Milwaukee Brewers Honoring July 4 Shooting Victim ... Dugout Jersey, Autographs & More

Awesome gesture from the Milwaukee Brewers ... the MLB team is honoring the 8-year-old boy who was paralyzed in the Highland Park shooting earlier this month at their game Friday night.

The Brewers have already hung a No. 22 "Roberts" jersey in their dugout ahead of their contest with the Pittsburgh Pirates ... an homage to Cooper Roberts, who was tragically shot and seriously injured while attending the Illinois 4th of July parade.

According to multiple reports, the Brewers will also give Cooper and his twin brother, Luke, jerseys signed by the entire team.

Milwaukee superstar and former MVP Christian Yelich also reportedly recorded a video message for Roberts and his family.

The awesome moves reportedly come just days after the team learned Roberts is a "huge" Brew Crew supporter -- the Brewers' Miller Park is, after all, roughly an hour drive from Highland Park, Ill.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for Roberts, the 8-year-old's spinal cord was severed by a bullet in the shooting. A statement from the family on Friday said Cooper is "conscious for the first time and [has] been removed from the ventilator but in a great deal of pain."

Here's to hoping the Brewers' nods to Cooper provide at least a few moments of relief for the little boy.

Brewers Vs. Braves Fan Runs Wild On Field ... Jukes Security Guards

Twitter / @Panarinbread72

A tight MLB game on Wednesday got a whole lot more interesting in the later innings ... when a fan ran onto the field, and, for a while, evaded security guards like an NFL running back.

The moment just happened in the Braves vs. Brewers game in Milwaukee.

Video shot by spectators inside the stadium shows a fan made it down to the field, and then began dancing in center field.

The guy shook his booty for quite a while before security eventually realized he was there -- and then, he evaded the guards who were trying to take him down for several seconds.

The man then sprinted from the outfield to the mound, before eventually making it to home plate ... all while juking stadium officials in the process.

Toward the end of his jaunt, the guy tried to get a high-five from a Milwaukee batter, but after the Brewer left the man hanging, security finally corralled the fan and got him off the diamond.

No word if the guy was ultimately arrested ... but he's missing a helluva game -- the Braves and Brewers are currently in extra innings fighting for a win!

Milwaukee Bucks Fake Championship Rings Seized By Feds ... Bogus Bling Worth Small Fortune

A bunch of counterfeit Milwaukee Bucks title rings have been seized by the feds ... who say if the bogus bling had made it past them, it could have cost U.S. residents a small fortune.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, over the past few months, 56 shipments of 1,382 fake sports championship rings and trophies were intercepted by officers in Cincinnati.

The feds say in addition to the fraud Bucks memorabilia, there were also rings with Dodgers, Red Sox, Univ. of Kentucky and NASCAR images on them.

Authorities say the shipments also included fake Lombardi Trophies and more ... and add that it would have all been worth around $1 million if it had been the real deal materials.

"The money profited from selling fake merchandise such as championship rings, is used to damage the United States economy and fund criminal enterprises," Cincinnati port director Richard Gillespie said in a statement Tuesday.

"I am proud of the officers in Cincinnati, they work hard to protect our domestic businesses and stop illegal shipments."

Of course, this is far from the first time feds have halted counterfeit sports items from sneaking their way into the U.S. ... it happens yearly, including in 2019, when authorities say they seized nearly $12 million worth of fake title goods.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Buys Stake in Milwaukee Brewers ... I'm A Part-Owner Now!!!

Giannis Antetokounmpo is adding to his resume -- two-time MVP, NBA Champ ... and now, part-owner of the Milwaukee Brewers!!!

Just weeks after the Bucks superstar brought Milwaukee its 1st NBA championship since 1971 ... the Brewers announced Antetokounmpo is now taking his talents -- business wise -- to the city's baseball team.

Brewers officials said in a statement the 26-year-old purchased a stake in the org. on Friday ... announcing, "Giannis Antetokounmpo has joined the Crew!"

