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Ian Ziering

Why He Didn't Watch '90210' Reboot

9/4/2014 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Since Ian Ziering was standing in for Harvey, we had to ask a "90210" question ... but when we brought up the show's reboot -- SHOCKER!! He did NOT watch it!!

And it's all because Steve Sanders demands accuracy in sex scenes. Standards, dude. 

Jennie Garth

Even Her Black Dog Gets Denied

4/10/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's tough to be in Jennie Garth's world if you're black. First she says her African-American friends were denied at a Hollywood club, and now her black Goldendoodle gets rejected by a fancy rover.

Jennie was tooling around the San Fernando Valley with her pooch Wednesday ... when her dog Pearl tried jumping in the back of her Range Rover.  It was a gnarly, failed attempt -- dog vs. rover, and rover won.

It seems Pearl was no worse for wear.

TMZ broke the story, Jenny stormed away from DBA nightclub Monday night ... the club takes issue with her veiled claim of racial discrimination.  They say she played the "Do you know who I am" card and was told she had to wait in line like everyone else.

Ruff week for Jennie and her bitch.

Jennie Garth Photog

She Played 'Do You Know Who I Am' Card

4/8/2014 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Jennie Garth
was DENIED at a hot Hollywood club because she was asked to stand with the common folk, and not because her friends were turned away ... so claims the photog who took the pic.

The photog tells TMZ ... Jennie skipped the line and walked up to the security team at the front door.  He says they told her they had no power to make exceptions -- everyone needed to stand in line.  The photog says that's when Jennie dropped the card, saying, "I'm 40 years old, I have 3 kids, I've been in the business for years."

FYI -- she's 42.

The photog says the "90210" star did not stand in line, began crying and one of the men she was with tried shielding her from the cameras.  She never stood in line ... she just left.

Jennie's people told TMZ ... she was accompanied by 3 women and 3 African American men.  Jennie claims security was fine with the women coming in but balked at the 3 guys, and she felt it was wrong.

Jennie Garth

The Club Wouldn't Let My Black Friends In

4/8/2014 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
12:20 P.M. PDT --
The club just told TMZ, "DBA has a very strict door policy and Ms. Garth and her entire group of friends were asked to wait in line for entry along with everyone else. The group chose not to do so and left."
Jennie Garth
went to a wildly popular club in Hollywood Monday night ... and abruptly left in a huff, claiming the bouncers turned away her 3 friends ... all of whom were black males.

Jennie's people claim the "90210" star went to DBA with 2 white girlfriends and 3 black men.   She says the bouncer told her and the other women they were invited in but refused to let the guys go past the velvet ropes.

Jennie stormed off ... appearing to cry and flipping off the photogs. 

You don't see the guys in the photo.

One of the photogs told us it looked like the whole group was denied, but Jennie insists the women were given an entry.

As for the club ... so far no comment.



New Hair

I Look Like Tori Spelling Now

8/16/2013 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0816_beyonce_SplashHere's a photo of Beyonce -- sporting either a wig or extensions -- looking like she's ready for a cameo on "90210."


Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli

Divorce Final

Nicest Divorce Ever

6/12/2013 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Former "90210" star Jennie Garth is officially a single woman ... because her divorce from "Twilight" actor Peter Facinelli has been finalized -- and it's quite possibly the most amicable and novel divorce of all time.

As we reported, Garth and Facinelli pulled the plug on their marriage in 2012 after 11 years together. They have three daughters -- 15-year-old Luca Bella, 10-year-old Lola Ray, and 6-year-old Fiona Eve.

The divorce order was officially signed Tuesday -- but the real story ... Garth and Facinelli still totally trust each other -- especially in the money department.

The two have each declined spousal support.  As for the children, they're doing something pretty novel.  Jennie and Peter are funding a joint bank account for the care and education of their children.  Both parents will deposit money in equal amounts.  Each has full access to the accounts. 

They have also agreed to share 50/50 custody of their daughters and insist they don't need a formal custody arrangement -- unheard of in Hollywood.


Ian Ziering

I'm Ready to Be

a Male Stripper!

