Alex Rodriguez Jewelry & Electronics Stolen In Rental Car Heist ... Cops Have Video

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Bryan Carmody

9:09 AM PT -- 8/13 -- TMZ Sports has obtained video of the aftermath of the break-in ... with cops fingerprinting the Nissan to try to get a lead on the thieves.

You can see in the video, the rear-passenger side window is smashed in ... with glass shards still hanging from the door frame.

5:57 PM PT -- The San Francisco Police Department tells us the stolen items include jewelry, a laptop, a camera and electronic equipment ... and the SFPD Burglary Unit is handling the investigation.

5:29 PM PT -- A rep for A-Rod tells TMZ ... “The financial value of the items stolen from Alex Rodriguez’s vehicle while he was having dinner is being grossly exaggerated."

One source with direct knowledge of the case tells us the value of the stolen items is nowhere near $500k ... and we're told that figure is not even close to what the items are really worth.

A-Rod just broke his silence too ... saying, “I am saddened that several items that were of a personal nature and irreplaceable with sentimental value were taken. I am encouraged that local law enforcement has security footage of the crime and are doing all they can to get the items back."

Alex Rodriguez had HALF A MILLION DOLLARS worth of stuff stolen from his rental car while he was in San Francisco broadcasting a Giants-Phillies game ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

Law enforcement sources tell us the MLB legend -- who was in town for his ESPN gig as a baseball color commentator -- had his rented SUV broken into just a few blocks from Oracle Park on Sunday.

We're told the burglary happened around 10 PM ... and the thieves made off with $500,000 worth of electronics and jewelry.

Rodriguez had been at the stadium nearly the entire day ... he and his ESPN crew called the Giants' 9-6 win over Philadelphia on "Sunday Night Baseball."

Law enforcement sources tell us they've made the case a high priority ... with investigators working overnight to collect evidence.

We've reached out to Rodriguez for comment ... but so far, no word back yet.

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MLB Nightmare Swarm Of Bees ... Interrupts Game!!!

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Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati turned into a nightmare scene straight out of "My Girl" on Monday ... when a swarm of bees invaded the stadium -- forcing officials to delay the start of the game.

The Reds were gearing up to take on the San Francisco Giants when the bees came ... you can see in photos and video there are THOUSANDS (maybe millions?) of the flying insects on the field.

In one shot captured by NBC Sports Bay Area, you can see just how close the bees came to the Giants dugout. Scary stuff.

At one point, Reds outfielder Derek Dietrich grabbed some beekeeping stuff and charged out on the field -- jokingly trying to help officials get rid of the bees.


No word if it actually helped ... or not. Also, unclear if anyone was stung.

The good news ... officials say the swarm eventually moved on and the game is now underway.

Cincinnati is currently up 6-1 on the Giants. Talk about a rough day at the office ...

Giants CEO Larry Baer Suspended, Unpaid For Incident with Wife

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Major League Baseball has suspended San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer -- without pay -- until July 1, 2019 for stemming from a March 1 incident with his wife, TMZ Sports has learned.

He must also undergo counseling.

MLB commish Rob Manfred says the unpaid suspension will be backdated to March 4, 2019 -- the day Baer took a leave of absence from the team.

"During the period of his suspension, Baer shall have no involvement in the operations of the Giants," Manfred says.


"The Club shall be operated by an interim control person appointed by the ownership group in consultation with the Commissioner. Baer will be required to undergo an evaluation by an expert to determine an appropriate treatment and counseling plan."

Manfred says, "At my direction, the Department of Investigations conducted an investigation into the March 1, 2019 video-recorded incident involving Larry Baer. I also personally met with Mr. Baer."

"Based on my review of the results of the investigation, I have concluded that Mr. Baer’s conduct was unacceptable under MLB policies and warrants discipline."

"In determining the appropriate level of discipline, I find that Mr. Baer should be held to a higher standard because as a leader he is expected to be a role model for others in his organization and community."

"Based on my conversation with Mr. Baer, it is clear that he regrets what transpired and takes responsibility for his conduct."

