Limp Bizkit Singer Fred Durst 'Memba Him?!

Jacksonville, Florida artist Fred Durst was only 30 years old when he shot to fame as the frontman of the band Limp Bizkit ... and landed at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts after they released their 1999 sophomore studio album Significant Other that included the singles "Nookie" and "Break Stuff."

Durst and LB continued to ride their wave of success after they quickly churned out their 2000 follow-up record Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water ... which contained "Take A Look Around" and the hard-hitting classic "Rollin'."

Since Limp Bizkit's final album in 2011, Fred has switched gears and now spends his time as an actor and director.

Guess what he looks like two decades later with a full Santa beard!

Nicki Minaj to Mall Security Guard Thanks for Letting My Stan Rap ... Lemme Hook You Up Now!!!

@nickiminaj / Instagram

Nicki Minaj sure does appreciate the fan love she receives -- but she loves it even more when her adoring base can worship her uninterrupted ... for which one mall security guard is getting a personal shout-out from the Barbz herself.

The rapper reposted a video originally shared by TikTok user @zhachanel2 ... in which they take an impromptu karaoke sesh -- with a new song NM is featured on, "Whole Lotta Money," -- right into a designer fashion store in a what appears to be a mall somewhere in NYC.

So, imagine a Times Square street performer busting into a Zara and literally cutting loose with a portable speaker. That's exactly what happened here, and that's when security stepped in to shut it down ... well, kinda. The dude half tried, but didn't seem to care.

Check it out ... he tells Zha and their photog that they can't be "doing that" in here -- but he makes no real attempt to stop it ... instead, choosing to walk and throw his hands up.

Nicki loved the fact that the dude let the show go on ... taking to IG to write in part, "it's the security guard sayin "y'all can't do that in here" while walking AWAY from the festivities chile I am TIDE," going on to explain that the whole interaction was absolutely hilarious to her.

Queen Nicki wasn't done there though ... she followed up with another message on her story, and it sounds like she wants to hook the guard up for not being a jerk and letting Zha do the damn thang.

She says, "Someone tell the security guard in that video I posted that I'm lookin for him." Nicki adds, "I wanna send him a gift for being such a sweetheart to one of my babies."

We're sure the internet will track the guy down to relay the message. But, this just goes to show ... a little kindness goes a long way. And, someone's always watching. 👀

Kaskade MASK-FREE FANS PACK SoFi ... Last Licks Before Mandate

@EDMManiac / Twitter, @famous454, @dae_in_wonderland / Instagram

Los Angeles County is now under a new mask mandate (again) -- which went into effect at midnight -- but before the clock struck 12 ... Angelenos got in their last bit of maskless fun -- especially at SoFi Stadium ... with Kaskade behind the wheel.

The venue was jam-packed with people Saturday during the EDM DJ's headlining set -- with Deadmau5 as the surprise opener -- which got underway not long before people would be forced to cover their mouths and noses once more ... due to a new surge in coronavirus cases, of course.

Check out the video ... concert-goers were huddled close together, and there didn't seem to be very many masks (if any) among the crowd. Seems they were milking the opportunity down to the last hour, because as of 12:00 AM PT -- the mandate went into effect.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's unclear just how many people showed up for Kaskade and co. ... but considering the place has a capacity of 70,000 seated (and even more standing), we'd say it was probably close to that, based on how crowded it looked from a quick glimpse.

If COVID numbers are, in fact, surging again like they say ... then this definitely doesn't seem like the best way to spend one's time right before another masking rule gets ushered in.

Still, these people made their decisions ... and didn't seem to regret it. Stay safe, y'all.

'Songland' Winner Greg Scott Upset Jonas Bros.' Olympics Anthem Taking His Spotlight


"Songland" winner Greg Scott is baffled and justifiably upset the Jonas Brothers' new track is replacing his song as NBC's Olympics anthem ... but even worse, he says he's heard nothing but crickets from the Peacock.

We got the season 2 "Songland" winner Friday outside Mastro's in Bev Hills, and wanted to get some clarification on why his song "Miracle" -- the track that won NBC's songwriting competition show -- got shelved in favor of the Jo Bros.' "Remember This."

In short, Greg's confused about the ordeal and adds nobody at NBC has reached out to clear it up. In fact, he says he found out about the 'ol switcheroo on Twitter. Oof.

