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NFL Star Stevan Ridley

Buys $20k In Bling From Bravo Star

... For Teammates

11/19/2014 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New England Patriots RB Stevan Ridley got a jump on the Xmas season -- dropping $20k on some sick bling for some of his favorite teammates ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Ridley -- along with Pats teammate Danny Amendola and former LSU teammate Ron Brooks -- recently hit up the Nialaya jewelry store in L.A. ... which happens to be owned by "Euros of Hollywood" star Jannik Olander.

We're told the guys picked out all sorts of rings, bracelets and necklaces ... but when the $20k bill came, Ridley picked up the tab.

Friends ... they're better when they're millionaires.

Check out the hardware ...

New England Patriots

Apologize For Racist Auto-Tweet

... Our Bad

11/14/2014 6:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The New England Patriots have issued an apology for one of the biggest Twitter backfires EVER -- when the team celebrated it's 1 millionth follower ... by retweeting a user with a SUPER RACIST handle.

The NFL team decided to celebrate reaching the 1 million follower milestone by allowing creating custom webart for anyone who retweeted the team's original celebratory post.  

The Patriots team account would then automatically tweet the custom art for ever single person who took part in the publicity stunt. 

Problem is ... one of the users was using the Twitter handle "IHATEN**GERSS."

Long story short ... the Pats Twitter page retweeted the super racist jersey that had been auto-created to their 1 million followers ... and all hell broke loose.

The team eventually deleted the racist piece of art ... and issued an apology:

"We apologize for the regrettable tweet that went out from our account. Our filtering system failed & we will be more vigilant in the future."

[Insert Bill Belichick disapproving scowl here]

No one in the Pats organization caught the problem ... and team's account RETWEETED the congratulatory message. Oops.

Now, the team is issuing an apology ... saying, "We apologize for the regrettable tweet that went out from our account. Our filtering system failed & we will be more vigilant in the future."

[Insert Bill Belichick disapproving scowl here]

Mike Vrabel

Cops Looking for Couple

in Super Bowl Ring Theft

11/10/2014 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1110_mike_vrabel_gettyFormer New England Patriot Mike Vrabel could be one step closer to recovering his stolen Super Bowl rings ... because cops finally have a couple suspects.

Vrabel -- who is currently a linebackers coach with the Houston Texans -- tweeted over the weekend that someone broke in his backdoor and stole the rings.

Police in Bellaire, Texas believe the break-in is part of a string of recent break-ins in Vrabel's 'hood. The cops believe the crimes were committed by a black male and black female.

According to police ... they believe the woman waits in a newer model Chrysler 300 down the block while the guy rings the doorbell of the targeted home. If nobody answers ... they go around back and break into the home.

Local pawn shops have been put on alert to keep an eye out for the rings.

Investigators say the video below shows the alleged suspects leaving a ransacked house (not Vrabel's) last week.


Tom Brady

Scores Role

In 'Ted 2'

11/6/2014 7:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1106-wahlberg-brady-ted-2-fb-01Tom Brady's got TWO big movies in the works ... so says Mark Wahlberg who revealed that Brady will appear in "Ted 2" and the upcoming "Entourage" flick.

Wahlberg was talking to ESPN's Bill Simmons on "The B.S. Report" this week when he dropped the details about Brady's role in the Ted sequel.

"Tom’s in the movie. He plays himself, but he does an amazing job. Funny, funny moment."

Mark says he plays a Boston repair man guy who gets a call to service Tom's house -- and hilarity ensues when he tries to play it off like he doesn't recognize the QB.

"I'm playing an air conditioning guy, so I'm asking [Tom] to sign the paper ... and then I say, 'Can you sign that to me and Ted' ... and, you know, 'Put #12 there' ... and 'Can you put Eli Manning Sucks?' and 'Can you put Wes Welker's a traitor?'"

Funny stuff.  Check out the clip ... it all goes down around the 2:00 mark.

Tom Brady and Gisele


After 51-Point Beatdown

10/27/2014 5:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1027-tom-gisele-instagramTom Brady and the New England Patriots beat up Chicago so badly this weekend, even Tom's wife couldn't help herself from trolling the Bears online ... by bragging about the 51 points TB hung on 'em. 

After the game, Tom and Gisele posed for a couples photo ... with Tom holding up 5 fingers, Gisele holding up 1 ... representing the 51-23 beatdown the Pats delivered at Gillette Stadium. 

Gisele added the caption, "So happy for my love!!! Go Pats!!! 51 points!!!"

The supermodel has gotten into trouble for talking smack about Tom's teammates in the past -- but blasting opponents is OK, right?


Tom Brady

Reveals Halloween Costume

... Just Call Me 'Barf'

10/21/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

102014_tom_brady_audio_launchWell, this is the most adorable thing you're going to hear all day -- Tom Brady's 4-year-old son revealing that he and his famous daddy are gonna have matching Halloween costumes. 

Tom was having his weekly conversation with Westwood One's Jim Gray on Monday ... when Brady's son Benny grabbed the phone and the cuteness took over. 

So what's the big Brady family theme this year?? Hint: it all has to do with a character named "Barf" ... but it's not the guy from "Spaceballs."

