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Baker Mayfield Mocks Drunken Arrest ... During Fortnite Stream

1/16/2019 4:00 PM PST
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Baker Mayfield's clearly moving on from a drunken arrest he called "the biggest mistake of my life" ... 'cause he joked about the whole incident on a Fortnite stream earlier this week.

The Browns superstar took to Twitch to show off his gaming skills ... and while he was running with his avatar, he said, "Hopefully I’m running faster than I was in Arkansas right now!"

Of course, Baker was arrested back in Arkansas in February 2017 ... where he was infamously blasted by a cop who caught him immediately after he tried to run from being questioned.

Baker apologized shortly after the incident, saying, "I made the biggest mistake of my life by putting myself in this situation."

"The shame, guilt, and embarrassment I have felt over the past few days and continue to feel is something I would never wish upon anybody."

Clearly, Bake's ready to joke about the whole thing now ... broadcasting his Twitch stream to thousands of followers.

Wonder if Lincoln Riley is laughing??

Nick Chubb Colin Cowherd's Wrong ... Browns WILL Make Playoffs In 2019

1/16/2019 12:20 AM PST

Nick Chubb's got a message for Colin Cowherd and every other Browns doubter ... WE ARE MAKING THE PLAYOFFS NEXT SEASON!!!

Of course, Cowherd -- who's had a consistent (and quasi-friendly) beef with star QB Baker Mayfield -- strongly disagrees ... tellin' us just a couple days ago the Browns ain't getting into the 2019 dance.

But, Chubb thinks the FS1 star is wrong ... and tells TMZ Sports straight-up, "Yeah, we will [make the playoffs]. We will."  

Chubb's got a good case ... he turned into a star running back ... Baker's an elite QB talent -- AND new head coach Freddie Kitchens seems poised to turn the whole thing around.

We also talked to Chubb about who will win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors next month ... Chubb says it won't be him -- and ya gotta hear why he thinks Baker will be the pick over Saquon Barkley.

There's more ... Chubb also talks about his stellar high school shot put career (he won a state title back in 2014) and if he thinks he could've made the Olympics!  

Colin Cowherd Browns Ain't Making Playoffs In '19

1/10/2019 4:08 PM PST

Colin Cowherd says there's a lot to like about Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns next season ... BUT THEY AIN'T MAKING THE POSTSEASON! 

Colin and the Browns QB have an interesting relationship -- remember, they sparred on the FS1 star's show back in June ... and Mayfield still takes shots at him on Twitter now and then. 

Now, after Baker's sensational rookie season (he broke the rookie TD record) we asked Colin if he's punched his ticket on the Browns hype train going into 2019. 

"I don't dislike Baker," Colin told us at LAX ... "I actually think there's a lot that's incredibly charming."

On the positive side ... 

"I think he's a gamer. I think he's tough, really accurate."

On the negative side ...

"I think there's a lot of nonsense, he needs to grow up."

As far as playoffs go, Colin told us not to go crazy -- saying, "They'll win games. They have too many good players."

But, they ain't gonna beat the Steelers and they ain't makin' the playoffs.

The Browns are coming off their best season in years -- with a 7-8-1 record -- and got REAL close to sneaking into the playoffs this year. 

Stay tuned ... 

'Hard Knocks' Star Brogan Roback I'm Gonna Do Whatever it Takes ... to Make Steelers

1/7/2019 10:41 AM PST

Antonio Brown might want out ... but here's one guy who REALLY wants to be on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster next season -- ex-Browns backup QB Brogan Roback!!!

You remember Brogan from this season's "Hard Knocks" ... he busted his ass behind Baker Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor in the preseason. And then, he famously took his smokin' hot GF to a butterfly garden. 

Yeah, she's insanely hot. 

It didn't work out for Brogan in CLE ... but the former Eastern Michigan star got a bunch of workouts with other teams after getting cut and ultimately signed a reserve/futures deal with Pittsburgh. 

We spoke with Roback and you can tell he's SUPER excited about his shot in the Steel City -- telling TMZ Sports he's laser-focused on making that roster. 

"I want to help in any way I can. If that's practice, do cards, whatever it may be. I just want to be able to prove myself."

He added, "[Making] that roster is the biggest thing. This is a dream."

Brogan says he's grateful to have an entire offseason to learn the Steelers playbook and promises to study like crazy so he's prepared for camp. 


Mark Wahlberg Cashes in on Browns Wins Bet ... Proves He's a Genius

12/30/2018 12:30 AM PST

Remember when Mark Wahlberg bet big money on the Cleveland Browns to win 6 games this season, and everyone laughed in his face??

Welp ... ya should've listened to the man, 'cause the movie star is lookin' like a damn genius now that Baker Mayfield and co. have secured 7 wins this season!!

Of course ... when we spoke with Marky Mark back in July, the Orange and Brown were coming off an 0-16 season, and still had Hue Jackson as head coach at the time, so 6 wins seemed nearly impossible.

