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Feel The Heat This Male Dancer ... Slays The Competition

8/11/2015 10:05 AM PDT

Keith Wilson was feeling the heat down in his soul when he was tearing up the dance floor -- and basketball court -- during his audition to be a Miami Heat dancer.

Miami Heat dancers are regularly ranked as the best -- and hottest -- dancers in the NBA … and if they add Keith they’ll definitely be adding an extra spark to the squad.

Check out this gyrating dance machine crush the competition.

NBA's Udonis Haslem Buys Miami Pad For Woman Who Raised Him

7/21/2015 11:03 AM PDT

Three time NBA champion Udonis Haslem just did something pretty awesome ... he bought a pretty sick 6 bedroom home for the woman who raised him ... just to say "thank you."

FYI -- the Miami Heat player's biological mother Debra battled drug addiction when Udonis was a child ... so he was raised by his stepmother ... Barbara Wooten. 

Now, we've learned Haslem has hooked up Barbara with a brand new $326k pad in Miami Gardens -- it's 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, 3,640 square feet ... and  Haslem foot the bill. 

We reached out to Udonis for comment -- who told us, "I am blessed that God has provided me the opportunity and ability to provide for my family."

He added, "I wouldn't be here without her. She raised me since age 3. I can never repay her and all I can do is show my gratitude."

Pretty great, right? 

Dwyane Wade Studied LeBron During Harvard Course

6/15/2015 4:56 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

When Dwyane Wade hit the books at Harvard last week, he probably had an edge on his fellow classmates -- 'cause one of the topics was his BFF LeBron James ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

FYI -- Wade took part in a 4-day course called "The Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports" ... which required him to live on campus, eat at the student dining hall and basically study his ass off for 4 straight days. 

We're told Wade didn't coast through the course -- several Harvard faculty members tell us D-Wade was very impressive and had one hell of a work ethic.

Wade and his classmates were required to brush up on case studies on several high profile people and sports teams ... including Beyonce, Real Madrid and LeBron. 

NFL superstar Brandon Marshall took the course last year ... and came back to speak to the 51 students in the class this year -- and today, he told "TMZ Hollywood Sports" what it takes to make the grade. 

It's no joke ... Marshall says the course is super tough and super competitive ... but he also told us the #1 thing athletes should take away from the class. 

Pay attention. 

Dwyane Wade I Still Paint My Toenails ... So What!?

5/28/2015 7:29 AM PDT

Dwyane Wade is more polished than we thought -- and the proof is in his toes. 

Wade has been documenting his weight loss in a 30 Day Transformation challenge by posting pics on social media of his weight on the scale in his home. 

We learned 2 things: 

1) He's lost about 12 pounds ... so congrats! 
2) He still paints his toenails. 

The NBA star first started polishing his piggies back in 2008 ... simply because he thought it would look cool. 

In fact, in 2011 he talked to GQ about the first time he showed his colorful toes to his pal LeBron James

"I was on vacation in the Bahamas with LeBron and when he saw my toes he was like, 'Something is seriously wrong with you.' But eventually Bron was like, 'You know what? You're crazy, but that's just you.' When I first got into the league, I tried to fit in. Now I don't care." 

Dwyane Wade -- putting the MAN in manicure. 

Dwyane Wade $900,000 Wardrobe ... For Met Gala

5/5/2015 10:37 AM PDT

If Dwyane Wade looked like a million bucks at the Met Gala and the Met Gala after-party ... it's because that's roughly how much his outfits were worth at his big night out ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Our fashion sources close to Wade tell us the total value of the NBA star's two looks he rocked out last night added up to roughly $900,000. 

Here's the breakdown ... 

1st Outfit

Versace Tux -- $3,900
Custom red sash -- (no price, but it was custom made by Versace ... so, expensive). 
Shirt -- $395
Del Toro suede leather Italian loafers -- $395
Bow tie from Wade's Tie Bar collection -- $20
Hublot watch with diamond skeleton face -- $113,000
Buccellati jewelry on tie and jacket -- $500,000

2nd Outfit

White Versace jacket -- $8,000
Jewelry -- $250,000
Cufflinks -- $2,000
Versace Monk strap shoes -- $1,500
Versace pants -- $6,000


BTW -- We're told Wade didn't write a check for $900k ... some of the stuff was given to him for free to rock out ... the perks of being rich and famous.  

Derek Jeter & Dwyane Wade Tuxedo Battle ... At Met Gala

5/5/2015 6:48 AM PDT

Traditional ... or edgy? 

Safe ... or risky? 

White shirt, black tie ... or crazy red stripe and a white tie?!

That was the fashion dichotomy between Derek Jeter and Dwyane Wade in NYC Monday night ... with one star pushing the envelope and the other one ... well, not. 

Question is ... who looked better?

BTW -- same situation with Aaron Rodgers and Odell Beckham ... with the QB going the Jeter route ... and OB rockin' a crushed velvet purple jacket! 

Prince would be proud. 

