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Adriana Lima Hits Patriots Game Joins Insanely Hot Group of Wives & GFs

1/16/2017 11:47 AM PST
Exclusive Details


Julian Edelman's quasi-girlfriend, Adriana Lima, attended her first Patriots playoffs game this weekend ... and fit right in with the ridiculously good lookin' group of W.A.G.s. 

First, the Edelman-Lima situation (or EdeLima) ... our sources tell us they're still dating but it's more casual than serious. 

As one source put, "When they can see each other, they do. But it's not very often."

Still, they're tight enough that she went to the Pats vs. Texans game at Foxborough this weekend ... joining other wives and girlfriends like Kristen Rorie (Tyler Gaffney's GF), Ciera Liguori (D.J. Foster's GF), Camille Kostek (Gronk's GF) and Siggi Bennett (Martellus Bennett's wife). 

And that doesn't even include Tom Brady's wife ... Gisele. 

It's good to be a Patriot. 



Tom Brady On 'A-Hole Video' 'Wouldn't Fly with Belichick'

1/16/2017 7:11 AM PST
Breaking News

Antonio Brown would get his ASS CHEWED over that locker room video if he was on the Pats ... at least, that's what Tom Brady insinuated ... saying, "I don’t think that would go over well with our coach."

The Patriots QB appeared on "Kirk & Callahan" on WEEI 93.7 FM when he was asked about Brown live streaming his head coach's locker room speech without Mike Tomlin's knowledge ... a speech that included Tomlin referring to the Pats as "assholes." 

It's clear Brady believes Bill Belichick wouldn't have let that crap slide. 

As for the A-holes comment, Brady didn't address that specifically -- but said Brown's decision to live stream a private moment wouldn't fly with the Pats. 

"What’s done in the locker room should stay in the locker room.”

Steelers Head Coach Calls Patriots 'A-Holes' 'We Spotted 'Em a Day-and-a-Half!'

1/16/2017 6:37 AM PST
Breaking News

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin called the Patriots a bunch of "assholes" during a locker room speech to his team ... a speech he didn't know Antonio Brown was streaming out on Facebook Live!!!

The speech came moments after Pittsburgh beat up on Kansas City ... earning a spot to play Tom Brady and company in the AFC Championship next week. 

Brown flipped on his live stream to share the moment with his fans ... when Tomlin made the comment that's sure to make the Pats' bulletin board.

Tomlin noted that the Pats got a "day-and-a-half" head start on prep and recovery since they played on Saturday and the Steelers didn't play until Sunday night.

Tomlin's final message to his team ... be cool and stay off social media.


Mark Wahlberg Rooting for the Chiefs?? Yeah.

1/12/2017 6:28 AM PST

New England Patriots superfan Mark Wahlberg says he'll be cheering on Alex Smith and the rest of the KC Chiefs this weekend ... and why? 

We're guessing he thinks they're an easier path to the Super Bowl than the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Of course, Mark's first love is Tom Brady and Co. ... and he knows the priority is beating the Houston Texans (easy, right?) -- but who do you want in the AFC Championship? Pittsburgh or K.C.?

For the record, New England already BEAT the Steelers this year -- so, what's the big concern? 

Robert Kraft Weighs In On Michael Floyd ... and Joe Mixon

1/9/2017 7:56 AM PST

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft says he's GLAD his team signed Michael Floyd ... despite the criticism over the WR's troubling DUI arrest

Kraft was leaving a Golden Globes party (where he signed autographs and took pics with fans) this weekend when we asked about Floyd. 

Of course, there are critics -- including David Spade -- who've roasted the Pats for signing Floyd just days after cops found him passed out behind the wheel in the middle of an Arizona street. 

We also asked if Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon -- the guy who brutalized a female student -- deserves a chance to play in the NFL.

He wouldn't say if the Pats were interested in drafting Mixon.

Jay Glazer Michael Floyd Needs Help ... But The Patriots Made Smart Move

12/25/2016 12:25 AM PST

Jay Glazer says there's no doubt that NFL star Michael Floyd needs help with his drinking ... but still thinks the New England Patriots made a smart decision picking up the troubled wide out.

We got Glazer out at Craig's in West Hollywood and asked his thoughts on the disturbing video of Floyd completely passed out in his car on the streets of Arizona.

Floyd wasn't just a little drunk ... his BAC was .21 which in Arizona is defined as a "Super Extreme" DUI and carries a stiffer penalty by law enforcement.

Glazer says Floyd -- who had another DUI while balling at Notre Dame -- needs some help -- but still thinks the Pats picking him up after the Cardinals cut him was nothing but good football.

Michael Floyd On DUI: 'Everyone Makes Mistakes'

12/22/2016 11:46 AM PST
Breaking News


New England Patriots WR Michael Floyd has finally commented on his disturbing DUI arrest in Arizona last week ... saying simply, "Everyone makes mistakes."

