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James Harrison On Steelers Struggles Mike Tomlin Deserves Blame Too

12/16/2018 12:45 AM PST

James Harrison says it ain't just Big Ben and the Steelers' D causing problems in Pittsburgh ... 'cause the legendary LB tells TMZ Sports it's time start pointing fingers at Mike Tomlin as well. 

"I think now, a lot of it has to be put on to what the game plan is -- the coaching."

Tomlin's been Teflon in Pitt -- the dude does have a Super Bowl ring -- but a lot of people ... including Terry Bradshaw himself ... have grown tired of seein' him as head man.

Doesn't seem James is quite at that point yet -- but the ex-Steeler does tell us the coaching DEFINITELY needs to improve if Pittsburgh wants to end its 3-game losing skid.

"Now it's actually where you gotta kick it in -- and EVERYBODY has to be held accountable. From the top down."

Tomlin and the staff better get going quickly ... the Steelers have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick this week.

Good luck!!

Gisele Hints She Wants Brady To Retire ... 'I Haven't Been Very Successful'

12/12/2018 12:13 PM PST
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Does Gisele want the G.O.A.T. to officially head out to pasture??

Sure seems like it ... 'cause Tom Brady's wife appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday and dropped a major hint that she's been trying to get the QB to hang up the spikes.

Ellen asked the legendary supermodel straight-up if her husband was planning on retirement ... and Gisele said, "You should talk with him about that. I haven't been very successful."

Ellen followed up with the obvious next question -- "Do you want him to retire?!?"

"I want him to do whatever makes him happy," Gisele said.

Sooo ... yes???

It would make sense ... Tom has made an effort to spend MUCH more off-season time with Gisele and the fam ... even saying recently he wouldn't host "Saturday Night Live" so he could be with them.

Of course, Brady is 41 now ... so the end of the road is coming, regardless -- but sure seems Gisele is trying to expedite that process.

Sorry, New England.

Camille Kostek Defends Gronk's Missed Tackle Give Him Another Chance!!

12/12/2018 11:21 AM PST

Rob Gronkowski missed the game-saving tackle in the Dolphins game on Sunday ... but his S.I. model GF tells TMZ Sports it was NOT a mistake havin' him on the field.

We got Camille Kostek out at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year ceremony at The Beverly Hilton in L.A. ... when she explained why Bill Belichick should give Gronk more burn on defense.

"I don't play football, I don't make the rules -- I support whatever he does. So if he needs to be put at defense again, I say, 'Go for it, baby!!'"

Of course, Patriots fans were pissed ... and confused about why Gronk -- a 6'7" tight end -- was on defense in the first place for Kenyan Drake's miracle sprint.

But, Camille says her BF ain't one-dimensional -- and she knows her man will get it done if he's in the same spot again in the future.

"I mean, look what he does as a tight end. He doesn't just catch the ball and get in the end zone. He's blocking, he does it all. So, yeah, I think I can see him doing it again!"

As for the couple's future ... we had to ask if wedding bells are coming down the pipe ... and while Camille says not right now ... she definitely didn't say no to the idea down the road!!

Kenyan Drake I Screwed Up In 'Miami Miracle' ... I Need That Ball Back!

12/10/2018 2:11 PM PST
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Kenyan Drake is admitting he REALLY screwed up in the "Miami Miracle" on Sunday ... 'cause of the historic football he threw into the stands -- he says he needs that thing back!

After the Dolphins RB pulled off the most improbable TD of the season -- completing a 69-yard game-winning score with no time left against the Pats -- Drake threw the ball about 30 rows up into the stands.

Turns out ... the Miami superstar and his team would kinda like to have that thing back.

"Yesterday was one of the most amazing moments of my life and I was glad to share it with all you guys," Drake says.

"But, I have a PSA. I threw the ball in the stands, and I would love to have it back."

So, what's Drake offering up in return for the piece of history??

Kenyan says cleats, gloves, a jersey and even tickets!!

Begs the question ... is the pigskin worth that -- or should Kenyan be offering up even more????

Tom Brady I Loved Watching Belichick Tell Vikings Star To 'Shut The F*ck Up!'

12/3/2018 11:33 AM PST
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Tom Brady couldn't help but laugh his ass off at seeing Bill Belichick cuss out Minnesota's star wide receiver on Sunday ... saying, "That was pretty funny."

During the Pats win over the Vikings ... Adam Thielen flipped out at Belichick for challenging a close spot in the 4th quarter -- to which The Hoodie replied, "Shut the f*ck up!"

Brady couldn't help but chuckle at the whole scene ... telling WEEI's "Mut & Callahan" show, "I’ve been on the other end of that a few times in my career."