"The two-time MVP is officially part of the Milwaukee Brewers ownership team. Thank you, Giannis, for your commitment to our team and Milwaukee!"

No word on how many shares Giannis bought or how much they cost ... but we're sure the NBA player could afford it -- after all, he signed a 5-year, $228 MILLION deal last December!

Of course, Giannis ain't the only sports star buying into the MLB recently ... as we previously reported, Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes just bought a part of the K.C. Royals last summer.

Yeah, further proof that it's still great to be rich.

MLB's Kolten Wong Takes At-Bat In Tears ... After Getting Standing Ovation In STL Return

Touching moment in the MLB on Thursday ... Kolten Wong got a standing ovation in his return to St. Louis -- and he was so emotional about it, he had to take his ensuing at-bat in tears.

It all went down in the 1st inning of the Brewers' tilt with the Cards ... when Wong -- who played in STL from 2013 through 2020 -- was set to take his first AB as an opposing player at Busch Stadium.

But, as soon as his name was announced over the PA system ... fans roared so loudly for the Cards' former second baseman, the game was paused for several seconds.

Even Wong's ex-teammates, pitcher Adam Wainwright and catcher Yadier Molina, took a few bows to pay their respects to the 30-year-old.

And, all of love clearly hit Wong HARD ... 'cause he spent his entire ensuing at-bat crying.

Fortunately for Wong, Wainwright didn't throw him a single strike on four pitches ... and he was able to head down to first base pretty quickly to re-collect himself.

Props to STL for the cool move ... #classy!

MLB's Christian Yelich My Knee Is 100% ... I'll Be Ready For Spring!!!


The Milwaukee Brewers will have their MVP back to start next season ... Christian Yelich tells TMZ Sports his fractured knee cap is now feeling 100% healthy!!

"I'm doing great, man," Yelich says. "All good."

The superstar outfielder busted up his knee back on Sept. 10 when he fouled a pitch off his right leg ... and there was initial concern the injury could linger into next season.

But, Yelich -- who ultimately didn't require surgery to fix the issue -- told us out at LAX he's feeling great ... and expects to be good to go for the start of spring training in a few months.

"We're ready to go, man," Yelich says.

Of course, that's great news for Milwaukee ... Yelich is maybe the best player in the MLB -- and could win his second straight National League MVP award next month.

By the way, Christian also gave us more good news ... telling us he and his family haven't been affected by the wildfires that are raging near his Thousand Oaks, Calif. hometown.

"We're all good," Yelich said.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Gym Workout Dance-Off with Bro


Giannis Antetokounmpo is moving on from that crushing Conference Finals loss to the Raptors by getting right back in the gym ... and dancing his ass off!!

The Greek Freak and his fellow NBA playing brother, Kostas, channeled their inner MadeinTYO for their workout cooldowns ... bustin' out the woah dance while "Chucky Cheese" blasts in the background.

If you have no idea what these kids are trying to accomplish, check out this vid.

Giannis is obviously one of the best players on the planet right now ... but that doesn't make him immune to the IG trolls ... with some people joking his moves look like a grandpa trying to be cool.

Worth noting -- if you think these guys are good hoopers, the Antetokounmpos have a younger brother, Alex ... and Giannis previously told us he's gonna be the best in the bunch!!

Look out, NBA.

Jason Giambi $11 Mil Cabo Pad Hits Auction ... With Infinity Pool!!!

Wanna get outta the country and live like an MLB slugger at the same time??? Jason Giambi's awesome Cabo villa is hitting the auction block -- hope ya got a few MILLION laying around!!!

The crib (nicknamed Casa Cielo) is sick -- featuring 9 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, an infinity pool with a hot tub, insane ocean views, home gym, game room, bar ... and a cool tiki hut thing.

Oh, he also has parking for 13 cars ... just in case.

