Green Bay Packers Fan Dumps Beer On Amon-Ra St. Brown ... During TD Celebration

A Green Bay Packers fan was so annoyed with Amon-Ra St. Brown following his touchdown on Thursday night, he dumped his beer all over the Lions star's head.

The incident happened in the first quarter of Detroit's "Thursday Night Football" game against Green Bay ... when St. Brown hauled in a 24-yard TD -- and then headed for some front-row seats to celebrate with Lions fans.

The 23-year-old did his version of the Lambeau Leap -- jumping over a wall behind the end zone into the waiting arms of several people decked out in blue and silver -- and while he initially was having a good time, a Green Bay fan decided to ruin the moment.

You can see in a replay of the celly, the Packers fan reached out with his drink and poured it on St. Brown's helmet. Just seconds later, the wide receiver hopped down and rejoined his team.

It's unclear if the fan was punished for the act ... or if St. Brown even noticed amid all the chaos in the stands. After the game, though, he did joke about the celebration to reporters, saying, "I lost my Lambeau Leap virginity."

In the past, cops have investigated similar incidents at NFL stadiums -- you'll recall, in 2018, the Foxborough Police Dept. launched a probe into a fan after he was seen throwing beer on Tyreek Hill following a touchdown at Gillette Stadium.

No word yet if the Green Bay Police Dept. is involved in Thursday night's incident ... we've reached out to cops for comment, but haven't heard back.

As for the game, the Lions ended up destroying the Packers, 34-20 ... and St. Brown got the last laugh on at least one heckling fan, blowing a kiss to someone who was flipping him the bird.

Lions' Benito Jones Incredible 'TNF' 'Fit ... Overalls, Boots And Cowboy Hat!!!

Even with a loss or a draw on Thursday evening, Lions defensive tackle Benito Jones is still leaving Lambeau Field a winner regardless ... 'cause he just earned the honor of best pregame 'fit by far!!!

The 25-year-old rolled up to the big "Thursday Night Football" matchup against the Packers in nothing but orange overalls, boots, and a cowboy hat.

The guy absolutely crushed the look ... and it was so great -- the Lions just had to make it the final picture of their pregame Instagram carousel.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"All I can say is...," the team wrote on its social media page, "swipe until the end 😂."

The rest of the Lions opted for more muted outfits ahead of their NFC North clash ... with star quarterback Jared Goff sportin' simply jeans and a flannel.

No matter which look you prefer -- ya gotta give Jones credit for putting it all out there.

Now, will he be able to back it up with a good performance on the field against the Pack? Kickoff is in just a few minutes ... stay tuned!!

NFL's Jonathan Owens Defends Simone Biles ... After Fan Calls Gymnast 'So F***ing Rude'

Jonathan Owens is firing back at a fan who said his wife, Simone Biles, was a complete jerk while out on a recent shopping trip ... saying the accusations are all a lie.

The fan claimed the unpleasant run-in with the gymnastics star happened several months ago at a makeup store she had been working at.

In a series of tweets, the woman said Biles was "so f***ing rude" ... and, at one point during the shopping spree, denied her coworker a picture with her daughter while at check out.

She claimed Biles said at the time, "Absolutely not. Your daughter is 4 she doesn't even know me." She also said the 26-year-old complained to the store manager about being watched while she was perusing through items.

"For months after," the woman wrote in one of her tweets, "every time I'd see new about her and they would call her sweet I just recall how mean she was for no reason. When she left we all were like 'what the f*** just happened.'"

But, Owens -- the Green Bay Packers defensive back who married Biles earlier this year -- called cap on the story in his own series of posts on X on Thursday ... saying Biles is the "sweetest person in the world."

"Spreading lies on the internet is crazy," he said. "It's okay for her to deny a picture. People don't understand sometimes you just want to shop in peace, if she stops and takes one picture people will just keep following her and won’t leave us alone."

"And another thing," he continued, "I've never heard her talk to someone like that, especially to someone who asked her for a picture, like why would you try to make her look like that."

"I’m not going for that, I don't play bout my baby."