But, Wahlberg's faith in the rookie QB paid off big ... and although he never revealed just how much he wagered, you know he ain't wasting his time with small bets. 

At the time, Wahlberg told us he made 2 other big NFL bets -- picking both the Eagles and Patriots to get back to the Super Bowl ... and both of those bets are still alive! 

So, what did we learn here?? Listen to Mark next year.

Baker Mayfield 'QB RV' Up For Sale ... With Signed Fridge!!

12/27/2018 10:44 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Remember that awesome RV Baker Mayfield rented for the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks during training camp??

Lucky for crazy Browns fans, the mobile memorabilia is up for grabs ... if ya got at least an extra $200k lying around!!

The "QB RV" became a huge hit with the fans after it was featured in a segment on HBO's "Hard Knocks" earlier in the season. We're told Baker used 3 different RVs during training camp but this is the best one. 

Baker, Tyrod Taylor and Brogan Roback would use it to take naps and eat snacks. Good times! 

Well now, Neff Brothers RV in Lorain, Ohio -- the company that originally rented the RV out to Baker as part of his rookie hazing back in August -- confirms to TMZ Sports that the QB-mobile is on the market. 

The company says they're accepting offers for the 2019 luxury Class “A” Forest River Georgetown 377XL motorhome -- valued at $195k -- complete with an autographed mini fridge AND the original renter's contract signed by Mr. Dangerous himself!!

Not only does the lucky bidder get the cool piece of Browns history, they get a whip with ALL the bells and whistles -- a Furion fireplace, Corian tile countertops, three slideouts, heated and massaging theater seating.

A rep for the company tells us they'll listen to ALL offers in order to get the whip to a rightful owner -- but if Mayfield is interested in buying it, they're down to work out a deal.  

Hey, with the way he's been playing ... might be a good luck charm.  

Antonio Brown Rallies Steelers Fans WE GOTTA ROOT FOR THE BROWNS!

12/27/2018 7:06 AM PST
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The Pittsburgh Steelers' season rests on the Cleveland Browns beating the Ravens this weekend ... which is why Antonio Brown just became the new LEADER OF THE DAWG POUND, BABY!!!

Yeah, they're divisional rivals ... but forget all that, AB knows he needs Baker Mayfield and company to shut down Terrell Suggs or they can kiss the playoffs g'bye! 

So, Antonio decided to make some slight tweaks to his Steelers jersey to show his commitment -- changing the name on the back from "Brown" to "BROWNS."

The WR posted pics of his gear on social media with the caption, "Who else has their #84 browns jersey ready for this weekend?" 

Of course ... even if Cleveland takes care of business in Baltimore -- the Steelers still gotta beat the Bengals to get to the playoff party. 

Sounds pretty easy ... but Pitt has lost 4 of its last 5 games -- so anything can go down Sunday.

Getchya popcorn ready!!!

Browns' Jabrill Peppers I Ain't Mad At Hue ... But I Still Wanna Kick His Ass!!!

12/17/2018 12:07 PM PST
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Jabrill Peppers says he doesn't hate Hue Jackson for jumping from the Browns to the rival Bengals ... but he still wants to kick the dude's ass in their game this weekend anyway!!!

Of course ... Jabrill's teammate, Baker Mayfield, feels differently -- the superstar QB RIPPED his ex-coach for bolting to Cincinnati just a few weeks ago.

But, Jabrill says he had no problems with the move when he spoke with media members Monday.

"He's the ultimate competitor. I knew he wasn't going to stay away from the game long. I know how it looked, but he's the ultimate competitor."

Don't get it twisted ... the Browns DB says he still wants to beat the hell outta Hue and the Bengals this Sunday.

"I have no ill will towards him. I'm thankful for everything he taught me. I'm thankful that he brought me here. But, still looking forward to kicking his ass again!"

The Browns beat Hue's Bengals back in Week 12 ... but a helluva lot more is on the line this week -- Cleveland's still got a shot at the playoffs with a win!!!

Baker Mayfield & Fiancee Dinner Dates Auctioned Off Raise $96k for Charity!!

12/12/2018 9:16 AM PST
Exclusive Details

How much would you pay to grab dinner with one of the hottest young couples in sports??

For 3 lucky (and rich) Cleveland Browns fans ... we're told the answer is a whoppin' $32,000 each for a night out with Baker Mayfield and Emily Wilkinson ... and it's all for charity!!

The Browns stud and his fiancee were the hot item at the Providence House's Deck the House auction event on Tuesday night ... with their dinner date starting a fierce bidding war.

The original plan was to auction 1 dinner ... but when the price started to skyrocket, Baker agreed to 3 separate evenings out -- ultimately raising $96,000.

FYI -- the Providence House is a crisis nursery that protects at-risk children and families in crisis ... and the couple has been very passionate about the cause ... spending time with the kids at a recent visit a few weeks ago.

We're told Baker was the star of the night ... and even tried his hand at auctioning off some of the items.

