MLB's Akil Baddoo & Derek Hill Injured In Violent Outfield Collision

Two Detroit Tigers players crashed into each other in the outfield Tuesday night ... and the collision was so violent, both guys had to leave the game with injuries.

It all went down in the 8th inning of the Tigers' tilt against the Orioles in Baltimore ... when Akil Baddoo and Derek Hill went after a fly ball that was hit to left-center field.

You can see in the footage, the guys were both so laser-focused on the ball ... neither saw each other, and slammed their bodies together HARD.

The collision was nasty -- it popped Baddoo's hat straight off his head -- and both men landed on the ground with a ton of force.

The guys were able to walk off the field after a lengthy delay ... but, afterward, Detroit manager A.J. Hinch said the two were dealing with injuries.

Hinch said Baddoo had a shoulder problem and was being looked at for a possible concussion. Hill, Hinch said, was being checked for possible rib issues.

"When I got out there, obviously a couple trainers out there with me, both guys were pretty beat up and in a lot of pain," Hinch said. "Very scary incident.''

The Tigers play against the Orioles again Wednesday night ... though it wouldn't surprise anybody if Baddoo and Hill sat for the game -- and maybe even the ensuing couple.

Tigers' Beau Burrows Vomits All Over Mound Sent Down To Minors After

Have a bad weekend? There's probably no way it was worse than Beau Burrows' ...

The Detroit Tigers pitcher got so sick on the mound Saturday -- he blew chunks ALL OVER IT -- and then he was promptly sent down to the minors afterward.

The gross scene all went down in the Tigers' game against the White Sox ... when Burrows entered the contest in the 4th inning with Detroit losing 8-2.

The 24-year-old rookie cruised in his first inning on the bump ... but ran into some major issues when he came back out for the fifth inning.

He walked a batter, gave up two straight hits, then walked another batter ... and even though he went on to strike out the next two guys -- something went terribly wrong.

Check out the footage, as Burrows was trying to close out the inning ... he got visibly ill -- and threw up everywhere ... TWICE.

Burrows tried to stay in the game ... but he was pulled after trainers and coaches came out to talk with him.

But, the worst part? The Tigers sent him down to Triple-A after the game ... meaning he's going to have to work his ass off to get back up to The Show anytime soon.

As for his health, Tigers manager A.J. Hinch didn't seem concerned this was a long-term or serious issue ... explaining his pitcher was simply just nauseous.

Yeah, and you thought YOUR Sunday Scaries were bad???

Ty Cobb Game-Used Bat Sells For $1.1 Million ... From 1928 MLB Season

4:57 PM PT -- We spoke to the man who bought the bat -- who wants to remain anonymous -- and he told us Cobb used the bat for 7 seasons including his legendary 1922 season when he batted .401.

Ty Cobb's century-old, game-used baseball bat -- complete with cleat marks and tobacco juice stains -- just sold for over $1 MILLION!!

TMZ Sports has learned Cobb's 34.5 inch, 40.1-ounce ash Hillerich & Bradsby bat -- used by the baseball legend during the 1928 MLB season -- raked in $1.1 mil at a private sale.

The buyer and seller of the insanely special piece have chosen to remain anonymous.

Cobb was one of baseball's earliest stars ... and an absolute BEAST at the plate. He won the Triple Crown in 1909, the A.L. MVP in 1911, and was a 12x batting champion. He averaged .366 and had 4,191 hits over his 24 season career.

The lumber was authenticated and graded by PSA ... who gave the bat a perfect GU 10 score -- a super important figure for collectors.

In order to authenticate the bat, PSA says they examined cleat markings and tape on the bat (among other stuff) -- and all were consistent with other known Cobb bats. They also traced records back to the manufacturer.

The bat also came with a hand-written note from Ty ... who referenced using the bat during "the last year of my career in baseball" -- the 1928 season with the Philadelphia Athletics.

Joe Orlando -- CEO of PSA's parent company, Collectors Universe -- tells us Cobb's bat is one of the most special items to hit the market.

“In this case, when you consider the classic Ty Cobb characteristics this bat exhibits, along with its impeccable provenance, it’s no wonder this gamer became the first of its kind to crack the $1 million dollar barrier."

"From his signature taped handle, which is totally intact, to the tobacco juice-soaked barrel, the eye appeal of this baseball relic is elite.”

Cracking 7 figures is very rare ... but not totally unheard of. Back in 2019, the bat Babe Ruth used to slug his 500th home run sold for $1 million at auction.

Originally Published -- 3:50 PM PT

Al Kaline MLB Hall Of Famer Dead At 85 ... 'Mr. Tiger'

3:22 PM PT -- Detroit Tigers CEO Christopher Ilitch penned an emotional statement after Kaline's death Monday, writing, "Baseball lost a Titan today."

"Anyone who knew Al Kaline would describe his gentle soul and passion for baseball as an unbelievably powerful combination, making home one of the most respected players in Major League Baseball history."

Ilitch added, "The impact of his life is wide-reaching, and he will be greatly missed by millions in Detroit, the state of Michigan and across the baseball community."