Since Owens' tweets, the woman has made her account private. It's unclear if she's issued a response to it all.

LeRoy Butler Jordan Love Could Be Best Of '20 Class ... Over Burrow, Herbert, Tua!!!

BEST OF 2020???

The best QB of the 2020 NFL Draft class might not end being Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts OR Tua Tagovailoa ... at least, that's according to LeRoy Butler -- who tells TMZ Sports it could actually be Jordan Love!!

The Packers legend made the eyebrow-raising claim following Green Bay's win in Week 1 ... explaining he thinks that after sitting behind Aaron Rodgers the past three years, Love could now be best set up for success out of all the '20 signal-callers.

"I think he may be better than those guys," the Packers legend said, "because he's going to have that opportunity because he had to sit and wait."

Sunday's victory over the Bears marked just the second time ever that Love has started an NFL game ... but Butler was clearly impressed.

The Hall of Fame defensive back loved the way the 24-year-old -- who the Packers took with the 26th overall selection in 2020 behind Burrow, Herbert and Tagovailoa -- played within himself ... and he liked it so much, he now believes there's a chance Love finishes his career as 2020's best pick.

Butler actually compared the situation to his own career ... saying that while 47 guys were drafted ahead of him -- and played way more than him as a rookie -- he's now got a bust in Canton.

"There's a lot of guys who went before me," the 1990 second-round pick said. "But I'm in the Hall of Fame -- and they're not."


As for the man who Love replaced this year ... Butler spoke with us about the season-ending injury Rodgers suffered on Monday night -- and he suggested the quarterback "get some therapy ASAP" to make sure he's mentally ready to start his comeback journey.

LeRoy Butler Jordan Love Podría Ser El Mejor De La Clase '20 ¡¡¡Por encima de Burrow, Herbert, Tua!!!

¿El mejor de 2020?

El mejor quarterback de la clase 2020, de la NFL Draft, podría no terminar siendo Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts O Tua Tagovailoa, al menos, de acuerdo a LeRoy Butler, quien le dijo a TMZ Sports que en realidad podría ser ¡¡Jordan Love!!

La leyenda de los Packers hizo la afirmación después de la victoria de Green Bay en la Semana 1, explicando que después de sentarse detrás de Aaron Rodgers en los últimos 3 años, Love podría estar mejor preparado para el éxito de todos los '20 signal-callers.

"Creo que puede ser mejor que esos chicos", dijo la leyenda de los Packers, "porque va a tener esa oportunidad porque tuvo que sentarse y esperar".

La victoria del domingo sobre los Bears marcó apenas la segunda vez que Love inicia un partido de la NFL, pero Butler quedó claramente impresionado.

Al back defensivo del Salón de la Fama le encantó la forma en que el jugador de 24 años -a quien los Packers tomaron con la 26ª selección global en 2020 detrás de Burrow, Herbert y Tagovailoa- jugó... y le gustó tanto, que ahora cree que hay una posibilidad de que Love termine su carrera dentro de la mejor selección de 2020.

Butler de hecho comparó la situación con su propia carrera, diciendo que aunque 47 chicos fueron reclutados antes que él, y jugaron mucho más que él, como novato- ahora tiene un busto en Canton.

"Hay un montón de tipos que estuvieron por delante de mí", dijo el elegido en segunda ronda en 1990. "Pero yo estoy en el Salón de la Fama y ellos no".

Recúperate mentalmente también

En cuanto al hombre que Love sustituyó este año, Butler habló con nosotros sobre la lesión que dejó fuera de la temporada a Rodgers y que sufrió el lunes por la noche y sugirió que el quarterback "vaya a terapia lo antes posible" para asegurarse de que está mentalmente preparado para iniciar su regreso.

Brett Favre Rodgers Will Come Back From Injury ... Better Than Ever!!!


Brett Favre believes Aaron Rodgers will be back on the field next year ... and when he ultimately straps on his helmet and shoulder pads again -- the Packers legend tells TMZ Sports the QB will be "as good, if not better, than ever."

