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Chad Johnson Tom Brady Is Black ... I'm Serious!

8/11/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Did you know Tom Brady is actually black?!

Well, it's true ... at least according to Chad Johnson.

Ochocinco played with the QB in New England back in the 2011 season ... and he just revealed to TMZ Sports the GOAT is not, in fact, a white male.

"He's black. Period," Chad tells us.

"You gotta meet Tommy. You wouldn't understand it with me just saying it but, you know, he's Robin Thicke. You get where I'm going with this s**t?"

Not really ... BUT -- Chad explained further.

"You can't teach that type of, just, aura. That persona. You can't teach that."

There you have it ... Tom Brady -- officially not a white guy anymore.

Tom Brady Gisele Blindsides Birthday Boy ... at Pats Practice

8/3/2018 11:59 AM PDT
Breaking News

Birthday boy Tom Brady got roughed up at Patriots practice on Friday ... but it wasn't a 300-lb. lineman pouncing on him -- it was his gorgeous wife, Gisele!!

TB12's 41st birthday turned into an all-out party in Foxborough ... complete with a massive #12 cake, cards, balloon Brady and cutout goat ... but the best present had to be Gisele and their kids' surprise appearance towards the end of drills.

Brady looks completely caught off-guard about the adorable attack ... which eventually turns into kissing and slight butt-tapping.

... It's good to be Tom. 

Tom Brady Fans Sing 'Happy Birthday' ... At Pats Training Camp

8/3/2018 7:09 AM PDT
Breaking News

Tom Brady is turning the big 4-1 Friday ... and Patriots Nation is throwing the QB a massive birthday bash in New England complete with a giant cake, a balloon animal Tom Brady ... and a birthday song! 

It all started when TB12 jogged out to the field --the crowd went crazy and then busted out the song. Brady smiled and waved at the fans. 

Off the field, there was a giant #12 birthday cake and a giant #12 birthday card for fans to sign. 

But, the best part ... was the life-size "Balloon Brady" ... which was put together REALLY WELL by a person with better than average lung capacity. 

Brady also got some love from his wife, Gisele Bundchen -- who posted a love note to her hubby on social media ... 

"Happy birthday my love! We love you so much !!! Keep on shining bright."

Ben Simmons Rages with Bob Kraft & Meek Mill ... at Vegas Nightclub

7/23/2018 3:21 PM PDT

Ben Simmons was with rich company for his birthday in Vegas over the weekend ... partying with a squad worth nearly $10 BILLION combined ... and TMZ Sports has the pics!!

The NBA Rookie of the Year kicked off his 22nd year with ragers at both Drai's and TAO nightclubs in Vegas on Saturday ... livin' it up with Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin (net worth: 3 billion), Patriots owner Robert Kraft (6 billion) and Meek Mill (okay, he's not a billionaire, but he's rich).

FYI -- all these guys played a huge role in the #FreeMeek campaign ... so it's great to see them all hangin' out together after the rapper's release.

We're told the gang rolled together to Drai's to support Meek's performance ... and judging by our vid from TAO that same night, all eyes were on the Philly Clout Gang.

Only question left -- who got Simmons the best bday present??

Danny Amendola Shades Belichick ... He Was Like A Principal

7/19/2018 9:42 AM PDT
Breaking News

Seems Danny Amendola hated playing for Bill Belichick ... 'cause he called the Patriots coach a "principal" with a "principal's office" -- and even insinuated he didn't want to play hard for him.

It all went down on the Barstool Sports' "Comeback SZN" Podcast ... when the Dolphins wideout was trying to compare his new coach, Adam Gase, to B.B. -- and he couldn't find enough differences.

"It's almost like coach Gase is one of the guys, one of the boys," Amendola says.

"And you want to fight hard for your boys. Back in New England, it's almost like you got a principal and a principal's office and sh*t like that."

Amendola's railing against Belichick -- a coach he played under for five seasons -- didn't stop there.

"[Gase] is our head coach, but he's also our boy. So, it's cool. It's refreshing to have that kind of relationship with a coach, something I haven't had in a long time."

FYI ... the Dolphins play the Pats twice next season, with the first matchup coming Sept. 30.

Can't wait.

Tom Brady Shirtless Beach Games While Gisele Works

7/18/2018 2:19 PM PDT

While the Gisele's away, the Bradys will play ... beach soccer, and superdad Tom Brady clearly doesn't care what you say about his dad bod.

Tom and fam are still down in Costa Rica for their annual offseason vacay, but Gisele's actually getting some work done too. While she was doing a photo shoot, Tom was at the beach with his 3 kids. 

There was a little ocean swimming, a little futbol and Tom swinging little Vivian around -- y'know, typical OTA-type stuff for the Patriots G.O.A.T.

Don't feel bad for Gisele ... she seemed to be having fun splashing around at her modeling shoot -- and Tom eventually showed up for moral support.

BTW, Pats camp kicks off next Thursday -- so, just a few summer days left before TB12's bod gets NFL-ready.

Who are we kidding ... he could win a Super Bowl today.

Eric Dickerson Patriots Would Be Great Fit For Le'Veon Bell

7/18/2018 8:19 AM PDT

Eric Dickerson's got the perfect fit for Le'Veon Bell when he inevitably bolts from the Steelers after this season ... and it's going to make Tom Brady VERY happy.

"The Patriots would be a good team," the NFL legend tells us.