Al Kaline -- an MLB Hall of Famer who was affectionately known as Mr. Tiger -- has died at the age of 85.

A family friend of the Detroit legend confirmed the news with the Detroit Free Press on Monday ... although a cause of death was not immediately known.

Kaline was an unbelievable baseball player for the Tigers from 1953-1974 ... making 18 All-Star games and earning 10 gold gloves.

The former outfielder logged 3,007 hits, had a career batting average of .297 and slugged 399 home runs. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1980 ... and his No. 6 was retired by the Tigers that same year.

Kaline also has a statue at Comerica Park in Detroit.

"Such a kind and generous man who meant so much to so many," former Tigers ace Justin Verlander said Monday. "I hope you knew how much I enjoyed our conversations about baseball, life, or just giving each other a hard time."

"I am honored to have been able to call you my friend for all these years.  R.I.P. Mr Tiger, Al Kaline."

The baseball legend worked in some capacity with the Tigers up until his death ... holding various roles as either an announcer, coach or front-office exec.


Originally published -- 1:01 PM PT

Tigers' Josh Harrison Heading To IL ... 'Cause Of Fantasy Heckler?!


Is this interaction the reason Josh Harrison went straight from the diamond to the injured list this week!?!

Seems like a decent possibility ... 'cause just 24-or-so hours after a fan begged Harrison to steal more bags for his fantasy team -- Josh got injured running the bases!!!

Here's the deal ... the Tigers played the Mets in New York on Sunday -- and as Harrison was boarding the team bus ... a fan stopped him for a fist bump and a small request.

"I got you on my fantasy team and if it's not too much to ask, more stolen bases."

Harrison shrugged off the guy with a smile, saying, "I'm just worried about wins right now!"

BUT ... during Detroit's game against Baltimore on Monday -- Harrison stole third base in the ninth inning (only his 3rd steal of the season) -- and he had to leave with an injury right after!!!

Detroit now says the stud infielder is heading to the IL with a hamstring strain ... and it's got us all wondering -- IS FANTASY BASEBALL TO BLAME?!?!?!

Ron Gardenhire Tigers Should Sign Keuchel & Kimbrel ... 'We Could Use Them'


The Detroit Tigers should sign Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel ... so says their own manager, Ron Gardenhire, who tells TMZ Sports, "We could use them."

The two free agents have yet to sign with new teams despite being stars in the league ... and when we got Gardenhire out in NYC over the weekend, he says he wouldn't mind seeing them in Detroit jerseys.

Ron's right ... the Tigers COULD use those guys. Detroit is currently 19-32 and sitting in 4th place in the AL Central.

The problem for Ron? The two stud pitchers are expected to command a TON of money when they do eventually sign -- and that ain't exactly what Detroit's front office wants to do at this point.

As for if either of the free agents WILL have a team at some point this season ... Ron's confident even if it ain't his Tigers -- some MLB squad will "will step up."

By the way, we also asked Ron about his old Minnesota Twins team ... and Gardenhire tells us he's stoked they're doing well -- but only if they cool off when they play his Tigers!!!

Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Attacks Yankees Catcher ... Benches Clear!

YES Network

Forget Mayweather vs. McGregor ... it was YANKEES VS. TIGERS in Detroit -- when Miguel Cabrera got into a fistfight with Yanks catcher, Austin Romine, and the benches cleared!

Here's the backstory .... Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer had drilled Yankees star, Gary Sanchez, earlier in the game. Yanks reliever Tommy Kahnle retaliated by throwing behind Cabrera.

Kahnle and Yankees manager, Joe Girardi, were both ejected over the pitch -- but Cabrera was still unhappy and straight socked Romine behind home plate.

Pandemonium ensued ... the benches cleared -- and the Yanks relievers came SPRINTING from the bullpen to join the melee.

Cabrera and Romine were both ejected. The game is still underway ...

Detroit Tigers Owner Mike Ilitch Dies Founded Little Caesars Pizza Too

Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch -- who also founded Little Caesars Pizza -- has died at 87 ... his family confirmed.

Ilitch was worth a fortune ... reportedly more than $6 BILLION.

He also owned the Detroit Red Wings ... who won 4 Stanley Cups under his ownership.

“My father was a once-in-a-generation entrepreneur, visionary and leader, setting the tone for our organization and our family” ... Ilitch's son said in a statement.

Ilitch's family says he died at a local hospital.

Detroit Tigers Pitcher I Contracted Zika Virus ... It Sucked

Forget the Olympics, the Zika virus has already infiltrated MLB -- with Detroit Tigers pitcher Francisco Rodriguez saying he contracted the virus in Venezuela during the offseason.

The 34-year-old revealed his health status to ESPN -- saying his symptoms started off almost like a common cold ... but quickly escalated.

"It wasn't a cold. A cold, you have a sneeze, have a headache, take a couple Tylenol and you're done. You don't have a cold for two weeks, you don't have a bodyache for two weeks, you don't have headaches, throwing up, weaknesses for two weeks."

Rodriguez says he was bedridden for 2 weeks while he fought off the mosquito-borne virus -- which some experts say can cause severe birth defects and neurological issues in adults.