ICYMI ... "Miracle" was selected by Bebe Rexha as the winner of the series back in April 2020. Bebe said she would cover the track and it would then be used to promote the summer Olympics on the network. It should be noted, the episode was taped before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the 2020 Games to be postponed.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Clearly, Greg was under the impression the song would still be used to promote the Games in 2021, and NBC suggested as much when "Miracle" was used in a commercial confirming the games were pushed to 2021.

Fast forward to now ... Greg says he's bummed because the promotion could have been a life-changing achievement.

We asked if he thinks it's a coincidence the J Bros. track emerged as the chosen anthem last month ... and one month after NBC announced a new competition series featuring the brothers.

Greg has strong feelings about that, and while he isn't shading the Jonases -- he does wish the network stuck to what he'd been told.

We've reached out to NBC, but, so far no word back.

Britney Spears Stop Trying to Kill My Hope, Haters ... That's Why I Quit Vegas!!!

If you ever wanna see Britney Spears perform onstage again, then you better listen up ... because she just laid her terms quite clearly (again) with a warning shot to impatient haters.

It appears some of her followers have gotten under her skin over the dance videos she's been posting in recent years ... which often take place right there in her living room. To the folks in her comments clamoring to see her do that in a show ... she's telling 'em to shove it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Britney opens her latest IG post with this ... "For those of you who choose to criticize my dancing videos ... look I'm not gonna be performing on any stages anytime soon with my dad handling what I wear, say, do, or think 🚫🙅🏼‍♀️ 🚫!!!! I've done that for the past 13 years ..."

We've already known Britney has said she wouldn't perform again with Jamie still in the picture -- so, now, she's doubling down further, digging her heels in on the issue.

Anyway, she goes on to claim that while she performed in Vegas, the folks running her conservatorship controlled just about every aspect of it ... right down to her wardrobe, makeup, dance moves and song selection -- which BS seems to take issue with, as she suggests those were remixes as opposed to her original songs (old and new) in their pure form.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Britney also takes a shot at her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears ... writing, "I don't like that my sister showed up at an awards show and performed MY SONGS to remixes !!!!! My so-called support system hurt me deeply !!!! This conservatorship killed my dreams ..."

Britney appears to be referring to a handful of times where JLS has worked 'Oops' into some of her own original songs for smaller shows -- but more specifically, it seems ... when Jamie Lynn and other pop singers paid tribute to Britney during the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards with a mash-up/medley.

At any rate ... Britney finished her rant by talking hope, and her desire to hold out hope that she can get her life back -- despite people apparently telling her otherwise. She likens it to a fairy tale, one which she says she wants to hold onto ... skeptics be damned.

She says if you don't like her dancing or fanciful wishes of breaking free from the conservatorship ... then unfollow her. Oh, and her meme-style message hits the point home as well. Don't let the LEGOS hit you on the way out! 😅

Usher Confession: Vegas 💖s Him Residency Debut Becomes Sing-Along

Usher is officially playing Vegas -- and the one thing we imagine he/his team are probably thinking now that show #1's in the books is ... why the hell didn't we do this sooner???

Not kidding here -- the singer's debut residency show Friday at Caesar's Palace turned out to be everything anyone could've expected ... and perhaps more. And, based on the footage that's surfaced from the performance ... fans seem to be guaranteed to walk away satisfied.

Just check out some of these clips of Mr. Raymond doing his thaaang onstage in front of a reported 4,300 spectators -- selling the place out to the last seat -- who sang along, danced and did callbacks with a crazy amount of enthusiasm. Almost like it was 2007 again! 😆

Frankly ... it might be one of the best received Vegas residency shows we've seen in a while -- which just goes to show the strong fanfare Usher carries, even today. BTW, the dude's still got it bad ... but as "bad" as he was being with his moves (humping the stage, pelvis thrusts, etc.), the audience might've had it even worse, 'cause they were eating it up.

Usher is said to have gone through a bunch of his hits, including "Nice & Slow," "Yeah!" "My Boo," "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love," "OMG," "Caught Up" ... and, of course, "Confessions."

His stage design was something to behold too -- it looks like they made a full-blown makeshift club for him ... complete with an upper deck, stripper poles and lights galore. Usher was even seen throwing his now-infamous "Usher bucks" ... which make sense in this setting.

In other words, Usher and co. pulled out all the stops for opening night -- and it looked like one helluva party. Word is ... his next several shows are completely sold out for a good while -- proving that, yes, the demand is there ... he may just be the hottest ticket in Sin City right now. Again -- getting him on the Vegas slate was clearly a no-brainer good move.