"Pretty funny. … It’s competitive out there. It’s very feisty and everyone’s emotions are on their sleeves. You say something and there is just an emotional reaction. That was pretty funny.”

Of course ... Tom and Bill can laugh all they want now -- they ended up rollin' the Vikings and look poised to catch the Kareem Hunt-less Chiefs for the top seed in the AFC.

As for Minnesota -- their season's on the verge of crumbling ... but at least Thielen still looks like he's gonna be an All-Pro at the end of the year.

Good times.

Adam Vinatieri Best Kick Of My Career? Snow Bowl, Baby!!!

11/27/2018 11:06 AM PST
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Remember the two field goals Adam Vinatieri made that won Tom Brady and the Patriots two Super Bowls??

Yeah ... A.V. says they aren't the best of his career.

"As proud as I am of those two kicks, I think the one that I'm probably the most proud of is the one in the Snow Bowl game in the divisional playoff game against Oakland."

That's right ... the dude who's made over 575 kicks in his career and owns the most points in NFL history says his 45-yard, 4th-quarter boot back in 2001 tops 'em all.

"There were five, six, seven inches of snow on the ground, we’re down by three and it’s a 45-yard field goal," Vinatieri said on the Talk of Fame Network.

"And, if you miss, the season’s over and you’re cleaning out your locker."

Adam continued: “To be able to put that one through the posts … to be able to tie the game up and then go into overtime and have a shorter field goal to win … I think that’s probably the one I’m most proud of just because of the sheer difficulty."

Of course ... that WAS the field goal that kicked off the whole Pats dynasty -- so maybe Adam's got a point.

Then again, if the Tuck Rule never happened -- neither does the kick.

Sorry, Oakland.

Tom Brady Pissed After Michigan Loss 'Pretty Crappy to Watch'

11/26/2018 11:35 AM PST
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Tom Brady's fed up with Michigan losing to Ohio State ... saying the game was "pretty crappy to watch" ... and now he's gotta wear a "ridiculous" outfit because of it.

TB12 unloaded on his alma mater's ugly 62-39 loss to the Buckeyes -- appearing on WEEI's "Mut and Callahan" show and griping, "Man, freakin’ Wolverines. They can’t win a big game, man."

"We gotta figure out how to beat those guys," Brady says.

It's true -- Michigan has lost 14 out of the last 15 matchups with OSU ... and the current losing streak is at 7. 

But, it's a double-whammy for the Pats superstar ... 'cause Tom had "a couple hundred bucks" with his teammate on the line.

"Unfortunately, I lost a bet to Nate Ebner and already paid him his money," Brady said ... noting he'll have to wear a "ridiculous outfit" to practice on Wednesday as part of the bet. 

Obviously, Tom can afford to lose the money -- but having to wear an OSU jersey??


Josh Gordon Brags About Pats Win 'Beat the Sh*t Outta the Bears'

11/22/2018 12:10 AM PST

Josh Gordon is getting used to this whole "winning" thing ... bragging about a Patriots W with fans at an NBA game over the weekend ... and TMZ Sports has the vid!!

The New England receiver hit up the Orlando Magic and L.A. Lakers game on Saturday ... and we're told the guy couldn't have been nicer -- interacting with fans nearby and posing for pics.

Flash even gave a private smack talk sesh to a Bears fan ... reminding him about the 38-31 loss the Pats handed Chicago in week 7.

Let's be honest ... the newly-acquired Pats receiver didn't have much experience winning in Cleveland ... so the excitement is understandable.

Tom Brady I Probably Won't Do 'SNL' Again ... Here's Why

11/19/2018 2:57 PM PST
Breaking News

Tom Brady ain't going to be reprising his role as the terrible throwing dude at a carnival anytime soon -- the Pats QB says his career as a "Saturday Night Live" host is likely over. 

And why? He's too damn busy

"I'm basically on a reality TV show every Sunday afternoon for 3 hours so I feel like I'm on TV enough in the Fall and Winter."

The GOAT appeared on WEEI's "Mut & Callahan" on Monday and was asked about life outside of football -- particularly if he'd ever return to 30 Rock like he did back in 2005 when he famously played "Alan" ... a guy with an arm like Nathan Peterman

TB12 says he loves the show ... but it's too big of a commitment and he'd rather be hanging out with Gisele and the kids. 

"It's hard for my family to give that up," Brady says.

"It's hard to say, 'All right guys, well, I'm going to go off and do another week of something that I've really done before.'"

ICYMI ... the carnival sketch was Brady's best work -- but he also donned a sultan outfit and played the manager of "Falafel City" ... and had a sketch where he joked about his rivalry with Peyton Manning and other QBs.