Of course, Favre says there's at least some chance Rodgers calls it a career after he snapped his Achilles during his Jets debut on Monday night ... but as a guy who's spent years around the signal-caller, Favre just doesn't see a way this is the end for Rodgers.

"I personally think that he will come back," Favre said. "I don't see him going out like this."

And, if and when he returns to the Big Apple, Favre has no doubts Rodgers will find success again.

In fact, Brett says he plans on reaching out to his former teammate soon to make sure the future Hall of Famer gets that message.

"It seemed to me from the outside looking in they had a good thing going there," Favre said of Rodgers' time in New York. "Just the vibe I was getting. If that's the case -- if he felt that way too, give it a shot. That's what I would tell him."

For Rodgers' part, he certainly seems like a guy that's not ready to quit ... just a day before he had surgery to repair his damaged leg, he wrote in an Instagram post that he "shall rise yet again."

As for this season, Favre says there's still a lot of help Rodgers can provide to his team ... telling us new starter Zach Wilson could certainly use the 39-year-old's support going forward.

Brett Favre U.S. In Better Shape Under Trump ... Cares About Americans

Fearless with Jason Whitlock / Blaze Podcasts

Brett Favre is speaking out after months of silence ... and while he only briefly addressed the Mississippi welfare scandal, the Hall of Famer talked politics, flat out saying the U.S. was better off under President Trump.

"I think Donald was a non-political president, and I liked that about him," Favre told Jason Whitlock in a lengthy conversation Tuesday on the TV personality's "Fearless" podcast. "Was he perfect? Absolutely not. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. I'm flawed just like the rest of 'em. We're all flawed. But, I really felt like he had our country in a better place and really cared about our people in our country."

"Black, white, Hispanic, Asian -- you name it," the former Packers quarterback continued. "I think if you were an American citizen, he cared about you, first and foremost. I don't know if our current president has the same mentality."

It's no secret the NFL legend is a supporter of #45 ... something Brett told Jason has seriously hurt his checkbook.

"It's cost me money," Favre admitted.

The former Green Bay signal-caller also talked about one of the most polarizing issues in the country, transgender people ... a topic which Favre feels strongly about.

During the chat with Whitlock, he said, "To think that a young man who identifies as a girl, I don't understand -- just hear me out -- can go into a girl's bathroom and use the restroom with girls, and for us to think that's OK, I think is wrong. I'm sorry."

He went on to agree with Whitlock's opinion that transgender women shouldn't be allowed to compete against biological females in sporting events.

As for his alleged role in the Mississippi welfare scandal -- where he's been accused of working with government officials to obtain $5 million from welfare funds to build a volleyball facility at Southern Miss. -- Favre said he couldn't speak much about it due to a gag order.

He did say, though, he's looking forward to openly speaking about it all soon.

"I relish the day that I can talk about it," he said.

Simone Biles Proud Wife Alert!!! ... After New Hubby Signs With Packers

Life couldn't get any sweeter for Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens -- 'cause just days after the newlyweds tied the knot in Cabo, the NFL player signed with the Green Bay Packers!!

The 7-time Olympic medalist shared her reaction to the news on Friday ... posting a photo of her already draped in Packers merch as her new hubby inked his contract.

"So proud of you baby!" Biles said of the move. "Here’s to new beginnings! Year 6! LFG!"

Owens, who suited up for Texans from 2019 to 2022, is also hyped ... saying, "New beginnings. Perfect cap to an amazing week."

Of course, Owens is referring to his beautiful wedding last weekend ... which was as extravagant as they come.

The 26-year-old gymnast wore a gorgeous gown from famous designer Galia Lahav ... and Owens looked sharp with a beige suit and tie in front of family and friends.

The marital bliss comes 15 months after Owens proposed with a massive 3-carat diamond ring.

New marriage, new team, what's next -- a new baby?!?

Remember, Biles did previously mention Jonathan wants a "football team" of kids down the road.

Stay tuned ... and welcome to Green Bay, newlyweds!!! Time to buy a winter coat.