Miami Heat Stars GATOR RAID Team Up for Swamp Hunt

4/28/2015 6:13 AM PDT

The teammates who slay together, stay together ... at least that's what Miami Heat stars Udonis Haslem and Chris Andersen were hoping when they went GATOR HUNTIN' this week. 

Birdman took Haslem out on his first gator hunt in Florida ... and they scored big time, bagging a couple of "Florida dinosaurs."

Haslem says he didn't take the expedition lightly -- he "spent hours studying 'swamp people' for this special day."

So, what are the guys gonna do with their kills? Accessorize ... according to Andersen. 

"Gator shoes with the belt to match!!"

Dwyane Wade Insane Prom Surprise Free Suits, Watches for Foster Kids

3/16/2015 5:00 PM PDT

Dwyane Wade just hooked up 15 kids with a pretty awesome prom surprise -- free custom tailored suits and Hublot watches ... and they're about to get the goods at halftime of tonight's Miami Heat game.

Wade, along with Hublot, hooked up with the local Guardian ad Litem program -- and last week met with 15 kids from different parts of Florida who are all crushing it in the classroom.  

To reward their success in school, Wade and Hublot hooked 'em up with D-Wade's personal stylist -- and a custom tailor -- so they could "suit up" in custom threads for their high school proms. 

And get this ... Hublot also hooked the kids up with a free watch to boot ... and those things ain't cheap!!!

As for prom dates? Some things ya gotta do on your own.  

Dwyane Wade I'm Taking Gabrielle to 'Fifty Shades' 'I Wanna Learn Something!'

2/13/2015 7:22 AM PST

Dwyane Wade could be trading basketballs for Ben Wa balls -- the NBA star tells TMZ Sports he's taking Gabrielle Union to see "Fifty Shades" this weekend because "I wanna learn something!!"

This clip is awesome ... Wade (who's out in NYC for NBA All-Star Weekend) told us he's not gonna let his new wife drag him to see the movie -- instead, he proclaimed, "I'm taking HER!"

"I wanna learn something," Wade said ... "I'm married! You gotta keep it up!"


Rick Ross Whiteside Is The Rightside ... At Least In the NBA

2/7/2015 12:35 AM PST

No, this post has nothing to do with Donald Sterling ... the Whiteside we're talkin' about is a 25-year-old monster who could be the next big superstar in the NBA ... so says Rick Ross

Ross -- who has a Miami Heat logo tatted on his FACE -- tells TMZ Sports he's FIRED UP about Hassan Whiteside ... who essentially came out of nowhere to dominate for the Heat this season. 

FYI -- Whiteside recently put up 24 points and 20 rebounds in a game ... the first Heat player to pull that off since Shaq did it in 2004. 

But according to Ross, he's no Jeremy Lin ... Tha Boss is adamant Whiteside is the "real deal."

BONUS -- Remember when Ross got Patriots owner Bob Kraft to do the "money dance" at the Super Bowl after-party? Ross does ... and he's damn proud of it. Check out the clip. 

Mayweather & Pacquiao COURTSIDE STARE DOWN ... At Miami Heat Game

1/27/2015 5:14 PM PST

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are both at the Miami Heat game RIGHT NOW -- sitting across the court from each other. 



Dwyane Wade Quadruple Rabbi Blessing ... Before Beating Lakers

1/15/2015 12:25 AM PST

Look closely at the photo above ... one of these guys is a professional NBA player. 

The other 4 dudes are rabbis ... who have a stellar reputation for blessing athletes before big games. 

Which could be why Dwyane Wade made a kosher pit stop before the Miami Heat took on the Lakers in L.A. on Tuesday. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... the Heat used the facilities at the JEM Community Center in Beverly Hills to warm up hours before their game. And before they left, Wade met up with Rabbi Hertzel Illulian ... who offered up a "quadruple rabbi blessing" before the game.

Turns out ... the Jews came through -- with the Heat beating the Lakers 78-75. 

The win brings the rabbis to 2-0 when it comes to blessing NBA players -- after bestowing a "triple rabbi blessing" on Kevin Durant last year before he went on to beat the Clippers in the playoffs. 


Jalen Rose Rick Ross Wants Out of $100k Bet ... I'll Settle For Lobster

1/13/2015 12:45 AM PST

Seems Rick Ross is officially off the hook in his $100k NBA bet with Jalen Rose -- with Jalen telling TMZ Sports he's willing to let the whole thing go for some delicious lobster. 

You know the bet ... Ross wanted to put up $100k that his LeBron-less Miami Heat would finish the 
season with a better record than Bron's new team, the Cleveland Cavs. 

Jalen publicly accepted the bet -- going on his Grantland podcast and saying, "You know I'm good for the money, homie."

But according to Jalen, Rick had a change of heart around Xmas time ... with Rose implying that Ross was less-than-impressed with the Heat ... even though they beat the Cavs on Xmas day. 

So what happens now? "I think he's gonna take me to get lobster tempura at Prime One Twelve," Jalen says. 

FYI -- Lobster Tempura cost around $25 (we called). 

Here's the thing ... the Cavs are 19-19. The Heat are 16-21 ... the bet could still go either way. 

We'll follow up with Ross and let you know his side.

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