TMZ Sports posted video showing Baer in a physical altercation with his wife in a public park -- ultimately knocking her to the ground in a struggle to pry a phone out of her hands. You can hear her screaming, "Oh my god. Help!"

Baer's wife has publicly supported Larry after the incident -- chalking the whole thing up to an ordinary marital spat.

Larry has also issued a statement on the suspension ... saying, "I respect and accept the Commissioner's decision, and I respect and accept the Commissioner's decision, and appreciate the fair and thorough process undertaken by MLB and the Giants."

"I made a serious mistake that I sincerely regret and I am truly sorry for my actions. My unacceptable behavior fell well short of what must be demanded of every person, particularly someone in my position and role in the community."

"I will now immediately begin the significant work ahead of me to listen and learn from my mistakes and seek professional advice. I am committed to doing what it takes to earn the trust and respect of the many people impacted by my actions."

SF Giants CEO Larry Baer No Criminal Charges ... For Fight W/ Wife


San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer will NOT be charged with any crime stemming from his physical altercation with his wife ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Sources tell us officials thoroughly investigated the altercation -- combing through multiple videos and interviewing several witnesses -- and ultimately determined Baer's action's did NOT constitute a crime.

The SF District Attorney's office gave us the following statement ... “After a careful review of the relevant evidence, including multiple videos, statements from several witnesses and the parties themselves, the evidence does not support filing criminal charges.”

TMZ Sports posted video showing Baer in a physical altercation with his wife in a public park -- ultimately knocking her to the ground in a struggle to pry a phone out of her hands. You can hear her screaming, "Oh my god. Help!"


Larry has taken a leave of absence from his job with the Giants while cops and the MLB investigate the situation -- and has expressed remorse.

“I am truly sorry for the pain that I have brought to my wife, children and to the organization. It is not reflective of the kind of a person that I aspire to be, but it happened and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that I never behave in such an inappropriate manner again.”

Baer's wife, Pam, has publicly supported her husband ... calling the incident a non-issue and has insisted they are still happily married.

Baer has been involved with the Giants organization for decades. He was named chief operating officer in May 1996, team president in October 2008 and CEO on January 1, 2012.

Larry Baer & Wife Met with Cops Cooperating with Investigation

Exclusive Details

San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer and his wife have both met with law enforcement as a part of the investigation into their physical altercation that was caught on video, TMZ Sports has learned.

The SFPD launched a probe into the March 1 incident -- in which Baer was seen trying to wrestle a cell phone away from his wife, Pam, knocking her to the ground in the process.

TMZ Sports obtained footage of the altercation -- which took place in a public park area in San Francisco -- and you can hear Pam scream for help.


Cops responded on the day of the incident and spoke with witnesses. Now, we've learned investigators reached out to both Larry and Pam ... who also agreed to speak with authorities.

Larry's attorney, Cris Arguedas, tells us Baer and Pam had separate meetings with law enforcement, but fully cooperated ... and they're confident no charges will be filed.

The case has been kicked over to the San Francisco District Attorney's Office -- which will review the evidence and decide whether or not to bring charges against Larry.

Arguedas tells TMZ Sports she's "never been more confident" Larry will not be prosecuted.

Pam has already commented publicly about the case -- chalking the incident up to a marital spat ... and stating that she still loves her husband.

Larry has stepped away from the Giants while cops and the MLB investigate the situation -- but he's also expressed remorse.

Baer has been involved with the Giants organization for decades. He was named chief operating officer in May 1996, team president in October 2008 and CEO on January 1, 2012.

SF Giants' Cameron Maybin Arrested for DUI ... 'I am Deeply Sorry'

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03/06 -- Maybin addressed the arrest Wednesday morning ... saying "Life's greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes."

"I take full responsibility for my actions and am deeply sorry to all those that I let down - my family, my friends, my supporters, my teammates, and the entire SF Giants front office."

"Life is about growth and I'm choosing to learn and grow from this valuable life lesson."

More bad news for the San Francisco Giants ...