Bell and the Steelers missed the deadline (again) on Tuesday to sign a long-term deal ... and all signs are pointing toward the running back leaving Pittsburgh in 2019 for a team that WILL pay him.

Sooo ... Dickerson says the Steelers' loss should be Bill Belichick's gain!

There's more ... E.D. also says Bell's contract demands are going to eventually pay off for guys like Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott -- and you gotta hear the Hall of Famer's reasons why.

Terrell Owens I Was Only Kidding About Tom Brady Being a Cheater!

7/18/2018 5:55 AM PDT

Terrell Owens says he meant no REAL harm when he called Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the New England Patriots "cheaters" on Tuesday ... saying he was just joking around. 

Just a short time after T.O. posted video where he told his friend, Sam Cassell, that he sounded like the "cheater" Pats ... we spotted him at the Century City Mall in L.A. and asked him to explain.

That's when Owens backed off ... big time ... and even dished out a few compliments for Tom and Bill.

In fact, T.O. says the whole conversation stemmed from a friendly debate he was having with Cassell about who's the G.O.A.T. -- Tom Brady or Joe Montana?

Bottom line ... Owens says he didn't mean it.

So, water under the bridge?

Terrell Owens Belichick, Brady & Pats Are Cheaters!!

7/17/2018 2:39 PM PDT
Breaking News

Terrell Owens says Tom Brady is a cheater. Ditto for Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots ... and it's all on video. 

T.O. was playing some pickup basketball with Sam Cassell -- and, while joking around after the game, he playfully accused Sam of cheating. That's when the anti-Pats trash talk began.

"You sound like the Patriots. You know what I mean?" T.O. says ... "I don't care about the Patriots. Belichick, Brady -- they cheaters. They cheated. They cheated."

So, why the attack?

Well, the Pats beat T.O.'s Eagles in Owens' only Super Bowl appearance back in 2005 -- and just a few years later ... they were busted for Spygate.

Owens still seems to have a soft spot for Brady, though ... 'cause when Sam says he'd be a Pro Bowl player TODAY if he were playin' with the G.O.A.T. -- Owens doesn't disagree.

Mark Wahlberg I Bet Real Money On the Browns ... To Win 6 Games!

7/17/2018 6:04 AM PDT

Mark Wahlberg says he believes in Baker Mayfield -- so he placed a REAL bet on the Cleveland Browns to win 6 games in 2018. 

Yeah, he's being serious. 

Don't worry, he also made some less risky wagers -- betting on the Patriots and the Eagles to get back to the Super Bowl this season.  

Wahlberg also bet on Ronda Rousey -- casting her in his new movie, "Mile 22" ... and he's super fired up about her role in the flick. 

Mark raves about Ronda's performance and says she's more than just an action star -- she's a legit actress who nailed her dramatic scenes like a boss!!!

The movie -- which opens next month -- will be Ronda's most important Hollywood role yet. Of course, she starred in the "Entourage" movie ... but played herself. 

Now, she's got a real shot to follow stars like The Rock ... and parlay action sports stardom into a real Hollywood career. 

... and Mark Wahlberg is clearly a fan. 

Ella Rose I'm Rooting For Green!

7/15/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Ella Rose is about to overheat ... her phone that is, if she doesn't put it away. 

Julian Edelman's baby mama hit the beach in Santa Monica during L.A.'s heatwave. Don't worry ... she managed to cool off in the Pacific sans her phone. 

With her choice in bikini color, you'd think Ella would be rooting more for the Seahawks or Packers instead of the New England Patriots, where Edelman plays wide receiver ... but, it's hard to think football at all when Ella hits the sand. 

Ex-NFL Star Brandon Browner Charged With Attempted Murder ... Faces Life In Prison

7/10/2018 2:28 PM PDT
Breaking News

Ex-Seattle Seahawks star Brandon Browner has been charged with attempted murder for trying to kill his ex-girlfriend ... officials say.

Browner has been hit with 1 count each of attempted murder, first-degree residential robbery, first-degree burglary, person present, and false imprisonment. He also faces two misdemeanor counts of cruelty to a child.

Officials say Browner broke into his former GF's apartment in La Verne, CA on July 8 and allegedly chased the victim, dragged her and then smothered her in a carpet.

Her two children were present when the alleged abuse occurred.

Browner is accused of stealing the victim's Rolex watch. He fled the residence but was later arrested.

Bail has been set at $10 million. If convicted as charged, Browner faces a possible maximum life sentence in state prison.

Browner is a former Pro Bowl cornerback who was part of the original Legion of Boom defense. He won one Super Bowl with the Seahawks and one with the Patriots. 

Tom Brady Jukes The Hell Out Of Son In Backyard Workout Sesh

7/9/2018 7:21 AM PDT
Breaking News

And, the summer of Tom Brady destroying his family continues ...

TB12 took his son out in the backyard for a little pre-training camp/post-vacation workout Monday -- and left his child grasping at straws after some savage juke moves.

Well, "savage" for a guy playing against an elementary schooler. 

Remember ... Tom's been killin' his fam the past few weeks -- firing lasers at his mom in dodgeball and throwin' tantrums in front of them on the golf course in Montana last week.

Looks like his son ain't immune to the Hall of Famer's competitiveness, now that the family's back home, either.

The Patriots' opponents get a little bigger when the season kicks off in September ... but, until then -- watch out, Brady relatives.

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