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Rockies' Jon Gray Concerned About Free Agency ... After Keuchel/Kimbrel Drama

6/12/2019 6:15 AM PDT

Colorado Rockies stud pitcher Jon Gray says he's nervous about the possibility of free agency in a couple years ... saying the drama that Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel just went through has him shaken up.

"There's been a lot of trouble with guys finding jobs, even though regardless of the situation and how talented they are," Gray tells TMZ Sports.

"It's kind of strange seeing something like that happen."

Of course, despite being two of the best pitchers in all of baseball .. Keuchel and Kimbrel remained unsigned until just a few days ago -- when the Braves and Cubs finally gave in.

That whole ordeal has 27-year-old Gray concerned ... 'cause the pitcher tells us he's starting to get an uneasy feeling about the possibility of his free agency future in 2022.

"There's so many unknowns," Gray says.

But, Jon tells us he ain't worrying that much ... saying, "I just try to keep my faith and know that tomorrow is going to come. And, no matter what I'll be where I'm supposed to."

Colorado Rockies Douse Wrigley Field In Champagne ... After Upsetting Cubs

10/3/2018 6:35 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Rockies were the WORST houseguests Tuesday night ... 'cause after they booted the Cubs from the playoffs -- they SOAKED their Wrigley Field locker room in bubbly and beer!!!

Colorado scored in the top of the 13th in the NL Wild Card game and slammed the door on Chicago in the bottom of the frame ... and then it was time for champagne and Budweiser.

The team sprayed down the whole locker room -- although they were at least kind enough to put up the tarps beforehand.

There was an MVP chant for Charlie Blackmon ... Nolan Arenado made sure to bring the tunes ... and Tony Wolters (dude with the game-winning RBI) had a great dance. Good times were had by all.

It's the Brewers up next for the Rockies in the NLDS. Series starts Thursday.

As for the Cubs ... good luck scrubbing all that alcohol off the walls!!

Todd Helton We're Keeping the Horse Of Course, Of Course

9/27/2013 12:20 AM PDT
Todd Helton won't be sending his new horse to the glue factory anytime soon -- cause the Colorado Rockies first baseman already has a sweet ranch waiting for his new retirement gift.

Todd's wife Christy tells TMZ ... they had no idea the Rockies would be gifting him a horse during his send off -- but it's not a problem ... cause they just happen to have a 4,000 acre ranch (perks of earning more than $160 million).

We're told the horse -- named A Tru Bustamove -- is worth $45,000 and the Heltons already have a nickname for him ... "Busta."

Woo ha! Woo ha!!

Todd Helton Police Report Drunk Lotto Ticket Run

2/7/2013 7:44 AM PST

Colorado Rockies superstar Todd Helton -- who once signed a $141.5 MILLION contract -- was arrested for DUI while trying to drunkenly buy LOTTERY TICKETS ... this according to cops.

TMZ obtained the police report filed by the Thornton Police Department after the 39-year-old slugger was popped at a gas station in Colorado early Wednesday morning.

According to the report, cops tracked down Helton after receiving a tip that Todd's black Ford F-150 had struck a median and then parked at a nearby gas station.

When cops arrived to the scene, police say they saw Helton stumbling out of the gas station -- stinking of booze -- and clutching lottery tickets in his hand.

Cops say Helton denied striking a median ... but "made spontaneous statements about drinking two igloo cups of red wine."

Helton was eventually arrested on 3 counts of DUI ... but according to the report he was "respectful and professional throughout the entire process."

Colorado Rockies Star Busted for DUI

2/6/2013 11:56 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton was arrested for DUI this morning -- and TMZ has the mug shot.

According to the police report, 39-year-old Helton was busted at 2:39 AM on 3 counts of drunk driving just outside of Denver.

Cops say Helton was cooperative.

A rep for the Rockies released a statement saying the MLB superstar "clearly understands the seriousness of his poor decision."

Helton -- a former All-Star -- was once considered one of the best hitters in baseball.

Helton just released a statement saying, "Last evening I exercised poor judgment and was charged with drinking and driving after driving to a gas station near my house. I am very sorry and embarrassed by my actions."

"I hold myself to a high standard and take my responsibility as a public figure very seriously. My entire career I have worked to set a positive example for my family and in our community and I fell far short of this standard."

"I sincerely ask my family, the Colorado Rockies Organization, Major League Baseball and the community to accept my apology. I make no excuses and accept full responsibility for my actions. I humbly ask your forgiveness.”
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