Ex-NFL Star Jimmy Graham Reveals Gnarly Leg Wound ... Suffered In Bike Crash


1:25 PM PT -- Jimmy Graham just shared a photo of the leg wound he suffered in the crash ... and -- WARNING -- it's gnarly.


10:41 AM PT -- Jimmy Graham just went into detail about his terrifying bike accident ... explaining to A.J. Hawk on "The Pat McAfee Show" on Thursday that in addition to the leg wound he suffered, he also "ripped all the skin off my back."


Graham estimated he was going about 20 MPH when the car collided with him.


The ex-Saints tight end added that he initially believed his leg was shattered in the wreck.


"It ended up just being a cut," the former All-Pro said. "I think all the years of punishment in the NFL kind of built the calluses up, you know?"


Graham said he was, thankfully, wearing a helmet -- and appeared to now be doing just fine.

Former NFL All-Pro Jimmy Graham was hit by a car during a bike ride earlier this week ... and, according to his buddy and former Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk, the ex-tight end suffered a gnarly gash on his leg.

Hawk said on Wednesday's 'Pat McAfee Show' the terrifying incident went down in South Florida earlier this week ... when Graham was cruising on two wheels on Miami roadways.

Hawk revealed that during the ride, a car suddenly turned left ... and smashed into the former New Orleans Saints Pro Bowler.

Fortunately, it seems Graham escaped without significant injuries ... but Hawk said the 36-year-old did sustain a gnarly wound on his calf.

"He has a slice on his calf that looked like he had worms growing out of it," Hawk said. "It was so deep and all the stuff in there you could see. Now he has tons of stitches and all of that."

Graham addressed the wreck on his Instagram page shortly after Hawk broke the news ... saying he felt sore as hell -- almost as if he had just played in a Sunday NFL game.

"My body has certainly built up a callus for punishment over the years," he added. "I'll be fine. Stay safe out there."

Graham also shared a picture of a new racing bike -- insinuating the one he used in the accident was destroyed.

Of course, this is not the first time Graham has been involved in a near-death accident ... back in 2021, he was in a rollover car crash. Thankfully, he avoided serious injury there too.

Stay safe, Jimmy!!!

Originally Published -- 5/10 1:36 PM PT

Warren Moon Sorry, Jets Fans ... Bills Still Top Dogs In AFC East!!!


A trade for Aaron Rodgers does NOT make the Jets the favorite to win the AFC East ... at least, that's according to Hall of Famer Warren Moon, who tells TMZ Sports he's still got the Bills at the top of the division.

Don't get it twisted, Moon wasn't knocking New York's new signal-caller ... he just clearly believes Buffalo is that much more talented than the Jets still.

"They still have a great roster," Moon said of Buffalo.

The 66-year-old, though, did admit the Rodgers acquisition does certainly bring NY closer to the Bills at the top of what many are expecting to be a highly competitive AFC East in 2023.

But Moon wasn't ready to call the Jets legitimate Super Bowl contenders quite yet ... telling us he thinks the AFC is just too loaded this year.

"It's going to be tough on the Jets to win their division and get in the playoffs and advance," Moon said. "But Aaron Rodgers at least gives them a fighting chance to be able to do that."

New York Jets

As for if Moon has any advice for Rodgers on how to improve his chances following a trade ... the former NFL superstar -- who was once famously dealt to the Minnesota Vikings in his career -- urged Aaron to get into NY offseason workouts ASAP.

Aaron Rodgers Jet-Setting To NY!!! ... Packers Trading Star QB

Aaron Rodgers is finally getting his wish ... the NFL superstar is being traded to the New York Jets!!

The Packers will send the quarterback to NY in exchange for a bunch of draft picks ... according to Adam Schefter, the deal will include two second-rounders, one of which could turn into a 1st-rounder in 2024 if Rodgers plays 65 percent of the Jets' snaps this season.

Schefter reported Rodgers will switch from No. 12 to No. 8 when he officially arrives in New York.

The trade signals the end of a historic career in Green Bay for Rodgers, who after being picked in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft, piled up an insane resume.