5/3/2013 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez
0503_IAN_zering_getty2Attention West Beverly High alumni: Steve Sanders is jacked.

Former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star Ian Ziering is getting pumped for his upcoming gig stripping with the yoked man panty crew of Chippendales ... by working out -- with a photographer on hand -- in Studio City on Thursday.

While the 49-year-old's shirtless Vegas stint doesn't start until June ... he's already showing off his peach pits.


Ian Ziering

9021-Oh Damnnnnn ...

I'm a Stripper Now

4/15/2013 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
In the world of 90210 ... if Tori Spelling were a stripper, Ian Ziering would be her male counterpart ... and this scary fantasy has become real because he's heading to Vegas baby!

Ian is the latest celeb to join the infamous Las Vegas Chippendales revue for a guest dancing stint -- following in the footsteps of Joey Lawrence, Jake Pavelka and 98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons.

Ian will be taking most of it off at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino during most of June ... allowing hoards of 30-something women to feebly cling to their Steve Sanders fantasy.

And lest you forget, Ian CAN dance -- he made it to the semi-finals on "Dancing with the Stars" back in season 4.

Waltzing, stripping ... it's all the same right?

Former '90210' Star

Divorce Final from

Nicest DUI Arrestee Ever

3/18/2013 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0315-vanessa-marcil-Carmine-Giovinazzo-gettyFormer "90210" star Vanessa Marcil is officially a free woman ... because her divorce from "CSI:NY" actor Carmine Giovinazzo (aka the nicest DUI arrestee of all time) has been finalized.

TMZ broke the story ... Marcil filed for divorce from Giovinazzo last summer, citing "irreconcilable differences." They were married in 2010 and have no children together.

As for the division of assets ... Vanessa gets the 2009 Chevy Silverado, their L.A. property, a bunch of bank accounts ... as well as all rights to her baby clothes company called Baby Gagoo.

Carmine gets the mother lode -- a 2002 Mercedes CLK, his 2006 Harley, his 2010 Triumph motorcycle, the 1969 Pontiac GTO, 2009 Ducati, 2011 Chevy Camaro ... plus a bunch of bank accounts and other boring stuff.

It's been a rough couple months for Carmine, who was arrested for DUI in January in Scottsdale, AZ. You'll recall, AZ cops say the actor was one of the nicest people they've ever arrested, apologizing constantly and saying he didn't want to be an "a**hole." He even thanked the arresting officers profusely for being so nice to him.

According to police, Carmine's blood alcohol level registered at .149 after his arrest ... nearly twice the legal limit in AZ.

He has since been ordered to complete an alcohol program ... but hey, at least the divorce is behind him.


Steve Sanders & Brandon Walsh

The '90210' Reunion

1/18/2013 11:15 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez
0118_jason_priestly_ianThirteen years after "Beverly Hills, 90210" went off the air, Ian Ziering, 48, and Jason Priestley, 43, proved they didn't just play best friends on TV and reunited for lunch in West Hollywood on Thursday.

Unfortunately, it wasn't at the Peach Pit.


AnnaLynne McCord

Melts in Your Mouth

6/2/2012 4:40 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez
0531_Annalynne-Bikini-Popsicle-Photo_PCN"90210" hottie AnnaLynne McCord cooled off on a warm summer day in L.A. by sucking on the luckiest ice cold popsicle in the world at the beach on Thursday.

The 24-year-old bikini babe knows it's all about staying hydrated and quenching your thirst.

AnnaLynne McCord's Ass

9021-Oh HELL Yes

3/21/2012 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
AnnaLynne McCord in a tiny tie-dye bikiniAnnaLynne McCord really knows how to throw her weight around -- showing off her sexy skin and bones in a tiny tie-dye Bettinis bikini today in L.A..

The 24-year-old "90210" actress needs to lighten up.

AnnaLynne McCord

Goes to Combat in Green Bikini

8/11/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Looking like the hottest American Gladiator ever, AnnaLynne McCord rocked elbow and knee pads with her green bikini to shoot some sort of ridiculous sexy jousting scene on "90210" in L.A. yesterday.

Who wouldn't want to do battle with her?

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