This time, outfielder Cameron Maybin was arrested for drunk driving in Arizona -- after going on a sad 0-16 slump in spring training.

31-year-old Maybin was pulled over around 2:25 AM on Friday morning after cops say he was speeding and swerving in Scottsdale.

During the stop, Maybin told officers he had 5 glasses of wine at a fancy restaurant earlier that evening -- but tried to take a nap to sleep it off ... and thought he was fine to get back on the road.

Spoiler alert: he wasn't.

Cops say Maybin took a breathalyzer test and blew a .127 -- well over the .08 legal limit.

The Giants -- which just signed Maybin to a $1.75 million contract last month -- said they're aware of the situation and gathering information.

Maybin made his MLB debut back in 2007 for the Detroit Tigers -- he's bounced around the league ever since ... playing for the Marlins, Braves, Padres, Angels. He also won a World Series with the Houston Astros in 2017.

It's been a bad month for the Giants ... just a few days ago, Giants CEO Larry Baer was caught on video in a physical altercation with his wife.

Baer has since stepped away from the team to take "personal time" to reflect on the incident.

The MLB has launched an investigation into the Baer incident and the Giants say they are cooperating with investigators.

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Larry Baer Taking Leave from Giants ... Admits 'Unacceptable Behavior'

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San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer says he's stepping away from the MLB team to take some "personal time" in the wake of a physical altercation with his wife that was captured on video.

TMZ Sports posted footage of Baer knocking his wife, Pam, to the ground during an altercation in a public park in San Francisco on Friday ... while his wife screamed for help.

Both Pam and Larry had chalked the whole thing up to a marital spat that got out of hand -- Pam said she would NOT be pursuing charges and had already forgiven her husband.

Now, Larry has issued a new statement admitting his behavior was "unacceptable" --- and will take time away from the team.

The Giants board of directors issued a statement saying, "Mr. Baer has acknowledged that his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again."

"He has also requested, and the board has accepted, his request to take personal time away from the Giants beginning today. The Board has asked the Giants executive team to manage the day to day operations of the Club during this period, reporting directly to the Board."

The team says they are also "closely monitoring the matter" and still gathering information.

"Major League Baseball is taking the lead in gathering all facts surrounding the situation. The organization is cooperating fully with the process."

Baer has been involved with the Giants organization for decades. He was named chief operating officer in May 1996, team president in October 2008 and CEO on January 1, 2012.

He was also considered a key piece of San Francisco's efforts to recruit Bryce Harper.

S.F. Giants CEO Larry Baer Physical Altercation with Wife


7:30 PM PT -- Larry Baer has released a new statement ... saying, “I am truly sorry for the pain that I have brought to my wife, children and to the organization. It is not reflective of the kind of a person that I aspire to be, but it happened and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that I never behave in such an inappropriate manner again.”

Pam Baer also released a 2nd statement ... saying, “I would like to clarify the events of today. My husband and I had an argument in public about which we are quite embarrassed."

"I took his cellphone. He wanted it back and I did not want to give it back. I started to get up and the chair I was sitting in began to tip. Due to an injury I sustained in my foot three days ago, I lost my balance. I did not sustain any injury based on what happened today. Larry and I always have been and still are happily married.”

2:36 PM PT -- MLB released a statement addressing the incident involving Baer ... saying, “Major League Baseball is aware of the incident and, just like any other situation like this, will immediately begin to gather the facts. We will have no further comment until this process is completed.”

2:09 PM PT -- Police are currently interviewing witnesses, including the person who shot the video, and are investigating the incident, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

1:47 PM PT -- Baer spoke with the San Francisco Chronicle about the incident ... saying, "My wife and I had an unfortunate public argument related to a family member & she had an injured foot and she fell off her chair in the course of the argument."

"The matter is resolved. It was a squabble over a cell phone. Obviously it’s embarrassing.”

San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer was involved in a physical altercation with his wife at a public park Friday ... with his wife screaming as he knocks her to the ground -- and it was all captured on video.

