Kanye West New Yeezy's Sell Out in Under a Minute!!!

Kanye West has still got the Midas touch when it comes to kicks, because his new offering from Adidas sold out in ONE MINUTE!!!

The Yeezy 450 in Cloud Whites flew off the virtual shelves, shutting down critics who thought the weird silhouette was off-putting.

There was a mad scramble on the Adidas app and YeezySupply.com, with lots of fans walking away from their computers empty-handed. They were clearly not quick on the draw, and you know what they say about snoozin' ...

To be specific ... the shoes became available Saturday at 7 AM ... if you were later than 7:01 you'd be SOL.

As for pricing ... the shoes retail for $200, but some of the folks who snagged them are asking north of $500.

With Kanye's divorce and all, his shoe biz probably provides some solace. No doubt about it ... when it comes to kicks, Kanye is King.

Lisa Marie Presley My Ex Won't Let Me Move On ... Make Me Single, Judge!!!

Lisa Marie Presley's been separated from her estranged husband for nearly 5 years and says she's ready to start a new chapter ... so she wants the judge to step in and declare her single.

In new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Lisa Marie says her ex Michael Lockwood refuses to agree to terminate their marriage ... despite the fact she filed for divorce way back in June 2016.

She says there's no chance of ever saving the relationship, so she's requesting a bifurcation -- which means separating marital status from other divorce issues. Basically, let's be single now, and divvy up our stuff later.

One other big issue has already been settled -- LMP scored a big win in 2018 when the judge ruled she doesn't have to pay Lockwood spousal support based on their 2007 post-nuptial agreement.

It remains to be seen if he'll try to challenge or get around any of those rulings going forward, but Presley's asking the judge to settle the marital status issue ASAP ... "so that I can move forward with my life."

Kim and Kanye Divorce She May Get Hidden Hills Mansion ... It's Best for the Kids

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are giving their children some much-needed stability during their divorce ... Kim may be keeping their 4 kids in the only home they've ever known.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ...  Kim has been staying with their kids in the family home in Hidden Hills ... and that may be permanent as well.

It's an interesting decision for several reasons. Kanye designed the home ... it's pretty spectacular though very austere -- almost museum-like. You might think Kanye would want to keep the home since it's a multi-year passion project of his, but the fact is Kanye doesn't have any real ties to that area. On the other hand, most of Kim's family live within a block of her in the same community, and family is important to the kids in the middle of the divorce.

We're also told Kim really likes the house, so it's not like she wants to pick up stakes and move.

It's unclear where Kanye will take up his permanent residence, but it's no secret Wyoming has pretty much become his home over the last few years ... it's where he's got a massive ranch, and where he moved his Yeezy brand.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim filed to divorce Kanye last month after nearly 7 years of marriage, and we're told the split is amicable.

As we first told you ... Kim's asking for joint legal and physical custody of the kids, and Ye is fine with the joint custody arrangement and they're both committed to co-parenting. Joint custody doesn't necessarily mean a 50/50 split -- it can be whatever the parents agree to, and Kim's expected to continue caring for the children the lion's share of the time ... in Hidden Hills.

Kim Kardashian Single & Swanky ... First Night Out After Divorce Filing

Kim Kardashian made sure she stood out on her first night out as a single lady ... in a skintight dress ... and nothing on her ring finger.

Kim -- along with her sister, Kourtney, gal pals La La Anthony and Stephanie Shepherd and Jonathan Cheban for good measure -- hit up Matsuhisa in Bev Hills Tuesday night ... and Kanye West's ex looked ready to mingle.

Though she wasn't wearing her wedding ring, Kim was blinged up just a bit to accessorize with a super cool neon green dress ... and she looked pretty happy with her friends.

Of course, Kim's outing comes just days after we broke the story ... she filed to divorce her famous husband of nearly 7 years after several turbulent months that started right around the time he announced his run for president.

As we told you ... everything seems to be amicable -- Kim's asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couple's 4 kids, there's a prenup neither side is contesting, and Kim and Kanye are committed to co-parenting.

Clearly ... she's still committed to living her best life too.

First Lady Jill Biden Hang in There, Kelly ... My Divorce Was for the Best!!!

Dr. Jill Biden's offering motherly words of wisdom to Kelly Clarkson -- who's going through a divorce -- and there's personal experience behind her message.

The First Lady sat down with Kelly for her first big solo TV interview since Inauguration Day, and was very candid in describing how she believes everything happens for a reason ... including her own divorce.

She says without going through that, she never would have met President Biden and formed her beautiful family, so she's telling Kelly to hang in there and promises her ... time heals all wounds.