Look at the pics ... it's the ultimate vacation pad. It makes you want to pound a Corona RIGHT NOW!!!

The 48-year-old previously listed his 12,079-square-foot Mexican villa for $10.7 million ... but now he's decided to expedite the process by listing the place with Concierge Auctions.

The auction starts on May 21 and runs to the 24 -- and there's no reserve ... meaning highest bid wins!!!

Hope you saved up ...

So, why is Giambi selling the place? Simple ... he wants to free up some cash.

"The auction of Casa Cielo marks an exciting new chapter for me as I move on to other ventures," Giambi said.

Giambi made a TON of cash during his nearly 20 years in the Bigs ... raking in a reported $133 MILLION!!!

He was a 5-time All-Star and won the American League MVP in 2000.

Christian Yelich Would Consider Giving NL MVP Trophy To Borderline Bar


MLB superstar Christian Yelich says he'd be open to donating his MVP award to the Thousand Oaks bar where 12 people were murdered last month ... 'cause the tragedy hit way too close to home for him.

The Brewers outfielder went to school at Westlake H.S. in T.O. -- and tells TMZ Sports he actually used to party at Borderline Bar & Grill when he was a teenager just a few years ago.

That's why he says the tragic killing of 12 innocent people had "extra meaning" for him ... so much so, he says he'll consider donating his MVP award to the bar when it reopens.

"That's something that we'll have to talk about in the future," Yelich told us at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year ceremony at The Beverly Hilton in L.A.

"I feel like you gotta let the grieving process play out. Let them take care of the many needs and things that they have to take care of just to get back to a sense of normalcy. And, then you can kinda see what you can do to help out."

In the meantime ... Yelich has teamed up with Ryan Braun, Rams star Jared Goff and others to not only raise money for the shooting victims but also those affected by wildfires.

"We tried to put together a California Strong charity just to raise money to help people out and get them back on their feet in any way we can. Just lend a helping hand in a time of need."

Props to Yelich and the guys ... they sold shirts, autographs and giveaways over the last month that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for victims.


Christian Yelich I'll Squash Beef With Machado ... If He Joins Brewers!!


Christian Yelich REALLY hated Manny Machado when the two played in the NLCS this fall ... but the MVP says he's willing to squash the beef under one condition.


You'll remember ... Christian went off on Manny after the Dodgers star banged into Yelich's teammate at first base while running out a grounder in the October series ... callin' Manny "a dirty player."

"It's a dirty play by a dirty player," Yelich said at the time ... "That's what it is."

Fast forward to this week -- with the sweepstakes to land Manny in free agency at an all-time high -- and Christian was singin' a little bit of a different tune to TMZ Sports.

"Listen, emotions run high in those series, things happen," Yelich said at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year ceremony at The Beverly Hilton in L.A.

"If we ended up crossing paths -- being on the same team again -- I'm sure we'd be able to work that out no problem."

Bad news for Yelich, Milwaukee and fans of beef-squashers?? Machado reportedly ain't interested in playin' for the Brew Crew.

Good news for Christian?? Seems Bryce Harper might be ... and Yelich told us all about how dope THAT would be!!!

Brewers' Josh Hader Busts Out Of Slump ... I'm Engaged!

Josh Hader's rough past few months just got a whole lot better ... the Brewers pitcher proposed to his longtime GF -- and she said yes!!

The 24-year-old flame-throwing reliever came under fire back in July when racist and homophobic tweets from 7 years ago surfaced ... forcing the MLB All-Star to apologize vehemently.

Things didn't get much better for the Milwaukee lefty in the fall ... 'cause his team got bounced in Game 7 of the ALCS by the Dodgers.

But ... finally, Hader got some good news Wednesday -- Maria Macias agreed to marry him!!

"Today I asked the woman of my dreams to marry me!" Josh said ... "She said yes!"

The two met when Josh was playing for the Astros' minor league team, The Hooks, three years ago ... and Maria worked for the team in marketing.