On top of the dinner dates ... Baker's game-worn cleats went for another $14k!!

Bake also got in on the action ... bidding $9,250 to win a purple guitar autographed by PRINCE!!

No word on who's gonna pick up the tab at these dinner dates ... but we got a hunch.

Nick Chubb Surprises Kid in Hospital ... Kid Freaks Out!!

11/30/2018 8:20 AM PST
Exclusive Details

This is one of the best videos you'll see today ... Cleveland Browns star Nick Chubb surprised one of his biggest fans in the hospital this week ... and the kid completely freaked out!!

10-year-old Georgia Bulldogs superfan Luke Clayton has benign rolandic epilepsy and is currently at the Cleveland Clinic prepping for brain surgery.

The 22-year-old rookie RB took time out of his Tuesday to meet up with Luke ... and when he walked into the hospital room, Luke could hardly believe his eyes.

"Oh my gosh!!!! I never thought this would happen!!! This is crazy," Luke says

Chubb's been awesome to watch this season with more than 650 yards and 6 TDs. But, this right here's the real highlight.


Baker Mayfield H.S. Coach Defends QB After Hue Beef ... He Was Easy On Coaches!

11/29/2018 12:59 PM PST

Baker Mayfield's H.S. coach is going to bat for his ex-QB after the Browns superstar torched Hue Jackson ... saying Baker was just doing what he thought was best for his team.

Of course ... Mayfield's been met with a lot of critics after he went scorched earth on his former head coach THREE separate times, accusing Hue of being "fake" for joining the Bengals.

Hank Carter -- Baker's old coach at Lake Travis H.S. in Texas -- tells TMZ Sports Mayfield's comments were just his way of standing up for his Cleveland teammates.

"Baker loves his team and loves that coaching staff there and they believe in one another, and I think that's what it is -- it's showing support for the Browns is what he was trying to do."

Guys like Jim Brown and Deion Sanders have disagreed with Baker's response to the whole feud ... but Hank says they've just got to get used to Mayfield's straight-shooting approach.

"Different people maybe don't like how that's come out but, yeah, Baker's never really worried about that. He's trying to do what's best for his football team."

Bottom line ... if Baker didn't think Hue hurt his football team, the beef would've never gone down.

"I don't think you would ever find a coach that didn't love coaching him in anything ... he was easy on coaches. If they were all like that, our job would be a lot easier."

Baker Mayfield Triples Down On Hue Jackson Hate 'I Get To Have My Own Opinion'

11/28/2018 11:41 AM PST
Breaking News

Baker Mayfield didn't regret torching Hue Jackson after Sunday's game ... he didn't regret doing it again on Monday ... and he DEFINITELY didn't regret doing it a third time Wednesday.

The QB has been SUPER pissed since his ex-coach bolted for the Bengals -- refusing to hug the guy after their game Sunday and then blasting him as "fake" on social media a day later.

Baker was given a chance to walk back his comments Wednesday ... but dude TRIPLED DOWN on his Hue hate, saying, "I get to have my own opinion on how it transpired and he gets to do what he wants. That's how it is."

"I didn't like the move and people don't have to care. I'm not looking for anybody's approval. I don't regret any of it."

Of course ... Mayfield's issue is that Hue preached team and unity throughout his stay as Browns coach -- but then took the first opening available with the team's division rival just days later.

Some, like Cleveland legend Jim Brown, refuse to blame the guy for making the move ... but Baker's still clearly ticked about it.

And ... if you're upset about Baker's hot take -- the QB had a message for you, too, on Wednesday.

"I'm not a cookie-cutter quarterback. I never have been, I never will be. I speak my mind, that's just how I am."

Translation ... DEAL WITH IT!!!

Jim Brown Defends Hue Jackson ... He Made A Good Move

11/26/2018 11:17 AM PST

Jim Brown is going to bat for Hue Jackson ... telling TMZ Sports the bitterness toward Cleveland's ex-head coach needs to end.

Of course, Hue took only a few days to join up with the Browns' rivals -- the Bengals -- after he got canned in Cleveland ... and dudes like Baker Mayfield were REALLY upset about it.

But, Jim tells us the QB and others shouldn't be ... saying Hue made "a good move."

"No bitterness with him. He's got a job right away. It tells you that he had a value. But, it didn't work out with him and the Browns. That's it."

As for Baker's snub of the coach after Cleveland beat Cincinnati on Sunday ... Jim sees no controversy there, saying Mayfield just got caught up in the moment of competition.

"When you're getting ready for a game, you're getting ready for a game. You're not trying to make friends."

As for the Browns themselves ... Jim can see a playoff game in their future this season -- IF they do just one unlikely thing.

The Browns are 4-6-1 and sitting at the bottom of the AFC North -- but they're definitely NOT mathematically eliminated ... only 3 games out of 1st place. 

They've got 5 games left -- facing the Texans, Panthers, Bengals, Broncos and Ravens. 

Could they win out and clinch a post-season berth? Hey, stranger things have happened ... 

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