We must confess -- it's a little surreal seeing him here. Residency shows are usually reserved for your favorite acts of the past (no hate on the legends who play there) ... and it would appear Usher's crossed over in that regard. He was still hot stuff some 7-8 years ago!!!

Screw it ... give the people what they want. And, in this case, they want some Ursher.

Damon Dash Through the Looking Glass Almost Literally!!!

The Cray Podcast

Damon Dash almost followed in Alice's footsteps back to Wonderland -- walking face-first into a see-though wall he apparently didn't see ... perhaps speaking to where his head's at lately.

The rap mogul arrived for a podcast sesh Thursday with TV producer Rob Weiss, Shawn Chase and O'Neal McKnight to be a special guest on their weekly offering of "The Cray" ... where the gang talks all things culture, lifestyle, politics ... and just real-life experiences.

As you can imagine, they were stoked to have Dame come on and share some knowledge -- but the dude had a bit of a whoopsie-daisy moment trying to enter the recording room ... slamming right into a clear, glass wall separating the spaces of their floor.

Don't worry -- he didn't hit it too hard ... but it definitely knocked him back a bit -- and it got a laugh from the rest who were around. Understandable, we suppose ... DD has been in a bit preoccupied lately on more serious fronts, like with Roc-A-Fella and Jay-Z.

Remember ... he's been in a legal war with his old company and biz partner over IP/interest he's trying to unload for some dough -- namely, selling Jay-Z's first album, "Reasonable Doubt" as an NFT, plus ... trying to sell off his 1/3 stake in RAF, which a judge just shot down.

Unclear if he got into any of that with the Cray crew -- but it sounds like we'll find out soon enough ... we're told this episode is set to air soon on PodcastOne.

Stay tuned ...

Billie Eilish I'm So Ashamed of Past Remarks ... But Aren't We All???

Regrets ... Billie Eilish admits to having more than a few, but she says the Internet won't let her, or the world, forget any of them ... and that makes her cringe constantly.

Billie was referring, at least in part, to the recently resurfaced video of her using an epithet and speaking in a stereotypical Asian accent ... when she told Vogue Australia, "I said so many things then that I totally don't agree with now, or think the opposite thing."

She's said that video was from when she was 13 or 14, and the now 19-year-old singer says, "The Internet brings up things from everybody's past and I'm like: Don't you guys understand that everybody is incredibly embarrassed and ashamed about their past?"

Well, not everybody's used racist phrases or epithets ... but you get her point -- and for her, it sounds like social media's making it impossible to let go of past mistakes.

"The weirdest thing is how nothing ever goes away once it's on the Internet. Every interview I did when I was 15 is still out there, and I think about it constantly."

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Billie's already admitted she was "embarrassed and appalled" when the video emerged on TikTok, showing her mouthing the slur, "ch**k," as she sang along to Tyler, the Creator's song, "Fish."

In her statement, she added she didn't know, at that age, the term was derogatory against the Asian community.

While fans can forgive her, forgetting is a whole other challenge ... at least for Billie.

Britney Spears Where Were You When 'I Was Drowning???' Rips Fake Supporters, Possibly Sister

Britney Spears is telling someone -- possibly her sister, Jamie Lynn -- to hop off the #FreeBritney bandwagon, because they didn't lift a finger to help her when she was at her lowest.

The singer is pissed off, and let it show as she said, "There’s nothing worse than when the people closest to you who never showed up for you post things in regard to your situation whatever it may be and speak righteously for support … there’s nothing worse than that!!!!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Britney's rage seemed to build the more she typed in the Friday night IG post, which started with a photo with text that read ... "Never forget who ignored you when you needed them and who helped you before you even had to ask."

Simple enough ... but the caption is where she excoriated someone many fans believe is either her kid sister or her mom, Lynne Spears ... or both of them.

Brit added, "How dare the people you love the most say anything at all … did they even put a hand out to even lift me up at the TIME !!!??? How dare you make it public that NOW you CARE … did you put your hand out when I was drowning????"

The rant comes after Jamie Lynn seemed to react to Wednesday's conservatorship hearing with a post that simply said, "Dear Lord, Can we end this bull shit once and for all. Amen.”

Jamie Lynn also posted a video last month -- following Britney's emotional testimony in another hearing -- stating she fully supports Britney's effort to end the conservatorship.


For her part, Brit's mother had filed legal docs requesting her daughter be allowed to select her own lawyer. It was an odd move -- which some saw as a suck up to Britney -- because Lynne has no legal standing in the case. She's not a conservator or legal guardian of Britney.