He also says it took him roughly 2 months before he started to feel normal again -- and notes that he was never considered contagious.

As for Olympic athletes worried about catching Zika in Brazil -- Rodriguez says the concern is real.

"If they have plans to have kids in the future, you've got to think about it. You have to be aware of that as well. You have to do some homework, some research about it."

Kate Upton How to Date a Ball Player ... During Baseball Season


MLB players have a grueling schedule -- 162 regular season games in 180 days.

So, how does super model Kate Upton make it work with her Detroit Tigers BF Justin Verlander?

Check out the clip ...

Kirk Gibson's Son I'm a Minor Leaguer, but ... My Chick Is Major

Baseball great Kirk Gibson's son hasn't taken a swing in the majors, but he's still hitting home runs ... on the beach with his smoke show GF.

Cam Gibson -- who was drafted by his pop's old squad, the Detroit Tigers last summer -- and girlfriend Mackenzie Miller were in Maui this weekend ... and both flaunted their assets.

Unlike his dad's famous clutch World Series homer -- no one would say it's "impossible" these 2 hooked up. Hard bodies attract hard bodies ... aka #AbsGetCakes.

Justin Verlander Uber Says Sorry, Bro ... You Get Screwed by Price Boost Too

Hey, Justin Verlander ... SUCK IT UP -- that's what Uber is telling the Detroit Tigers ace after he bitched to the world about holiday price surges -- and threatened to jump to the competition.

Verlander fired the first salvo with his Instagram post ... "@Uber I used to love you and now your ridiculous surge charges are causing me to take my talents elsewhere. #lyft."

Now, Uber is responding, telling Verlander ... "Surge pricing encourages drivers to get on the road when demand is high. As soon as things even out, pricing will lower." In other words: too bad, so sad.

They didn't even mention the fact JV is it he middle of a 7-year, $180 million contract -- and is probably the last person who should be complaining about a little extra coinage.

AND he gets to ride Kate Upton -- and therefore wins ... no matter what.

Kate Upton I'd Be Stupid to Turn Down Marriage Proposal ... From a Dragon

Kate Upton's sending a message to her baseball star boyfriend -- get on your game or your gonna lose me ... to a guy who dresses up as a dragon for a living!

We got Kate BOUNCING (if you know what we mean) through LAX ... on her way back from Orlando, FL -- where, If you missed it, she got a marriage proposal from the Orlando Magic mascot over the weekend.

Thing is ... Stuff the dragon kinda snaked Kate's bf, Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander -- waiting until he walked away from their seats to pop the question..

Watch the vid (especially if you're Verlander) ... Kate says the proposal was a "huge honor" -- and definitely did NOT say she's turning down the dude who plays dress up.

Justin Verlander Plays Pirate with Kate Upton's Booty ... Witnesses Celebrate!

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are back together, and no one's happier than a boat load of teenage boys in Tampa.

Sure, sources tell us the boys in this video shot today were definitely cheering more for getting a peek of Kate in-person (primo material for any hormone-filled boy) -- and probably never noticed the Cy Young winner.

But still ... the Detroit Tigers ace and the supermodel were spotted all over each other -- partying on a boat for Tampa's annual pirate-themed Gasparilla festival.

Justin sported the traditional buccaneer eye patch as a costume. Kate's costume -- just looking hot.

Kate's reps have been denying she and Justin reunited, but anyone who's been to Gasparilla knows ... every pirate gets his wench.

Delmon Young Pleads GUILTY After Anti-Semitic Slur

Detroit Tigers star -- and World Series failure -- Delmon Young has pled "guilty" to aggravated harassment after shouting an anti-Semitic slur at a panhandler earlier this year ... and tackling another person to the ground.

Delmon was arrested for the incident in NYC in April -- when he was approached by a Jewish-looking panhandler (whatever that means) outside a hotel, and shouted, "F**king Jews! F**king Jews!"

Delmon was confronted by another person on the street after shouting the slur, and the baseball star tackled the man ... who then called 911. Cops showed up and arrested Delmon for aggravated harassment.

Delmon has now pled "guilty" as part of a plea deal -- in which he was sentenced to perform 10 days community service, and participate in a hate crime program at the Museum of Tolerance in NYC.

If he completes everything, Delmon will be allowed to withdraw his "guilty" plea to "aggravated harassment" -- and plead to just "harassment" instead, a lesser infraction.

Detroit Tigers It's All About the Chicken This Year

The Detroit Tigers don't want a repeat of their devastating 2006 World Series loss, so they made a major change in how they do things -- and that change is eating more chicken.

TMZ spoke with a Tigers clubhouse rep who tells us a chef comes in and cooks for the players every day and the menu is pretty expansive -- we're talkin' hamburgers, jambalaya, Chinese food, eggs, fresh fruit, soup, Kobe sliders, mac and cheese ... the works.

But the biggest item on the menu is chicken and lots of it. The rep says chicken breast is always available for breakfast and there's always a baked chicken for lunch too, as a healthy option.

The rep says the major difference between the Tigers' menu during their failed 2006 Series run and this year ... "more chicken."

It better pay off soon ... the Tigers are 0-2 against the Giants.

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