Floyd spoke with reporters at his locker moments ago and said, "I think in life, everyone makes mistakes. I couldn’t be in a better position right now with this team."

He added, "I understand what happened last week was last week and I’m excited about my opportunity here, being a Patriot."

"Great group of guys, great group of coaches and an organization that treats people well."

As we previously reported, cops found Floyd passed out behind the wheel of his SUV while he was in traffic ... and say his BAC was more than TWICE the legal limit. 

The Arizona Cardinals cut him after the arrest -- and the Patriots swooped in and signed the guy. 

Charlie Day Sorry, Philly ... I'M A PATS FAN!

12/21/2016 8:16 AM PST

This is blasphemy ...

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" star Charlie Day is living a LIE ... telling TMZ Sports he has no real love for the Philadelphia Eagles ... and actually roots for the New England Patriots.

If you don't watch 'Sunny' (you're missing out, show's hilarious) Day plays Charlie Kelly -- a crazed Eagles fan whose love for the team often gets him into hijinks.

When we got the real-life actor out in L.A. he revealed to us that it's all a goof ... and not only does he not root for the Eagles ... he actually sides with the evilest of all football empires.

Is nothing real anymore?

Bill Belichick Patriots Unfazed By Michael Floyd DUI Video

12/21/2016 7:37 AM PST
Breaking News

Bill Belichick says the Patriots were well aware of the disturbing Michael Floyd DUI video before they signed him -- and insinuated they would not be dropping the WR now that it's gone public. 

TMZ Sports posted the video Tuesday showing the former Cardinals star passed out behind the wheel of his SUV while in traffic in Scottsdale, AZ. Cops say he was completely wasted. 

When asked about the video at his Wednesday morning news conference, he replied, We were aware of the situation when we claimed him."

He added, "[Floyd is] in an ongoing legal situation that I’m not going to comment on."

Long story short ... Floyd still has his second chance. Don't blow it. 

Troy Brown No Gronk? No Problem ... Pats Will Dominate Playoffs

12/4/2016 8:37 AM PST

Take a deep breath, Patriots fans!! Losing Rob Gronkowski isn't the end of the world ... so says New England legend Troy Brown, who thinks the Pats are still Super Bowl bound THIS YEAR.

Gronk had season-ending surgery on his back Friday ... leaving the folks in Foxborough worried about their chances at the team's 5th Lombardi trophy.

But Brown -- a member of the Patriots Hall of Fame -- says New England is so used to players like Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy Garoppolo coming off the bench and dominating, the "next man up" concept is part of the team's DNA.

"That football team was great before Gronk, it was great with Gronk, and they're probably going to be great without him."

#HopeSpringsEternal #BelieveInBelichick

Rob Gronkowski Dr. Oz Explains Back Injury ... Here's Why He Needs Surgery

12/3/2016 12:35 AM PST

Here's Dr. Oz dumbing down Rob Gronkowski's season-ending back injury, 'cause we know all that medical talk can be confusing sometimes.

Gronk left the Pats v. Jets last Sunday due to a herniated disc ... and now that the team announced that he's having season-ending surgery, Oz explains why the Pro Bowl TE won't be able to contribute to New England's Super Bowl run.

Long story short ... Gronk is in a lot of pain, but Oz believes he should be fine in a few months.


Julian Edelman I'M A DADDY Flies to L.A. for Birth of Daughter!

12/1/2016 7:56 AM PST
Exclusive Details

1201-julian-edelman-ela-rose-fa-tmz-instagram-getty-01Good news for Julian Edelman ... the New England Patriots star is finally a dad -- after Swedish model Ella Rose gave birth to their daughter last night! 

We're told Edelman flew to L.A. on Wednesday morning so he could be by her side for the birth ... and fortunately, things worked out! 

8 pound, 5 ounce Lily was born on Wednesday at Cedars-Sinai in L.A., as first reported by the Boston Globe

Ella had filed paternity docs back in July naming Edelman as the father. We're told the two are on good terms but are NOT on romantic terms. They've sort of been friends with benefits for the past few years. 

Our sources say Julian is committed to co-parenting the kid and being a good dad.  

We're told Julian will be back in Boston either tonight or tomorrow and is planning to play against the Rams on Sunday. 


UPDATE -- Edelman's back in Boston and already with the team. 


Donald Trump Tom Brady Has My Back Belichick Wrote Me Pump Up Letter

11/8/2016 5:53 AM PST
Breaking News

1008-trump-brady-belichick-tmz-getty-01The biggest stars on the New England Patriots are strongly Team Trump -- so says Donald who claims Tom Brady called and Bill Belichick wrote him a letter pledging their championship support. 

In fact, Trump told his crowd in New Hampshire Monday night that he didn't expect the note he got from Coach Belichick to be so strong and was pleasantly surprised by his public endorsement. 

He also said Brady gave him full permission to go public with his support -- finally. 

Trump read Belichick's letter to the crowd -- and it's strong.

Question is ... will it be enough to get him into the White House? Stay tuned ... 

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