Since demanding to speak in open court last month, Britney's been going scorched earth on anyone she feels has crossed her -- with most of her ire being directed at her father, Jamie Spears.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

And, that's why she so publicly celebrated -- horseback riding and cartwheeling -- when the judge approved her new attorney, Mathew Rosengart.

As we first told you ... Britney has told Rosengart his first job is getting Jamie removed from his current gig as sole conservator of her estate -- a duty Rosengart started leaning into during the hearing as he told Jamie if he loved his daughter "he would resign today."

Based on her Friday night post, it seems Britney's calling out all of her family members. Remember, she told the judge she'd like to sue all of them.

Kourtney & Travis No, We're Not Engaged ... At Least Not Yet

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker had the Internet buzzing with engagement rumors after their recent weekend together in Las Vegas ... but it just ain't so.

The couple took in Conor McGregor's gnarly loss to Dustin Poirier last weekend, where they made out ringside, but it's what happened back at their hotel that had people talking. Travis' daughter, Alabama, posted a "So happy for you guys" photo of Trav and Kourt smiling -- and fans assumed the best, the couple was engaged to be married.

However, we've spoken to multiple sources close to the couple who all tell us the same thing -- Travis and Kourtney are a happy couple, but he didn't put a ring on it. Yet.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for why Alabama posted the pic? She's happy to see her dad happy.

Kourtney helped to add to the engagement buzz when she posted a photo Thursday of herself with a ring on ... though it was on her right hand, it certainly looked like the engagement type.

Travis and Kourtney's relationship has really taken off in the last few months ... we've seen them at Disneyland, in the studio and road tripping through CA and beyond.

At this point, no one would be shocked if they settle down together, but fans just have to pause the celebration.

Biz Markie Dead at 57

Rapper Biz Markie -- most famous for his iconic hit "Just a Friend" -- has died after a series of complications from diabetes that he's been fighting for more than a year ... TMZ has confirmed.

A family source tells us Biz passed away in a Baltimore hospital at 6:25 PM Friday night. We're told his wife, Tara Hall, held his hand as he took his last breath ... and the nursing staff was there to support his family, telling them how strong he was through his fight.

A rep for Biz tells us, "We are grateful for the many calls and prayers of support that we have received during this difficult time. Biz created a legacy of artistry that will forever be celebrated by his industry peers and his beloved fans whose lives he was able to touch through music, spanning over 35 years. He leaves behind a wife, many family members and close friends who will miss his vibrant personality, constant jokes and frequent banter."

TMZ broke the story, Biz was hospitalized last summer for an ailment his rep told us was related to his Type II Diabetes. At the time, the rep said, "He is receiving the best care from an amazing team of medical professionals and we remain positive about the outcome."

However, his condition remained somewhat of a mystery until April when Big Daddy Kane made an appearance on The Breakfast Club, telling the show's hosts Biz was doing better, and in a physical rehab facility.

Throughout his hospital stay, rumors swirled Biz was in a coma, but our source says that was never the case.

Born in Harlem, Biz first made a name for himself, nationally and internationally, in 1989 when his single "Just a Friend" became a Top 40 hit in multiple countries and went platinum.

The rapper's career took off after that ... he acted, did comedy, DJ'd and produced music.

JUNE 2019
lemme tell you 'bout our situation

The last time we got Biz was at Reagan National Airport in DC where he joked about the unique way he paid off a debt to 50 Cent.

Biz was just 57 years old.


Soulja Boy Accuser Gets 3 Yr Restraining Order ... Sexual Assault Civil Suit Ongoing

Soulja Boy has agreed to stay the hell away from a woman accusing him of sexual assault and battery ... according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

The woman filed for a restraining order in L.A. court back in January ... and the rapper agreed to a 3-year domestic violence restraining order, which will expire on July 16, 2024.

Neither party appeared at the restraining order hearing. They were instead repped by their attorneys. The woman who wants Soulja to stay away from her is the same woman who sued Soulja back in January claiming he hired her to be his personal assistant, then raped and assaulted her for nearly 2 years.

As we first reported ... Soulja -- who went up against Bow Wow in last month's "Verzuz" battle -- is alleged to have started abusing her shortly after he hired her in December 2018. She claimed it started with him sending unsolicited nudes before evolving into a romantic relationship that went south when he got violent.

He allegedly pushed her out of a car, and forced her to walk 5 miles. She also claims Soulja sexually assaulted her, and "expressed remorse" by paying her $1,000.

He vehemently denies the allegations, but her lawsuit is still pending.

