Rivera and Lea Michele were at the center of a near mutiny on the set of "Glee" that ended with one of them storming out in anger -- but who left ... depends on who you ask. 

Sources close to Naya tell TMZ most of the cast and crew were annoyed on Tuesday by Lea's diva antics -- like making everyone else wait to shoot a scene ... while she stepped away to deal with personal matters.

We're told tensions finally got so bad Naya "had the stones" to go to producers and let them know -- on behalf of everyone -- that Lea was pissing off people.

Our Naya sources say when Lea returned to resume shooting she got wind of Naya's chat with producers -- and left the set in a huff.

Now our Lea sources had a different take -- telling us Lea was totally unaware of any complaints about her ... and Lea and Naya weren't even shooting scenes together. They also say it was Naya who got tossed off the set.

We got several tips claiming Naya was fired -- but Naya sources say that's just not true.

Drama developing ...


Big Sean & Naya Rivera Split Couples Therapy Made Me Realize I WANTED OUT!

4/10/2014 7:01 AM PDT

Big Sean broke off his engagement to Naya Rivera because he was scared off by her violent fits of anger and jealousy.

As we reported, the rapper announced yesterday he and Naya had called off their wedding -- we're told B.S. made the decision weeks ago after realizing his fiancee was way too controlling.

Our sources say Naya demanded to know where he was at all times and would threaten him by saying things like, "If you don't listen to what I say, I'll ruin your career."

We're told she was suspicious whenever Sean was with other women and  would work herself up into jealous rages ... once breaking an expensive lamp during a rampage in his home.

We're also told Big Sean and Naya went to couples counseling -- which apparently worked because Sean realized how much he HATED being a couple ... and decided to get the hell out.

We've reached out to Naya's camp ... but so far, no response.

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