Good times.

Drew Brees Out GOATs Brady ... Says Ex-Teammate

11/17/2018 12:10 AM PST

Drew Brees deserves the MVP this season ... AND it's time we start talking about him as the greatest of all time ahead of Tom Brady -- so says his ex-Saints teammate Lance Moore.

TMZ Sports spoke with the WR who won a Super Bowl with Brees back in 2009 -- and he's dying to know what more Drew needs to do to finally get the respect he believes the QB deserves.

"I don't know how else you would quantify the greatest of all time," Lance says.

"If you're talking statistics, Drew's the all-time completion leader, all-time completion percentage leader, all-time yards leader, he's second in touchdowns -- what more do you want from this guy?!"

Of course, Lance is a bit biased ... dude did play with Drew for 8 years in New Orleans -- but he says that only strengthens his argument for why Brees belongs above Brady.

"I was with the guy forever and I know not just how great of a player and how he prepares, but how great of a person he is."

Don't get it twisted ... Moore says he's still got Brady along with Peyton Manning in his all-time top 3 -- it's just he's got Drew leading the pack.

We also spoke with Lance about N.O.'s star receiver, Michael Thomas ... and he explains why M.T. can secure a spot over both Joe Horn AND Marques Colston as the best Saints wideout ever down the road.

AND ... if you're looking for a Super Bowl prediction, Moore gave us one of those too.

Harlem Globetrotters Insane Trick Shots ... With Pats Cheerleaders!

11/13/2018 12:25 PM PST
Breaking News

Forget Tom Brady ... the Harlem Globetrotters gave the New England Patriots cheerleaders something to REALLY get fired up about -- INSANE TRICK SHOTS!!!

Zeus McClurkin and Firefly Fisher hit up Gillette Stadium, and after kickin' it with Pats owner Robert Kraft ... they took to the field with cheerleaders and fired away at some baskets.

They shot it from the scoreboard ... the concourse ... the stands ... and even the nosebleeds -- and yup, bang, bang, bang on all of them.

No, Brady or Bill Belichick weren't in the house for the show ... but, don't worry, the Globetrotters made sure at least ONE goat was there!!

The cheerleaders and even the team's mascot loved it all. Eat your heart out, Julian Edelman. 

Josh Gordon Pushes Child Support War I Gotta Focus on Football!

11/10/2018 12:20 AM PST

What do you do if Bill Belichick tells you you're not allowed to leave the Patriots at any point of the season -- but you're scheduled to have a child support hearing in Ohio???

If you're Josh Gordon, you beg the judge to push the date back until after the Super Bowl -- and that's exactly what the WR did. 

Here's the deal ... Gordon's been at war with his baby mama Christina Lockhart for years. She claims he owes her thousands of dollars in unpaid child support for their 3-year-old daughter. 

The judge previously told Gordon he could go to jail if he doesn't pay. 

Gordon's next court date was set in Ohio for Dec. 12 -- right before the Pats play the Steelers -- so JG had a big problem. 

Here's what he did ... Gordon filed docs with the court begging the judge to delay the hearing until after the Super Bowl so he can keep his job. 

As you probably know, Gordon is BALLIN' right now ... and, if he keeps it up, he could get a HUGE contract before next season -- more money for everyone. 

Here's what Josh wrote to the judge ...

"[Gordon] is unable to appear in court on said date as he is prohibited from leaving the team (in Massachusetts), per instruction from his employer."

"Defendant/Father will not be available for hearing in Cleveland until mid-February, at the earliest, when the football season will be completed (including any possible post-season games)."

Apparently, the judge knows how tough keeping an NFL job can be -- and granted Gordon's request. 

Tom Brady Celebrates World Series Win With Sox ... Selfie Time!

11/5/2018 8:03 AM PST
Breaking News

The Red Sox kept their World Series party rollin' Sunday with some dudes that are pretty familiar with winning championships -- Tom Brady and Bill Belichick!!!

Alex Cora, J.D. Martinez and the boys hit Gillette Stadium before the Pats beat down the Packers ... showing off their new 'ship to The Goat, The Hoodie and the 65,878 fans in attendance.

Bill held the trophy ... J.D. got the crowd fired up ... Cora got a selfie in with Tom. Good times were had by all (sorry, Aaron Rodgers).

The Sox won the Series two weekends ago ... and have hardly come up for air since -- dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars at clubs and tearing up the streets of Boston on parade day.

Speaking of that ... remember how the trophy took a beating from a rogue beer can out there? Thing looks all good now!

Boston just can't lose!

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