Grimes Elon's GF Will Be an 'Alter Ego' Judge ... First Avatar Singing Competition Series!!!

Musical heavy-hitters Alanis Morissette and are teaming with Grimes and FOX to reinvent the singing competition show ... as they all serve as judges on "Alter Ego."

Elon Musk's GF is making a rare TV appearance for the new series, which will have aspiring singers trying to wow the judges -- like most singing shows, but this one's got a twist. They won't perform as themselves ... but as their dream avatars.

The idea is "Alter Ego" will give singers a chance to show how they've always wanted audiences to see them ... with the help of motion capture technology.

98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey will also be on the judges' pane, and Rocsi Diaz is set to host.

If the premise sounds a little out there, well ... that's what folks thought about "The Masked Singer" too. For that matter, the same has been said about Grimes and Elon ... but they don't seem to mind.

"Alter Ego" premieres this fall on FOX.

Damon Dash JAY-Z Won't Let Me Sell ROC-A-FELLA Stake!!! Judge Sides with Jay

Damon Dash just took another L in court at the hands of Roc-A-Fella and Jay-Z ... but their legal war's far from over, and they could be duking it out again soon.

A federal judge just shot down Dash's bid to get a temporary restraining order which would have blocked Friday's meeting of the record label's shareholders -- a meeting where Dash claimed Jay would try to pass bylaws restricting Dame's ability to sell his stake in RAF.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Dash says he's trying to sell his 1/3 interest in Roc-A-Fella, but claims Jay's trying to do anything he can to block him.

Dash claims he recently learned of a Friday afternoon meeting between Jay and the third RAF founder, Kareem Burke, and he raced to court to get a judge to stop it.

But, the judge denied DD ... and instead, told him he could sue later if he takes issue with whatever comes out of Friday's meeting.

It's another legal setback for Dash ... as we previously reported, a court temporarily blocked Damon's attempt to sell Jay-Z's debut album, "Reasonable Doubt," as an NFT.

Diplo Woman Drops Sexual Misconduct Case ... 'I Regret Filing the Lawsuit'

The woman who sued Diplo claiming he forced her to perform oral sex has withdrawn her lawsuit ... and she tells TMZ she regrets filing it in the first place.

According to court records ... the woman has voluntarily dismissed her lawsuit. She tells TMZ ... "In light of the evidence and after consultation with my attorneys, I have decided to withdraw my lawsuit."

She added, "No payment was offered or requested. I regret filing the lawsuit."

Diplo's attorney, Bryan Freedman, tells TMZ ... they are glad the lawsuit was dropped adding that, in light of her public statement, "we will not be pursuing charges of malicious prosecution against them at this time."

The attorney added, "There was absolutely irrefutable evidence that proved that the allegations it contained were false. As soon as we shared that plethora of evidence with the plaintiff's lawyers, they recognized that they needed to withdraw their suit immediately."

As we first reported ... the woman alleged Diplo coerced her into performing oral sex and recorded it during an encounter in Vegas back in 2019.

J Lo & Ben PDA While She Shops for Mansion in L.A. ... Scoping $65 Mil Pad!!!

8:29 PM PT -- A source close to the couple tells TMZ -- Ben, being the good boyfriend he is, was accompanying J Lo on her own hunt for a mega-mansion -- the two aren't ready to shack up together ... at least not yet.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez like it, and they're about to put a ring on it -- a housekey ring ... because the couple's jumping to the house hunting stage of their reunion!!!

Bennifer 2.0 was out and about Thursday in L.A.'s upscale Holmby Hills neighborhood, and they had a high-end realtor escorting them to check out a few mansions. J Lo and Ben followed in their own vehicle, stealing a few kisses along the route ... perhaps to celebrate finding their dream home.


We know one of the pads they toured is a $65 million, 31,000 square-foot palace with 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. That's tons of room for them and their 5 kids ... who we're sure would love some of its fun features.

The pad's got a freakin' bowling alley!

Our sources say the couple checked out at least 3 mansions during the shopping trip, which comes a little more than 2 months after they grabbed headlines again by hanging out in Montana ... shortly after J Lo's split from A-Rod.

They've been pretty inseparable ever since ... including a romantic hook-up in Miami, date night in Beverly Hills ... and a trip to the Hamptons with Jen's kids.

Ben even had his children hanging with J Lo's daughter, Emme, last weekend at Universal City Walk for some modern family fun.

All that, along with Jennifer visiting schools in L.A., and ya gotta think it's only a matter a time before they're all living under one roof. And, what a luxurious roof it will be.

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