Multiple people witnessed Baer and his wife, Pam, in a loud verbal argument around noon on Friday at a park in San Fran. At one point, Larry was trying to pry a cell phone out of Pam's hands, which she clearly did not want to give up.

During the struggle, Larry knocks Pam out of her chair and onto the ground -- you can hear her screaming, "Oh my god. Help!"

You can see Baer walking away from the altercation with the phone in his hand -- while telling his wife, "Stop. Pam, stop."

Pam continues to repeat, "Oh my god. Oh my god."

In between video clips, the person who shot the footage tells us he got involved and helped break up the altercation. Another witness corroborated that.

Witnesses tell us police were not called to the scene. Unclear if they were contacted after the altercation. We're reaching out.

We spoke with Pam on the phone who told us, "We were having a family fight about someone in my family and that's it."

We've also reached out to Baer's camp for comment. So far, no word back.

Baer has been involved with the Giants organization for decades. He was named chief operating officer in May 1996, team president in October 2008 and CEO on January 1, 2012.

According to the Giants website, Baer and Pam co-chaired the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation Campaign Committee in support of the new hospital, which opened in 2016 as Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

The couple has 4 children together.

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San Francisco Giants Willie McCovey Dead at 80

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San Francisco Giants legend and Hall of Fame first baseman Willie McCovey has died.

McCovey, who played 19 seasons for the Giants and is one of the franchise's most beloved players, passed away peacefully Wednesday at Stanford Hospital after battling ongoing health issues.

Willie played for the Giants from 1959-73 and was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1986.

The first baseman was one baseball's most feared hitters during the 1960s and '70s, and his 521 home runs are still tied for 20th on MLB's all-time list.

Willie was a 6-time All-Star and the 1969 National League MVP. His 18 career grand slams are the most in NL history.

The Giants retired Willie's No. 44 and he has a statue outside the club's ballpark.

When the Giants started playing at AT&T Park in 2000, the area beyond right field was dubbed McCovey Cove, an homage to the many homers he belted to right field during his playing days.

Willie was 80. RIP.

David Eckstein Barry Bonds Deserves HOF ... Despite PED Scandal


Barry Bonds will be the first MLB player entrenched in baseball's PED scandal to make the Hall of Fame ... and he won't be the last -- so says former World Series MVP David Eckstein.

Eckstein managed to have a great career despite playing in the thick of the steroid era -- he was never implicated or tested positive for anything ... as clean as they come.

So, how does he feel about the possibility of juicers like Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens and others possibly being enshrined in baseball's holiest shrine?

Doesn't seem like he's THAT opposed to it.

"That will start with Bonds ... because Bonds was a Hall of Famer before this stuff. So, I think he'll be the first one," Eckstein says.

"I think at some point in time, when the older writers [who vote for the HOF] get out and the younger writers get in, I think at some point in time, you might see these guys get in."

Still ... David isn't holding a grudge (dude did beat Barry for one of his World Series rings) -- and says, ultimately, Bonds deserves a bronze bust one day.

"Bonds was a Hall of Famer prior [to PEDs]," David says. "We'll see. I mean, who knows? You just wish no one ever did it."

MLB's Derek Holland Apologizes ... For Offensive Asian Impression

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Derek Holland has issued an apology for doing an insensitive Asian impression on an MLB talk show ... saying, "It's embarrassing what I did."

The San Francisco Giants pitcher went on MLB Network's "Intentional Talk" on Wednesday and brought along Giants staffer Haro Ogawa to be his "hype man."

Yet throughout the interview ... Holland solely used Haro as a prop for the offensive jokes ... including using an Asian accent and several martial arts-style bows.

After the Giants' win over the Mets on Thursday, Holland apologized vehemently for the offensive bit.

"I want to be held accountable for everything I've done and caused with all of this," Holland said.

"It's embarrassing what I did. I was just trying to have some fun. Haro and I just entertaining and just trying to take it to a different level and make the interview a little more exciting and I obviously crossed the line with that."

"Whatever I have to do to take care of the situation, I will do it."