He won four MVPs in 18 seasons, got a Super Bowl win, made 10 Pro Bowl teams, and earned All-Pro honors four times. He also piled up a career 147-75-1 record -- while throwing for 59,055 yards and 475 TDs.

His reign in Wisconsin, though, wasn't without drama ... he consistently butted heads with execs in the front office over personnel decisions and more -- especially at the end of his career ... leading to his eventual departure Monday.

But, New York players are no doubt thrilled he'll be wearing green and white this season ... because everyone from Sauce Gardner to Quinnen Williams to Garrett Wilson had been recruiting him like crazy this entire offseason.

If you're wondering, the Jets won't play the Packers in 2023 -- unless they meet in the Super Bowl ... fingers crossed!!

Aaron Rodgers Trade Speculation Hits Fever Pitch ... After Jets GM Spills The Beans On Stage

Green Bay Packers superstar QB Aaron Rodgers seems to be one step closer to getting his wish of playing football in The Big Apple.

New York Jets General Manager Joe Douglas pretty much confirmed on Friday night that Rodgers would be wearing his team's Gang Green uniform, although no timeline was given for the potential trade.


Douglas made the announcement during a public appearance on stage with CBS NFL analyst and WFAN radio host Boomer Esiason, causing the crowd to go wild.

Check out video capturing the moment in which Esiason asked if Rodgers was going to join Gang Green, and Douglas bluntly replied, "He's gonna be here."

As we reported, The Packers and Jets have been haggling over a fair price for Rodgers during trade talks. Several weeks ago, Rodgers went on "The Pat McAfee Show" to say that he wanted out of Green Bay so he could move to Florham Park, New Jersey -- the site of the Jets Training Center.

Rodgers told McAfee, "My intention is to play for the New York Jets," but he also indicated he's gotten interest from other NFL teams.

He continued, "I haven't been holding anything up at this point. It's been compensation that the Packers are trying to get for me, and kinda digging their heels in."

Stay tuned.

Aaron Rodgers On The Hunt For Healing Crystals ... As Packers-Jets Trade Remains In Limbo

If NFL general managers can't get a blockbuster trade to go through ... maybe some pretty rocks and colored gems can?!

Seems Aaron Rodgers is hoping that's the truth ... because as the Packers and Jets continue to struggle to complete a trade for the star quarterback -- he hit a rock store near Los Angeles to shop for some healing crystals that many believe could help turn talks around.

The 39-year-old was seen out at Topanga Rocks in Topanga, CA on Wednesday afternoon -- browsing through their crystal selection as he remains hopeful that he can be dealt from Green Bay to New York this offseason.

He was seen leaving the store with a small bag -- but it's unclear what was purchased.

Of course, in the spiritual world, there are several crystals that people think could help facilitate a Packers-Jets swap ... including citrine, which is thought to bring luck to its owner. Or, maybe he was simply just hunting for a stone that could help him deal with the anxiety of the uncertainty of it all.

Either way, Rodgers doesn't seem to be sweating things too much -- he was spotted out a coffee shop enjoying a drink with actor Jonathan Tucker just before making the pit stop at the rock shop ... and appeared to be doing just fine.


The Packers and Jets, meanwhile, are still haggling over what's a fair price for Rodgers ... but now that the spirits have potentially made their way into the conversation -- maybe that changes soon???

For more, tune into the TMZ Sports Podcast available on all podcast platforms!

Allen Lazard Rodgers Is 'A Big Reason' I'm A Jet ... Fully Expecting Trade To Go Through


Allen Lazard tells TMZ Sports Aaron Rodgers was "a big reason" he's now a Jet ... and, no, he says he has zero concerns that a NY trade for the QB could fall through.

Lazard reached an agreement to play for the Jets last Tuesday -- one day before Rodgers publicly revealed he wants to be in NY too -- and it's clear the good pals/former Packers teammates had at least some conversations about linking up in New York before making their decisions.