It might sound a little cliche, but Kelly really seems to take it to heart.

As we reported ... Clarkson filed for divorce from her husband of nearly 7 years, Brandon Blackstock, back in June and later won primary custody of their kids.

However, he's seeking substantial spousal and child support, and in December she started another legal battle ... by claiming he defrauded her out of millions. Obviously, there's still a lot to be worked out.

In the meantime, Kelly's got the scoop on what Dr. Biden wants to do for some fun as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic is finally over ... and she's totally down to join her.

For more of the interview ... check out "The Kelly Clarkson Show: White House Edition with the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden" on Thursday.

Dr. Dre Let's Have a Judge Decide Prenup's Validity ... Now

Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole, have several areas of conflict in their contentious divorce, but the biggest stumbling block is the validity of their prenup, and Dre wants a trial ... STAT.

Dre's lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, has filed legal docs asking for a 5-day trial over the prenup. As we reported, Nicole signed the prenup before they married but claims Dre came to her shortly after the nuptials, saying he regretted "pressuring" her to sign it and tore up multiple copies right in front of her. Dre denies he pressured her and denies he ever tore it up ... and points to a clause in the document that says altering it must be in writing.

Dre has asked to remove the case from the court system and have a private judge handle the divorce case -- away from the public spotlight -- but Nicole has rejected that, favoring instead a traditional court trial. If it stays in the courts, it may take a very long to for a judge to hear the case ... because the pandemic has caused enormous trial delays.

To be continued.

Dr. Dre Trashes Estranged Wife in New Song ... Calls Her 'Greedy Bitch'

Dr. Dre seems to be letting out his frustrations over his pending divorce with Nicole Young in his music -- and he's not being very subtle about it either.

A new track was previewed Monday night by DJ Silk, which features Dre and Aftermath pal KXNG Crooked. Dre drops some explicit lyrics about his estranged wife and their nasty divorce proceedings.


Dre raps ... "Trying to kill me with them lies and that perjury // I see you trying to f*** me while I'm in surgery // In ICU death bed on some money s*** // Greedy bitch take a pic // Girl you know how money get."

As we've reported ... Dre went right back to the studio after being released from his recent health scare -- suffering what could've been a fatal brain aneurysm.

Silk only played a few bars, so it's unclear if Dre makes any other references to the divorce or Nicole on the track.

Dre and Nicole's legal war hasn't seen a pause whatsoever since she filed for divorce last summer -- most recently she filed a motion asking for access to their home amid suspicions of a mistress, and was granted temporary spousal support ... a one-time payment of $2 mil.

Meanwhile, Dre's accused her of siphoning funds from one of their business accounts -- which is being investigated by law enforcement. Safe to say, it's been nasty, and you can hear it in Dre's verse.

Justin Hartley & Chrishell Stause Divorce Finalized

Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause are officially single ... 'cause we've learned their divorce has been finalized.

According to court filings, a judge officially signed off on the dissolution of their marriage earlier this month. We don't have details of the judgment yet -- meaning it's unclear if spousal support was ordered, or how any assets were divvied up.

You'll recall ... when Justin abruptly filed for divorce back in 2019 -- after only 2 years of marriage -- he'd indicated he didn't wanna pony up any spousal support to Chrishell, and also wanted her to cover her own legal fees. It's possible they had a prenup in place.

There was another weird thing about their original divorce docs -- the date of separation was listed as July 8, 2019 ... when they'd been seen publicly together many times after that.

Chrishell made it seem like Justin's filing came out of left field, but later admitted he'd threatened to leave several times prior.

In any case, both of these beautiful people have moved on to new loves -- JH is with Sofia Pernas and Chrishell's with 'DWTS' star Keo Motsepe. They had no kids together ... so, no custody battle to slow down the divorce.

This was us ... and then it wasn't.

Xzibit Wife Files for Divorce

Xzibit's wife is apparently ready to get her walk on ... as in walking away from their marriage.

The "Pimp My Ride" star's wife, Krista Joiner, might've yelled "D to the P" Monday morning, before filing her divorce petition in Los Angeles Superior Court. They've been married for about 6 and a half years.

Xzibit and Krista wed in November 2014, but the marriage made headlines for another reason -- X got busted for DUI in the early morning hours the day after the ceremony.

The couple reportedly began dating in 2001 and had 2 children together. Tragically, their son Xavier was born prematurely in May 2008 and died 11 days later.

They have a 10-year-old son named Gatlyn ... so there will likely be custody and child support issues to work out before the divorce is finalized.