R.I.P. John Candy.

Maria Menounos

Boston Should Be Ashamed

For Turning On Tom Brady

10/18/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Menounos is calling out the whole city of Boston ... telling TMZ Sports she was "embarrassed" by the way her city turned on Tom Brady during his early-season slump.

Menounos was in NY when we asked the Patriots superfan how she felt about Tom now that the veteran QB seems to be hitting his stride ... and that's when Maria called out Beantown. 

Watch the video -- Maria isn't afraid to take her hometown to task on Tom's behalf and even manages to save a little love for his hoodie-clad head coach.


Aaron Hernandez


... In New Jail Letter

10/5/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1205-aaron-hernandez-MAIN-letter-01He's like a young Peter Paul Rubens ... if PPR was accused of murdering a bunch of people ... because Aaron Hernandez is making a hobby out of drawing curvy naked women.

TMZ Sports has learned ... the former New England Patriots tight end has fired off another hand-written letter to a jail pen pal featuring a full frontal sketch of a nude woman.

In the letter, sent from his new home in Suffolk County Jail, the murder suspect also brags about his new digs:

"I'm on the block here lovin' it.  I got my own cell too and n**ga. I'm out all day only lock in 4 [hours] a day ... So we be ballin'."

Aaron says he's also reading behind bars -- keeping himself busy with stories about a real gangster ... Harry Potter.

"You know, my realest n*gga I ever fucked with, I'm still fuckin' with -- Harry motha fuckin' Potter."

Of course, it's not the first letter Hernandez has sent from lockup ... back in December he fired off another nude lady sketch for a penpal. Though that one contained no Harry Potter references.


Rob Gronkowski

Breakin' Out The Guns

... For Charity

9/23/2014 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Gronk like gun. Gronk shoot gun. Gronk raise money for charity. 

Rob Gronkowski was one of several New England Patriots players who picked up a gun and blasted away on Tuesday to raise money for an ex-teammate's charity ... and TMZ Sports has the pics. 

It all went down in Mapleville, RI -- where Pats players like Julian EdelmanStevan Ridley and Nate Soldier participated in the 10th annual "Matt Light Celebrity Shoot-Out" ... which features a skeet shooting competition.

We're told the event raised more than $800k for Matt's charity -- which is dedicated to helping at-risk youth. 

So who was the top shot?? Pats OL Marcus Cannon -- who our sources say is an absolute SURGEON with a shottie.

Unfortunately, Tom Brady couldn't make it ... but he hasn't been hittin' his targets lately anyway. 


Tom Brady

'Hardest Worker I Ever Had'

... Says Construction Boss

9/18/2014 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Tom Brady was a kick-ass construction worker before he became an NFL god -- so says his old boss who tells TMZ Sports ... "Brady was the hardest worker I ever had."

Brady posted his old college resume online Thursday -- showing off his career experience ... just in case the NFL thing didn't work out (he was a 6th round pick after all). 

One of his gigs was at Dudlar & Sons Inc. (custom home building) ... where he spent the summer of 1997 doing manual labor in Michigan. 

We spoke with Brady's old boss Frank Dudlar who says he remembers Brady well -- "He had long hair down to his shoulders. He was a real skinny kid."

But Dudlar says despite his small frame, the guy was a monster when it came to putting in work -- "He'd scrape concrete curbs with a push broom and shovel."

"Brady was the hardest worker that I've ever had. I remember my son Gunnar came in one day and said, 'That Brady kid's a worker.'"

Unfortunately for Frank, Tom's football thing took off ... and he left the construction world for good. 


Despite the loss ... Frank tells us, "I'm still a fan."

Patriots Cheerleaders

We're Hot in the Sack

... Especially In Cancun!

7/4/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's 4th of July weekend ... so what better way to celebrate than with the New England Patriots cheerleaders ... in bikinis!!! 

The gang recently hit up Cancun for a 2015 calendar shoot ... where someone broke out a potato sack for some bikini beach racing!

So, who won?

America.  America won. 

Check out the pics -- and if you're still feeling patriotic ... click here for even more! 


Tom and gisele

SELLING Mega-Estate in L.A.!!!

3/19/2014 6:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is really shocking ... the incredible European country estate Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen spent 4 years and $40 million building is on the market ... less than a year after it was completed.

Our real estate sources tell us ... the couple wants out of L.A. permanently and will be living full- time in Boston, where they're building another ridiculously big estate -- a 14,300 square-foot house on 5 acres.  The estate is listed for a cool $50 MILLION!!!

As for the L.A. house, Tom and Gisele personally spent a huge amount of time planning the design.  It's an amazing property -- a 14,000 square-foot main house, one of the best home gyms in the world, antiques from everywhere around the globe, an amazing infinity pool, waterfall and pond ... all on 4 prime acres in Brentwood.

There was actually a buzz the New England Patriots QB and his supermodel wife would move to L.A. full-time after he retired,  but clearly that's not the case.

What we can't figure out -- why not have 2, more modest $20 million mansions in both cities.

BTW ... we called Tom and Gisele's brokers -- Kurt Rappaport and Stephen Shapiro -- but our calls weren't returned.


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