Lazard revealed Rodgers' intent to play for the Jets was actually one of two big things that pulled him to Gang Green -- the other was that his former offensive coordinator in Green Bay, Nathaniel Hackett, is now the Jets OC.

He explained ... Rodgers is not only an elite thrower of the football, but he's also a guy who he believes can "light a lot of fire underneath" Jets players, helping their Super Bowl chances.

And, even though a trade for Rodgers hasn't officially gone through as both the Packers and the Jets appear to be at an impasse over compensation, he tells us he ain't sweatin' it one bit.

"There's no worry on my end," said the 27-year-old receiver, who inked a four-year, $44 million contract with the Jets. "Especially knowing that Aaron has his full-on commitment to being a New York Jet this year."

Tune into the TMZ Sports Podcast wherever you get your podcasts!

Packers Legend LeRoy Butler Jets Won't Win With Aaron Rodgers ... 'Ya'll Ain't Going To No Super Bowl!!!"


Don't book hotel rooms in Las Vegas just yet, Jets fans ... Packers legend LeRoy Butler tells TMZ Sports even with Aaron Rodgers -- "ya'll ain't going to no Super Bowl."

In fact, according to the Hall of Famer, NY won't even break .500 this season with Rodgers!!!

Butler gave us his prediction on Friday -- just a couple days after Rodgers made it known he wants to be traded from the Packers to the Jets -- and he's warning NY fans, be careful what you wish for.

The Pat McAfee Show

Don't get it twisted, Butler thinks Rodgers can still sling the pigskin -- "you can blindfold Aaron flat-footed, and he'll hit a mosquito" -- he just thinks the way the quarterback is handling this offseason won't lend itself to big wins later in 2023.

"I'm going to say this," Butler told us, "I was on a team that went to two Super Bowls -- your team gotta be close."

"I don't know if Aaron Rodgers is going to be there the whole offseason to gel with the top Rookie of the Year wide receiver [Garrett Wilson] ... I don't know if he's going to be there to go to the clubs with Breece Hall. I don't know."

Butler said he's expecting it all to lead to only eight wins for the Jets in '23.

"And then, you have to waffle again if he wants to play for 2024," Butler said.

Butler added he's not been pleased with the way Rodgers has handled his impending exit from Green Bay -- straight up saying some of the signal-caller's words have come across as "disrespectful."

He added that he's happy the team can finally move on from the Rodgers saga with Jordan Love -- predicting GB will win nine or 10 games this season.

"We're all on board," the former Green Bay safety said. "We're so excited. Thank you, Jets. Shout out Robert Saleh. Thank you! Thank you! Woody Johnson, thank you!"

Aaron Rodgers I Want To Be A Jet ... 'Packers Would Like To Move On'

The Pat McAfee Show

Aaron Rodgers just admitted he wants to be a New York Jet in 2023 ... saying it's clear to him the Green Bay Packers no longer want him.

The star quarterback broke everything down about his current situation on The Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday afternoon -- saying as of last Friday, he had decided to not retire ... and his intention is to now "play for the New York Jets."

He added that following conversations with Green Bay execs, he believed the Packers "would like to move on" as well.

Rodgers said he's not the one holding up an official Green Bay to NY trade from going through -- saying it's the Packers who are the ones preventing a deal. He explained ... his former team is still trying to work out compensation for the QB.

The 39-year-old said he harbors no ill will toward his former team for the way it's all going down now ... but he did say he wished the Packers had been more honest with him following the season.

He told McAfee that, initially, Green Bay brass had said "take as long as you want" ... and "if you want to come back and play, the door is wide open."

But, Rodgers -- who admitted he had seriously considered retiring ("90 percent," he called it) prior to his darkness retreat in late February -- said things changed when he returned from isolation.

"Multiple people that I trust around the league said that there was some shopping going on," Rodgers said. "[The Packers] were interested in moving me."

He added, "They're ready to move on with Jordan [Love]. That's awesome. Jordan is going to be a great player, he's a great kid."

No word yet on when a trade will happen -- but one thing is clear, it appears to be truly a matter of "when" now ... no longer "if."

Rejoice, NY. Rejoice.

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