Kim & Kanye Divorce Kanye's Mental Health Issues Won't Affect Joint Custody

Kanye West's mental health issues will not have an impact on Kim Kardashian's move to share custody of their 4 kids, because there's always been a safety net in place and that won't change.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Kim totally trusts Kanye with their kids. That said ... given their lifestyle, he's rarely alone with them. In good times and bad, there are almost always caretakers or family members around the children.

While the majority of time is spent with help ... our sources say Kanye's a great dad, and over the last few months even made a couple trips with just him and some of the kids ... no additional assistance.

Our sources say Kanye's generally not around the kids when he's having a bipolar episode.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim is asking for joint legal and physical custody, but that doesn't automatically mean it's a 50/50 split. Joint custody can be whatever the parents agree to, and historically, Kim cares for the children the lion's share of the time and that's not expected to change.  Kim feels Kanye is a great dad, and Kanye knows Kim's a great mom as well.

We broke the story ... Kim filed to divorce Kanye Friday after 7 years of marriage. The writing was on the wall for several months after a tumultuous second half of 2020 for Kanye, but we're told things are amicable now and the 2 are committed to co-parenting.

Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce from Kanye West

Kim Kardashian has filed to divorce Kanye West after almost 7 years of marriage, but our sources say it's as amicable as a divorce can be.

Kim is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couple's 4 kids. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ Kanye is fine with the joint custody arrangement, and we're told both Kim and Ye are committed to co-parenting together.

There's a prenup and we're told neither party is contesting it. In fact, our sources say they are already far along in reaching a property settlement agreement.

The docs, filed by disso queen Laura Wasser, don't list a date of separation ... it's listed as to be determined. The date is almost irrelevant because their split has been so well-chronicled in the news and social media.

It was during the last half of 2020 when things got super rocky for Kimye ... West launched his Presidential campaign on July 4 and weeks later held a bizarre campaign event in South Carolina. At one point, a sobbing Kanye told a story of a discussion he had with Kim ... talking about abortion when she was pregnant with their first child.

It wasn't long after that when Kanye took a series of shots at the Kardashian/Jenner family on Twitter, at one point referring to the matriarch, Kris Jenner, as "Kris Jong-Un."

Multiple sources with direct knowledge told us Kim was ready to call it quits after Kanye's outbursts, if not for Kanye going through a serious bipolar episode. She had felt it would be cruel to end the marriage when he wasn't doing well.

Things got so rocky, the couple had been living separately for a few months. He was spending a lot of his time in Wyoming while she was in Calabasas with the kids. The issue? We were told it wasn't contentious or ugly ... but their differences in lifestyle and politics were chief, among others.

You'll recall they took a family vacation late last year, to see if they could repair things ... before that, Kim flew out to Wyoming for an emotional face-to-face with Kanye for the first time since Kanye's off-the-rails campaign rally.

Kim and Kanye met in the early 2000s and he first made an appearance on "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in a 2010 episode when he visited her and Kourtney's DASH store in NYC. Kim, at the time, was dating Kris Humphries. Kanye would later profess his love for Kim in 2012 with his "Cold" track. They started dating soon thereafter.

Kim gave birth to North West in June 2013 before Kim and Kanye tied the knot at a lavish wedding in Italy in May 2014. Kim and Kanye have 4 kids together ... North, Chicago, Psalm and Saint.

This will be Kim's third divorce. She was married to music producer Damon Thomas before they divorced in 2004. She married Humphries in August 2011 but she filed for divorce after 72 days. This is Kanye's first divorce.

Talib Kweli's Wife DJ Eque Files for Divorce

Talib Kweli and his wife, DJ Eque, are calling it quits -- or at least she is, because she's filed for divorce.

According to court records ... Eque filed docs Friday in L.A. She and the rapper/activist got married back in May 2009 at a private mansion in Bel-Air. Queen Latifah and Questlove were some of the guests.

Things didn't always go swimmingly for the couple. Back in December 2010 ... Talib and Eque were reportedly kicked out of an NYC club after they got into an ugly fight. At the time, Eque sources said she'd lost her cool after she saw him in a friendly convo with another female inside the club -- and it turned into an all-out brawl, complete with table and glass smashing.

Let's hope the divorce goes smoother. The couple doesn't have any minor children together.

Nicole Young Hey Dre, Who's Been in My Closet??!!

Dr. Dre's estranged wife is demanding access to their marital home because she's pretty sure someone's been wearing her expensive shoes ... and it ain't Goldilocks.