Maria says (ironically enough) it was a successful Twitter DM slide that started it all.

BTW ... the two just got an adorable puppy together a few days ago -- proving Hader's 2019 is looking a helluva lot brighter than this past year.

Curtis Granderson Gets Chipped Tooth Fixed Before Game 6 ... Check Out My Smile!

Before Curtis Granderson steps into the batter's box Friday night ... he needed a visit to the dentist's chair -- 'cause dude JACKED UP his tooth sliding into second base Wednesday!!

You'll remember ... The Grandy Man legged out a double in the 9th inning of the Brewers' Game 5 loss to the Dodgers -- and his helmet whacked him square in the mug on the slide.

Curtis ended up with a fat lip AND a broken front tooth to go along with the L ... and even said afterward the chipped piece got STUCK IN HIS LIP!!!

BUT ... the story has a happy ending -- 'cause Curtis hit up Mykleby & Thao Family Dentistry in Wauwatosa before Friday night's first pitch ... and he's cheesin' like normal now.

The smile might be fleeting, though ... Milwaukee's on the verge of elimination.

But, at least it looks nice!!

Manny Machado Hits L.A. Hot Spot After Dodgers' Huge Win


How does the Dodgers' best hitter celebrate a massive playoff win???

Hit up one of the most expensive restaurants in town, baby!!!

TMZ Sports got Manny Machado leaving a fancy steak dinner at Mastro's in Bev Hills ... just hours after he helped L.A. take down the Brewers, 5-2.

Manny was livin' it up ... posing for pics, signing a few autographs and looking stoked to be heading back to Milwaukee, needing just one win to advance to the World Series.

As for the drama Machado's been entangled in throughout the series ... we asked if the beanball he took Wednesday will end the drama. His response, "I don't know."

Only one way Manny can be sure ... JUST END THE SERIES FRIDAY NIGHT WITH A W!!!

Dodgers Prez Stan Kasten Jokes He's Not Thinking About Kershaw Deal ... Focused on World Series!


Here's Dodgers president Stan Kasten (jokingly) LYING TO OUR FACE about Clayton Kershaw -- saying he's not focused on getting a new deal done with the pitcher -- but that's okay, we know what's really going on.

Kershaw has 10 days after the World Series to decide if he'll opt out of the remaining 2 years of his $215 MILLION deal with the Dodgers ... and insists he hasn't made up his mind yet.

So, when we saw Kasten after Game 5 of the NLCS, we had to ask what the plan is to keep Kershaw in Dodgers Blue next season.

"I have no time to think about it because we're 1 game from the World Series," Kasten told our guy.


It's cool, we know you can't really spill the beans -- but how about you use all of those professional looking folders and papers under your arm to lock up Kershaw, baby?!

In the meantime, Kasten says he's focused on winning Game 6 against the Milwaukee Brewers and getting the World Series.

Tommy Lasorda Lasts All 13 Innings of Dodger Game ... Basks in Victory


The Dodgers game didn't end until 11:30 PM PT -- but 91-year-old Tommy Lasorda managed to stay up through all 13 innings to revel in sweet, sweet victory ... and TMZ Sports has the video.

Guys, most 91-year-olds go to bed like 5 HOURS BEFORE THIS GAME ENDED!!!

But, yeah ... while you were getting your beauty sleep, the Dodgers nonagenarian was at the stadium supporting his team like a damn hero. Shame on you.

Lasorda is totally pumped about tying up the NLCS with the Milwaukee Brewers at 2 games apiece following the 13-inning thriller ... and says the fans were awesome (cough, Kike Hernandez).

We're just hoping he gets a chance to rest up before today's game at 2 PM. The guys need ya, Tommy!!

On the other side -- we spoke with "Gossip Girl" star and big-time Brewers fan Jessica Szohr about the game ... and she's still confident her team will make it to the Fall Classic.


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