Holland -- who also said he apologized personally to Ogawa and Japanese bullpen catcher Taira Uematsu -- made sure to tell reporters the act was solely his idea.

"I want to make sure that it’s clear that that’s all on me,” the pitcher says.

MLB's Evan Longoria New Team ... Same Smokin' Hot Playmate Wife

Getting traded can be tough ... but don't feel bad for MLB star Evan Longoria -- 'cause his smokin' hot, Playboy model wife is coming with him to San Francisco!

Meet Jaime Edmondson ... January 2010 Playmate of the Month and better half of the other famous Longoria, a 3-time All-Star with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Jaime's resumé might be even more impressive -- she's also a 2-time "The Amazing Race" competitor, former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and police officer AND current full-time mom to 4-year-old Elle ... her and Longo's first kid.

The Giants just got a lot better -- and so did their WAGs club.

Jay Z Sued You Can't Use 'ROC NATION' Logo!!


Yes, you read that right ... Jay Z is getting sued for slapping the logo for "ROC NATION" -- his company -- on a bunch of Major League Baseball apparel.

Sounds bizarre, but Iconix Brand Group says Jay does NOT own the logo anymore. In docs obtained by TMZ, Iconix says it paid a whopping $204 million for it, and therefore has control over where the logo pops up ... especially when it comes to merchandise.

Iconix has beef with the ROC logo appearing on MLB hats, shirts, hoodies, etc -- a deal it says it never approved. It's not only suing Jay, but also MLB, Roc Nation, New Era, Lids and the San Francisco Giants.

The company is suing all of the above for at least $10 million and other damages. We've reached out to Jay Z, so far no word back.

Iconix also owns and manages the Ed Hardy, Joe Boxer and Marc Ecko logos.

S.F. Giants Rookies Cross-Dressing Hazing Hit the Club Dressed as Girls


Here we go again ... another MLB club hazing the rookies by making them hit an L.A. nightclub dressed as women. This time, it's the San Francisco Giants.

TMZ Sports has footage of rookie pitchers Derek Law and Albert Suarez at Hyde on the Sunset Strip -- in backless dresses with wigs.

The guys seemed to have fun doing it ... but the cross-dressing hazing has been under fire from certain LGBT orgs for a while which say the practice sends a dangerous message to kids.

In the past, everyone from the Oakland As to the Miami Marlins have taken part in cross-dressing hazing.

FYI, the NY Mets found a different way to haze their rookies last year -- sending them out dressed as male superheroes in full costume.

San Francisco Giants Sued Cart vs. Fan Collision ... At Beyonce Concert


A woman claims she got run over by an electric cart at AT&T Stadium during a Beyonce show ... and she's pointing the finger at the S.F. Giants.

It all went down in 2014 -- Jay Z and Beyonce were headlining the "On the Run" tour ... when Sateja Parulekar says she was mowed down by a staffer zipping around the venue on an electric cart.

Parulekar says she suffered serious injuries in the crash -- and is holding the Giants and Live Nation responsible (she claims the driver was a Live Nation employee).

In her lawsuit, filed in San Fran, Parulekar says San Francisco Giants Enterprises is responsible for operating the ballpark -- even during non-baseball events -- and should've been more careful with cart safety.

The woman is demanding unspecified damages. So far, no comment from the Giants.

MLB Star Pablo Sandoval Drops $200,000 On Pimp'd Out Range Rover


Pablo Sandoval's sick car collection just got $200,000 sicker ... 'cause the S.F. Giants super star just tricked out his brand new Range Rover ... and TMZ Sports has the footage.

Sandoval took his '14 Avorza Range Rover Sport to The Auto Firm in Miami ... where they hooked it up with a Lumma wide body kit and 22-inch Avorza AV7 rims.

We spoke with Auto Firm honcho Alex Vega -- who's done work for stars like Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez -- who tells us Sandoval owns several Range Rovers ... but wanted this one to stand out.

Check out the clip of Sandoval seeing his ride for the first time -- you can tell he's fired up ... and says it's his "favorite" of all his whips.