Nicole Young just filed docs in their nasty divorce war, asking the court to allow her access to the Brentwood home, where she used to live with Dre, because she's left a bunch of personal belongings there.

In the docs, Nicole says she left back in April 2020 with a "bare minimum" of her stuff. Nicole claims she had to get out in a hurry because Dre was drunk and yelling, "F**k you. Get the f**k out. Go to Malibu."

She left a ton behind ... according to Nicole, her loot includes designer and vintage handbags, couture clothing and 20 fur coats in a "cedar and temperature-controlled" closet. BTW, she says her regular closet and "boutique room" at the home is about 1,000 sq. feet!!!

Since she's left, Nicole says she's observed several different women posting photos and videos inside the house -- and she claims some of Dre's visitors might be wearing her stuff.

For instance, Nicole claims one of Dre's playmates posted a photo in his bathroom while wearing what appear to be her Chanel slides. She's also upset Dre throws huge parties -- like one he had in October for the NBA Playoffs -- because she thinks with all the drinking, it's just a matter of time before someone damages or takes her belongings.

Oh, and one more thing ... Nicole's worried Dre might pack up her remaining property and just send it to storage. She says that would be catastrophic for her furs, which must remain in that temperature-controlled closet.

Phil Collins' Ex More of His Things Must Go!!! ... 2nd Auction Coming Up

Auctioning off a bunch of Phil Collins' stuff was so nice, his ex is doing it twice ... including more of his awards and memorabilia.

Orianne Cevey's gearing up for round 2 with Kodner Galleries in Florida after raking in more than $2 million earlier this month for her collection of mostly jewelry, accessories and clothing ... but also awards and records belonging to her famous ex-hubby.

Orianne's second auction will be more of the same, including Phil's 1989 International Rock Award for MVP Drummer ... which is a bronze sculpture of Elvis on a marble base. It's expected to fetch between $1,000 and $10,000.

Also up for grabs -- Collins' Gold Award for selling 100,000 copies of his 2002 album, "Testify" ... a hand-signed Nick Faldo framed photo from the 2018 Masters ... and 2 autographed Yahama portable player docks -- one signed by Phil, and one by Shania Twain.

It's an interesting mix of Phil stuff for sure, but we're told Orianne's likely to rake in the most money from her expensive jewelry, watches, clothes, purses, cell phone cases and coins.

As we first told you ... she hauled in $22k for multiple gold LPs and "Assorted Phil Collins Awards" at the last auction, which she unloaded after moving out of Phil's mansion and downsizing to a smaller house.

BTW ... 10% of the proceeds for Orianne's auctions will be donated to the Never Give Up Foundation.

This, folks, has become an uber-bitter split.

Rev. Al Sharpton Files for Divorce ... Separated Since '04

Al Sharpton's taken almost 17 years to officially call it quits on his marriage ... he's filed for divorce from his estranged wife.

The Reverend separated from his wife, Kathy Jordan, back in 2004, but according to new legal docs ... he just submitted the divorce paperwork Thursday in NYC.

Sharpton and Jordan met in the '70s when Al was touring with James Brown and she was a backup singer. They wed in 1980 and were together for 24 years before their split.

Since then, the Rev's been linked to multiple women, but has seemingly been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Aisha McShaw, since 2013.

He has 2 adult daughters with Kathy. It's unclear at this point if either Al or Kathy will be seeking spousal support.

Larry King Hand-Written Will Calls for Even Split Among His Kids

Larry King always kept it simple, and his will is no different ... he scribbled down a few sentences during his last divorce, but it was written before some other King family tragedies.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the late talk show host hand-wrote his most recent will on October 17, 2019, about 2 months after filing for divorce from his 7th wife, Shawn Southwick King.

Larry wrote ... "This is my Last Will & Testament. It should replace all previous writings." He said that in the event of his death, he wanted 100 percent of his funds to be "divided equally among my children Andy, Chaia, Larry Jr Chance & Cannon."

That's it ... but as we've reported, Larry sadly lost 2 of his adult kids a month apart in 2020. His son, Andy, died of a heart attack in July, and his daughter, Chaia, died in August a short time after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

So, Larry's last will and testament doesn't reflect the fact that 2 of his intended recipients have passed away. One of his surviving sons, Larry Jr., has filed docs asking to be appointed administrator of the estate, noting that his father was in the middle of divorce proceedings at the time of his death.

As for how much is at stake here ... the documents estimate Larry's estate to be worth around $2 million, but there are likely separate assets held in separate trusts.

Larry died last month after a battle with COVID-19. He was 87.

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