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Johnny Depp Jams with Joe Perry, Slash & Duff!!!!

1/17/2018 7:36 AM PST

Q: What's better than Johnny Depp and Joe Perry jamming onstage together? A: Depp, Perry, Slash AND Duff McKagan shredding on stage together!

It happened Tuesday night at the Roxy on Sunset, where Perry was holding a release party for "Sweetzerland Manifesto" -- his first solo album in almost in a decade.

Johnny and Joe already jam part-time together in the Hollywood Vampires, but they've only played with the GnR rockers a handful of times. It was enough to get Gene Simmons and GnR drummer Matt Sorum out to the gig too.

Hot ticket for a Tuesday night on the strip!

Guns N' Roses Knock, Knock, Knockin' On Trump Pinata

12/1/2016 12:50 PM PST
Exclusive Video

Guns N' Roses did some hardcore hatin' on Donald Trump during a concert -- but they had to figure the audience would love it ... since the show was in Mexico City.

The band paused the music Wednesday night to bring fans onstage to smash a Trump piñata, and they totally went off ... showing no mercy.

YG did the same thing earlier this this week, but with a skinnier piñata -- though we doubt that's gonna make the Prez-elect feel any better. 


Axl Rose Settles Lawsuit With Loyal Roadie

11/27/2016 12:40 AM PST

Axl Rose is flush with cash these days which likely played a factor in settling the lawsuit filed by his longtime roadie and engineer Chris Pitman.

TMZ broke the story ... Pitman sued the GNR singer claiming he was owed $163,000 for his services from a few years back. He says Axl had promised to pay once he had more cash flow, but didn't make the 2012 deadline.

Sources tell us Axl and Chris reached a settlement this month and the case has been dismissed. Terms are confidential, but we're told Axl dropped some dough -- though much less than $163k -- to make the suit go away.

GNR reportedly grossed about $4 million per show on this year's tour. Mo' money, one less problem.

Slash Cuts Bev Hills Pad by $1.5 Mil

8/24/2016 2:14 PM PDT

Slash is hoping a fresh coat of paint and a substantially lower asking price will finally attract a buyer for his Beverly Hills mansion. 

The GNR guitarist just relisted his Mulholland Estates home for $9.5 million ... about $1.5 million off the original listing for the 7 bedroom, 9 bath home. Slash put it on the market more than a year ago, after he and his wife of 13 years, Perla, filed for divorce.

The 11k sq. foot home has been stripped of most of its rock 'n' roll qualities, but a stripper pole remains ... key selling point, no doubt. Looks like the backyard skate ramp's also been replaced by a beach volleyball court.

Slash and Perla bought the mansion in 2009 for $7.3 million.

Guns N' Roses Models Still Dig Us Because We Asked Them To

8/20/2016 12:50 AM PDT

Guns N' Roses knows what matters most when you're playing in L.A. ain't your instruments -- it's how attractive your audience is, and they made sure to stock their show with hordes of hot models.

TMZ has learned the GNR team fired off an email to Photogenics -- an L.A.-based modeling agency -- inviting every female model on their roster to Friday's show at Dodger Stadium.

We're told the 50 or so models who accepted got hooked up with free seats in the first couple rows, backstage passes and a spot on the guest list at the Roosevelt Hotel after-party.

There's only one rule: no boyfriends or non-models allowed. The invite strictly forbids +1s.

Translation: Leave your ugly friends at home.

Axl Rose Sweet Sex Cane O' Mine

6/10/2016 12:30 AM PDT

This is NOT your grandfather's cane -- unless your grandfather is super pervy or Axl Rose.

Rose has been hobbling around England this week using a walking stick, but little did we know what's under his hand is the most badass, rock 'n' roll senior citizen accessory ever.

The stick's sterling silver handle features a naked couple doing, um ... what naked couples do.

Axl's slowly recovering from his broken foot, but once he's fully healed -- he's gotta keep this thing handy. 

Limping's never been so pimpin'!

Guns N' Roses Lana Del Rey's in With the Band ... But NOT Opening Act

4/18/2016 1:22 PM PDT

Bad news for any Guns N' Roses fans hoping to see Lana Del Rey warm up crowds on their tour.

The moody indie singer is NOT opening for GNR despite a flurry of rumors after Lana posted a pic wearing a jacket that read "Lana Del Rey Guns N' Roses 2016 Tour."

We're told Axl Rose gifted the personalized satin tour jackets to his friends and family. Lana was one of a couple dozen who got the hookup. Sources close to the unexpected pals tell us they've been tight for years.

We're told Lana met Axl through a mutual friend -- her ex-boyfriend Justin Murdock, billionaire heir to the Dole Food Company.

Lana ditched Murdock in 2012, but she obviously got Axl in the breakup. 

Guns N' Roses Coachella Goes Wild

4/17/2016 6:42 AM PDT

It was all about Guns N' Roses Saturday at Coachella ... clearly the highlight of the festival.

Axl and the boys slayed with "Sweet Child O' Mine," and went on for an astounding 3 hours ... well, a skosh shy of 3 hours.    

Axl was confined to his throne -- courtesy of fellow broken-legger Dave Grohl -- but midway through their set he brought on Angus Young, telling the crowd someone needed to jump around the stage.

BTW ... AC/DC announced Axl will be their lead singer for their world tour, because Brian Johnson was in such bad shape hearing-wise he was afraid he'd go deaf on the road.

GNR Coachella-Bound Tour Bus Breaks Down

4/16/2016 8:18 AM PDT

Guns N' Roses had a rocky start to their Coachella appearance when their tour bus broke down in Fontana.

Axl and the guys were not on board.  According to the person who was present, the bus was on the way to Indio to pick up the band, which is headlining Saturday night.  It sat gimpily for 3 hours.

The bus got some quick repairs and tooled down the freeway.

Good luck to it.

4:15 PM PT -- We got video of the band headed to Coachella. Looks like the bus made it there in one piece! 

Guns N' Roses Celeb Fans Flocked to Reunion Gig ... If They Had the Juice

4/2/2016 6:33 AM PDT
Exclusive Photos

The Guns N' Roses reunion show at the Troubadour wasn't a concert, it was really a celebrity round of ... "Who's Got More Pull?"

In other words, who's got enough weight in Hollywood to get a golden GNR ticket -- and the winners ran the gamut: Nicolas Cage, Kate Hudson, Bradley Cooper, Jim Carrey, Chris Brown and more.

Of course, Slash's old high school buddy Lenny Kravitz was there too.

Ya think they paid for the $10 ticket?

Guns N' Roses We're in the House! Well, Most of Us Are ...

4/1/2016 6:18 PM PDT

Guns N' Roses just started arriving at the famed Troubadour in West Hollywood for Friday night's epic show ... and they look like they mean business.

We got video of Slash, Duff McKagan, Richard Fortus, and Dizzy Reed as they showed up at the Troubadour to a throng of screaming fans. The guys didn't sign autographs or pose for pics. Pretty clear they're focused on the concert.

No sign of Axl Rose, but it's possible he arrived way earlier than the rest of the band.


Seriously though ... check out this shot of the Troubador stage. This is really freakin' going down!

Guns N' Roses Fans Trying to Get THOUSANDS Off $10 Investment

4/1/2016 3:31 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Guns N' Roses fans are turning their $10 wristbands into huge moneymakers ... possibly getting up to $4,000 for just one of the golden tickets to Friday night's show. 

One lucky fan who waited in line Friday morning to snag a wristband for the Troubadour gig immediately went to Craigslist and listed it for $2,000. The seller says he's gotten a ton of offers -- one for $4k, which would be about a 40,000% markup!  

The twist? GNR's said the wristbands are non-transferable, so without a way to prove you're the original owner ... you might still be SOL depending on what security asks at the door. 

Wanna gamble?

Guns N' Roses L.A. Cops Mobilize for Ticket Giveaway ... Not April Fools

4/1/2016 7:53 AM PDT

10:05 AM PT -- Guns N' Roses just made the concert official for tonight at the Troubadour ... tickets are $10, so basically a giveaway. Fans can check out a ton of memorabilia and other GNR merch at the old Tower Records store where Slash used to work.

Guns N' Roses are about to rock the City of Angels with an impromptu concert ... and cops are assembling on the Sunset Strip for the mad dash to get a seat. 

Law enforcement tells us they have a ton of Sheriff's deputies setting up around the old Tower Records ... in anticipation of the GNR announcement at 10 AM.

We're told there will be 250 tickets given away at noon for the concert -- first come, first serve.  

Cops are expecting hundreds of fans to descend upon Tower Records when the announcement is made. It's still unknown when and where the actual performance will go down.

And get this ... we just got pics from the Troubadour and you can clearly see "GNR" on the equipment outside. Smells like a show to us.

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